Taboos Around the World


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +1398

    Which taboo surprised you the best?

    • blek
      blek 24 days ago

      Red pen in asia...
      All my teachers were trying to curse me all along :(
      I knew they didn't like me but cursing me just hurts man :'(

    • Moe G
      Moe G Month ago

      Farting 14 times 😂

    • Saad Sufian
      Saad Sufian 2 months ago

      Not the doggo he just wanted to bork

    • Satria Sutena
      Satria Sutena 2 months ago

      +The Infographics Show
      The one in the sub space emmisary

    • Melody is live
      Melody is live 2 months ago

      The Infographics Show the one where you think the US is the one thats famous for incest when its actually incouraged in muslim countries lol

  • Manoj Mardi
    Manoj Mardi 19 hours ago

    Did you know ,questioning your girlfriend is considered as taboo all over the world.

  • Blue Jover
    Blue Jover Day ago

    in the philippines it really depends in the family if you're well mannered

  • poeter14
    poeter14 Day ago

    Honestly, after seeing the Asian students eating ramen noodles I decided I had the right to enjoy it like they do.

  • Артемий Казанцев

    I was eating while watching this video, thank you, bitch, for losing my appetite

  • TheSynysterVyrus
    TheSynysterVyrus 2 days ago

    Only in New Jersey is invest legal. LOL

  • Can I get 100 subs with no vids? Please

    No I can’t handle that

  • Matt Howard
    Matt Howard 3 days ago

    im from America but in my family its considered taboo for someone who isnt the home owner to sit at the head of the table at thanksgiving dinner.

  • Tymen Van Essen
    Tymen Van Essen 3 days ago

    wait in what western countries is horse meat taboo? its delicious on a slice of bread.

  • Davis's reaction
    Davis's reaction 4 days ago

    I'm from Nigeria and we don't eat dogs
    Get your facts straight

  • Jean Mouton
    Jean Mouton 4 days ago

    Dog and cat meat🤢

  • Julius SR Dulnuan
    Julius SR Dulnuan 5 days ago

    Dogs are food in s.e asia

  • Ben B
    Ben B 5 days ago

    Learned the empty plate thing the hard way in India...!

  • Trill Pharaohたえ
    Trill Pharaohたえ 5 days ago

    In the ALABAMA-NESE culture....incest is a religon.....

  • Music Maniac
    Music Maniac 5 days ago

    All the Harry Potter fans must have thought 'Voldemort' the second they read the title! 😂😂Deathly Hallows joke

  • Moodquake
    Moodquake 6 days ago

    4:23 isn't he afraid of chopping off his finger?

  • fakhri luthfi
    fakhri luthfi 6 days ago

    We don't eat dog in Indonesia

  • zubair naseri
    zubair naseri 6 days ago


  • Solid Work
    Solid Work 6 days ago

    When someone loves to eat dog and is really nearby

    *Grabs all of my dogs and grabs a Katana and a M4*

  • Ashok Tiwary
    Ashok Tiwary 6 days ago

    You are not marking the north-eastern region of India.

  • Skipper John
    Skipper John 6 days ago

    the whole world says Korea and their only referring to South Korea I think that’s disrespectful

  • It's Lily
    It's Lily 6 days ago

    Why does everyone think we commit incest? It is VERY taboo, but people still do it. Kind of like drugs.

  • Juan Laris
    Juan Laris 7 days ago

    Wtf nice ending to it wow.....oh no I would clothesline my grandpa while doing the triple t on the old lady cuz like you said she ain't my grandma

  • Chris Moran
    Chris Moran 7 days ago

    Donald "it's not weird if everyone else does it"

  • iamjuliaboyle
    iamjuliaboyle 8 days ago +2

    When I visited China everyone was snorting chewing and spitting. It was hard getting used to.

  • misaki
    misaki 8 days ago

    Farting as a greeting.. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Dalia Emad
    Dalia Emad 8 days ago

    In Egypt,talking about politics is a taboo and you can actually go to prison for saying anything bad about the president & the army.

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 8 days ago

    Everything you said about Russia in this video is not true

  • Dalia Emad
    Dalia Emad 8 days ago

    Those people eat cats & dogs (which is forbidden in some cultures) and yet give us shit for killing sheep during Eid and eating them?

  • norieh trance
    norieh trance 8 days ago

    Here in Philippines if you stack plates before someone in your family that hasn't been married yet will never get married

  • Grendel Khan
    Grendel Khan 8 days ago

    4:25 What is happening with that knife?!

  • ThePokemonBitch
    ThePokemonBitch 9 days ago

    Entering a house with shoes on is not a taboo it's a sin 👌

  • rielle asuncion
    rielle asuncion 9 days ago

    im Filipino and we arent really loud when eating. its kinda rude and people might talk about you badly or jokingly when you eat loudly. :

  • thatweirdalienkid
    thatweirdalienkid 10 days ago

    Clearly not researched fully... 🙄

  • James Allman
    James Allman 10 days ago

    Absolute retard

  • SSHunter
    SSHunter 10 days ago

    I fart therefore I am.

  • Mahmoud Eltaher
    Mahmoud Eltaher 10 days ago

    If I hear “You know that I’m on the dark side faking it from keeping it cool give a little bit I know you want it...” in an add again I’ll blow up

  • Milan Joshi
    Milan Joshi 10 days ago

    All right I don't usually comment but let me confess something; this is the best, most inspiring, influential, cool, awesome, informative while entertaining, from TVclip. I don't use social media that much and TVclip is something that consumes most of my time and I'm glad that I found this channel, at least my time will be spent on something worth it. And finally, you guys are doing really great job, thank you for that. Keep the information flowing. May the force be with you.

  • Ruby-Anne Whitfield
    Ruby-Anne Whitfield 10 days ago

    Lmao guess Australia has no taboos then

  • JH Anime Piano
    JH Anime Piano 11 days ago +1

    uhh did you say eating loudly is good in china???
    bitch u about to get murdered, eating loudly anywhere is disrespectful
    this whole fucken video is bullshit as many others in the comments have said

  • Such ty
    Such ty 11 days ago

    wait what?? Cat and dog meat in switzerland?? I am from there and never heard anyone even mentioning anything related to eating pets, wtf

  • TheGreenTyphoon
    TheGreenTyphoon 11 days ago

    In Australia, it’s completely ok to call your friend a c***

  • Cheeze It
    Cheeze It 11 days ago

    My date banged her brother.....

  • TheSwedishJew
    TheSwedishJew 12 days ago

    why is this video voiced so quietly

  • Jayla Winters
    Jayla Winters 12 days ago

    I Live In Dayton Ohio (Likely The Worst Place To Live In Ohio) And A Normal Or Taboo Thing (At Lest In My Life) Is People Smokeing At Least For A While Or A Lifetime... Am 12 And I Vary Much Dislike It... But I Know People Try To Stop My Mom Is And Drugs Are Pretty Common To In Ohio To But I Don't See It As Taboo Or Normal Occurrence.

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 12 days ago

    this is very poorly done you need to remake this video

  • olaf
    olaf 12 days ago +1

    also, its ok to hold up the middle and fore finger, its rude if you split them apart, hold them up as a V

    • IABI TV
      IABI TV 11 days ago +1

      And show the back of your hand while doing it, not front. As if you're showing your nails

  • olaf
    olaf 12 days ago

    talking about incest in the uk...........the british royal family is fully incestuous........the queen and prince Philip are cousins

  • ashley애슐리
    ashley애슐리 12 days ago

    when you highlighted asia at 2:32 why was korea not included? thats an asian country

  • Mael Leam
    Mael Leam 12 days ago

    Most of Indonesian people don't eat dog.. They can't because most of Indonesian people were Moslem..

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 12 days ago

    RIP dogmeat form fallout

  • Ace
    Ace 12 days ago

    In sweden if you put up two fingers it means that you’re startklar

  • BoxBit
    BoxBit 13 days ago

    It's seen as rude in Sweden to be overly social on public transport

  • Eagle Beagle
    Eagle Beagle 13 days ago


  • Eagle Beagle
    Eagle Beagle 13 days ago


  • Darren Turner
    Darren Turner 13 days ago

    No in the UK it is taboo to point your two fingers up not at someone.

  • Awesome Pawsome
    Awesome Pawsome 14 days ago

    A tabo in my nation is human transmutation

  • Yally Malky
    Yally Malky 15 days ago

    i am from Israel and this is the first time i heard about that thing...

  • SharkyArts-Briel
    SharkyArts-Briel 16 days ago

    I'm Filipino but I rarely do this. Also the smacking of lips is fine but eating lodudly especially with your mouth wide open is definetley a nono.

  • Jared Kleinman’s Squip

    Dude I’m Asian and trust me mostly no one does this, you don’t see a lover doing this and it’s really different from culture to culture. I travelled to 4 countries in Asia (5 including mine) and when I did this to my friends I made in those countries they were asking on what I was doing. Also for Filipinos we don’t smack our fucking lips? That isn’t even a thing, eating quietly with our mouth closed is what our elders tell us which I assume is what you Americans do and we consider disrespectful to be eating with your mouth open and making noisy sounds while eating. But I guess I have to let this slip since you’re presumably an American and it really isn’t wise for an American to speak for people with major differences in race, culture, and ethics. (Do you even properly research?)

  • Mocha Gilman
    Mocha Gilman 16 days ago

    Thumbs up in Israel is not equivalent to giving the bird....

  • jordan gutierrez
    jordan gutierrez 17 days ago

    It is taboo in the United States to have your own opinion.

  • FitzChivalryFarseer2
    FitzChivalryFarseer2 17 days ago

    At least fact check shit then just posting rumor/hearsay

  • dreadballoon
    dreadballoon 18 days ago

    Nobody understands if you leave your dog out by a Vietnamese they will not eat it because dog food tastes bad. they feed the dogs things like meat not dog food also they are doing good in the world because we have to cut the balls off of dogs by eating dog they are helping us stop too many dogs same with cats.

  • Bradley Zhou
    Bradley Zhou 19 days ago

    I live in Canada and it's a taboo to be impolite.

  • Zacky Alatas
    Zacky Alatas 19 days ago

    We don't eat dogs in Indonesia, its taboo !

  • Fraggels
    Fraggels 19 days ago

    at first i liked your fun little videos, but you seem to be able to slip in your postmodern relativism inside every video, even explicitly mentioning deconstruction. disgusting

  • Vignette Tsukinose April

    Wait, Indonesia are eating dog?

  • Bluetii ღ
    Bluetii ღ 23 days ago

    so many of these are wrong

  • •. Rose .•
    •. Rose .• 23 days ago

    Your information for this video was wrong

  • prince Krishna
    prince Krishna 23 days ago

    Don’t make videos with half knowledge.. Better not to make such videos

  • Melan Models
    Melan Models 25 days ago

    Nigerians DO NOT EAT DOG

  • Jerico Joaquin
    Jerico Joaquin 25 days ago

    We don't freakin smack our lips!!!

  • Charles dela Cruz
    Charles dela Cruz 25 days ago

    Smacking your lips when eating is taboo in The Philippines. Some people do it but it is frowned upon and would be considered 'uneducated' action.

  • soumya sharma
    soumya sharma 26 days ago

    this is all rubbish

  • DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg
    DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg 26 days ago

    i am an indian open defecation is not considered good pls dont believe fking bbc articles u make indians sound like fking monsters

  • Kerang Ajaib
    Kerang Ajaib 26 days ago +3

    I'm from Indonesia, OMG!!! Indonesian people didn't like eat dog, that's WRONG!!!!

  • Devillies
    Devillies 27 days ago

    for those of you from indonesia that said we(as in indonesian) don't eat dogs , well you are kind of wrong . 1st there is no rules that states eating dog a taboo, 2nd have you heard of RW ?? that's a dog meat and it is sold here in indonesia , it's a food that's originaly from north sulawei (i hope i'm right)

  • capzlock
    capzlock 27 days ago

    In some cities in Chile they eat horse meat or guanaco.

  • Copper 4 Hours
    Copper 4 Hours 28 days ago

    In Greece, giving someone the thumbs up, is saying: something your mom.

  • กันจ์andอะชาเขียว


    What is taboos

  • Lucía Jones
    Lucía Jones 28 days ago

    Lol I'm from south America and I've never seen someone greeting with a fart

  • Nathan Saxon
    Nathan Saxon 29 days ago

    0:52 Not in sweet home Alabama

  • 棚客0314
    棚客0314 29 days ago

    I know I know, but you’re mean not to let the Koreans and the Middle East people not to be Asians

  • Leet Skeet
    Leet Skeet 29 days ago

    You forgot its taboo in China to have a daughter and not drown her at birth

  • Claude
    Claude Month ago

    I Am Indonesian
    And we Do NOT Eat Dogs.

  • 0nier0s
    0nier0s Month ago

    omg. that lady-in-the-shower graphic is awesome!

  • Minecraft Vadder
    Minecraft Vadder Month ago +1

    2:16 Good to know 😅

  • Serik4538
    Serik4538 Month ago

    Only animals doesn't have taboos (maybe few have,but that's just laughingly very small). Soooo....who want to break taboos and make one step closer to our animal brothers (sarcasm)

  • Joden Paolo Peroy
    Joden Paolo Peroy Month ago

    As a Filipino, we DO NOT smack our lips while eating.

  • spidafan
    spidafan Month ago

    Cuy (guinea pig) is so good!

  • Iana Zavialova
    Iana Zavialova Month ago

    Russia's taboo list is plane wrong

  • venus ayomide
    venus ayomide Month ago

    Nigeria is a muslim sih country. I dont think we eat dog so much snails yes dogs...hmmm

  • Mike Sawchyn
    Mike Sawchyn Month ago

    I feel like someone in the tribe always says what did that asshole say 😂😂

  • Paulin Markim
    Paulin Markim Month ago

    There is a money taboo in france ,it's impolite to say how much money you earn or to show how much money you have

  • The Kombinator
    The Kombinator Month ago

    I love my wife dearly, but one thing I can't get over is eating loudly (she's Korean). I had to ask her to be especially careful when eating with my parents. Fortunately my parents aren't dicks ;)
    Having said that, I had boshingtang 2 times. It was about 8,000 WON.

  • israel rodriguez
    israel rodriguez Month ago

    There is a fandom that is Taboo, and i'm in it. The fandom i'm talking about is the furry fandom. A fandom is the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.

  • Suvarna Adawade
    Suvarna Adawade Month ago

    Almost everything you said about "Asia" had nothing to do with South Asia. But only east and southeast Asia

  • rohnilidyan
    rohnilidyan Month ago

    Ahaha, dog ans cat is DEFINITELY not a christmas delicacy in Switzerland!!

    CRAZY SQUID Month ago +2

    in the philippines we eat worms and cockroaches