Jeff Goldblum Says He Likes to Be Called Daddy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Jeff Goldblum is known for his roles in films like The Fly, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day, and you can catch him in The Mountain, which is headed to the Venice Film Festival. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the beloved actor and style icon faces down the (vegan) wings of death in a very special Season 6 finale. As he clambers up spice mountain, Goldblum breaks down Jurassic Park lore, discusses his spiritual encounter with Quavo, and delivers the first "11 out of 10 Goldblums" rating of his life.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +26180


    • Irene Nunn
      Irene Nunn 12 days ago

      #YESSS!!!! I love the Goldblum!!!

    • Mason Taylor
      Mason Taylor 14 days ago

      Please get will smith

    • ladykray4eva
      ladykray4eva 14 days ago

      My Mama thought Jeff G was a Zaddy way before that was even a thing. Lbvs She had a huge celebrity crush on him back in the day.

    • Courtney Hammett
      Courtney Hammett 22 days ago

      +Crass Molass 1 should have
      2 nah it was really cool

    • Swordking Master00
      Swordking Master00 24 days ago +1

      Get bruce willes

  • tony figueiredo jr
    tony figueiredo jr 7 hours ago

    I rember Danny kay

  • GummiMuffins
    GummiMuffins 8 hours ago

    Hehe his lips and eyes became quite red but it didn't cut his charm. 😄 His silly references and dad humor, just...muah!
    Say it with me: Fine and dandy.

  • kurt cowan
    kurt cowan 9 hours ago


  • Glass Monty
    Glass Monty 10 hours ago

    So bizarre

  • Jer Jer
    Jer Jer 11 hours ago

    Dude didn't eat a single wing

  • Gio Muza
    Gio Muza 17 hours ago +1

    If famous people come on this show, can you please make them sign a contract.. TO ACTUALLY TAKE A *REAL* BITE OFF THE WINGS?
    My respects to the man but c’mon

  • David Clarkston
    David Clarkston 17 hours ago

    Jeff is a legend

  • Curtis Azevedo
    Curtis Azevedo 18 hours ago

    This guy is so comfortable in his own skin-he's quirky and proud of it.

  • KY Never
    KY Never 20 hours ago

    Da Bomb never got 1à Goldblum's lol! Good on Hot Ones to cut out the part where he clearly says '9 Goldbum's'

  • DJ ArcForce
    DJ ArcForce 20 hours ago

    Love this episode for sure and Jeff is great but I gotta call him out just a little bit... dude is taking squirrel sized nibbles off the wings lol.

  • CrazyCow500
    CrazyCow500 21 hour ago

    Jeff Goldblum breathing in Quavo's essence and making it a part of his own has to be near the top of the list of greatest things to happen in the Universe.

  • muttleo
    muttleo Day ago

    Jazz is a big old bag of scat

  • Mason Winters
    Mason Winters Day ago

    A tip to my drip, oh....I like it.

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam Day ago


    DALIA LOVE Day ago

    You should eat the all wing.👍👍

  • Robert Ruiz
    Robert Ruiz Day ago

    How can you not love this guy

  • Matko Max Pogačić

    when ever i had a dino-nightmere i knew i need to find a flair so that those stupid fuckers go the other way xD

  • Face Manguy
    Face Manguy Day ago

    This has to be one of the best hot ones episode.

  • DanSlab
    DanSlab Day ago

    Jeff Goldblum is like Arnie, he can only play the one role. It's almost like a work of art to see him eat chicken wings.

  • Junes
    Junes Day ago

    17:40 The editing is always on point with the guest's reactions

    • Junes
      Junes Day ago


    • Junes
      Junes Day ago

      20:03 FUCK!!! LOL

  • Alaadeen 85
    Alaadeen 85 Day ago


  • Sam Archer
    Sam Archer Day ago

    Jesus fucking Christ how many talentless Jews do we have to look at on our screens just because they're fucking Jewish? Holy shit, I'm sick of the sight of them, bring on the diversity.

  • Aziez Nugroho
    Aziez Nugroho Day ago

    He spoke like my late delusional granpa. I love it! :'(

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf Day ago

    Come on Jeff lol with those baby bites

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf Day ago

    Ok, so was the nincompoopery a stab at Christianity, just curious

  • Adam Schlinker
    Adam Schlinker Day ago

    God, Chef Goldblum is so giving of his energy and attention. He's very present with who he's talking to.

  • Leonard Knaus
    Leonard Knaus Day ago

    Who wants doc from back to the Future! Mr Christopher Lloyd

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen Day ago

    Love Goldblum, but what the hell are those nibbles he's taking? super irritating.

  • Leonard Knaus
    Leonard Knaus Day ago

    Who has a voice doctor lol Jeff does that's who!

  • Adam B
    Adam B Day ago

    JFC, he's weird.

  • Phantom Alma
    Phantom Alma Day ago

    Damn, I wish I had someone talking about me the way Jeff talks about Quavo

  • Nathan Hart
    Nathan Hart Day ago


  • Phantom Alma
    Phantom Alma Day ago

    I'm literally DYING with the daddy part

  • NeoGeo
    NeoGeo Day ago

    Statue of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm sexily recovering from the T-Rex attack in Jurassic Park.

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller Day ago +1

    What a wonderful weirdo! ...and who doesn't know who Danny Kaye is? I'm in my 30s and I've known him since I was little. Hmm.

  • yogiyoda
    yogiyoda Day ago

    I’d pay money to see Goldblum and Christopher Walken have an in depth conversation. Such weird and interesting characters.

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez Day ago

    He looks slightly buzzed

  • Daffy Yoshido
    Daffy Yoshido 2 days ago

    Thank you Mr. Goldblum!! I’ve been thinking about The Greatest American Hero for a long time but just couldn’t remember the name. I do know the song though. James Caan played Sonny in The Godfather.

  • luminousbanjo
    luminousbanjo 2 days ago

    this video gets twelve goldblooms out of a possible ten goldblooms.

  • K&E TV
    K&E TV 2 days ago

    Definitely a pittsburgh thing, My family still eats chipped ham for lunches lol.

  • Robert Gaudet
    Robert Gaudet 2 days ago

    What is this soundtrack?

  • Angel Crow
    Angel Crow 2 days ago

    I like you Jeff but you cheated.

  • Lille Trille
    Lille Trille 2 days ago

    Jeff is one of my top 10 favourite actors!

  • Fluffy McNuggies
    Fluffy McNuggies 2 days ago

    I just realized how much Jeff goldblum sounds like Adam west- wait. Did he say.... Vegan chicken wings?

  • Cammerel
    Cammerel 2 days ago

    I love the way he talks about his wife when he's talking about the shoes. That's a man truely in love. God, what an icon. He's so honest about it, he doesn't hide anything about how he's totally into his wife.

  • queenoflimbs13
    queenoflimbs13 2 days ago

    Jeff goldblum's bites lookin' like squidward eating a krabby patty

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 2 days ago

    Um um these wings um um are sure um um hot

  • Lliam Clifton
    Lliam Clifton 2 days ago

    He should be on the wall of shame with those tiny bites if you can call them bites

  • Nathanael Clarke
    Nathanael Clarke 2 days ago

    he barely nibbled and he had spicy veggie chunks not wings not impressed at all

  • Lliam Clifton
    Lliam Clifton 2 days ago

    Vegan wings look so gross no wonder vegans are skinny the food they eat taste like shit

  • Jeremiah Sellars
    Jeremiah Sellars 2 days ago

    9:20 That was some slick shit, Jeff

  • Melissa C
    Melissa C 2 days ago

    Snippity snap

  • Trolls The King
    Trolls The King 2 days ago

    I'm here just to hear him talk. I don't care about the wings.

  • Dylan DeVille
    Dylan DeVille 2 days ago

    Should have Chuck Norris, but the hot sauces would start sweating.

  • deathb4digital
    deathb4digital 2 days ago


  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 2 days ago

    Freaking coolest dude alive.

  • culwin
    culwin 2 days ago

    Chipped ham is the best!!

  • Davin Boyd
    Davin Boyd 2 days ago

    I love Jeff Goldblum.

  • Liquidate Studios!
    Liquidate Studios! 3 days ago

    My 25th anniversary was one week after Jurassic Park Hahaha And that film still holds up. When the power is down and Mr Rex shows up on the tour, that moment is so tense and well made, music isn't even needed!

  • scrainbow1234
    scrainbow1234 3 days ago

    21:17 TELL ME that’s not spongebob’s exact face after he learns squidward ate a krabby patty 😂😂

  • Liquidate Studios!
    Liquidate Studios! 3 days ago

    In Jeff's voice "Spice... uh, finds a way"

  • Omizzy Lizardi
    Omizzy Lizardi 3 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum is a PIMP

  • Micheal After Radio Show

    jeff is such a goofball haha

  • John McCormick
    John McCormick 3 days ago

    Jeff is awesome, out of many great episodes, this was my favorite!

  • Kieren Buckley
    Kieren Buckley 3 days ago

    Uhh it's uh Jeff uh Goldblum GOLDBLUM

  • DebraLynnP
    DebraLynnP 3 days ago

    Hottest VEGAN??? chicken wings? LoL 😂

  • Zeithri
    Zeithri 3 days ago

    Jeffy gets an 11 of 10 for this.

  • Bass Ventura
    Bass Ventura 3 days ago

    Someone talk about earth girls are easy ❤️

  • launiz
    launiz 3 days ago

    This was pure magic

  • Erich Shrefler
    Erich Shrefler 3 days ago

    I wish someone would talk about me, the way Goldblum talks about his wife... holy shit! Haha

  • Manuel Quinones
    Manuel Quinones 3 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum just might be the most watchable person in cinema.

  • James Mills
    James Mills 3 days ago

    Goldblum rocking the Gold le coutre like it aint no thang

  • Tom Praytor
    Tom Praytor 3 days ago

    Jeff, you're forgetting you're old and kids today listen to literal garbage. Music is not what it used to be.

  • Atesh Tarsha
    Atesh Tarsha 3 days ago

    chipped ham is still going strong

  • Omar G.
    Omar G. 3 days ago

    Does anyone else get a pervy vibe from Goldblum??

    He looks like a cool guy but idk

  • Petr123 paco
    Petr123 paco 3 days ago

    Jeff knows how to give someone a brain aneurism. Couldn't imagine being locked in a small room with him for any length of time. And once he started with the old pervert Bill Clinton it was time to go. This is the first episode that really sucks.

  • Ava Gentry
    Ava Gentry 3 days ago

    He's such a lightweight!

  • Robert Tulibacki
    Robert Tulibacki 3 days ago

    God dam rich c##ts I kill rich c##ts .Goldblum rules in death wish and deep cover.

  • slinkytreekreeper
    slinkytreekreeper 3 days ago

    He's lovely but that was a piss poor attempt several magnitudes of order worse than the weakest attempt yet. Even Khalid looked like a superhero compared. Skibbydibydodabpisspoorbloomy

  • Joseph Nakagawa
    Joseph Nakagawa 4 days ago +2

    Bill Clinton is a rapist.

    • culwin
      culwin 2 days ago +1

      You're thinking of Donald Trump and his Republican friends. And their deplorable supporters.

  • Jay Boaz
    Jay Boaz 4 days ago

    I almost respect him more for not doing the Last Dab. He's completely comfortable with having nothing to prove.

  • DrumWild
    DrumWild 4 days ago

    Did he start looking for a new agent after this?

  • Nonsenze Music
    Nonsenze Music 4 days ago

    Lol Jeff goldblume sniffing the wing, classic

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis 4 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum -"rape thug #2" in the original 1974 Death Wish

  • FiddleStixx97
    FiddleStixx97 4 days ago

    I need someone to talk about me like Jeff Goldblum talks about his wife. :'(

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones 4 days ago

    I would have said the all the wings in this challenge are Raptor meat.

  • Joseph Perry
    Joseph Perry 4 days ago

    I, like Jeff Goldblum, am superior in that I have never had a cavity or a filling.

  • jarre toles
    jarre toles 4 days ago

    Spits " How dare you!😂😂

  • Yarzu
    Yarzu 4 days ago

    I'm so glad Jeff Goldblum exists

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson 4 days ago

    You can catch Jeff in prada, saint laurant and he had the balenciagas first
    Not only is he weird but he’s got more style than Shawn 😄

  • Naomi Bell
    Naomi Bell 4 days ago

    i could listen to him talk for hours

  • vickersfan
    vickersfan 4 days ago

    jeff and his squidward bites lol

  • vickersfan
    vickersfan 4 days ago

    i would have loved to see anthony bourdain do this :(

  • World of Paradeighma

    Sean tried to kill Jeff Goldblum. Priceless.

  • Garrett Henry
    Garrett Henry 5 days ago

    I completely lost it at 17:52. The question, "for heavens sakes, how dare you?" sent me into a chuckle for a solid minute, Why is Goldy so supremely amazing?

  • Ross Wehlburg
    Ross Wehlburg 5 days ago

    Highlight: 18:27

  • Lady Zode
    Lady Zode 5 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum is too pure for this world.

  • bobby goodson
    bobby goodson 5 days ago

    Islay's Skyscraper Cone:

  • Laura Rose
    Laura Rose 5 days ago

    Men: take notes on how Jeff Goldblum talks about his wife. THAT is how you compliment a woman.