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Taboos Around the World

  • Published on Aug 9, 2017
  • Today we are going to explore our cultural differences in this episode of the Infographics Show, Taboos Around the World.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +1490

    Which taboo surprised you the best?

    • Kilas Gaming
      Kilas Gaming 29 days ago

      The “smacking lips” thing is fake...

    • Smiley
      Smiley Month ago

      i am considering to unsubscribed this guy, i don't know where he gets his facts from, but the more i watch this guy video each day the more i feel like he is not a credible informative youtuber. He even doesn't know where India is..............

    • Maancy Leo
      Maancy Leo 2 months ago

      In India red is considered as a sacred color as it resembles blood...

    • Afra The Fox Girl
      Afra The Fox Girl 4 months ago

      +Leopolis Cool

  • X_Xesthetic_X
    X_Xesthetic_X 5 days ago

    You guys act like it's wrong to make a few mistakes, nobody's perfect, stop being rude. So what if he messed the maps up or something. Smh, internet

  • Roby R.  Bellows
    Roby R. Bellows 6 days ago

    Sweet home Alabama 😂😂😂

  • KatQueue
    KatQueue 8 days ago


    WAN AHMAD ATIQI 12 days ago

    Don't believe this info. Many of it are wrong.

    BODE LAWRIE 12 days ago

    I have a friend who is Asian and we jokingly make fun of him for the eating dog kind of thing. He even makes fun of himself for it. Just something I decided to put here because reasons.

  • Gil Cohen
    Gil Cohen 12 days ago

    Thumbs up in Israel is considered offensive? No, completely untrue.

  • Sandra VD
    Sandra VD 14 days ago

    In Spain we eat rabbit and no one has a problem with it (except vegetarians and vegans), even people who keep rabbits as pets usually eat rabbit themselves. We also eat horse meat. When I was living in the UK people found it disgusting. Same with seafood.

  • Fabrienne Perkins
    Fabrienne Perkins 15 days ago

    YOU, THIS, THAT, there LIKE I can write.

  • Jade TheKiller22
    Jade TheKiller22 17 days ago

    Okay we pilipinos don't smack our lips

  • Faizal
    Faizal 18 days ago

    I like Chinese "chomp chomp" ,I often feel embaraced to chomp, seems like I can eat freely in chaina.

  • Zaynab Farhan
    Zaynab Farhan 28 days ago


  • janaína graf
    janaína graf 28 days ago

    I live in Switzerland and no one ever in the history of christmas or any other time would eat dog or cat it’s just a tabu no one ever does that

  • Chinna Devi
    Chinna Devi Month ago

    What I’m 90% sure it is not a taboo to call your husband their name actually 99.99% might as well say ah 💯 % but I don’t want too.

  • Марк Денмарк

    In my country it's taboo to say "Hey, how are you?" as a way of greeting.

  • Zack Baltz
    Zack Baltz Month ago

    yo im from england and that two finger thing isnt a thing

  • Maggie
    Maggie Month ago

    This is the second video I see them being very condescending to Americans. On 3:11 They could’ve said rude person but no they said American. Not all Americans are rude.

  • Jonathan Cw
    Jonathan Cw Month ago

    I’m Irish and I call my mother Mam and my father his first name it just doesn’t feel right to call him dad but maybe it’s just because I had a rocky relationship with him since I was born

  • Stuck In A Book
    Stuck In A Book Month ago

    That thing about two finger pointing in the uk is so untrue! That never happens

  • Instakilla
    Instakilla Month ago

    "could you handle that?" XAXA

  • Cheetylicious meow meow

    Anyone who eats a cat should die.

  • draconiusultamius
    draconiusultamius Month ago

    I'm Chinese and my mom hates how me and my dad are noisy when eating.

  • Silver Something960

    Do people really like air that literally smells like s***.

  • Jubilee Campos
    Jubilee Campos Month ago

    where I'm from, staring at someone is considered rude

  • Robert Morrison
    Robert Morrison Month ago

    In Russia, there is the taboo of whistling inside. If you whistle inside, it is said that you will loose a lot of money. Greetings from Russia.

  • Nickey Santos
    Nickey Santos Month ago

    Chinese and Filipinos actually eats quietly because it is disrespectful if you are too noisy and ill mannered that is what our parents lectured us (oh ya I'm half Filipino And Chinese)

  • Chelle Castillo
    Chelle Castillo Month ago

    When I was 5 my aunt got mad when I didn’t finish all my food. I became chunky very quickly after that.

  • Desnareddychitti Aarushi vs Desna

    Eating cow is illegal in India

  • Tony Altobello
    Tony Altobello Month ago

    This morning I ate solidified chicken reproductive cells and seared pig flesh for breakfast.

  • Jaidenee Khemanyee
    Jaidenee Khemanyee Month ago

    There's some weird taboo in my country. It's called the customary system.

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago

    i am considering to unsubscribed this guy, i don't know where he gets his facts from, but the more i watch this guy video each day the more i feel like he is not a credible informative youtuber. He even doesn't know where India is..............

  • 유용근
    유용근 Month ago

    asia is really wide and have many country that have different languages, cultures and races.
    how you can say "this is taboo in asia"
    and most of them is not true.

  • Roza Islam
    Roza Islam Month ago

    ISLAM religion considers many western habits taboo and are banned

  • banta singh boparai

    Is family relations are illegal in all the world?

  • Yuri Kim
    Yuri Kim 2 months ago

    3:49 is actually wrong. Red in Asia is thought to be sacred color and only king and his family could write their name with red and wear red cloth. This means if someone else uses red ink to write their name, they are planning treason. Usually ended up dead. Thats why red became the death color when writing names.

  • Christopher Quinn
    Christopher Quinn 2 months ago

    In the phillipines we cant point with our index fingers because we might get "usog" or "manuno" because there is a creature named "dwende" roaming around the phillipines and they are frendly but when you disturb them your in for a treat, cause you will get punished! And pointing at them seems to make them angy thats why we point with our lips..... and yes i live in the phillipines..

  • Angry Kitten
    Angry Kitten 2 months ago

    In Japan there is a restaurant where you can eat HUMAN.

  • Tali Fishman
    Tali Fishman 2 months ago

    Okay but wtf I am from Israel and the thumb thing is not a thing here at all... I have no idea how they did their research XD

  • InViSoL Gaming
    InViSoL Gaming 2 months ago

    The end killed me

  • Isaac Metonou
    Isaac Metonou 2 months ago

    I could not EVER handle that!

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    South Africa vs Zimbabwe o yes

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Cuba vs USA

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Australia vs New Zealand do it

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Guyana vs Venezuela do one

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Do one about DR Eric Williams from Trinidad and Tobago

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Brazil vs Argentina do one

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Venezuela vs Columbia

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Do one about Trinidad and Tobago vs Barbados

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Do one about Trinidad and Tobago vs Jamaica

  • Appllee
    Appllee 2 months ago


  • Test Extra
    Test Extra 2 months ago

    We culturally (not necessarily still today) eat cat and baby horses in Italy even though only the latter is officially legal. I would have said snails for France....

  • Fabio Falossi
    Fabio Falossi 2 months ago

    Bruhh thats bullshit, i was born and lived in switzerland for 17 years and never meet anyone that eats cat or dogs, in europe its also seen as very weird to eat a dog or cats

  • Vera Müller
    Vera Müller 2 months ago +1

    I‘m Swiss and I don’t know anyone who eats cat nor dog in our country. Please get your facts straight.

  • Lakia Boyd
    Lakia Boyd 2 months ago

    Why has he never addressed all the things he got wrong in the video. I’m reading the comments and it seems that almost if not everything is wrong.

  • Dean Sama
    Dean Sama 2 months ago +1

    In mu country it's a taboo to subscribe to T Series

    • YT Gamer XBOY
      YT Gamer XBOY Month ago

      in mu country it's a taboo to subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago

    4:25 The flash: The anime

  • Abbot david-west
    Abbot david-west 2 months ago

    to fart or not to fart that is a good question?

  • 0Flow0
    0Flow0 2 months ago

    As a Finnish person I dont get it when I watch American youtubers spit out food or throw it in the trash. I dont think I've ever done that, it's so exaggerated and wasteful.

  • Didar Özsönmez
    Didar Özsönmez 2 months ago

    lmao that thing with swiss people eating cat n dog meat alot isnt true at all. i live in switzerland myself n ive never heard or ever seen anyone eating dog n cat meat. some people might do it but its not a regular thing.

  • Oj Achi
    Oj Achi 2 months ago

    The ending😂😂😂

  • 范治富
    范治富 2 months ago

    as a chinese and an asian, i found most if not all of the taboos are untrue, like eating loud is a sign of enjoying the food, two finers as sign of cuteness, and the foot thing never heard of it.

  • Cremedela Meme
    Cremedela Meme 2 months ago

    Food is food

  • luca
    luca 2 months ago

    In the uk we don’t use that symbol we use the middle finger

  • R Alexandra
    R Alexandra 2 months ago

    A lot of these taboos are bogus.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 2 months ago

    It’s funny how the passenger is saying “How rude!” And the driver is saying “Pull over!” at 2:25 😂😂😂

  • Bluep4x Vlogames
    Bluep4x Vlogames 2 months ago +1

    EATING CAT AND DOG IN SWITZERLAND WTF get your facts right tho pls

  • NK Boss
    NK Boss 2 months ago +1

    Adding on:-
    Eating beef is also a taboo in india ✌️

  • Crazy baby
    Crazy baby 2 months ago

    I mean where the heck did you get this info about israel XD

  • Akshay Susawat
    Akshay Susawat 2 months ago

    Totally misinterpreted content about open defecation...
    Infographic show you are terribly wrong here

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh 2 months ago

    Eating everything on the plate is considered polite in India, dude. People who eat up their food are served more because that’s really polite as well. Indians treat their guests really well.

  • Mount Olympus
    Mount Olympus 2 months ago

    I like how you generalise asia while keeping Europe and America separate.
    Asia is more diverse than other three continents put together.

  • Rachel A.
    Rachel A. 2 months ago

    Children in Madagascar aren't allowed to call their fathers by their name is not a taboo lol. I mean in Asia, if you do that you'll be seen as rude and extremely disrespectful. I'm not sure if everyone else does it but I've seen films and read books where children call their parents by their names and were allowed by society to do so.

  • LadyTarasque
    LadyTarasque 2 months ago

    Isn't it that in China, if you clean your plate but don't want more, you set your chopsticks in a certain way as a signal?
    similar to the farting one, if you burp in certain cultures at a meal, they consider it a compliment. Figured that one by accident when I had one of those sudden burps that you can't stop... I was so embarrassed.. hostess told my classmate that it's a compliment, and he passed that to me (unlike me, he was fluent in Spanish. I think he said something to her first about what just happened and she laughed before saying it was fine).

  • muthu saravanan
    muthu saravanan 2 months ago

    Even dating someone is considered taboo by many (old) Indians. There are even reports of murdering their own children for dating in some rural areas . In some cases they simply seperate them from the family. The Indian parents mostly prefer "arranged marriage"

  • Jenny Rae Di
    Jenny Rae Di 2 months ago

    In Philippines., taboo is a native language for dipper hahaha😂😂😂

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    Fun fact: if you believe in either islam or christianity, you also believe either siblings or parent/child had sex after adam and eve :D

  • • PRETTY MïNT •
    • PRETTY MïNT • 2 months ago +2

    I love this channel but this video just got a lot of things wrong 😥

  • Osas
    Osas 2 months ago

    Just to clarify, dog meat isn't acceptable to be eaten in Nigeria

  • Ben P
    Ben P 2 months ago

    There is most certainly objectively superior cultures.

  • Imran Tareekh
    Imran Tareekh 2 months ago

    Old facts about India .
    Unsubscribed you .

  • Grishma Shanbhag
    Grishma Shanbhag 2 months ago +1

    And unsubscribed you for this

  • Croatian Wolf
    Croatian Wolf 2 months ago

    Where the hell is croatia.

  • Zinkh
    Zinkh 2 months ago

    I’ve lived in England my whole life never heard of that taboo

  • jonathan andrew
    jonathan andrew 2 months ago

    the taboos in india besides what you mentioned are these: kissing or showing any sign of affection(not just india,even in saudi arabia and other arab countries).
    the ban of littering is pretty much in many countries,say in japan,usa,canada or any other country for that matter.

  • LeRoy Dirks
    LeRoy Dirks 3 months ago

    Farting as a greeting seems farfetched as I am not sure I believe a whole group of people can fart on command... But if they can, I want this power!

  • Zero93irty
    Zero93irty 3 months ago

    So we're ignoring the stereotypical black thugs? Aight, bet

  • B R
    B R 3 months ago +1

    In Soviet Russia, car drive you!

  • ZMG Productions
    ZMG Productions 3 months ago

    Lol its not offensive to thumb-up while hitching rides in Israel, this video makes me wonder if 'The Infographics Show' is actually an unreliable info source..

  • Ji Hye
    Ji Hye 3 months ago

    In a lot of asian countries it’s normal to marry your cousin. So please don’t be disrespectful and act like youre superior. Also Eating dog is usually for lower class and people living in poverty. You eat cow what’s the difference?? It’s cruel but it’s not difference

  • maayanr8
    maayanr8 3 months ago

    I live in Israel, and this taboo (mentioned in 2:20) is just not true at all. Never heard of it before, we actually hitchike like everywhere else in the world.

  • Tom Hagen
    Tom Hagen 3 months ago

    Dear Dotards, please ensure that you complete all aspects of your 'research' before publishing videos which comment upon other countries 'Taboos'. Your story line for the reason as to why two fingers with the palm facing one is correct, however we don't use 'gun' fingers as you've shown. Please correct your infographic to a hand with two fingers in a v (palm facing you) with thumb and other fingers put away. Thanks, 10 Downing Street.

  • Fang An
    Fang An 3 months ago

    How dare you speak Taiwan as a country

  • Bianca
    Bianca 3 months ago

    I thought horse meat was "normal". I have eaten it, and I ride horses xD I don't really feel bad for it :,)
    You can also eat rabbit and whale meat here. I haven't tried it tho

  • breya Davis
    breya Davis 3 months ago

    In Ireland it’s very rude to not offer a cup of tea to visitors , also when offered a cup of tea you must say no , then they must ask again and then you must say yes , also NEVER call us Brittish

  • Kkkk Mmmmy
    Kkkk Mmmmy 3 months ago

    What is taboo all around the world is periods

  • Breeki Man
    Breeki Man 3 months ago

    Slavic East- eating pussy

  • Hamirul Kamil
    Hamirul Kamil 3 months ago

    why when asia part u put Chinese Avatar?? meanwhile asia got a lot race like malay,indian, Filipinos,thai people

  • Amber Haley
    Amber Haley 3 months ago

    These videos have so many inaccuracies and are, in fact, misinforming rather than educating.

  • TThvnders
    TThvnders 3 months ago

    Wait I eat dogs?

  • Julian Mauerhofer
    Julian Mauerhofer 3 months ago

    I am living in switzerland for all my life and have never EVER heard about people eating cats and dogs. This is just false.

    • Julian Mauerhofer
      Julian Mauerhofer 3 months ago

      Ok, i just searched on the Internet and found out on the countryside some very strange farmers eat some dogs. But less than 100 People in Switzerland ever ate a Dog. Some very strange do it, but its definitifely a taboo.