Don't Trash Talk New York | Hardly Working

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
    App available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.
    Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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    Brennan Lee Mulligan
    Rekha Shankar
    Ally Beardsley
    Patrick McDonald

    Director - Arthur Enright
    Writer - Brennan Lee Mulligan
    Producer - Lucretia Stinnette
    Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    HMU - Crystal Gomez
    Sound Mixer - Anthony Kozlowski
    Editor - Mike McAlister
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 689

  • September Maeve
    September Maeve 2 days ago

    Shut up NY, you have square blocks that are numbers. Boston is crazier and we have the better Baseball team.

  • A Person
    A Person 3 days ago

    I live in Columbus, Ohio so I appreciate the Ohio mention since we're not important

  • New Duck
    New Duck 4 days ago

    Why doesn't anybody appreciate the SEVERAL MUSEUMS line enough?!

  • m00nsandwich
    m00nsandwich 4 days ago

    This is exactly how I feel about Chicago lol

  • BigBotherGR
    BigBotherGR 5 days ago

    As someone from upstate it’s sad that whenever anyone says they are from New York people immediately think of the city.

  • femerio kosasih
    femerio kosasih 5 days ago

    Hi I'm Connor, I'm the android sent by cyberform

  • Awe47
    Awe47 6 days ago +1

    When I was in New York I almost in a dead bird that was crushed by who knows what

    I’m aloud to say that because I live there

  • Allie Shoen
    Allie Shoen 7 days ago

    I live in New York state, I live in a town.

  • Harri Goston
    Harri Goston 8 days ago

    “I went there once, and there was A TRASH ON THE GROUND.”
    “A whole trash?”

  • The Lost Warriors
    The Lost Warriors 9 days ago

    I live in cincinnati!

  • K K
    K K 10 days ago

    New York is amazing!!!
    I love New York!!!

  • Super- Nova
    Super- Nova 10 days ago +1


  • Overall Ferret
    Overall Ferret 11 days ago


  • Rylee Wallace
    Rylee Wallace 12 days ago

    Hahaha. A whole trash

  • SpaceKat IPK
    SpaceKat IPK 12 days ago

    Best. I'm not from New York, but can relate on how people talk shit about the city I'm from, Chicago.

  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde 13 days ago

    Go mets!

    MMFAN 13 days ago

    A whole trash... i'm dead.🤣

  • Phantom Psycho Games
    Phantom Psycho Games 14 days ago

    2:24 except all of us in Michigan

  • Lucas Van Caeneghem
    Lucas Van Caeneghem 14 days ago

    New York:
    Trash cans around every street, thiefs behind everyone's back, appartements the size of a clauset, taxis driving around every square meter and only 1 or 2 trees per mile.
    My place:
    Just 1 long road with fields everywhere, falcon's and hedgehogs flying and running around, only 1 car passing by in 10 minutes and beautiful forrests with wolves and deers.
    *Which place is better?*

  • IntermediateJesus
    IntermediateJesus 15 days ago

    Sounds like the 4chan of cities.

  • Melon water
    Melon water 15 days ago

    I'm not from new York but I oddly relate to this

  • Ch Bharath
    Ch Bharath 16 days ago

    I've had more people up the crack of my ass in a god damn elevator ride than you bumpkins have got in your quaint little hamlets put together. LMAO

  • SeaWeaselKing
    SeaWeaselKing 16 days ago


  • Candie Bunny
    Candie Bunny 17 days ago


  • Helena da Silva
    Helena da Silva 18 days ago

    I moved from my country's capital region, so the other end of the country.
    I got a good amount af trash talk from my classmate (in good fun), that I was the copenhagener, the substitute swedish and the foreigner.

  • Peyton Tyler
    Peyton Tyler 18 days ago

    A whole trash!

  • Nobody likes stupid people

    Nobody trash talks those other places because nobody knows they f ing exist

  • Emmett Gaming
    Emmett Gaming 19 days ago


  • Epic4567 K
    Epic4567 K 19 days ago

    Who’s Brennan?

  • Kai Chen
    Kai Chen 20 days ago

    omg this video actually gets me more keen in visiting nyc

  • s_lx
    s_lx 20 days ago

    New York’s got all the good stuff though.

  • 10 . AM
    10 . AM 21 day ago

    1:56 XD

  • nighttracker ?
    nighttracker ? 21 day ago +2

    This sketch is previously called "don't insult my hometown".

  • Mr. ZAP
    Mr. ZAP 21 day ago

    As someone from L.A., the other city literally everyone else beats on, though for very different reasons, I feel this on a deeply spiritual level.

  • ZombehKing97
    ZombehKing97 22 days ago

    If Brennan wasn't lying at 1:44, he'd have to have had at least 1,996,492 people all touching him in an elevator at once.

  • Guns, Gas mask, and Games

    I love brenden

  • andykeche
    andykeche 24 days ago

    Brennan's really good

  • Dan Formal
    Dan Formal 25 days ago

    I only shit talk New York because it’s full of Democrats and it’s where Fake News originates from.

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I'm not a city kid
    Or a country girl

    I'm suburban person

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I'm from a suburb in iowa


  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza


    Good ole midwest

    You can tell

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I've never seen a real subway

  • hfredydl
    hfredydl 25 days ago

    Rekha’s headlights are supper hot

  • Rhombicosidodecahedron

    Heyyyy, you can't insult Ohio! We go largely unnoticed as it is, we don't need your trash talk to be the sole thing that defines us!

  • Terrence McGarty
    Terrence McGarty 26 days ago

    Brennan deserves an Emmy for his performances on ch.

  • randy _manny
    randy _manny 26 days ago

    👌 New Yorker approved

  • L Smith
    L Smith 26 days ago

    Pat looks different than I remember...

  • senshi wolf
    senshi wolf 26 days ago

  • Hailey Diehl
    Hailey Diehl 27 days ago +4

    Why does Brennan remind me of the villain from the Incredibles?

  • spicy Amazing
    spicy Amazing 27 days ago

    I love New York

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 28 days ago

    A TRASH! A whole trash.

  • Nigel Cummings
    Nigel Cummings 28 days ago

    Dude has me crying 😭

  • Brittany Wilkins
    Brittany Wilkins 28 days ago +2

    🗣🗣 New York is a state!
    New York City is its' own planet

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie 28 days ago +1

    there was a trash on the ground. a whole trash? >

  • Shlanna Seibert
    Shlanna Seibert 28 days ago

    Brennan’s so hot

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 28 days ago

    I live in Chicago they should do New York vs Chicago

  • NoeyMqz
    NoeyMqz 28 days ago

    oh... no 9/11 references... coo

  • Brinkli Abbitt
    Brinkli Abbitt 29 days ago

    Brennan needs a movie

  • Isabella Pastore
    Isabella Pastore 29 days ago

    “And one time, I accidentally went outside during SantaCon. And I loved every second of it.” “😓”

  • Kady Cooley
    Kady Cooley 29 days ago

    Brennan has like perfect teeth, just noticed that...

  • The empire Needs you
    The empire Needs you 29 days ago

    I like New York

  • NegativeJam
    NegativeJam Month ago

    I went to NYC, it was everything I thought it would be and I loved it. But it’s certainly not for me. We had fun!

  • Nick f
    Nick f Month ago +1

    Turned down a well over 6 figure salary position in NYC to move up to Maine and make half as much. Still probably walk away with more money in my pocket at the end of the week. Owning a home on long island with a family, commuting into the city and paying those taxes is the definition of a scam. Have fun being a mindless drone in your crap city. Disagree? Go into Penn station and watch the cattle herded into their pens once the train platform is posted. Good restaurants though, if you like 40$+ entrees and pomposity.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Month ago +1

    all I have to say is just god dam

  • JPizzle Preisler
    JPizzle Preisler Month ago +2

    2:19 wow im a long islander and im offended amiright

  • Joseph Montgomery
    Joseph Montgomery Month ago

    He went on the rant

  • Ben Kaufman
    Ben Kaufman Month ago


  • Georgia Peeches
    Georgia Peeches Month ago

    Oh my god Brennan is insane.

  • Will Szabo
    Will Szabo Month ago

    I know this is true because I live in New York

    LIL C4RN4GE Month ago

    I know how New Yorkers feel I’m from north London and people call our home trash

  • Gherard Golioth
    Gherard Golioth Month ago

    Also never Talk trash about Chicago as well

  • LMSPetRescue
    LMSPetRescue Month ago

    At least New York isn’t a cult like my home town XD everyone who’s left my tiny home town refused to come back for more than a week because we all have realized it’s essentially Children of The Corn waiting to happen and we all want to be as far away as possible when that happens XD

  • Thurzatuhl
    Thurzatuhl Month ago

    It's actually mainly because the City of Fear campaign and the 1975 fiscal crisis that people always feel entitled to poop in NYC's name. At that time, the US federal government and the NYPD were leading vicious and intentional campaigns to blame New York and New Yorkers for the complicated problems neither of them had the capabilities of handling, so NYC was used as a national scapegoat of moral shortcoming in much the same way that Chicago is abused in the news today. It was also a place where political power meant (and increasingly these days means) more than economic sway, and many of these actors used the 1975 crisis as an opportunity to gut public programs and grant gigantic aspects of the city's direction into the hands of banks, which was when Trump's massive discounted gentrification of Manhattan begun.

  • Heather Sherman
    Heather Sherman Month ago

    Is Brennan in any movies? This guy is a gem. A handsome, handsome gem

    ZELYNER Month ago +1

    Yo, DC I found a new joker for you

  • Jezebelllahh
    Jezebelllahh Month ago

    whys he so good at acting insane

  • D-dub-M
    D-dub-M Month ago

    This skit is so much cooler when you remember CollegeHumor started in New York

  • Ruby Lapis
    Ruby Lapis Month ago

    2:58 killed me

  • jenna bobenna
    jenna bobenna Month ago

    THANK YOU ( i commented this before i watched and as a long islander i AM NOW PISSED)

  • Finlay Balfour
    Finlay Balfour Month ago

    God I can't get enough of Brennan's voice

  • Jozef Dorčák
    Jozef Dorčák Month ago

    I've seen this video fourth time this week and I gotta say it's one of the best ones

  • Rebel Greninja
    Rebel Greninja Month ago

    Illuminati cup noice

  • WrongIslandCheapskates

    Can you blame long islanders? We're landlocked by that miserable city. That is true though, we just go there for something to do

  • Kaiya Chadwell
    Kaiya Chadwell Month ago

    Okay but they're all from big cities so alot of the jokes didn't actually land and I probably shouldn't be commenting this but it really annoys me

  • dictatrixx
    dictatrixx Month ago

    this video is my favorite everything

  • Matthew Huang
    Matthew Huang Month ago

    College Humor started in NY didn't it?

  • Youtubeisawesome :PPP

    To be honest I can sorta relate to this,I live in Florida and every damm week I hear people talking sh- about Florida and here I am thinking “Uhuh well here’s a fun fact we are better then whatever Ice Age cold ass town you crawled out and I bet our beaches are better than whatever mud as ocean you live next to, and if our states so horrible how come your ass comes here every winter like a f- bird migrating, and if ya don’t like it because to many people here speak Spanish and ya don’t like it here’s a idea, STAY IN YOUR COLD ASS TOWN AND STOP COMING HRE LIKE MIGRATING BIRDS

  • Morgan Elzey
    Morgan Elzey Month ago

    I've seen this before but I didn't cancel auto play so one it started I had to watch it, Brennan is awesome! So cute

  • Jay Romero
    Jay Romero Month ago

    the first minute is also just people from other countries talking to americans

  • Nachiket Malpathak
    Nachiket Malpathak Month ago +2

    s E V e R a L M u S E u m S

  • Morilore
    Morilore Month ago

    The line "I have seen crust punks SUCK EACH OTHER OFF in the *open guitar case* of a w e e p i n g b u s k e r" doesn't get enough appreciation in this comment section.

  • Garrett Shmerett
    Garrett Shmerett Month ago +15

    One time I visited new York, and I saw a trash truck driver deliberately rear end a cabbie for missing the light. They got out of their vehicles and started brawling in the middle of the street.
    That's when I knew that I had finally found my people

  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet Month ago

    I've never understood why people are so anal about the city/state they live in. It's just a place. It doesn't "define" you. If someone doesn't like your neck of the woods, that's perfectly fine. Not everyone is gonna like the same places. If people shat on my city/county/state/country/heritage/race/ethnicity/gender/orientation/occupation/friends/family/pets/finances/etc, I wouldn't care. It's their opinion and it doesn't matter if they're wrong or right. In the end, who gives a shit? They're just words. Plus, your home is wherever you happen to live, even if you move. Why be "loyal" to a place that could give a damn if you live there or not? o_O Funny skit, though. :P

  • JustAReminder
    JustAReminder Month ago


  • Felix Den
    Felix Den Month ago

    Brenan is insane... ly good xDD

  • Tshielo Kobe
    Tshielo Kobe Month ago

    A whole trash

    ROCK SOLID Month ago +1

    as a new yorker, I kinda agree...shit place

  • Nikki Grossman
    Nikki Grossman Month ago +34

    Who is here after the "you're too soft" sketch?

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis Month ago

    Take THAT, Amazon!

  • billcounterstrike
    billcounterstrike Month ago

    Who's here from Brennan's latest sketch?