Aaliyah and R.Kelly on Video Soul Gold [1994].

  • Published on Jan 13, 2013
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  • oldladyfish
    oldladyfish 9 hours ago

    Fact " At the age of 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records and her uncle Barry Hankerson's Blackground Records, Hankerson introduced her to R. Kelly, who became her mentor and lover." They pimped her out! Defend him having sex with a 12 year old lets push her age up to 14 and you think he didn't pop her and piss on her as well ? Who stood up for Aaliyah? after he married her it was to late. Poor child and yes she is in a better place. He called himself the Pied Piper? He hangs at McDonald's OH MY LORD!? The media said she was 15 when they got married now they say she was 14 or 15. It was still statutory rape! and nothing happened to the devil.

  • alex daguer
    alex daguer 11 hours ago

    Two very talented artist. Sucks Aaliyah is not here. I was her room service waiter during her stay at the Delano Hotel in South Beach right before she left to shoot the video in the Bahamas. They stayed in bungalow 8. Sadly she never came back. Her boyfriend at the time Damon Dash was still check in at the hotel after her plan crashed. I guess I was one of the last people to see her alive

  • Crys LQ
    Crys LQ Day ago

    What if Aaliyah is still alive and R.Kelly is just holding her hostage ? 😳 after all, her body wasn’t found at all.. not even a small piece of her body.. something ain’t right

  • jonathan grimsley

    2019 here😭😭

  • Jessica Richards

    Relationship goals.

  • noteasy81able
    noteasy81able 2 days ago

    Her age a secret??? Wow!!

  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen 2 days ago +1

    Those two host knew something was up..body language tells everything. RKelly being quiet, Aaliyah being soft spoken. Also he’s testing Aaliyah to see how “mature” she is, by giving her lead in the interview(taking wise). So later he can be like you did real good😐😬😖😖 grooming her really. To have her think nothing is really wrong with their age difference. RKelly is a master manipulator, narcissist &a predator.

  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen 2 days ago

    And they dressed alike..dead give away.

  • Myesha Gooden
    Myesha Gooden 3 days ago

    I just came to comment about how much Big Leslie sounds like Whitney Houston when she talks

  • jodeciluvah
    jodeciluvah 4 days ago

    She was an angel, so sweet.

  • Soul Beautiful
    Soul Beautiful 4 days ago +1

    A lot of people have mentioned the accountability of Aaliyah's parents and uncle; but, what about her brother Rashad? He was almost always with his sister. Between these four individuals...? Things don't add up.

  • Soul Beautiful
    Soul Beautiful 4 days ago +1

    Perhaps the female interviewer felt that something wasn't right, when she thought to ask Aaliyah what her age was. Everything about the interview is deviant and makes anyone in their right mind cringe.

  • bluesy
    bluesy 4 days ago

    Aaliyah was so beautiful

  • Tori Kelly fan
    Tori Kelly fan 4 days ago

    He looks uncomfortable AF. Aaliyah sounded kinda scripted..

  • Queen Naya_islandgyalnika

    She was in love with him as well as he was don’t forget that that’s why he says age is nothing but a number btw notice how messy they are asking everything see they knew already back then

  • Kerry Knight
    Kerry Knight 5 days ago

    Hey Mr. Kelly there's a lot of bad going on out there, do you have any advice for the children(R Kelly head exploded as he wants to say come live in my cult but can't )

  • BrownSuga66
    BrownSuga66 5 days ago +9

    I saw this interview when it originally aired and all that was going through my mind the whole time was, "those two are seeing each other". No one but couples wear matching outfits like that. And their body language was just screaming couple. You could practically see R. Kelly restraining himself not to pull her close to him and hold her. And I was horrified at what I was seeing because I knew that he was my age, which was 27 at the time. And despite them being coy about her age in this interview, I was already aware from other media at the time that she was only 15. Aaliyah, Brandy, and Monica were all out around the same time and were in the same age group, 14-15 or so. But yes, even a blind person could see the cues they were giving unconsciously. They may as well have announced their relationship. R. Kelly is a monster who took advantage of a young impressionable teen. I won't lie, when I was 15 I would have been extremely flattered by the attention of an attractive older man. I probably would have felt grown and important. And may have potentially opened myself up for being taken advantage of. Like Aaliyah.

  • Bisola Walker
    Bisola Walker 5 days ago

    It also sounds like he coached her! Her parents, needs to be locked up as well for extortion in trade for a minor!

  • Bisola Walker
    Bisola Walker 5 days ago

    It’s just real sus how he’s apart of the interview and not her parents. It’s also sus that she called him her bff. They are matching, wearing rings. His answer didn’t make sense when they sled her how she came up with the name of the song... wrong song buddy! (He told on himself!) He also told on himself when they asked who met who... he’s going to say I ain’t have to hear her sing she was glowing... tf?! Seriously why’s he there? How do they ask her how old she is but they know she’s in school? Lord, please be on our side and reveal the truth!

  • Marta S
    Marta S 5 days ago +1

    Stop comment on Aaliyah people ok? Its not known from today that Kelly is doing what he is doing, and now suddenly after this documentary, some non fans, random people come here and got the nerve to comment on Baby Girl, thats just pathetic since u know nothing about her. R.Kelly should be in jail since a long time, and the topic is about him, so focus on him. Never ever get the nerve to talk bullshit about her family, cause those are the people who always wanted the best for her and loved more than anything. if you say otherwise u dont know a thing about The Haughton Family, do me a favour and stop spamming under her videos.

  • Marcus Cuffee
    Marcus Cuffee 5 days ago

    What makes me mad was he said he called her a liar and said she lied about her age both to him and on the marriage certificate. Only one of those is true. Rest in piece Aaliyah

  • Panda Power
    Panda Power 6 days ago +1

    He parades his girls and women around in the public eye like sayin, 'look what i can get away with'.. and exercises full control, like how they dress, etc

  • SteadyNUnremitting
    SteadyNUnremitting 6 days ago

    Just disgusting and creepy

  • Tia Evaa
    Tia Evaa 6 days ago

    Fun fact: I was born this year. '94. Baby.

  • fückin eh
    fückin eh 6 days ago +3

    Lol his lawyer says r kelly had “no idea” she was 15 and lied about her age, but bluntly says in this interview, right beside him, she is still in school, balancing school with her career. Like obviously she isn’t in college lol. I don’t know how anyone can meet someone at the age of 12, especially back then, and think their over 18. 12 year olds look 12. Even if they’re mature.

    • Victoria Smith
      Victoria Smith 6 days ago

      fückin eh No one even needs to lie to R Kelly about their age he doesn’t care smh this interview says it.... “Age ain’t nothing but a number” R Kelly - “ So what you tryna say” SMH

  • Kisha McCormick
    Kisha McCormick 6 days ago +2

    The hosts are so stupid. They know damn well Rob was messing with this minor and they're sitting up ki ki ing with them. This shit is not funny.

    • Angel Johnson
      Angel Johnson 6 days ago +1

      Kisha McCormick u dont know that with ya ghetto ass rachat!!!

  • dirtysouth heavyhitter

    I'm sure bad bhabie is getting dicked down by some current celeberties. People focus too much on the past and dont think in the now.

  • Transformation
    Transformation 6 days ago

    This interview was scary. Not to mention why was he there?
    Nasty. Lol

    • reggie santos
      reggie santos 4 days ago

      Transformation obviously you know nothing about video soul. All new artists had someone big with them for promotion

  • Rs2032 Broadway
    Rs2032 Broadway 7 days ago +3

    This is a prime example of how a young mind can be controlled by a monster.He knew what he did behind closed doors would surface.which let's u know how much of a monster he really is!

  • Renee Queen
    Renee Queen 7 days ago

    Look at Big Lez biting her lips whenever R. Kelly's name was said in the intro!! The look on her face screamed "HE IS A PERV" idk, but rewind how her face drops at the mention of his name!! 😯

  • Elaine Donaway
    Elaine Donaway 7 days ago

    B ain't no whore. B is a entertainer and a natural beauty..no eye work or implants

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G 7 days ago

    Smh shit was cringeworthy to watch

  • Erick H
    Erick H 7 days ago +2

    Yup I have to check this out I actually saw this live as a young man I really thought nothing of it at the time when looking back now is like man matching outfits best friend in the world Let the brainwashing Begin In 2019 after seeing everything what I know now I'm 100% sure he smashed You definitely sick bro you got psychological problems Yeah I remember watching an R. Kelly special on BET in the early nineties and Aliyah was on that special she was in a studio and they also went out to get something for breakfast I taped that special it's on an old VHS tape its
    scary how Mature she seems for her Age

  • Autumn K
    Autumn K 7 days ago

    When people wear hats hiding their eyes they're hiding something or feel guilt.

  • B.Warren.M
    B.Warren.M 8 days ago

    Robert Kelly was crazy, I wouldn't have let my wife go over other peoples opinion.

  • Shanee Jackson
    Shanee Jackson 8 days ago +1

    This grown ass man rocking a Mickey Mouse outfit dressed like Aaliyah who is a child... and her parents didn't know? bullshit they all need to be in jail.

  • R2TheArTisT
    R2TheArTisT 8 days ago +2

    I believe aaliyah was in a situation she went along with the flow even she didn't wanted to be in it this is so sad

  • Mr Somebody
    Mr Somebody 8 days ago +1

    Nigga sick af same outfit on and how she smiles about him and everything

  • Mikey Smawlcox
    Mikey Smawlcox 8 days ago +1

    Did those hosts just laughingly ask whether or not she's dating a grown man? And accept "he's my best friend" as an explanation??? Yet another set of adults who failed Aaliyah and every other girl on the planet

  • All Day
    All Day 8 days ago +2

    I didn't even need to hear her sing cause she was glowing.

  • S Palm
    S Palm 8 days ago +1


  • oy59
    oy59 8 days ago


  • erskine otaku
    erskine otaku 8 days ago +1

    nostalgia outfits mm cap&tasmanian devil chain was🔥back in da day.saw this interview no different than their others.whatever went on was between them left it at that.always enjoyed them as artists&their collabs together.

  • warlord562
    warlord562 8 days ago +1

    I wonder why this woman is being dragged through the mud after death I just want to know

  • Kamila M.
    Kamila M. 8 days ago +3

    R.I.P beautiful Aaliyah she took her secrets with her whe she passed😢😢

  • Amanda Cappola
    Amanda Cappola 9 days ago +4

    Omg when he whispers whole wide world and she had to repeat it! ThT was creepy for me to watch! 😖😣

  • Raphael De La Ghetto
    Raphael De La Ghetto 9 days ago +3

    Kels got away with this shit so long cause wasn’t no social media back then. Imagine this shit happening today and folks posting it to twitter,Facebook and Instagram.

  • Benjamin Colon
    Benjamin Colon 9 days ago +1

    Did she admit her and her friends saying, age ain’t nothing but number?

  • Benjamin Colon
    Benjamin Colon 9 days ago

    Mickey Mouse hat on and all.

  • sarabi Motley
    sarabi Motley 9 days ago

    "That's a secret" 🤣😂😂

  • Tiffany Jones
    Tiffany Jones 9 days ago


  • Gabri Luna
    Gabri Luna 9 days ago +2

    She definitely looked her age, at least I think so. :/ So damn disgusting that Kelly prayed on her. He stole her youth... I wonder if she brought him up after they split.

  • Mya Edward
    Mya Edward 9 days ago

    R Kelly looked sooooo nervous 😂😂😂

  • Rich Melanin
    Rich Melanin 9 days ago

    “This interview is very disturbing because they have on the same cloths or r Kelly is breathing too hard “ STFU! Kelly always breathed a lil heavy in his interviews and Aaliyah was nervous cause she knew she was lying and was secretly married to that man . People need to understand you are still a child even at 18 and statistically speaking your mind doesn’t fully develop until you’re 25 years old . So anybody who’s above 25 years old dating anybody under 25 should be labeled a child molester . Everyone’s looking in the eyes of the law because the law says 18 is legal so that’s how slow ass Americans was trained since birth it’s called mind control society and the government out here controlling people and people don’t even know it and yes just by commenting. At age 22 you’re still a child still a baby still developing into a young lady / man . Please people need to look at themselves before they look at r Kelly and babygurl 💯

  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 9 days ago

    Why the man on the set didn't stand up and call him a sick fuck

  • pamb 2
    pamb 2 9 days ago +1

    Did they marry in Atlanta? Shouldn't there be a record of that in the courts? Didn't they have to both show birth certificates? This wasn't 1950's Kentucky where you could marry your first cousin. Wtf didn't someone catch that shit!?

    • Ms. Dani
      Ms. Dani 8 days ago

      They're marriage was recorded at the Maybrook courthouse in Maywood, IL.

  • Luffy SkyWalker
    Luffy SkyWalker 9 days ago +8

    She's around 15 or 16 in this video and r Kelly is around 27 in this video. They're "best friends". wow!!!! A 15 year old girl and 27 year old man are"best friends."

  • Gus  P Music
    Gus P Music 9 days ago

    who smoking one and watching?

  • Ebony Nash
    Ebony Nash 9 days ago +8

    The woman knew Aaliyah was young. That’s why she said “and for the record you are how old” 😂

  • FlipStar26
    FlipStar26 9 days ago +2

    Robert|: there's a lot of routes I coulda went, but I chose this route"....
    The pedophile route SMH

  • Ebony Nash
    Ebony Nash 9 days ago +2

    They were both good about lying about this. But for the lady to ask “Everybody seems to think you two are boyfriend and girlfriend “ somebody knew something was going on

  • FlipStar26
    FlipStar26 9 days ago

    Fck you Kellz..... now it feels like anything Aaliyah is TAINTED and TARNISHED.... and thats not how babygirl should be remembered...

  • Shanice Alston
    Shanice Alston 9 days ago +2

    this man said "in the whole wide world" smh

  • Qwerty32
    Qwerty32 9 days ago +1


  • Bri S
    Bri S 9 days ago

    This is so awkward

  • ConnectTheDots W/Liv

    Am I the only one who doesnt see anything wrong with this? Theres gotta he more videos revealing a sexual relationship between them. This just looks like marketing

    • Ms. Dani
      Ms. Dani 8 days ago +1

      You don't see anything wrong with a 27 year old marrying a 15 year old??

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 10 days ago

    Jay z next Scum

    • Ms. Dani
      Ms. Dani 8 days ago

      Nah, that bastard got too much money and power for them to go after him.

  • Zaria Rashay
    Zaria Rashay 10 days ago +4

    when they asked her if she liked makin movies his head turned so hard... he looking like how you know i record her

    • EJ Asifor
      EJ Asifor 5 days ago +1

      This nigga gotta goooo 😂😂

  • Asia Monae
    Asia Monae 10 days ago +7

    Alot of alarming parts of this interview... "her & her friend's was running around the studio talking smack like age ain't nothing but a number " like what was the context of the convo! & WHY were her & her lil friends in the studio.. clearly all of them were underage .. plus when Aaliyah talks about silence of the lambs being her favorite movie. & out of that entire movie the only thing kelly references is the part about the lotion.... which was from when the predictor in the movie use to kidnap young woman & hold them captive to starv them plus put lotion on their skin so he could eventually harm them & wear their skin because he himself wanted to dress like & appear to be a woman... crazy

    • Ice Queen
      Ice Queen 2 days ago +1

      Asia Monae so many uncovered innuendos now..crazy!!!!

  • Kelly Mamas
    Kelly Mamas 10 days ago

    Sooo am I the only one who came here cause of surviving r Kelly

  • Sliver Bullet 13
    Sliver Bullet 13 10 days ago

    how dumb are they at the time

  • brooklyn monroe
    brooklyn monroe 10 days ago

    Anybody didn't watch the documentary?

  • Yo Lee
    Yo Lee 10 days ago +1

    I wonder if it was Rob's idea to have her say, "A woman doesn't tell her age"...the fact of the matter is she wasn't a woman, she was still a child. Way to go R Krusty! ☹

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas
    Auset McChristion-Thomas 10 days ago +4

    4:25 R Kelly body language

    • EJ Asifor
      EJ Asifor 5 days ago

      They had to cut scene after that

  • MrNospower
    MrNospower 10 days ago +1

    And why nobody check r Kelly about the marriage? Was it ok back than for child been molested by and old man? 90s were so fucked up specially with the child porn shit

  • MrNospower
    MrNospower 10 days ago +1

    So did r kelly marry her just so it was legal to smash? Even tho she was a teen. And did he pee on Aaliyah like he did the 14 year old? This is weird

  • PR B
    PR B 10 days ago +1

    His body language - he knows damn well what he's doing and so does she - some kylie/tyga shit.

  • Code Fitness
    Code Fitness 10 days ago +2

    How does a 15 year old and a 24/25 year old become best friends? “In the whole wide world?” I’m puzzled

    • Ms. Dani
      Ms. Dani 8 days ago +2

      Nahhh his grown ass was 27!

  • Hillary Got screwed
    Hillary Got screwed 10 days ago +2

    You’re on borrowed time R kelly. Hope you get your checks busted in prison

  • Paris S
    Paris S 10 days ago +1

    A whole child molester

  • Shawn Nissen
    Shawn Nissen 10 days ago +2

    So much cringe. I feel bad for Aaliyah.

  • Earl Ali-Randall
    Earl Ali-Randall 10 days ago

    At the best ♥️

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 10 days ago

    So that mean he peed in Aaliyah mouth on a daily basis

  • DaLane J
    DaLane J 10 days ago +2

    Her age is a secret because she’s under age.

  • ChastityJaye
    ChastityJaye 10 days ago +7

    Anybody else hear him mumble to her, “In the whole wide world” after she calls him her best friend? Nasty.

    • Lady Gemini
      Lady Gemini 4 days ago

      Damn you got some good ears..I had to go back and listen

  • Damn Fiddle
    Damn Fiddle 10 days ago +1

    One Year ago, when I commented how it was sick for this dude in his twenties marrying a 15 year old Aaliyah, I pissed off a bunch of people saying shit like, "It doesn't mean they're having sex", or "He genuinely loved her". How the times are changing.

  • Jayne Skye
    Jayne Skye 10 days ago +10

    I just realized something he had one of his victims the one whos mother came to get her at that hotel, and she was dressed as a boy. Aaliyah dressed as a boy too when she was wit him hmmmm....... Maybe im over analyzin

    • izzo
      izzo 4 days ago +1

      That's what I always thought of that as well as the whole tracksuit covered up 'uniform' the girls had to wear too.

  • Mmmm Gggg
    Mmmm Gggg 10 days ago

    1:05... What the heck..

  • Black Titan
    Black Titan 10 days ago

    Id marry Aliyah too shit

  • A M
    A M 10 days ago +1

    Back in the day, this seemed like no big deal. Watching it now is hella cringey. This damn near 30 year old man is BFF’s with a 14 year old girl? Foh

  • Courtney Richardson
    Courtney Richardson 10 days ago

    It was the 80s and 90s everybody was fucking wit everybody 😂😂😂😂

  • Jaylin Walker
    Jaylin Walker 10 days ago

    Aaliyah is so gorgeous

  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis 10 days ago

    In the whole wide world YUCK

  • Cleaningout MyCloset
    Cleaningout MyCloset 10 days ago +2

    Sorry to burst y’alls virgin bubbles. But this was an arranged marriage and family approved. Let it go

    • nm e.
      nm e. 3 days ago

      think so too, her uncle was his manager or agent at the time.

  • Diamond Lou
    Diamond Lou 10 days ago

    Here after seeing Surviving R. Kelly. Wow he was hiding in plain sight! I feel guilty for enjoying his hits all these years!

  • Jesse Bacon
    Jesse Bacon 10 days ago

    The woman is dead and cant speak for herself and Negroes making all kinds of assumptions. This video and rumors been out for decades but you still supported R. Kelly, hypocrites. Smh. We dont know anything, but outsiders looking in.

  • Shea Kindell
    Shea Kindell 10 days ago

    Weird then...weird now.

  • Philip Moore
    Philip Moore 10 days ago +6

    His explanation for the album title was definitely made up on the spot

    • Marissa R.
      Marissa R. 7 hours ago

      LOL Yeah, that was completely sus. If that was the case that Aaliyah said it "playing with her friends" then she could have just told the story, not waiting on him to talk.

    • Kisha McCormick
      Kisha McCormick 6 days ago +2

      Lol! I was thinking the same thing! That was the dumbest shit I've ever heard

    • Alonie s
      Alonie s 9 days ago +1

      Philip Moore right you see how Aaliyah paused and let him make something up

  • BrittBratt18
    BrittBratt18 10 days ago

    at first i wasn't sure but, the man married a 15 year old and lied that she was 18. we have proof right here so why would the other stories not being seen as believable. All this was hiding in plain sight, age ain't but a number. marrying a 15 year old...pretty much telling you to your face that he's getting away with it.

  • Jajuan  Bell
    Jajuan Bell 10 days ago

    it's funny how I'm both of them are wearing wedding rings and she looking down at her wedding band. when she said she like The Isley Brothers she look down at that ring