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Taboos Around the World


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +1439

    Which taboo surprised you the best?

    • Afra Masud
      Afra Masud 26 days ago

      +Leopolis Cool

    • Leopolis
      Leopolis 27 days ago

      +Afra Masud Kinda yes.... Lol

    • Afra Masud
      Afra Masud 27 days ago

      +Leopolis Why?
      Are u from Thailand?

    • Afra Masud
      Afra Masud 27 days ago

      Women not being allowed to call their husbands by their names. What type of culture is this?!

    • Sub-Zero
      Sub-Zero Month ago

      theres taboo on saying bad on parents in my country too if you say something bad about someones mom they will punch you in face so hard!

  • Kkkk Mmmmy
    Kkkk Mmmmy 14 minutes ago

    What is taboo all around the world is periods

  • Breeki Man
    Breeki Man Day ago

    Slavic East- eating pussy

  • Hamirul Kamil
    Hamirul Kamil 2 days ago

    why when asia part u put Chinese Avatar?? meanwhile asia got a lot race like malay,indian, Filipinos,thai people

  • Amber Haley
    Amber Haley 2 days ago

    These videos have so many inaccuracies and are, in fact, misinforming rather than educating.

  • Ø_TThunder
    Ø_TThunder 4 days ago

    Wait I eat dogs?

  • Julian Mauerhofer
    Julian Mauerhofer 5 days ago

    I am living in switzerland for all my life and have never EVER heard about people eating cats and dogs. This is just false.

    • Julian Mauerhofer
      Julian Mauerhofer 4 days ago

      Ok, i just searched on the Internet and found out on the countryside some very strange farmers eat some dogs. But less than 100 People in Switzerland ever ate a Dog. Some very strange do it, but its definitifely a taboo.

  • Ro Ashley
    Ro Ashley 6 days ago

    Wow I had a roommate who was first gen Chinese, and she would smack and hum SO LOUDLY when she ate I could hear it over my headphones. It used to drive me nuts!! It didn’t occur to me that it was a cultural thing.

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas 8 days ago

    The French bow fingers thing isn't true...

  • Aya’s Vibe
    Aya’s Vibe 10 days ago +1

    Why do you never talk about Africa ?! I mean there all lots of think you can say and you don’t even try

  • Jessica Weber
    Jessica Weber 12 days ago

    Switzerland doesnt eat dogs or cats once they had when there was not much food but to be honest its a taboo for us to eat dogs or cats as much as every country. But to eat horse is normal here. Its just not really tasty

  • Ding Dylan
    Ding Dylan 13 days ago

    well, actually in China, it's impolite to eat something with loud noises. But in Japan, it is polite especially when you are having noodles.

  • Oof Tune
    Oof Tune 15 days ago

    Cow foot stew is good, there's pig and goat too. You should try chicken feet.

  • Jason st germain
    Jason st germain 16 days ago

    My favorite was the people that fart for a greeting. Hilarious, but tricky who can fart on demand like that

  • nuton myface
    nuton myface 17 days ago

    Ok, where tf did you get information that Indonesian eat dogs. Like for real

  • Shannon R.
    Shannon R. 19 days ago

    Stopped watching after the two finger UK thing. Completely untrue 😂 the middle finger 🖕🏻 is still the offensive hand gesture here

  • J M
    J M 19 days ago

    whoever makes first contact is socially obliged to use the loud fart and smile greeting to engage? it may help us find out just how full of hot air our visitors are, either way

  • Salamander from fairy tail

    Put a lighter in my fart and everyone died

  • SAG TV
    SAG TV 20 days ago

    Eating dog ,cat , rabbit,cows is tabbo I hate China ,koria I hate them who eat animals

  • Joy Damabel
    Joy Damabel 21 day ago

    We don’t eat dog in Nigeria

  • Andi Sasha
    Andi Sasha 21 day ago


  • Gregg Gutfeld
    Gregg Gutfeld 21 day ago

    There should be a taboo on wanting to be a hard ass on a motor cycle yet when they get confronted they act like a bitch and dont do shit

  • Nikki Lyn
    Nikki Lyn 22 days ago

    Korea eats loudly too. I was really surprised when I visited

  • damieN
    damieN 23 days ago

    Japanese wife taboo

    You know what I mean

  • Yara Z
    Yara Z 23 days ago

    Ughhhh sorry but here in switzerland we don‘t eat cats and dogs at all.....just saying😂😂

  • Iwan Salman
    Iwan Salman 24 days ago

    In my country the taboo is a sex and the porn

  • Кашин Александр

    You're wrong about Russia. Today jokes about parents are pretty common in our country.

  • DogeElite1
    DogeElite1 28 days ago

    In Sweden it’s pretty much taboo to stand close to other people at the bus stop

  • Nitish Kumar Jurel
    Nitish Kumar Jurel 29 days ago

    The practice of wives addressing their husbands by pronouns instead of their given names is now (usually) considered romantic much like the western counterparts being "dear" and "honey" and now I have developed a fetish for my future wife to address me that way because of all the romantic sappy media I consume.

  • DJ MIKE T3
    DJ MIKE T3 Month ago +1

    no no no in nigeria only hausa people eat dogs

  • N A
    N A Month ago

    We Filipinos actually like to eat silently. We don't smack our lips lmao.
    Edit: Eating silently is a form of showing good manners for us.

  • Bella Sindarella
    Bella Sindarella Month ago

    Just watched this vid for a class i am taking, glad to know most of the information is inaccurate. So what can I take away from this, other than every culture has different taboos? Oh yea, what's up with the display of "thugs" shown in regards to speaking ill of one's parents. If most cultures accept this, why not display different races? Just my thoughts...

  • The Øne Unseen
    The Øne Unseen Month ago

    Wtf people don't eat cats or dogs in Switzerland!

  • Alina xo
    Alina xo Month ago

    I'm swiss and I don't think anyone here has ever tried to eat a cat or a dog. Literally everyone would see this as a taboo.

  • owl96
    owl96 Month ago

    people who fart to greet?
    seems like my kind of people

  • Cassandra Tanita Brunsvik

    He's talking so fast I put the speed to 0.75, now he sounds drunk but I'm able to process the information a bit better

  • Asheetoink Son
    Asheetoink Son Month ago

    "Filipinos smack lips" wait.. whuuuut? hell no! we were told to eat silently, inherited that manner from spanish era.

  • Silicone Julie
    Silicone Julie Month ago

    The slurping during eating is not compliment at all. It's only acceptable eating ramen since its eaten while hot.

  • Layla L.
    Layla L. Month ago

    I'm Turkish and shook at the fact that showing soles and writing official documents in red ink isn't considered wrong in the west

  • likira111
    likira111 Month ago

    Asia must have a bigger taboo fueled market for foot fetish porn.

  • Akiriev
    Akiriev Month ago

    When you highlight Asia. WHERE IS ISRAEL AND THE ARABIC NATIONS!!!😤😤😤

  • Ronaldo Vicente
    Ronaldo Vicente Month ago

    Not sure, but it's taboo to point your finger at a rainbow or the moon....that's what my parents say.

  • NTV50
    NTV50 Month ago

    Black Puppy soup is delicious

  • Natalia Correal
    Natalia Correal Month ago

    3:26 one of the wine glasses is weird

  • Stephen Pavlos Zariffis

    The power of farting brings us together... We must fart for all humanity!!!

  • buy Skyrim for the 100th time

    3:43 apperently South Korea & North Korea isnt a part of Asia

  • Anna Paw
    Anna Paw Month ago

    lived in israel 23 years, that thumbs up is extremely common here and is the same as it is in the USA, ffs with that stupid fact that is never true.

  • Sub-Zero
    Sub-Zero Month ago

    theres taboo in my country if girl is pretty and wears nice and hot.she is whore they say

  • Jonah Ives
    Jonah Ives Month ago

    dogs are not likely to be eaten in Nigeria especially cause half is Muslim

  • 15wassup
    15wassup Month ago

    Thumbs up in Israel is not taboo

  • robbie j
    robbie j Month ago

    I live in Taiwan and I write in red all the time. Really pisses them off =D often when my students are in trouble I threaten to write there name in red on the board

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar Month ago

    I like watching these videos! Too bad they're so poorly researched :/

  • Joseph Bunyan
    Joseph Bunyan Month ago

    The one about the index finger being the equivalent to a middle finger in the UK is wrong. It doesn't mean anything here

  • Tjums
    Tjums Month ago +1

    In Denmark, it's taboo to be kissing and holding hands in public - it is seen as being very provocative and sexual.

  • Himerosteam
    Himerosteam Month ago

    The Israel part isn't true 2:20

  • john li
    john li Month ago

    the thing about chinese people putting food on your plate because they think you are a glutton is completely wrong. in western countries if you give someone a present they will accept it with a thank you but in china you have to pretty much force them to take it. and that sort of carries over to inviting someone over to eat. in china a lot of people will eat the bare minimum to save more food for you so in order to prevent that you have to put the food onto their plates and its considered good hospitality

  • S
    S Month ago

    Incorrect. It is not the Chinese that slurps to show how much they love the food. It is the Japanese. And in Asia, like Thailand, it is polite to clean the plate because it shows that you are not wasteful. This notion that Americans must clean the plate is completely made up and taken from Asian culture.

  • mrtigretiger
    mrtigretiger Month ago

    The blogger that our way of living might be the right way of living but a way!
    So the question is what is the right way?
    1.the method that is coherent with nature.
    2.the method that doesn't spread diseases.
    3.the method that generates to greatest resources with the lease damage.
    4. God's way

  • Elias
    Elias Month ago

    0:54 sweet home alabama

  • Pietro Tettamanti
    Pietro Tettamanti Month ago

    Wot? We eat horses in the west.

  • Raj Kishore
    Raj Kishore Month ago

    On of the reasons for khabib getting aggressive

  • Cardistries Jason / Johns Conga

    A Taboo in the US you forgot is badly researched videos

  • Hi Karma
    Hi Karma Month ago

    In switzerland we dont eat dogs... like wtf lmao

  • shawn rainer
    shawn rainer Month ago

    Its taboo in the philippines to call your parents by first name and older siblings should be called ate for girls and kuya for boys. If you dont it means you rude or were not raise properly.

  • steven lodge
    steven lodge Month ago

    In my country people just like to stop surprisingly halfway down the street then turn around then walk back the same way again

  • Daniel Vizante
    Daniel Vizante Month ago

    1:05 For most people tabu simply means something is not recomended to do in society, mostly acceptable in private life. Having sex with your daughter is both f..ked up in society as it is in private life; so no matter what tribe innitialy put the definition, by saying taboo , you guys shoul exemplify things that are taboo by the actual common meaning

  • Geraldine
    Geraldine Month ago

    ohh no no no sir, indonesian ppl are not eating dogs, goodluck finding place that sell dog meat in indonesia :)

  • Tarell Bellamy
    Tarell Bellamy Month ago

    I love how everyone from their respected countries are saying how the video is wrong it's interesting reading where everybody's from, reminds me how large and diverse the world is 🤔😃

  • rensole
    rensole Month ago

    the archer thing is bs btw

  • Dávid Csáki
    Dávid Csáki Month ago +1


  • DrHorror Dark
    DrHorror Dark Month ago

    i fart 5 a year

  • Justin I.
    Justin I. Month ago

    In my country, Not having a carpet anywhere and wearing shoes on in the house is a taboo

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    Most people fart 14 times a day?!? Hell, my grandmother would fart 14 times just walking across the room.

  • Helga Vanovich
    Helga Vanovich Month ago

    UK Gun fingers is incorrect!! You have to separate them forming a V - or you just look odd :S

  • BlueGirlPlays
    BlueGirlPlays Month ago

    I'm surprised that children can call their parents by name... Well, if the parents don't mind it's ok.. I think..

  • M.H.B
    M.H.B Month ago

    You could have added Pakistan among India and Afghanistan but you have to be racist

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres Month ago

    Fart as a greeting stfu kid

  • Abbie Scabby
    Abbie Scabby Month ago

    The England gunfingers is not a thing. Maybe in the middle ages. As a 21 English person I have yet to see this.

  • Raven Rodriguez
    Raven Rodriguez Month ago

    Here's a taboo for you:
    Most westerners bringing their shoes inside the house.
    If you do that in Asia, you'll be frowned upon. Even worst, if you do it in a Filipino household, they will smack you with a giant wooden spoon hanging from their wall. Lol
    No seriously, don't walk around in my house with the same shoes you used outside. No, not even if you wiped it off the welcome mat before stepping in.

  • Raven Rodriguez
    Raven Rodriguez Month ago

    I'm an Asian (Filipino) and no we don't "often smack our lips"

  • Tintanium
    Tintanium Month ago

    To marry the cousin of first grade in England is not illegal.. but ok great infos

  • Will Doherty
    Will Doherty Month ago

    in canada you should hold the door open for the next person a public place. not to do so makes you look like a butt

  • H
    H Month ago

    Its not the hand gun symbol it’s a 2 with your palms turned into your yourself.its called the Vicky or the 2 fingers and basically means the same thing as the middle finger.

  • harshita sudhakar nagireddy

    My mom keeps telling me to don't point to others and we are from India.

  • Angel Goldheart
    Angel Goldheart Month ago

    If you aren’t Canadian don’t say eh in Canada you’ll get a very passive aggressive response

  • Muhammad Neisi
    Muhammad Neisi Month ago

    being gay is a taboo in iran and can lead to death....

  • Gid The Cook
    Gid The Cook Month ago

    The British one isn't true, it's the peace sign but reversed that is seen as offensive

  • Wan  Aishah
    Wan Aishah Month ago

    I lived in Malaysia, it's a part of Asian countries. Our taboo here is we cannot wear shoes inside anyone's house or mosque, we can't call someone older or with authority by their names unless instructed to. and to not bring animals especially dog into public places such as mall, park.

  • Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros Month ago

    In India, it any hindi person gets triggered,he at least gives me curse on a mother to a person and the person doesn't take It much seriously 😂

  • Cute liv RBLX
    Cute liv RBLX Month ago

    im british the gun finger gesture i jusst learned about it we do the middle finger too WE AINT THAT POSH

  • GDI Commando
    GDI Commando Month ago

    wrong about everything. especially that whole thing with the two finger point in the UK. ive lived there for 5 years and traveled all around the UK and never heard of that not even once.

  • Cottontails
    Cottontails Month ago

    I live in the uk and that finger thing is bull shit

  • AstroGaming
    AstroGaming Month ago

    6:20 "Where the toilet is?"

  • Faisal Al-Refaie
    Faisal Al-Refaie Month ago

    In Saudi Arabia, it’s rude and non respectful to give someone anything by your left hand and this may get you into troubles. Moreover, you cannot set in a place higher than the place that one of your parents setting at that consider as a sign of non respect. In addition, when you meet your friends or any group of people you have to start shaking hand from the right hand side. And don’t you ever !! Raise your feet into someone or even give him your back .

  • Riyasha Singh
    Riyasha Singh Month ago

    You can make an hour long video on taboos in India literally

  • Ibrahim Osama
    Ibrahim Osama Month ago

    A thumb up in the middle east isn't offensive at all, we use the middle finger...

  • Rahrion
    Rahrion Month ago

    No one here in switzerland eats cats n dogs.. check ur source...

  • Hadassah Flecksing
    Hadassah Flecksing Month ago

    How do you fart on command?

  • Angelica Rose
    Angelica Rose Month ago

    where on earth did you get the information that farting before your meal at an Inuit household is okay? I've NEVER heard of it and i'm Inuit...

  • BazookaHorse
    BazookaHorse Month ago

    MMmmmmm... chicken embryos.