Come Watch My Favorite Tik Toks With Me

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The race already ended before the video even went live, congrats to the winner UMG *pretends to be shocked* I was hoping Brittany Broski was gonna win lol.
    Video title: My Favorite Tik Toks
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  • Danielle Polomka
    Danielle Polomka 5 hours ago

    Please make another!!

  • Solstice Blair Hurst
    Solstice Blair Hurst 6 hours ago

    More please! 😂

  • Emma H
    Emma H 7 hours ago

    That scooter was too accurate, and the “OH Grace, OH GRACE”

  • Taylor Whewell
    Taylor Whewell 8 hours ago

    Jenna I love you more than anything I'm cry laughing at 2 am and I've already seen this video like 6 times thank you for being my spirit hooman

  • Wanna Dance
    Wanna Dance 8 hours ago

  • Julia Fides
    Julia Fides 8 hours ago

  • Abreezy82
    Abreezy82 8 hours ago

    Oh. My. God. In only 9 mins in and my chest is on fucking fire. It doesn’t help that I have a cold either. My husband just bursted through the bedroom door to see if I was having a seizure like the fucking kool-aid man. And yes I’m epileptic, but I laughed even harder at him and asked him “do I even laugh through seizures bro!?” I can’t.

  • Molly Harrison
    Molly Harrison 8 hours ago

    the slime video has me in tears

  • lunchmeat
    lunchmeat 9 hours ago

    Get Jenna to watch Cody/Noel’s sugar gay video challenge 2020

  • Lydia Hogue
    Lydia Hogue 9 hours ago

    Jenna makes me feel less bad for liking tik tok

  • Sheridan
    Sheridan 10 hours ago

    You know you have a addiction when you swipe up to see the next one 😐

  • James McManus
    James McManus 11 hours ago +1

    The itty bitty boys audio is from Noel Miller

  • Brooke Wallace
    Brooke Wallace 11 hours ago

    Please pleeeease make your liked tik tok’s public so we can go thru them at our convenience 😊😊

  • Rachel Elizabeth
    Rachel Elizabeth 11 hours ago

    wow I can't believe Noel Miller and Jenna Marbles collabed on a video . . . . legendary

  • Valrie Younkins
    Valrie Younkins 13 hours ago

    I need a thousand more of these videos

  • Madison G
    Madison G 13 hours ago

    I love how Jenna just doesn’t care if the things she puts in her videos are copyrighted, it makes for great content and it’s so awesome that she’s willing to do that for us.

  • Jasminery :
    Jasminery : 13 hours ago

    😅 Just realized he was in France, not Italy.

  • Jenna Rosabelle
    Jenna Rosabelle 14 hours ago

    the slime video had me dead

  • Patsy Kiniry
    Patsy Kiniry 14 hours ago

    knowing that you made jenna marbles laugh is such a goddamn power move

  • Sarah Kelly
    Sarah Kelly 14 hours ago

    Hall and Oats and Grandma in the shower! I thought it was funny because I watched a movie last night that heavily featured much Hall & Oats, and who thinks they're going to experience that much H&O in freaking December of 2019? :D
    Yeah that also looks wrong. Oh well.

  • siirilydia
    siirilydia 15 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at the green slime video 😂😂

  • banana jana
    banana jana 15 hours ago +1

    it’s videos like these, that make me love jenna even more

  • Cool kid Ig
    Cool kid Ig 15 hours ago

    I got bronchitis,, I shouldn’t be laughing this hard lmaoo. My lungs ache but its too funny

  • Alyssa Subero
    Alyssa Subero 16 hours ago


  • Maria ISa
    Maria ISa 16 hours ago

    I can’t find the video of the cpr lmao is damn funny

  • zoë
    zoë 19 hours ago

    17:22 JULIEN AS A DAD

  • dana
    dana 19 hours ago

    Idk why but Jenna laughing calms me down, it feels like home and warmth in my heart

  • Tatiana Samuels
    Tatiana Samuels 20 hours ago

    omg how do I find these tiktoks?? I need them in my life especially the song for my girl.

  • Cakuia *cough*
    Cakuia *cough* 20 hours ago

    I earf**ked a rat

  • Narjiss el hajji
    Narjiss el hajji 22 hours ago

    Please react to cody and noel. Would pay to watch a collab even

  • estelle
    estelle Day ago

    i literally cried watching this video 😂😂

  • Eretria Blane
    Eretria Blane Day ago

    Don't eat popcorn while watching this video!!!! I laughed and inhaled a piece and almost died!!!!!! 😢😩🤢🤮

  • ABi1297
    ABi1297 Day ago

    Me and you have the same taste, you're so hilarious!!!

  • Emily Lin
    Emily Lin Day ago

    I liked this video for the description lmao

  • Susie Sheep
    Susie Sheep Day ago

    Merry christler

    ASHLEY LYONS Day ago

    Cooked a cat lmfao I can stop laughing at that one

  • Rebecca Schoedel

    This is how many times Jenna said “tik tok” in the first 3:00min

  • Susie Sheep
    Susie Sheep Day ago

    Make a TikTok compilation PLEASE

  • Thia Downing
    Thia Downing Day ago


  • Elizabeth Mackiewicz

    That lion omg I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • Emily Mattocks
    Emily Mattocks Day ago

    Can you do like 40 more of these videos! Loved it! Lots of laughs

  • Not Safe For Miranda

    Please do this again omfg

  • Emily Alkema
    Emily Alkema Day ago

    When your lion is dissatisfied with his pet monkey's massage #relatable

  • Nataly Rodriguez

    I literally had a blast

  • EnvyMeGreatlyBear

    🎉Congrats🎉 on #TVclip Rewind silly geek 😏

  • TortieGeorge 72
    TortieGeorge 72 Day ago

    Nice lip stick Jenna!

  • Maddie McGuire
    Maddie McGuire Day ago

    Aw I want Jenna to watch Cody and Noel los video hahah

  • Life_Is_Ok Sometimes

    The one with the dad yelling to the kid about how useless he is honestly I have experienced this SO many time lmao

  • Kellie Ventura
    Kellie Ventura Day ago

    I'm literally crying so hard this shit is so fucking funny

  • Alejandrina R.
    Alejandrina R. Day ago

    13:53 When I get in my feels around my boyfriend.

  • Ajha Hansen
    Ajha Hansen Day ago

    PLEASE do more of these! 😂

  • Ms Cupcake Luxury

    I REALLY need to find the video of the kid who turned into obama and the 3 guys with the lizzo song

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller Day ago

    You have to do a part 2 never laughed so hard. The one where the guy was trying to play the song and put his phone up still has me dead

  • Jasper Maverick
    Jasper Maverick Day ago

    I have the same reaction to the slime tik tok XD where can I watch it? I'm having troubling finding it

  • Lydia Martel
    Lydia Martel Day ago

    I found one that I 100% know you will enjoy

  • Jessica Serio
    Jessica Serio Day ago

    This video changed my life lmao I didn’t download the app but haven’t stoped watch compilations

  • Jeyda Ramis
    Jeyda Ramis Day ago

    just please please do a part 2 PLEASE

  • Jackie Hall
    Jackie Hall 2 days ago

    Girl, I just started watching TikTok and I am addicted. My husband gets so frustrated with me.

  • Lara 2002
    Lara 2002 2 days ago

    Please do another Video of you watching TikToks

  • James Field
    James Field 2 days ago

    She is so dorky and adorable