STANDING OVATION: Sarah Sanders Farewell Statement at President Trump Rally

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • President Trump formally launched his 2020 re-election campaign Tuesday night before a jam-packed crowd in Orlando's Amway Center arena, and quickly unloaded on the media organizations and government actors he said tried their hardest with "everything they had" to bring down both his candidacy and presidency.
    To chants of "USA," Trump took the stage after brief remarks by Vice President Mike Pence and first lady Melania Trump, and recalled his unlikely rise to the presidency.

    "We stared down the unholy alliance of lobbyists and donors and special interests who made a living bleeding our country dry," Trump said. "The swamp is fighting back so viciously and violently. For the last two and a half years, we have been under siege.”
    With some help from the crowd as the rally continued, Trump appeared to settle on a new campaign slogan: "Keep America Great."
    Just over four years ago, Trump descended through the pink marble and brass atrium of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president, the first step on a journey few analysts believed would take him all the way to the White House.
    This time, thousands of Trump supporters arrived more than 40 hours in advance to secure a spot in the Amway Center, despite sweltering heat. Some had been camped in chairs for several nights.

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  • Artisan Concrete
    Artisan Concrete 3 days ago

    Sarah you have inspited and earned my pure admiration! Thank you

  • DogAte MyPlums
    DogAte MyPlums 3 days ago

    Sanders.... an ugly man in drag

  • funloveprayerfamily
    funloveprayerfamily 7 days ago

    AND THE CROWD ROARS FOR SARAH SANDERS!!!! AND ROARS AND ROARS!!! You deserve to be in the front row!!! Hug your kids for me!!!! We will MISS YOU MUCH!!! GOD BLESS...LOVE IN Christ Jesus...your sis forever in Christ

  • D. Nice
    D. Nice 8 days ago

    Lies and without shame she's amazing she can walk on water telling lies on behalf of Twitterer.

  • Darren Bednarz
    Darren Bednarz 11 days ago

    Classy lady , thank you for making America great again . Good luck in everything you do

  • Brandon Holland
    Brandon Holland 13 days ago

    ELECTRIC atmosphere!!

  • Nadeeshani hettigoda
    Nadeeshani hettigoda 16 days ago +1

    Congratulations Sarah Sanders! At least you have saved from committing more bad Karma violating
    fourth precept-avoiding false speech. Unfortunately, there is a special place in spirituality so far to those who go commit false speech (lying).

    "It does not matter how you held your head, it is not the head, it is the mind decide your destiny of next existence."

  • crowlimite
    crowlimite 17 days ago

    I heard she was a boxer early in her life, I see how that right eye is so lazy looking.

  • PeytonSmith
    PeytonSmith 17 days ago

    We will miss you Sarah. Best of luck in the next chapter of your life!

  • Ben dover
    Ben dover 19 days ago

    I wonder if Sarah herself truly believes all the BS she tells Donald Trump

  • Noelle L.
    Noelle L. 19 days ago

    Feminists have a lot to learn from that woman.

    • misstoned
      misstoned 19 days ago

      You do mean on how NOT to be right? Unless you are evil, and want to leave a legacy of lies and corruption...then ya maybe..

  • Stay True
    Stay True 20 days ago

    Standing ovation for lying all the time. For him.
    Minority of Americans have become numb to instinctual logic. Fortunately more confidence in Florida knowing there were so little attendance for that moron. Everything he says he isn't he is.

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes 21 day ago

    how the hell does anybody look at these crowds and think this man is not going to win in a massive landslide victory come november 2020?

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes 21 day ago

    she is amazing! love her

  • bigroy38
    bigroy38 21 day ago

    Too bad Sarah’s married.Hottie!!

  • Spike1210
    Spike1210 21 day ago

    Her dad must be proud. Thx for a job well done

  • ray sanchez
    ray sanchez 21 day ago

    she can go lie in another country, we cool with that

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 22 days ago

    Wow just amazing to see all the people there at the rally! Love the positivity and unity! Thanks for the great term Sarah you've outdone yourself throughout all of the headaches. You will not be forgotten.

  • Whitemanfromtowne T
    Whitemanfromtowne T 22 days ago

    One disgusting looking woman..

  • Manny Mann
    Manny Mann 22 days ago


  • jim gyorfi
    jim gyorfi 22 days ago


  • Smokey Niles
    Smokey Niles 22 days ago

    You are a great women!! Thank you for all the true words and the smarts you have it will be missed God bless you!!

  • Brian's 2 cents
    Brian's 2 cents 22 days ago

    I think real people in USA are sick of career politicians, so very thankful for people who will speak with common sense about issues that are real and not worry about being politically correct.. hopefully this trend will continue after PRES TRUMPs 8 full yrs. MAGA..

  • Jefrey Ptchersr
    Jefrey Ptchersr 22 days ago +1

    News flash the state of Maine is receiving over 3,000 African families that are claiming Asylum this is what happens when you vote Democrat the Democratic governor of Maine says welcome home and now the town the government do not send us no more we can't handle any more throughout the state of Maine well to all you f****** people in the state of Maine who voted for the Democrat Governor deal with this s*** can stop your bitching about it you want to do something about it photo of all the f****** off to the put a republican in there that's what you can start by doing but every Democrat out of goddamn office

  • Lawrence Parkes
    Lawrence Parkes 22 days ago

    Well deserved. All the best to her.

  • Ben dover
    Ben dover 22 days ago +1

    Thank God she's gone now time to get rid of trump

  • Terry barcusonfire
    Terry barcusonfire 22 days ago

    Sarah you will do great as a governor. Your home state should be in your corner. Good luck.

  • Adele Gibson
    Adele Gibson 22 days ago

    There's a woman with a spine!!!

  • John Skelly
    John Skelly 23 days ago

    a bit of advice to all the Jeff Keeths of the world and all of you other butt hurt lunatic lefteys, its not too late to change, to opne your eyes, to wake up, walk in to the light, start living in the truth, take the red pill, you will be welcomed with open arms, stop hating yourselves, stop hating everyone else, stop hating, learn to love and be happy, stop being a victim, you can all do it, I guarantee, take the red pill, the wool will be removed from your eyes, your indoctrination will fall away, you will see reality and you will never ever go back to the dark viciously hateful ways of the left, conservatives and right thinking people will accept you and you will be truly happy, just walk in to the light.

  • Madeley Mena
    Madeley Mena 23 days ago

    You will be missed!! Job well done Sarah👏👏👏

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade 23 days ago

    That ovation gave me GOOSEBUMPS !!!!
    Haley - Sanders 2024 ?!?!!!

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald 23 days ago

    I love, respect and appreciate the candor and resilience of this great women who stood strong as anyone could. YOU HAVE HELPED TO BUILD A BETTER AMERICA. Lots of citizens only wish they could have the success an a resume that you have. Perhaps your experience and intelligence will allow you to pursue other avenues.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 23 days ago

    As long as he runs I will keep voting for him , only him

  • skirts365
    skirts365 23 days ago +1

    Her face sure looks like a toilet, extremely ugly woman. I'd say the same if she was Democrat.
    Get out of here and hide your face, ugly woman!

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 23 days ago +1

    This person looked into Americas eyes and lied to them according to her own admissions in the Mueller report. Pull your heads out sheeple. You're embarrassing yourselves. Fact not fiction.

  • James O
    James O 23 days ago +1

    One truly sick person. If lies could imprison, she'd spend a thousand lifetimes in jail .. lock her up!

  • Teresita Ekim
    Teresita Ekim 23 days ago

    Omg! She's the best WH spokeswoman ever. She'll be surely missed. Sarah, run for Senator. You can do it.

  • Duke Of Hesse
    Duke Of Hesse 23 days ago

    Jim Acosta is sitting in his little high chair saying 'oh, goodie, dat bad girlie go bye bye.'

  • RightWingKing
    RightWingKing 23 days ago

    I love Sanders but people need to understand that all press secretaries are shills for the president. Obamas was bushes what Clintons was, all of them. I will miss Sarah though...

  • Monday Uwudia
    Monday Uwudia 23 days ago

    God bless you Sarah thanks u for ur service

  • Bryan Loberg
    Bryan Loberg 23 days ago +1

    Good God, Jesus Murphy. Look at that THING!! The epitome of disgust, this whole thing just makes me sick, And I'm Canadian!! And I thank GOD!! (if there was one) that I AM!!!

  • Jeff Keeth
    Jeff Keeth 23 days ago +2

    Only good thing about Sarah is she can down some food.

  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden 23 days ago

    00 that's love

  • Ann M.
    Ann M. 23 days ago

    She's had to put up with a lot of guff from the idiot Democrats. And the Communist news control.

  • PnP dynamic
    PnP dynamic 23 days ago

    They are doing something here. They are prepping Sarah Sanders To be either the Vice Presidential pick this year. Or Presidential Pick in 2024. Bank on it.

  • porscheoscar
    porscheoscar 23 days ago

    Sarah Huckabee hasn't faced the press since she was caught lying in the Mueller Report.

  • KL
    KL 23 days ago

    I'll tell you one thing.....Hillary NEVER got that kind of applause. Not even Obama.....nor Biden. Slick Willy....maybe. She has the likability factor and the stern stuff to run for some kind of office; I hope she does.

  • avegoodtime
    avegoodtime 23 days ago

    Mueller report, volume II, page 72. Sarah Sanders is a self-admitted liar.

  • Larry Betancourt
    Larry Betancourt 24 days ago

    Monica Lewinsky number 2 Arkansas does not welcome her back she needs to leave America she does not belong in our country

  • Rosee
    Rosee 24 days ago


  • G O - Away
    G O - Away 24 days ago

    Good bye sarah ... don’t let the door hit ya in the azz

  • jayna reynolds
    jayna reynolds 24 days ago

    Sarah is an angel sent by God!

  • Stonecoldcwbys
    Stonecoldcwbys 24 days ago


  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 24 days ago

    bunch of 💩💩💩 turds

  • Carlos Simoes
    Carlos Simoes 24 days ago


    SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan 24 days ago

    Wish Donald would stop traveling all over the place. One reason people didn't want Hillary was for her fondness for traveling.

  • alejandro castillo
    alejandro castillo 24 days ago

    "Standing and clapping" rock and roll

  • Margot emmy Mc Mc
    Margot emmy Mc Mc 24 days ago

    Bless the Huckabees. They are good people!

  • Lisa
    Lisa 24 days ago

    She deserved that! All the crap she's gotten from MSM and SNL. Glad she got the love and respect she deserves.

  • Mia America
    Mia America 24 days ago


  • Steve Barrett
    Steve Barrett 24 days ago

    She was probably let go because now that she no longer holds press conferences, her role is pretty much redundant...

  • Gee Cee
    Gee Cee 24 days ago

    Sarah Sanders = Strong, intelligent, all around beautiful woman. Women of ALL ages could learn a great deal from this talented lady.

  • D Le
    D Le 24 days ago

    Trump 2020.

  • Jejo Ma
    Jejo Ma 24 days ago

    Sarah Sanders Super Star.

  • Angelica Creek
    Angelica Creek 24 days ago

    Sarah deserves the Congressional medal of Honor! She took one everyday for President Trump, America's values and the American people. She was sent to do a job on the front lines and did it heroically! Love you Sarah! Will miss your bravery and relentlessness as you confronted the deep state msm operatives. Trump-Sarah Huckabee 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Soupy P
    Soupy P 25 days ago

    I'm soooooo proud of her as a woman! So refreshing after hearing all those stupid woman in Congress! Love her!

  • Art Deco
    Art Deco 25 days ago +1

    *GOOD RIDDANCE, MR. ED!!!!!*

  • N R
    N R 25 days ago

    Good riddance homely

  • Cliff Allen
    Cliff Allen 25 days ago +1

    Sarah was amazing. She stood tall against the Fake News! God bless her and God love her. True patriot.

  • peter b
    peter b 25 days ago

    Such a beautiful woman, will be very hard too replace , god bless you Sarah