'Celebrity Big Brother': Kandi Burruss Reached Out to Brandi Glanville for Advice! (FULL INTERVIE…


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  • Matthew LoBello
    Matthew LoBello 16 hours ago +1

    This interviewer needs some help, like seriously fire her already. She's just jealous cause she's nothing!

  • Casandra Morrow
    Casandra Morrow 7 days ago

    It's a first time for everything,even the ones before was their first time doing the show.I believe i could do it,bc I'm use to not having a tv or radio whatever,but my phone idk.If you want to win you gotta do away with alot of things nd endure hardness like a bold soldier in yhe Army of the Lord! Kandi did great!

  • Yolanda Baker
    Yolanda Baker 7 days ago +1

    Is this a real interview?? The interviewer, really needs to be slapped so unprofessional... Kandi I don't get people when it comes to you, I guess they can except your fame, beauty and intelligence...you are black excellence

  • JustS
    JustS 8 days ago


  • Valerie Young
    Valerie Young 9 days ago

    The interviewer seems to have NO respect for Kandi Burruss-Tucker. She did not smile or seem friendly at all.

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 11 days ago

    Go to my page to see Natalie ranting about kandi cooking but not cleaning

  • Clayton Adonis
    Clayton Adonis 12 days ago +1

    This woman is horrible at her job as an interviewer in a number of ways.

  • Butterflyz26 _
    Butterflyz26 _ 12 days ago +2

    The interviewer is annoying af!

  • Musty Bryce
    Musty Bryce 13 days ago +1

    Wow really interesting that the interviewer's confidence can be interpreted as rude, jealous and passive aggressive ...

  • Vicki
    Vicki 15 days ago

    The interviewer make such stupid faces

  • ThinMan 88
    ThinMan 88 19 days ago

    Does this lady interview Tamar too?

  • Susie Gomes
    Susie Gomes 19 days ago

    I love kandi... I feel like she is so true to people..

  • TJ Tampa
    TJ Tampa 19 days ago +1

    Rude Reporters who think they're hip, funny and cool.

  • wonpots
    wonpots 22 days ago +8

    Unprofessional interviewer. Very tacky and rude.

  • KoshaNicole
    KoshaNicole 23 days ago +2

    I think this girl is acting her version of how to relate to a black girl... WRONG

  • Sabrina G.
    Sabrina G. 25 days ago +5

    This interview can’t be real????? If so how and why did the producers chose that tacky classless hillbilly to interview Kandi!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina G.
    Sabrina G. 25 days ago +11

    That interview girl is rude and obnoxious because she’s never been in the presence of BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!!

  • Eric Tucker
    Eric Tucker 25 days ago

    Get rid of the interviewer. You're not a friend, YOU'RE THE HELP!

  • Krizia Hamilton
    Krizia Hamilton 26 days ago +5

    Uggghhhh this interviewer is just...irritating, anmoying and made me cringe!!

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen 28 days ago +1

    Damn Kandi, you really didn't do any preperation did you? lmao

  • T Prior
    T Prior 28 days ago

    Kandi is not doing any of what she is saying. She has not been apart of any of the girl talk that Tamar. and the other girls was having about her. She is always MIA. plan failing already.

  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams 28 days ago +12

    What a god awful insincere interviewer.

  • Dominique Forever
    Dominique Forever 28 days ago +2

    The interviewer sucks

  • Dominique Forever
    Dominique Forever 28 days ago +7

    Kandi you will make it. This interviewer is to much honey.

  • bncoolc
    bncoolc 29 days ago

    Based on the comments it seems the elite agenda of keeping all races ignorant is working. People have to realize that race is only a creation used by the elite to make people distracted by fighting against each other instead of focusing on the 1% who are ruling/controlling you and causing your misery.
    99% of the world's population suffer and are slaves to the 1% REGARDLESS of race.
    The only possible issue in this video host/interviewer is on her behavior or character that has nothing to do with her race or color. If race or color has any bad quality, your clothing or crayons of the same color will have the same quality but reality shows this as false. So people's opinion on race or color is a creation. Wake up, people!!!
    Also, people have to learn to separate their emotions from things and constantly feeling offended when someone they feel connected to is facing some hard time they jump to all manners of conclusion. Learn to pick your battles. This is very minor compared to all the REAL abuse and evil people have to suffer every day.

  • coen849
    coen849 29 days ago +7

    Why doesn’t that interview girl work where she belongs? Walmart!

  • suripopje
    suripopje 29 days ago +6

    who is this host she comes across unlikable

  • Glo Hawk
    Glo Hawk 29 days ago +3

    The interviewer is too much!😂😂

  • Irma Plantz
    Irma Plantz 29 days ago +2

    Kandi is annoying!

    • Blac Butterfly
      Blac Butterfly 28 days ago

      She is at times especially with all her disapproving facial expressions, and that drawl in her voice is very annoying to me. I wouldn't mind meeting and hanging with her because I know she is a kind person. Don't start no shit won't be no shit. But real Kandi I don't know how much time you had but you really should have done your homework. BINGE WATCHED THAT SHIT. 250.000?? ???.

  • Malachi With Bro and Sis
    Malachi With Bro and Sis 29 days ago +5

    One of the best honest answers about what she's going to do with the money.

  • Glenn Thompson
    Glenn Thompson 29 days ago +8

    This is the best hair I’ve seen Kandi wear. I hope she wears this to the reunion.

    • Joshua Allen
      Joshua Allen 28 days ago

      yes, kandi rarely looks good but this i like

  • Ann Glaze
    Ann Glaze 29 days ago +28

    The lady giving the interview has no skill she seems miserable with a jealous undertone But then again she’s sitting in front of Kandi 😂 which is probably the closest to huge success and beauty that she’ll ever get close to

  • safslut01
    safslut01 Month ago +10

    This interviewer is trying hard to be cool and shady but she comes across as another basic passive aggressive white mess. Makes sense why she was the only one that understood what Brandi said about befriending an athletic person

  • PinkPandaCloud
    PinkPandaCloud Month ago +1

    Kandi is lost😂😂

  • Stephanie Jones
    Stephanie Jones Month ago +2

    Both Kandi and Taymar can cook so both may wind up cooking the food but who is going to clean and who will form alliances.

  • Linda Lolly
    Linda Lolly Month ago +1

    Why she is clapping her hands?

  • Dont Call Me Nymphadora

    I feel like shes trying to be sassy and not to animaed but shes just comjng off as rude.

  • Pamela Conde
    Pamela Conde Month ago +2

    This is definitively an edited interview were the host chopped and cropped herself in an interview with another host.

    • TheDCliff
      TheDCliff 28 days ago

      When i saw this i thought oo maybe but at 5:52 you see kandi's hair in the interviewers shot

  • regina pearson
    regina pearson Month ago +10

    I don't like the interviewer

  • majestic
    majestic Month ago +4

    kandi queen

  • Tracey Sylvester
    Tracey Sylvester Month ago +7

    Oh, Kandi. I loved you from the start, but your honest response: THE BEST.

  • nunya biz ness
    nunya biz ness Month ago +22

    This interviewer is doing too much, faces, tone, attitude. short and negative. very dry .# your a fancy lady???

  • Goldielucks 35
    Goldielucks 35 Month ago +21

    Prove her wrong kandi

  • Christopher Morgan
    Christopher Morgan Month ago +19

    The interviewer was unbearable. A complete change in tone from any of the other interviews, even at the very beginning of this video. And I'm only one minute in...

  • Chris Conners
    Chris Conners Month ago +12

    That host looks like shes about to barf! Like she sick? Or is she really just that ignorant!

  • Aly M
    Aly M Month ago +28

    Rude interviewer, with all those facial expressions and clapping telling Kandi "you're out". She needs to get fired.

    • Musty Bryce
      Musty Bryce 13 days ago

      Wow!!? They were both referring to what happens when housemates are seen as a threat.

  • sarah kelly
    sarah kelly Month ago +12

    Kandi you got that. Sing your way thru it.

  • Sophie Langford
    Sophie Langford Month ago +1

    Cant wait to see how far she gets all we see is rhoa

  • E Bak
    E Bak Month ago +58

    Once again, another ET host being passive aggressive with a black celebrity. Everybody watch ET Canada’s interview between Ika and Kandi instead of this rude crap

    • Vicki
      Vicki 15 days ago +1

      Omgggg!!! You are soooooo right
      This chick is truly a terrible interviewer

  • Charles Sloan
    Charles Sloan Month ago +30

    Wow rude interview I hope she does get fired

  • Shay Hill
    Shay Hill Month ago +57

    interviewer ws definitely rude/ nasty

  • Mrs Dee Dee
    Mrs Dee Dee Month ago +7

    I don't like Kandi and I don't like the interviewer!!!! Bitch was kind of rude a little to Kandi!!! Trust me Kandi was just trying to be nice to her!!!!

    • Rhea Lara
      Rhea Lara 9 days ago

      I hate that! She literally shrinks herself and takes the bs, she did it with people in the house too like Ricky and Dina. She's way too nice! I guess she's rich, happy and unbothered by their fuckery (in small doses) so why not kill em with kindness. It is aspirational, especially as a reality TV star but I just always find 'they' try the nice ones, it irks me. I wish that lady caught her on a bad day and Kandi put her in her place!

  • Nessa Anderson
    Nessa Anderson Month ago +8

    She said "reinvest in my businesses, I guess" 🤣🤣😩😩#thingsrichpeoplesay