Strange behavior between 3 Hyenas

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • We saw this strange behavior between 3 hyenas in the Kruger National Park recently.

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  • Sérgio Beltrão
    Sérgio Beltrão 3 months ago +1

    There is some gay shit happen right there.

  • Rambabu Singh
    Rambabu Singh 9 months ago +2

    Rampant haram noutanki

  • NoneOfYour Beeswax
    NoneOfYour Beeswax Year ago +12

    It was quite normal behaviour, as strange as it doubtless appears. The squealing, grimace and lowering of the head and crouching are all signs of deference and submission from a lower ranking male. The genital-sniffing is also ritualistic, the order of who sniffs who sfirst signifying who has the higher status. It is very important that males show sufficient (and that usually means extreme) subservience, particularly to females of any rank, all female Spotted Hyena being of higher status than all males, and also are considerably stronger and more aggressive.
    It's a nice piece of video showing important interactions between the much maligned and misunderstood species. Thanks for uploading it :)

    • Ramazan YILMAZ
      Ramazan YILMAZ 8 months ago


    • Christine Sengl
      Christine Sengl 8 months ago

      Not sure if its female/male, the sexual organ of the dominant one also looks like a penis and not a pseusopenis, anyway, as you said a greeting ceremony between lowerranking and higherranking individuals

    • Mohamad 1337
      Mohamad 1337 9 months ago



    • Toni Aynia
      Toni Aynia Year ago

      Yes, totally agree, this was a display of submission by a lower-ranking individual to higher-ranking individuals. Very cool sighting! The only times that I know of where males may be higher-ranking than females is when they are born to a very high-ranking female, for example if their Mother is the Matriarch of the Clan. As cubs inherit their social rank from their Mothers, while the male prince, as it were in this example, remains with his natal, birth Clan, his status will remain high within his Clan. In order to breed however, most males need to disperse to other Clans to locate available females. Whatever Clan he finds that he has convinced to accept him, he will have the lowest rank of the Clan until another new male might later join the Clan or a male above him disperses or passes away.
      Thanks, Gert, for capturing and sharing this footage! Thanks, None, for sharing your knowledge and these/"our" amazing Spotted Hyenas. :)
      Blessings & OhWhooop!
      "Cap'n" Toni with my Coco and Maya Pups and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus...
      Pennsylvania, USA....

    • gert de koker
      gert de koker  Year ago +2

      Thanks for the information.