Organizing an Extreme Hoarder Room! *Shocking Transformation*

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • This video took me 4 WEEKS to do! I took on the challenge of organizing an extremely cluttered small room which included organizing makeup, clothing, shoes and art supplies. I hope it gives you a lot of small room organization ideas!

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    Small room organization ideas!
    Today I took on the challenge of organizing and extremely cluttered small room which included organizing makeup, clothing and art supplies. This was quite the challenge to declutter - we followed the konmari method in deciding what she should keep and let go and then I went in and organized the entire room.This entire project was extremely budget friendly- it cost less than $200 to organize the entire room! #extremeorganization #organizewithBrittany

    ⇒ Expandable drawer dividers
    ⇒ Clear drawers large
    ⇒ Clear drawers small
    ⇒ Label maker
    ⇒ Aqua label tags
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  • Ade S
    Ade S 19 hours ago

    The thing about messy people is that, if they’re not the ones that feel the need to organize and be better, they most likely wont maintain the organization and “minimalist” mindset. Next time she goes shopping, I can assure you she’ll buy more extra makeup that she doesn’t need. You should update us on how is the room doing after this while.

  • Komal Nadeem
    Komal Nadeem 2 days ago

    Wow Brittany this is my far most favourite video of all, you’ve done a fantastic job 😘 Now I need your help 😉

  • mrsgloglo99
    mrsgloglo99 2 days ago


  • Simply Bri Graham
    Simply Bri Graham 3 days ago

    Oh my is all I can say 😮

  • Desert Ranch Girl
    Desert Ranch Girl 5 days ago

    Beautiful job

  • Olia B.
    Olia B. 5 days ago +1

    Great & entertaining video!! Also helpful 😊
    You've turned her "She-cave" into a RETREAT!💞
    Which I believe every woman needs in her life!
    I believe an organized life is a happy life! 😁
    Thanks for sharing!
    Subscribed! 💗

  • Alexandra Jitra
    Alexandra Jitra 6 days ago

    oh my gosh, She is alittle horader. !!! i have less what she has

  • Sandra Dickinson
    Sandra Dickinson 6 days ago

    Love your channel unfortunately no Facebook or Twitter.

  • Eyes wide open
    Eyes wide open 7 days ago +1

    I would have opened those mascara's to check if they are ok - I recently opened a fav mascara purchased only 2 yrs ago and it was totally dry, even a bit of water did not return it to a fluid state - I then opened a couple of others that were different brands and the same thing, totally unusable. One was Revlon, one Napoleon Purdis and the other Maybelline, so all different price points...what I don't get is how can sealed up mascara go dry, yet I have open mascaras that are still fluid after two years - how can this be???

  • Lisa Jervis
    Lisa Jervis 7 days ago

    Oh my goodness I need you in my life

  • Karen H
    Karen H 8 days ago

    Wow 😲 that looks almost like my 2nd bedroom ! Your mom looks great! She’s in great shape! Very pretty! That’s where you get it!

  • Ronnie Rose
    Ronnie Rose 9 days ago +1


  • Ronnie Rose
    Ronnie Rose 9 days ago +1

    Watching the actual process of getting rid of everything really would have helped.
    The room was full and then empty,
    that was a crucial step that was missed in the video that could have been helpful.
    Otherwise very nice job helping your mother.

  • Ana Haderlie
    Ana Haderlie 10 days ago

    What mascara is your mom's favorite? I need to know!

  • Go Jump
    Go Jump 14 days ago +1

    I have a lot of the same stuff! Also packed into a small space.
    Maybe it's my *problem* talking here but I think her space is already organized! lol It is packed quite tight, like my space, but it *is* organized. She probably can search for things and find them easily.

    • Go Jump
      Go Jump 14 days ago

      Ok, I wrote that 1st post before finishing the video... what an inspiring beautiful transformation!!

  • Sharlene Hunt
    Sharlene Hunt 15 days ago

    I would like to see a multi part video of more footage of this project!

  • Leslie Farkas
    Leslie Farkas 16 days ago

    I love your mom--- she is so fun!

  • Juli Rusia
    Juli Rusia 18 days ago

    Your mom so funny🤭🤭 thanks for this video!

  • Xiaoyang Xia
    Xiaoyang Xia 18 days ago

    Your mom is really fashionable.

  • Jessica Pegorch
    Jessica Pegorch 19 days ago

    I would have the same amount of stuff if people would stop ruining my stuff and stealing it

  • Cher Cooper
    Cher Cooper 19 days ago

    You guys were hilarious together! I was totally laughing! I really like that you helped her organize with totally stressing her out. I was thinking why you didnt paint the walls or freshen up the cabinets, but after looking at the whole video and hearing your explanation of mama, you did the minimum with maximum results!! You're so fun to watch!! Keep the videos coming and proud of mama for working through and decluttering!

  • Reanna Torres
    Reanna Torres 19 days ago

    Okay, your mom is ME. 😂😂

  • KTG
    KTG 20 days ago

    Beautiful job! The room looks amazingly organized

  • JustC
    JustC 20 days ago

    You are a good daughter! Good job Mom at recognizing the extent of the original space. It's not easy to see and then verbalize. Believe me, I know! The transformation is amazing. I'm currently working on decluttering and organizing my home, one space at a time. I can't make it on Hoarders, but my family and I have too much stuff. Less is really more! Tfs.

  • Reny Simone
    Reny Simone 20 days ago

    Wow! Fantastic job! Brittany, you are so gorgeous and now we can see where you get your good looks from! Your mom is awesome!

  • Jennifer Kendrick
    Jennifer Kendrick 21 day ago

    Loved this video. What fun! Your mom is a hoot! Thank you for sharing. I truly loved the transformation!

  • Randee Holton
    Randee Holton 22 days ago

    Isn't true that after 6 months you are too throw away the old make up and get new

  • kelly love
    kelly love 23 days ago

    She totally hid those boxes of giveaways while you were out of town!!!😏

  • Tyesha McConnell
    Tyesha McConnell 23 days ago

    I love what you did with the place! I need your brain... lol

  • Mary Swartz
    Mary Swartz 23 days ago

    Shared on facebook. You did a great job. The room looks awesome.

  • keith king
    keith king 24 days ago +1

    Holy fillers...

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na 24 days ago

    Apart from the beautiful collectors' boxes: It is better to get a subscription to your favourite make-up products and use it up before opening a new product. And your mom should seriously consider becoming a make-up artist and do other people's make-up. That way she learns even more about the products and how to take care of them, makes other people beautiful and also gets to talk about make-up and what you can do with it. She has a lot of knowledge that she should not keep to herself.

  • Nunutzy O.
    Nunutzy O. 24 days ago

    Fantastic results .. it gave me a lot of ideas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Cindy landis
    Cindy landis 25 days ago

    They only to make up they have two sticks of lipstick

  • Cindy landis
    Cindy landis 25 days ago

    They only make up I own is to live checks

  • Helen Myers
    Helen Myers 27 days ago +1

    The plastic supermarket bag of wigs...iconic.

  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 28 days ago +1

    Hahahaha! You looked like Taylor Swift with that wig!

  • Earth Angel
    Earth Angel 28 days ago're mom is a hoot...just like her we're all guilty of loving items with pretty packaging. Don't judge her for having so much. We all buy too much when we can't see what we have. One suggestion I will make is should have color coded the labels for the clothing/purse will make it easier/faster for your mom to find the bin she will also allow you to see how much space each category needs..and edit as needed

  • Emma MacGregor
    Emma MacGregor 28 days ago +4

    Staggeringly impressive, Brittany!!! Well done! You have not only outdone yourself, but given your mother a very precious gift.

  • Gandalf
    Gandalf 29 days ago +5

    You did an amazing job! That room is completely different now!

  • Melinda Perez
    Melinda Perez Month ago

    Just shared on Twitter! You did an amazing job!💖🌞

  • janet lucey
    janet lucey Month ago

    Also what is helping me are some professional organizing TVcliprs like “Clutter Fairy” and “Call Clutter Fairy”
    And watching videos about the consumerism trap and by following Dave Ramsey and his team to learn how my debt is killing us. This is helping with me making better decisions on what to spend on.
    God Bless.
    And ignore the Negative people

  • janet lucey
    janet lucey Month ago

    I LOVE that you helped your mom with a kind heart!
    Ok am a lot like your mom, with holding on to stuff and it is sooo difficult to let anything go! I love stuff too!
    Thank your mom for being brave enough to shoot this video of her project with you!
    It is very helpful to see her progress 💗

  • scrap n stitch
    scrap n stitch Month ago

    Your mom is A-dorable. What a challenge but I love what you did with the space. I just subscribed. I like the way you mixed the oils. I’m just getting into essential oils, looking through your videos for more info on them.

  • Lia Cole
    Lia Cole Month ago

    Just found your channel and am enjoying going back and watching your past videos. This one really spoke to me. I have done my own massive decluttering in the past few months. I still have too much stuff but it's all in its place now and my home looks much more tidy and inviting, where I am not ashamed to have someone over. I felt like your Mom where a huge weight had been lifted and it's really helped my stress when I come home from work and can feel comfortable in my home. The next step that I have to do is get rid of more. I look around and have now been able to realize that despite how much I got rid of already, and even though my things are all in nice baskets, drawers and mostly out of sight, I still don't need half of these things. So I need to now start working on paring down more. It's easy to just look around and think that everything looks ok now, and I can just live with it, but I know still have a ways to go. Videos like these really inspire me. Thank you!

  • pthack t.
    pthack t. Month ago

    You are fabulous!

  • Alicia B
    Alicia B Month ago

    You two worked a miracle

  • Lydia Goria
    Lydia Goria Month ago

    Please let me be involved of your cleaning I just like it Woking with you and organise people’s homes and you make it so interesting I’m organising my house too making each corner

  • Elizabeth Flynn
    Elizabeth Flynn Month ago

    OMG! I love this video! Your mom is awesome. 🙂

  • Brown Barrett
    Brown Barrett Month ago

    Love your mom, she is super cute but the boxes are a nightmare. I hope she keeps the room as beautiful as you left it. I will definitely need an update.

  • Knit4Peace
    Knit4Peace Month ago +3

    My organized sister read this book in order to help me ... & realized why her son had so many neatness issues. It changed our lives!!!
    "Organizing Solutions for People With ADHD" by Susan Pinsky.

  • jachetta77
    jachetta77 Month ago

    Wow !b amazing !! I literally felt calmer after seeing how it turned out! 🤣💜

  • Ceige Brown
    Ceige Brown Month ago

    This is amazing! I've been watching your videos for months now. I'm so impressed! I am 34 and have never been so inspired by anyone on you tube. Keep going girl! Hustle

  • S D
    S D Month ago

    Too many sofa cushions hardly any space to sit

  • Rina Froneman
    Rina Froneman Month ago

    It’s like you are describing my story here. The only thing is I don’t have a daughter that can help me to sort my room out. Also I can’t even get into my room it’s packed up to roof and filled up to the door with all my shopping. I’ve got health issues - mobility problems so I’m struggling physically to sort it out. Also my hubby is a double amputee and he is not in a position to help. 😰😰

  • LS EH
    LS EH Month ago +1

    Looks great! That was a lot of work!!! One thing I’ve never understood is how people can have so much makeup as it all has expiry dates (once opened). I could never go through that much! :)

  • Susan Hitchcock
    Susan Hitchcock Month ago +1

    Any person who has that much make up has to have a lot of outdated hope you check the dates with all she had sorry I think she has a problem she kept 90%

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown Month ago

    Who is the child? Who is the adult? Nobody needs this much makeup! Makeup spoils. It seems there is a problem with acceptance of actual age. America: the only nation where grandmas turn blonde. 😣

  • Sparky Witch
    Sparky Witch Month ago +1

    How can someone really live like this???🤔
    It was just so messy. 😦

    • Sparky Witch
      Sparky Witch 10 days ago

      @Jessica Pegorch Owe! 😁🙃

    • Sparky Witch
      Sparky Witch 19 days ago

      @Jessica Pegorch Hmmm 😊

    • Jessica Pegorch
      Jessica Pegorch 19 days ago +1

      If your struggling with depression anxiety or getting older and dealing with stuff gets overwhelming and I know all to well. Weeks and weeks in the hospital I come home sick can't clean my boyfriend trashes it I can definitely relate. 🤣

  • ApagaLaLuzz
    ApagaLaLuzz Month ago