DP/30: Jojo Rabbit, Roman Griffin Davis, Archie Yates

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • These two young actors are the heart of Jojo Rabbit, a coming of age dramatic comedy in the midst of the waning days of Nazi Germany. Roman is Jojo. And Archie is his second best friend (after Jojo's imagined Hitler) who brings a world weariness to their circumstances. The duo dropped by to discuss their work on the film and life as kid actors.
    Shot in Los Angeles, December 2019
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Comments • 61

  • Artem Davydov
    Artem Davydov 10 hours ago +1

    This is SImon Pegg and Nick Frost

    • Barney Pinder
      Barney Pinder 8 hours ago

      Artem Davydov 👆👆🤣🤣 FROM DUSK TILL SHAWN

  • Aaron Salve
    Aaron Salve Day ago

    I just realized this but Archie Yates looks like a younger version of Ricky gervais 😂😂 look at his photo at 0:54

  • gina g
    gina g 4 days ago

    Archie is a mini version of Jack Black! Sooo cute!

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan 4 days ago +2

    these guys are idiots lmao. I wanna see them in other films

  • Supriya Sharma
    Supriya Sharma 5 days ago +4

    this conversation was epic

  • Dexter Banks
    Dexter Banks 6 days ago

    Hmmmm...Archie is a little touchy feely.

  • Rick Foley
    Rick Foley 6 days ago +16

    "I can not lie. I'm not a good liar."

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 6 days ago

    somehow I think these comments are curated. Surely I can't be the only person who found young Mr Yates insufferable. I thought his character in the movie was charming and very sweet and one of my favorite characters, but I had a hard time slogging through this interview.

    • avcbisu
      avcbisu 3 days ago +1

      he's... 11.....

  • Sandra Lopes
    Sandra Lopes 7 days ago +2

    These two are so awesome!

  • dramallama gino
    dramallama gino 8 days ago +10

    I wanna join their friend group lol

  • bFORCe2003
    bFORCe2003 8 days ago +18

    I say Archie can have a long career in comedy if he sticks at it. That kid is naturally funny.

  • Le Shug
    Le Shug 9 days ago +11

    nawww these two are so adorable! Especially archies adhd moments where he keeps randomly touching roman 😂

  • Komo Lee Ray
    Komo Lee Ray 9 days ago +20

    “My mum was like ‘maybe it’s a metaphor’”😂

  • Komo Lee Ray
    Komo Lee Ray 9 days ago +5

    “Get your grimy paws off!” 0.47..😂

  • Scary Stories
    Scary Stories 10 days ago +8

    Archie is the cutest kid on earth! I love his little laugh.

  • steven G
    steven G 10 days ago +3

    my father's a DOP and my mothers making a film lol

  • Matt Silver
    Matt Silver 10 days ago +16

    i love that they do fake british accents in their real british accents lol

  • Millo
    Millo 11 days ago +17

    Roman is very intelligent for his age and he’s definitely got a bright future

  • Earl Bonnar
    Earl Bonnar 11 days ago +2

    Archie Yates! Beware ! This Force of nature will grow up to be an Adult!...One to watch!

  • TwiPrime
    TwiPrime 11 days ago +2

    Awwww, they love working together!

  • stephen laws
    stephen laws 13 days ago +4

    Archie Yates is both naughty boy and his school teacher telling himself off all in one . Wonderful talent

  • beeman2075
    beeman2075 13 days ago +12

    These two were both fantastic in Jojo Rabbit. Seeing their interactions together during these interviews is really heartwarming.

  • eastern_BANDIT
    eastern_BANDIT 14 days ago +47

    whomever raised these kids did a great job because they seem highly intelligent and educated and very comfortable with themselves. they are better adjusted than I ever will be.

    • Yoyoman_ Blue6
      Yoyoman_ Blue6 2 days ago +1

      This is the British 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Matthew Schwartz
    Matthew Schwartz 14 days ago +44

    This is the cutest Q&A I've ever seen in my entire life. These boys are so smart, fun and adorable

  • Disney Vision
    Disney Vision 15 days ago +8

    Why is everyone talking about Archie, Roman is the charming one

    • TwiPrime
      TwiPrime 11 days ago +2

      I think they're both really charming. :D

  • Disney Vision
    Disney Vision 15 days ago

    The kid on the right made it so hard for anyone to answer a question

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter 15 days ago +71

    It’s young Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

    • James Herrera
      James Herrera 19 hours ago

      thats exactly what I was just thinking. like not even 10 seconds in

    • HotMessMemories1
      HotMessMemories1 8 days ago +2

      William Hunter why are you on every video saying this?

    • mende75
      mende75 12 days ago +4

      Lol. Oh my God, yes!

  • Zenethos
    Zenethos 16 days ago +2

    'What did the Nazis think other countries did to dogs?'
    Well we know for certain China eats dog

  • Progamer XXL
    Progamer XXL 16 days ago +3

    Roman is awesome and so talented!!!

  • Fatima Mirza
    Fatima Mirza 16 days ago +3

    Archie Yates you are adorable beyond words!!

  • Debadrita Gupta
    Debadrita Gupta 17 days ago +4

    Every scene with the two of them made me tear up 😭

  • Sabela Torres
    Sabela Torres 17 days ago +61

    Roman: "I don't like violence. Fists don't say words".... Archie "Unless you write words on them..." These two couldn't be cuter or better casted. Hope to see them together again

  • MS
    MS 17 days ago +2


  • Geek Girl
    Geek Girl 17 days ago +12

    These two are such a great duo they have amazing chemistry I hope they get cast in more movies together x

  • Caligreen420
    Caligreen420 17 days ago +5

    Both ....
    SUPERSTARS!!! hope they end up being some of the top actors ever!!!

  • Tris
    Tris 18 days ago +9

    I reckon this interview wouldn't have been harmed by a bit of editing

  • Tris
    Tris 18 days ago +8

    Bit of a spoiler in here! Don't watch if you haven't seen the film yet

  • Apolo Adonis
    Apolo Adonis 18 days ago +5

    I love his innocence . The innocence from his childhood ..... these must be lost in a couple of years when grow

    VEGAN GRUB 19 days ago +134

    Taika should definitely include these 2 lads in Thor 4

  • ZGalaxy Cookie
    ZGalaxy Cookie 19 days ago +13

    I and Roman are like the same age! Bro, he is sooooooo cute I feel like I love him bro

    • dramallama gino
      dramallama gino 8 days ago +1

      ZGalaxy Cookie I’m like half a year older than Archie I’d be his friend

    • Ben Ion
      Ben Ion 8 days ago

      @Nik Vuc bitch is thirsty

    • macattack423
      macattack423 9 days ago +1

      Nik Vuc probably because they’re 12 and have a crush?

    • Nik Vuc
      Nik Vuc 10 days ago +1

      Why are you commenting on every roman griffin video?