President Trump's London Travel Guide - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • According to amateur travel guide Donald Trump, Stonehenge was vandalized by the Mexicans.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 132

  • Ana Francisca Z
    Ana Francisca Z 25 days ago

    I had no idea my people vandalized Stonehenge 😂😂🤣

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling Month ago +1

    THE NEXT WORLD WAR WILL BE WITH MUSLIMS 👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️

  • Friend
    Friend Month ago +1

    Trump 2020~! He's delivering while the progressive liberals pander and obstruct.

  • Keinia Sharp-Bucknor


  • Colonos Copy
    Colonos Copy Month ago

    You know why Trump never dates to try to flame Conan...

  • Rain Juice
    Rain Juice Month ago

    Ok that was good :D

  • Suzy Siviter
    Suzy Siviter Month ago +1

    Difference between Conan fans and Colbert fans, is that Conan fans have a good sense of humour, Colbert fans just force laugh thru all the Trump 'jokes', because they get hard-ons for hating Trump. Conan gets the balance just right, he plays to everyone not just the liberal crowd.

  • WowMarie
    WowMarie Month ago

    Yass 😁

  • mje155
    mje155 Month ago +1

    So Conan is jumping on the Donold Trump bashing band wagon. Lame

    • soth1 sol
      soth1 sol Month ago

      @mje155 oh, i just think you're cart before horse, overlooking forest for trees, and shooting the messenger on this one. #comedyidiomsin3s

    • mje155
      mje155 Month ago

      @soth1 sol That's doesn't negate my point. Every talk show does it. Its played out.

    • soth1 sol
      soth1 sol Month ago

      you say it like it's something new. dude, trump bashes himself, that's the entire point.

  • Sarsour
    Sarsour Month ago +4

    Stonehenge killed me xD

  • Sandy Howdy
    Sandy Howdy Month ago +1

    I've been to that McDonald's in Trafalgar Square.

  • Elysion B
    Elysion B Month ago +8

    the voice actor deserves gold.

  • Astrolightning00
    Astrolightning00 Month ago +1

    Least Trump is good for something: Being the ass end of a joke.

  • Fiachra O'Floinn
    Fiachra O'Floinn Month ago +1


  • papavalium
    papavalium Month ago

    Might want to turn on the laugh track...quiet videos are pretty weird. Team Coco goes Democrat and can't get one laugh in audience. ROFL

  • Burger Andy
    Burger Andy Month ago

    Now conan is obssessed

  • Gentlemen above
    Gentlemen above Month ago


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago +1

    Painfully unfunny. What's happened to you, Team Coco? You used to be cool.

  • chloe c
    chloe c Month ago +1

    Lol that's not big Ben, that's the Elizabeth tower

  • Kim Lance
    Kim Lance Month ago +1

    Very super funny 😆 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Augusto Alvarez
    Augusto Alvarez Month ago

    Ha ha I found a mistake

  • itzz_anime
    itzz_anime Month ago

    The Mexicans 😂 did what?

  • B
    B Month ago +2

    84 virgins downvoted so far

  • Madame Chairwoman
    Madame Chairwoman Month ago +1

    I'd cry for the truth in this if it wasn't so funny. #OrangeLoser

  • X Y
    X Y Month ago +4

    Conan is the only Late Show host who's small portion of fans loathe him for whenever he roasts t'Rump even in the slightest way possible. Can't wrap my head around this, cuz this skit is just brilliant. Haters gonna hate, ef them.

  • Creative Creator
    Creative Creator Month ago +1

    Lame attempt of comedy.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago

      The Dutch hate him more

    • Adam Kerdus
      Adam Kerdus Month ago +2

      Lame attempt of comment

  • Lyre Bird
    Lyre Bird Month ago +1

    Trump 2020 BABEEEEEEEEY

  • jajceboy
    jajceboy Month ago +1

    Though crowd!

  • dragonweyr44
    dragonweyr44 Month ago +19

    Stonehenge was built after the destruction on strawhenge and woodhenge after powerful windstorms

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago +1

      @GoriBeringeifan332 Stonehenge was supposed to be some kind of astronomical observatory so maybe they discovered that

    • GoriBeringeifan332
      GoriBeringeifan332 Month ago

      Don't forget orange comboverhenge, caused by the moon suddenly becoming a part of Mars.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago

      @Monica Hawkins Good memory

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago

      @Always with the roo Not Vibraniumhenge?

    • soth1 sol
      soth1 sol Month ago

      @dragonweyr44 izzard's jokes are so timeless and relevant bc they're so researched and/or experienced directly. people should know that going in.

  • The Burger King
    The Burger King Month ago +118

    Ah yes, Stonehenge, my personal favourite London landmark.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago

      @Jebu911 Hey, don't blame us because Trump is an IDIOT, I didn't vote for him

    • Jebu911
      Jebu911 Month ago

      I guess it prefectly fits to the stereotype of americans having extremely bad geography.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago

      Just like MY favorite London landmark, God's Causeway

    • Shadow Heart
      Shadow Heart Month ago +1

      Welcome to the world of Trump. Was that the only thing you noticed? :p

  • VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_

    Good one Conan! :)

  • Myst Shark
    Myst Shark Month ago +1


  • Christian TESS
    Christian TESS Month ago +2

    Hi !!
    Congrats for this wonderful video !!!
    I Love it 💜 thumbs up for you 👍🏻
    I am a world Traveler and photographer and i also have a Travel Channel ✈️
    It will be a pleasure to connect 😁 happy travels !
    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Mathew Ayers
    Mathew Ayers Month ago +1

    Just admit, Conan and the other late night show hosts as well as the mainstream media have a crush on Trump.

  • richardsim7
    richardsim7 Month ago +11

    for any confused americans, Stonehenge is 100 miles from London

    • Home Wall
      Home Wall Month ago

      And Big Ben is a bell, not a clock.

  • Pat H
    Pat H Month ago +1

    Terrible, terrible writing....none of that was funny.... I feel sad for Conan, needs to hire better writers.

  • Ching-Chen Huang
    Ching-Chen Huang Month ago +19

    I agree with the last one, it makes much more sense!!🤣🤣

  • Ronnie Loco
    Ronnie Loco Month ago


    • soth1 sol
      soth1 sol Month ago +1

      bc our potus is a pos potus

    • Ronnie Loco
      Ronnie Loco Month ago

      ​@Lou Skunt that was not my question second try not to repeat what someone else wrote

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Month ago +1

      @Ronnie Loco they have done this to EVERY president since the creation of late night talk shows. Quit cryin like an old broad

    • Ronnie Loco
      Ronnie Loco Month ago

      @Syzygy who ever u are , no Snowflake here, it is just constant negative poking nothing positive..

    • Syzygy
      Syzygy Month ago +2

      Literally every president gets poked fun of. This is light hearted parody at worst. Stop being so sensitive, snowflake

  • Martin Larsen
    Martin Larsen Month ago +3

    Typical of Trump getting Big Ben wrong, that was the Elizabeth Tower, not Big Ben.

  • Gaming Goron
    Gaming Goron Month ago +2

    This is what I love about Conan. He can do political humor and political satire but he’s not gonna go on a 15 minute rant about politics

  • Navaid Zafar
    Navaid Zafar Month ago +31

    Whoever did the voice over...tremendous job!

    • Amy Curtis
      Amy Curtis Month ago +1

      Pretty sure it's Anthony Atamanuik from The President Show

    • X Y
      X Y Month ago +1

      @Navaid Zafar True this one hits the nail on its head. But it's just voice acting, Alec does an awesome acting performance job as a whole. I also find Trevor Noah and Colbert hilarious at this 😅 Btw who is doing this does anyone know his name?

    • Navaid Zafar
      Navaid Zafar Month ago +4

      @Vince Bowman Oh I love Alec Baldwin's Trump but this one sounded even more authentic to me.

    • Vince Bowman
      Vince Bowman Month ago +1

      I think Alex Baldwin does a better job.

  • Non epic default Dance

    What do the see the resting place of 1000s of German bombs?.. Go to London

    • Accalia ***
      Accalia *** Month ago +3

      Wtf how do five people like a comment that doesn’t even make sense 🤯

  • PieceOfCandy
    PieceOfCandy Month ago

    When did Conan get so Political? I used to like him cuz he didn't get involved in this bullshit.

  • Hardocore
    Hardocore Month ago +5

    What he doesn't see is protestors of course

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk Month ago +3

    Isn't Trump a good source of funny skits. hahaha come on, you guys!

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Month ago +7

    they didn't just behead traitors... they cut there belly open and let their guts spill out... and after you suffered for a while, you would be hanged or beheaded.. well.. at least at some point that ws what happened... and this might come closer to the workings of Trump's brain than one would think at first glance... :(

    • Frank Reynolds
      Frank Reynolds Month ago

      @Klara Stern I don't want your hug ;) Communism is contracted via touch

    • Klara Stern
      Klara Stern Month ago

      @Frank Reynolds i see... unable to... poor boy... *hug

    • Frank Reynolds
      Frank Reynolds Month ago

      @Klara Stern Hey. What do you mean? What would you like to hear from me?

    • Klara Stern
      Klara Stern Month ago

      @Frank Reynolds too bad.. I would have loved to hear from you :(

    • Frank Reynolds
      Frank Reynolds Month ago +1

      It's much closer to your commie totalitarian beliefs. Trump is for Freedom, you are for Stalinism. The only ones being violent the past 2-3 years are your comrades. We are stronger but we are also more civil. Just don't overdo the poking of the bear cause that will be the end of you. We will kill all of you in a civil war, in 5 days

  • Heather Bleu
    Heather Bleu Month ago +10

    Everything checks out here.. the same word salad trump would deliver😁

  • Artist LG
    Artist LG Month ago +1

    Sorry conan. I have unsubscribed to you forever. MAGA only

    • parrotprodigy productions
      parrotprodigy productions Month ago +1

      Don't forget that the media had a feeding frenzy with BIll Clinton, too. The currently sitting POTUS is always "fair game". Just look at the shitstorm of abuse heaped upon all the U.S. Presidents by the media, including George Washington during his second term in office.

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk Month ago +5

    Harry Potter Crap! LOL

  • Jason B
    Jason B Month ago +8

    Trump 2020 And we all know he will be elected again. 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy Month ago +10

    He’s coming to Ireland today! 🤢

    • GoriBeringeifan332
      GoriBeringeifan332 Month ago

      @TulilaSalome Maybe there *are* bigger problems in your life, beginning with basic grammatical proficiency, since the absence of that skill, makes the commenter look like an imbecile.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago +1

      @Logi Tech We here in the US have large Muslim populations and there isn't much threat coming from them.
      There could be, theoretically, someday, if one or more get radicalized, but we CAN'T just hide in fear of something that may or may not ever happen

    • TulilaSalome
      TulilaSalome Month ago

      Logitech - Ireland has quite enough problems with native gang violence, and the remaining home-grown terrorists. So maybe there is more realistic problems at hand.

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago +1

      My Condolences. but we get him all the time

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 Month ago +2

      @The Medicine Peddler And they thought the potato famine was bad

  • 10000 subs with no videos

    Donald Duck
    A bit of a muck
    He’s here with us
    And all the fuss
    On the bus
    Was not on brexit
    But when he’ll exit
    Let’s hope he legs it
    When the Mexicans megs it...
    (Megs is a soccer term for you Americans out there.)

  • MotherF Jones
    MotherF Jones Month ago +18

    I´d like to see more travels with Conan and please bring Jordan with you.... and Andy would make a great 3rd wheel :)

  • Harry Lewis
    Harry Lewis Month ago +17

    Can I just say Stonehenge is not in London it’s in the south west of the U.K.

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang Month ago +4

      .....almost says "Stupid USAn with their geographies"...then i remember this is Trump we talking about...

    • Louisa Moon
      Louisa Moon Month ago +8

      Harry Lewis well......Trump is a moron,so......

  • Juan Carlos Villaverde

    Jesus Christ Stonehenge by the Mexicans I’m sorry man I have to dislike that that’s just too far

    • parrotprodigy productions
      parrotprodigy productions Month ago +1

      You do realize Conan's satirizing Trump's view that the Mexicans are causing much of the mayhem as illegals in the U.S. and at the border?

  • EsotericOccultist
    EsotericOccultist Month ago +5

    Trump 2020!

  • esme512
    esme512 Month ago +5

    Wow Trump Supporters dislike fast😂 lol they can’t take a joke

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Month ago +2

      @Jason B I wasn't first I see plenty of butthurt comments. For anyone cryin about it, next time don't elect someone who constantly makes a fool of himself

    • drewpamon
      drewpamon Month ago +1

      Not a trump supporter but this wasn't particularly clever or funny

    • esme512
      esme512 Month ago +1

      Jason B who said I supported either of them.

    • Jason B
      Jason B Month ago +1

      esme512 how can you say that? You were the first to comment 😂
      Sorry Killary didn’t WIN it for ya 😊

  • SuperChiko4000
    SuperChiko4000 Month ago +4

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟🌟✨

  • Lavender The Lynx
    Lavender The Lynx Month ago +5

    I don't even know what to comment
    edit:I love Conan

  • HOKAGE The will of fire

    Wow I'm early

  • Josua Castillo
    Josua Castillo Month ago +21

    More remotes... more remotes... more remotes...

    • Asad Khan
      Asad Khan Month ago +4

      ikr, conan makes the most hilarious remotes !

  • Saint Nick
    Saint Nick Month ago

    under 301 club

  • Sidious HatesYou
    Sidious HatesYou Month ago


  • BloxyNewsNews
    BloxyNewsNews Month ago +7

    Donald Trump is a joke

    • BloxyNewsNews
      BloxyNewsNews Month ago

      Jason B You’re following the ways of the end of America

    • IggyM
      IggyM Month ago +4

      @The Medicine Peddler Anyway you can shorten that down to a bumpersticker length post? Trump supporters like their messages simple and easy to remember.

    • The Medicine Peddler
      The Medicine Peddler Month ago +4

      @Jason B Trump supporters are so simple-minded, they seriously think it's about "winning." That once you "win" it's happily ever after, roll credits. They don't understand the serious aspects of government and work and making their country better for the long-term. They don't care about what happens after they "win" because they have the brain capacity of children.

    • Jason B
      Jason B Month ago +3

      BloxyNewsNews Killary didn’t WIN so you are having a bad day? 😂 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Banished Privateer
    Banished Privateer Month ago +27

    Make Conan Great Again! That moment when you wish for longer videos than 1-2 minutes.

  • Bazanka Doink
    Bazanka Doink Month ago +2