Batman Surprises Fans in the Batmobile // Omaze

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  • Omaze
    Omaze  5 months ago +120

    We have a winner! Jennifer from Sioux Falls, SD, had three awesome Batman V Superman experiences with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg. Read about it at
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    • David Scott
      David Scott 16 days ago

      Omaze poor thing I feel bad for her. Is she traumatized from all that gayness.

    • Ajay Bond
      Ajay Bond 21 day ago

      O my god😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

    • Xanti Xanti
      Xanti Xanti 2 months ago

      Omaze i

    • DevilPoroNnj
      DevilPoroNnj 4 months ago +3

      ImaginaryTVclipking ROBLOX this is for fucking charity and u believe nobody cares. Nice

    • Baran Yıldırım
      Baran Yıldırım 4 months ago

      Omaze o

  • Copulaxoxi Ranbooi
    Copulaxoxi Ranbooi 2 days ago

    What a cool guy! Awesome he did that and for a good cause.

  • somewings gt
    somewings gt 4 days ago

    batman won LOL # spoiler alert

  • Creepy Bunny
    Creepy Bunny 4 days ago

    That's awesome

    • Omaze
      Omaze  4 days ago

      Thank you! What was your favorite part?

  • KingJosh UNIVERSE
    KingJosh UNIVERSE 4 days ago +1


    • Omaze
      Omaze  4 days ago

      Hey, they're dependable cars.

  • KingJosh UNIVERSE
    KingJosh UNIVERSE 4 days ago

    batman : who thinks who rode this car ? SUPERMAN HAS A SUBARU! HAHAHAHA GOOTTII

  • elisabeth grill
    elisabeth grill 6 days ago

    I am not such a fan of this superman and batman shit

  • Brianna Kanable
    Brianna Kanable 7 days ago

    "come on,Superman has a Subaru"

  • SoSuperFly Kit.
    SoSuperFly Kit. 9 days ago +1

    I would DIE from fangirling if I got a ride from Batman!!!

    • Omaze
      Omaze  4 days ago

      Same. Would definitely lose my cool.

  • David Stranheight
    David Stranheight 9 days ago

    Ben, you the worst Batman ever from fiiiive Batmans I suppose. xD

  • Yash Rawat
    Yash Rawat 10 days ago

    Best Batman!!!

  • Arun vk
    Arun vk 10 days ago +1


    • Omaze
      Omaze  9 days ago

      What was the best part?

  • Birkha Gurung
    Birkha Gurung 11 days ago

    I thing Batman and superman will win

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner 12 days ago

    If I was Ben and I heard somebody say superman I would say “ever heard of kryptonite?”

  • Hendrix
    Hendrix 12 days ago +1

    I f*cking love been Affleck

    • Omaze
      Omaze  9 days ago

      We LOVE Ben.

  • Adrian Carter
    Adrian Carter 13 days ago

    That was really cool of Ben to do that.

    31PIECEBUCKET 13 days ago

    Should have been Christian Bale

  • María Guadalupe Vázquez

    I loved bantman since i was a kid

  • Dom's Productions
    Dom's Productions 14 days ago


  • Gaming Obtaining
    Gaming Obtaining 15 days ago

    Ben sounds so different outside of the movie.

  • Viktor Reznov
    Viktor Reznov 15 days ago

    Batman the dark knight music lol

  • Jacob Vlogs
    Jacob Vlogs 15 days ago

    is that even road legal???!!!???!?!?!?!??!?!

  • Corry Cool
    Corry Cool 15 days ago

    Can you send this to Batman he always wins for me

  • David Scott
    David Scott 16 days ago

    Ben Affleck, the worst of all of the Batman actors. Not that he's a bad actor but it's just to far of a stretch for him to play any superhero.
    Basically I think he's to much of a softspoken pussy.

  • FN entertainment 2017
    FN entertainment 2017 16 days ago +2

    That’s my dream!!!!!!!!!!

    • Omaze
      Omaze  15 days ago

      With Omaze, it can come true!!!!

    KOI VLOG 17 days ago +1

    100$ buck for ride batman tank car

  • Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3

    XD Who said superman?

  • Keybladewielder112
    Keybladewielder112 18 days ago

    batman won lmao

  • Joshua Ramos
    Joshua Ramos 19 days ago

    Batfleck Mobil

  • Ying Wang
    Ying Wang 19 days ago

    Batman wins!!!

  • Ying Wang
    Ying Wang 19 days ago

    I hate superman

  • Ying Wang
    Ying Wang 19 days ago +1

    I love batman

    • Omaze
      Omaze  17 days ago

      Batman is awesome!!!

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer 19 days ago

    R you real?
    Im real when its useful

  • Muscial Songs
    Muscial Songs 21 day ago

    Love Batman

    • Omaze
      Omaze  17 days ago

      Batman rocks!

  • LiberoAzzurro
    LiberoAzzurro 21 day ago


  • Mohd Rafi Firdaus Abdullah Mohd Rafiq

    I knew its batman wins

  • D
    D 24 days ago

    I like this Bat car better than the Tumbler...

  • Terry Wan
    Terry Wan 24 days ago

    It's auto transmission

  • Real X
    Real X 24 days ago +1


    • Omaze
      Omaze  17 days ago

      Thank you!!!

  • Nur titin Titin
    Nur titin Titin 25 days ago

    Batman is the best character

  • High Flight
    High Flight 26 days ago

    They need a Ben Affleck Batman movie

  • Konstadinos Panagasidis
    Konstadinos Panagasidis 28 days ago +2

    Damn that car is real !

  • Daniel Gamer
    Daniel Gamer 29 days ago

    Batman the best

    BIG BOY MAY MAY Month ago


  • Chapister
    Chapister Month ago

    Why does Ben look like a foetus in this video?

  • Ysis y Ramses Velásquez


  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate Month ago

    He thought he was SUPERMAN!? Oh my god

  • Sans undertale
    Sans undertale Month ago

    Batman Would Win Wanna Know Why?
    He Has Kryptonite

  • MiguelMix TV
    MiguelMix TV Month ago

    Bat man would win

  • Number One
    Number One Month ago

    'Oh you're Batman?!?!'

  • Luna Lovegoodova
    Luna Lovegoodova Month ago

    Poor Batman 😂

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath Month ago +1

    i so want this car

  • Doug L.
    Doug L. Month ago +2

    Best batman performance (and car) EVER!!

    • Omaze
      Omaze  17 days ago

      We loved it, too!

  • bukanbangkit
    bukanbangkit Month ago

    real batmobile is powered with rotary power

  • Heike Schallowetz
    Heike Schallowetz Month ago


  • tubagus rustama ramdhany

    Batman is cooler than superman bro superman doesnt have a cool car.

    • Omaze
      Omaze  17 days ago

      Excellent point.

  • SuperFirÉ - English - Dansk

    Batman is much better cause he beats superman and batman is more cooler

  • Sabotager X112
    Sabotager X112 Month ago

    Nah i say batman unless you say batman deosnt have a the right equipment

  • BatDan YT
    BatDan YT Month ago +1

    I'm a huge batman fan I wish I was in it

    • BatDan YT
      BatDan YT Month ago

      Everything about batman and that's why my TVclip channel is

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      What do you love about Batman?

  • Dương Huy Mạc
    Dương Huy Mạc Month ago

    But seriously,I honestly think batman would win because Batman is way smarter and has fuckin krytonite missles and if that doesn't convinced ya just watch the movie,if Lois didn't come Bateman would've killed supperman

  • The Best OP Emerald Minecart

    blogs are cool

  • John virgil Guerrero
    John virgil Guerrero Month ago +1


    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      There he is.

  • Pskylark
    Pskylark Month ago +1

    S U P E R M A N H A S A S U B A R U

  • Ramadan Abubaker
    Ramadan Abubaker Month ago

    Bruce wyane

  • herobo123456
    herobo123456 Month ago

    HOLY ShT BATMOBILE IS A REAL THING? i mean a real car???!!

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      You heard it here first!

  • Mr LOL
    Mr LOL Month ago

    Omg so the batmobile is real

  • aarav' s creations
    aarav' s creations Month ago

    I ❤ batman

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago

    People just don't get the value of me

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      Hahahahaha. We're working on it, Batman!

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Month ago

    superman has a Subaru lmao

  • Ted Gaming
    Ted Gaming Month ago

    I like batman more than superman

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      Ben would be happy to hear that! Did you like the video?

  • ʙʀᴜᴄᴇ ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ

    I cHOke.

  • boober dooper
    boober dooper Month ago

    Batman would win

  • Chèvre Baisée
    Chèvre Baisée Month ago

    Ben affleck look so different that right now

  • XZ Gaming
    XZ Gaming Month ago

    Batman would beat superman O>O

  • Dhruva Khanna
    Dhruva Khanna Month ago +1

    Handsome... Love from India 🇮🇳🤘

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      Thanks for the love!

  • goga gogaladze
    goga gogaladze Month ago

    mike adriano :D

  • yaswanth ynsv
    yaswanth ynsv Month ago +1

    Wish it was me..

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      Maybe next time! Subscribe so you never miss the opportunity to enter!

  • Net net Buds
    Net net Buds Month ago

    Dumbass peoples at first i was already thinking batman coz he has this kryptonite stuff he use experimenting right! I already knew he can experiment that

  • Zainon Awang
    Zainon Awang Month ago +3

    "If we press this button we can shoot missile at the people who says superman is better"lol

  • meleo dast
    meleo dast Month ago

    Hey batman can win using a kryptonite suit watch more juctice league batman is cool

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      He's SUPER cool.

  • AlexFilms
    AlexFilms Month ago

    It obvious that Superman is the stronger than Batman and could kill Batman if he wanted to, but Batman is smarter and the more dangerous than Superman. It has been proven in the comics countless times. So I’d say Batman could win. Under certain circumstances.

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      Ben would certainly appreciate that.

  • Yoshiro  Zetsuroshi
    Yoshiro Zetsuroshi Month ago

    como cuando te llaman Superman xdxd

  • LLON 12P
    LLON 12P Month ago

    How about a justice league ride in the batmobile ? (TAKE ME TAKE ME TAAAKE MEEEEE) :)

  • Chpz 117
    Chpz 117 Month ago

    Woman: are you real??
    Batman : im real when im useful..

  • realtrill XD XD
    realtrill XD XD Month ago

    Ben Affleck sucks as Batman

  • Dario :D
    Dario :D Month ago

    I like Superman more than Batman. But i would have say Batman. Because the Kryptonite.

  • ExpEmerald_Gamer YT

    Flash:What's your sp. Power
    batman:Im rich
    Batman:Im rich

  • skilled gamer
    skilled gamer Month ago

    Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner

  • Alex Bleh
    Alex Bleh Month ago

    Dambbbbb im so late

  • Fast and Fun
    Fast and Fun Month ago

    Lmao batman is always better

  • G i n o j i x x x
    G i n o j i x x x Month ago

    Omfggggggggggg 😂😂😂😂😂😂 DC winning again!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ling Ling02
    Ling Ling02 Month ago

    I’m dead
    “Superman has a Subaru”

  • Derique Plays
    Derique Plays Month ago +1

    That’s not Batman that’s Ben Affleck

  • Kevin Grenouiller
    Kevin Grenouiller Month ago

    2:14 Too fat hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha

  • chua wen loong
    chua wen loong Month ago

    Why no one believes in Batman

  • Sex.апильная БЛОНДИНКА

    Ben Affleck looks as if out of a coma

  • Pouven Parianen
    Pouven Parianen Month ago

    Ben should wear his batman suit

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer Month ago

    "Hey Ben Affleck here to support some great causes, (but really, the only reason why I came out was because It's part of the press tour, and I'm under contract to promote the move)" Lol. You can tell in that opening he clearly would rather be doing anything else.

  • Ghandjaloodah
    Ghandjaloodah Month ago +1

    Best Batman to date.

    • Omaze
      Omaze  Month ago

      We love Ben!!!