Jeff Goldblum Says He Likes to Be Called Daddy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Jeff Goldblum is known for his roles in films like The Fly, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day, and you can catch him in The Mountain, which is headed to the Venice Film Festival. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the beloved actor and style icon faces down the (vegan) wings of death in a very special Season 6 finale. As he clambers up spice mountain, Goldblum breaks down Jurassic Park lore, discusses his spiritual encounter with Quavo, and delivers the first "11 out of 10 Goldblums" rating of his life.
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Comments • 24 005

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  5 months ago +29478


    • Michael Lalev
      Michael Lalev 3 days ago

      killin it

    • Hero323
      Hero323 14 days ago

      What is the name of the background music starting at 13:10?

    • Trebor Ironwolfe
      Trebor Ironwolfe 18 days ago

      I LOVED him in Casablanca! .. I mean The Fly! :)

    • synonymous anonymous
      synonymous anonymous 19 days ago

      Adam Leon Bradley Martyn the female bodybuilder. Get his uncle Dom on here!!!!

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack Day ago

    Jeff isn't a actor, he's just being himself. The cameras just happen to be there.

  • Christopher Robles

    I really like Jeff Goldblum, just seems like a really chill guy.

  • Zeljomir Ja
    Zeljomir Ja Day ago

    taht is too small bites, men up

  • JaxCPg
    JaxCPg Day ago +1

    he’s just fun robert california

  • The Prime Suspect

    Dude I'm so happy he went to Isalys!

  • 420TheGrow
    420TheGrow Day ago

    Nibble?? Don't be a bitch!!

  • electroturi
    electroturi Day ago

    is that George Costanza's "believe it or not, George isn't at home, please leave a message at the beep" @3:51 ???

  • Cameron Mulka
    Cameron Mulka Day ago

    the edit at 17:40! was intense

  • Dark Vampire
    Dark Vampire Day ago

    I’m now simi-interested in how his post sex goes.

  • Buzzy'sHelper
    Buzzy'sHelper Day ago

    OMG !!/:} No one knew who Danny Kaye was !?! Please drop everything that you are doing NOW and please look him up. He was an Actor, dancer, singer, comedian, he had his own variety show on TV from 1963-1967 ! I still remember him singing Thumbelina in Hans Christian Andersen
    (edit : added the references)

  • William Lavagna
    William Lavagna Day ago

    Get Kelsey Grammer on. He might consider it when he's promoting the new Frasier series.

  • Jaiko Starfire
    Jaiko Starfire Day ago

    Toby Fox has the best, most adorable villain voice ever. Why, I believe he would be the best voice actor for Flowey

  • Kdri21
    Kdri21 2 days ago +1

    vegan wings! awesome!

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James 2 days ago

    17:40 when the beat drops hard lol

  • Christopher Scafidi
    Christopher Scafidi 2 days ago +1

    Anyone who spends $800 on a pair of sneakers is a self-centered worthless piece of shit!

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 2 days ago

    The world would be significantly less interesting and bland without Jeff Goldblum in it. He's one of a kind, the best.

  • freddy Souki
    freddy Souki 2 days ago

    what an amazing human being,

  • sh3lbaybay05
    sh3lbaybay05 2 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum's fine self complimented your teeth, Sean! I need you to be more grateful than the simple "thank you!" 😂

  • Chuck Jackson
    Chuck Jackson 2 days ago

    By the by, you know who else should be on that wall of shame, friggin' Tyra Banks! She's beautiful and I love her but she punked out SO BAD when she tried

  • Juuso Hakala
    Juuso Hakala 2 days ago

    He says 10 Goldbluums so much, it should be a Rick and Morty currency.

  • David Osborne
    David Osborne 2 days ago

    piss poor effort. what a waste of food. you are down to 10hp

  • Tom White
    Tom White 2 days ago

    Jeff is a puss!!! Lol!
    My favorite Jeff goldblum role was in "Silverado" . Best Western ever made.

  • gregg mikulla
    gregg mikulla 2 days ago

    I grew up 2 door down from his childhood home in West Homestead, Pa.

  • Viewer
    Viewer 2 days ago +1

    He’s the most unique human being in the world

  • g
    g 2 days ago

    oh shit, Zaddy talking about his lucky wife's legs. Daym.

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh 2 days ago

    Jeff goldblum is a Jedi. Obv

  • H. McD
    H. McD 2 days ago

    To Mr Goldbloom...yes chipped ham still exists..n the nbqd chipped ham is amazing haven't had it in years...I'm a Pittsburger...check out parmantti Bros..great sandwiches...n the beer church...Isleys good stuff.

  • bagi nitis
    bagi nitis 2 days ago


  • varškėsapkepas
    varškėsapkepas 2 days ago

    I somehow didn’t expect him to give Da Bomb 10 Goldblums.

  • sneaky meteos
    sneaky meteos 2 days ago

    "I like the way you talk" -jeff
    the way he said it with a giggle is my fav part

  • yo momma
    yo momma 2 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum IS living autism... Lol

  • yo momma
    yo momma 2 days ago

    no YOU'RE the scatman....

  • Kaitlan Roy
    Kaitlan Roy 2 days ago

    Is no one else outraged at the insanely small nibbles??? Take a real bite man! This is maddening!!!

    • Boston_guy 617
      Boston_guy 617 Day ago

      Kaitlan Roy i get it but he explains at the beginning why he isn’t taking full bites...

  • khaled00962
    khaled00962 3 days ago

    Yeb I know I would of dislike the movie, this dude just taken a nip of the wing what a woss, BTW I disliked the clip at 5 minute, couldn't go on with it.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    i dont think Jeff a real person anymore, just a conglomeration of all his past roles.

  • Nalanzazu
    Nalanzazu 3 days ago

    Cats & Dogs was Jeff Goldblums best role and no one can ever tell me otherwise.

  • Collette Ryder
    Collette Ryder 3 days ago

    Anyone curious about the Isalys ham Jeff mentions, check out:

  • bigG entertainment
    bigG entertainment 3 days ago

    Jeff godblum and brian cox are 2 of the most humble,happy,excitable people i have ever seen.Wish there were more people like those 2.

  • Sanjika Perera
    Sanjika Perera 3 days ago

    I love it when he talked about his wife so passionately

  • Roberto Serrato
    Roberto Serrato 3 days ago

    I seriously enjoy hearing him talk.
    He seem so happy and chill lol also love that he just continues to talk away. I can listen to him all day lol

  • Lucky star Paul
    Lucky star Paul 3 days ago

    I think he might be a little stoned! lol

  • El Paco Machin
    El Paco Machin 3 days ago

    The most interesting Man in the world

  • ashley
    ashley 3 days ago

    This one was fun! Love Jeff! Really starting to like Sean too! Great host! ... at the end.. of the episode, when jeff asked sean about some actor, sean kept it real, by stating... ‘i dont know Jeff..’ 🤷🏻‍♂️ - he almost seemed a bit irritated by the question..

  • I've GoneAway
    I've GoneAway 3 days ago

    So tennis shoes are his kink.... Yep seams right

  • MeMeBigBoiii
    MeMeBigBoiii 3 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum is a man of culture as well, get them thighs Blum!

  • furripupau
    furripupau 3 days ago

    I just realized Jeff's voice and mannerisms remind me of Jack Benny.

  • AlmightyStarfire
    AlmightyStarfire 3 days ago +1

    Man Jeff Goldblum is a weird guy. I can't tell if he's crazy, on drugs, retarded, playing up to the camera or just weird. Funny as fuck though.

  • Can We Make It To One Hundred Subs With No Videos

    Who else expected he'd give every hot sauce the same score, exept hot one's sauce?

  • Henry Hernandez
    Henry Hernandez 4 days ago

    I know it's petty but. . . Thank you so much for addressing us viewers as, "Everybody," and not "Guys." Great, Great Show though. It's Very, Very fun to see these stars in another scenario. Nothing brings people together like a meal. Bravo-

    • L McGlinchey
      L McGlinchey 4 days ago

      Henry Hernandez it really is petty. I’m a 53 year old woman and I’ve always been happy to be one of the guys. Geez.

  • Lia A. Eastwood
    Lia A. Eastwood 4 days ago

    Nicompoopery? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahahahahahaaaa... brilliant! I need that on a shirt! :D

  • Hailey Bug
    Hailey Bug 4 days ago

    I love how he spoke about his wife it was so cute lol

  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden 4 days ago

    Jeff did acid 40 years ago and never came down. Ridin' that rainbow till the day he dies.

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos 4 days ago

    Looks like Islay's is still open!

  • Joshua Rose
    Joshua Rose 4 days ago

    He does things that would be so cringey if anyone else did them but he pulls them off

  • Liverworst
    Liverworst 4 days ago

    "I like the way you talk"

  • Adam Osborne
    Adam Osborne 4 days ago

    It's almost uncanny how charming he is.

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Goodness, he is so eccentric, honest, and thoroughly enjoying life.

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    @14:30 this is gonna go over a lot of peoples heads.

  • Teckno Rabbi
    Teckno Rabbi 4 days ago

    There's something about jeffs voice that just relaxes me he's such a deep soul

  • Chris Vise
    Chris Vise 4 days ago

    22:10 hey Goldblum, um, do you need a box of tissues and a bathroom for the next 10 to 15 minutes?

  • Chris Vise
    Chris Vise 4 days ago

    *Get a bag*

  • darksoul 992
    darksoul 992 4 days ago

    You know who would be great to have on the show. Jim Carrey :D

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 4 days ago

    The title is perfect for the thumbnail 😂

  • Janice Caravan
    Janice Caravan 5 days ago

    My new mantra, "everything is fine and dandy".

  • eggboiswag
    eggboiswag 5 days ago

    Isaly's chipped ham is great. I'm from Pittsburgh aswell and know exactly what he's talking about.😂

  • the blood in the water

    I've gone 140k I think , it was a white lightning habanero

  • the blood in the water

    Idk if Sean has won any awards but dude..... You rule best talkshow ever better than any late night buuut Conan is just as good not better just good

  • Charlie Hulse
    Charlie Hulse 5 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum seems so genuine and natural. A sheet delight.

  • Richard Mullins
    Richard Mullins 5 days ago

    A true talent

  • Rachel Odin
    Rachel Odin 5 days ago

    Will Jeff be my papa?

  • David Petrow
    David Petrow 5 days ago

    Hell Yeah we still got Chipped Ham in the Burgh BAY BAY

  • MikaeruDaiTenshi
    MikaeruDaiTenshi 5 days ago

    Seriously, that picture of Stephen J. Cannell... that's how Ewan McGregor must look like in 20-30 years.
    Is it just me or do they have pretty similar faces?

  • G
    G 5 days ago

    thats hardly a nibble...come on Jeff you are better than that lol

  • Helen Souris
    Helen Souris 5 days ago

    If my husband doesn't describe me the way Jeff Goldblum describes his wife, I don't want him.

  • Matt Scarpace
    Matt Scarpace 5 days ago

    Taking the smallest bites of any guest

  • Helen Souris
    Helen Souris 5 days ago

    LMAOOO "Get a bag?? Is that what the kids say??"

  • Varmando Varuso
    Varmando Varuso 5 days ago

    The post credits scene lol

  • Lázaro Lerman
    Lázaro Lerman 5 days ago

    I cry in this episode.

  • Brian Barnett
    Brian Barnett 5 days ago +1

    When he talks about his wife, I wanted the shoes...

  • Id like to start off saying I am very stupid

    For some reason he reminds me of Alan on Two and a Half Men lol.

    ZROGST 5 days ago

    "For Heaven's sake, How dare you?" hahaha I love this man.

  • Hayden Pulchinski
    Hayden Pulchinski 5 days ago

    Sean is kind of an awkward interviewer lmao. Part of what makes this show fucking awesome

  • Bryson Washington
    Bryson Washington 6 days ago

    I didn't come here for a description of your wife. 22:16

  • megaman7200
    megaman7200 6 days ago

    Pls get Ryan on the show u know Deadpool

  • Cliff Hartle
    Cliff Hartle 6 days ago

    30:25 you have a sauce wrangler? wow

  • TOBIAS Ehrling
    TOBIAS Ehrling 6 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum has a special quality. I can't get enough of this man, love him. Imagine my surprise when i heard Ian Malcolm was coming back in Jurassic World 2 and he got about 1 and a half minute of screen time - disappointed

  • BrownBagAVClub
    BrownBagAVClub 6 days ago +1

    I heart how he talks about his wife. Let's admit, it was kinda sexy.

  • DizzyizzyTime
    DizzyizzyTime 6 days ago

    My Drama teacher is exactly like Jeff, it’s good. Professional and experienced, excited and interested about everything he has to say. A story teller.

  • Jamie Laszlo
    Jamie Laszlo 6 days ago

    James Caan was Sonny! Say it! (Why don't millennials know things?)

  • Jamie Laszlo
    Jamie Laszlo 6 days ago

    I've had a ton if Isley's chip ham in my youth.

  • Christian Daigle
    Christian Daigle 6 days ago

    He barely bites them!

  • snilrach
    snilrach 6 days ago +1

    22:26 someone makes a gif of this please

  • snilrach
    snilrach 6 days ago

    When are you gonna get Mark Weins on???

  • Michael Motter
    Michael Motter 6 days ago


  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch 6 days ago

    A Super elegant man not necessarily what he was wearing here , but i mean Character wise he is very interesting in my opinion .

  • Kenny Laysh
    Kenny Laysh 6 days ago

    I don't understand how any video with Jeff in it can have any dislikes. Those people are monsters.

  • xtc lol
    xtc lol 6 days ago

    he's so strange, I LOVE IT

  • Chris Marzarella
    Chris Marzarella 6 days ago

    Something about this guy is hyperactive Zen. He's awesome.

  • Sideways
    Sideways 6 days ago

    Just about any deli in the country can give you chipped meat! From experience, only older customers tend to ask for it, maybe because fresh sliced to order is about the only way to get it. Glad Jeff mentioned it