Taboos Around the World


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +1331

    Which taboo surprised you the best?

    • Saad Sufian
      Saad Sufian 5 days ago

      Not the doggo he just wanted to bork

    • Satria Sutena
      Satria Sutena 6 days ago

      +The Infographics Show
      The one in the sub space emmisary

    • Melody is live
      Melody is live 13 days ago

      The Infographics Show the one where you think the US is the one thats famous for incest when its actually incouraged in muslim countries lol

    • TheNewyorkdragon
      TheNewyorkdragon Month ago

      Sarah M why are you so pissed? She and her father willingly engaged in a sexual relationship.

  • josh heslop
    josh heslop 2 hours ago

    100% allowed to think that your way is the right way when it comes to culture in some cases.

  • IXm2unvrz
    IXm2unvrz 3 hours ago

    not all Indonesians enjoy eating dog meat

  • Emm & o
    Emm & o 22 hours ago

    In Armenia when a baby gets there teeth you haft to do this thing were you sprinkle seeds on them and they pick up an abject that chouses there carrer path

  • shashwath s bharadwaj

    You fucking asshole. How racist and ignorant are you? You think India is a country of snake charmers? Your representation of India in all your videos is pathetic, downright stereotypical and ignorant. Make an effort to learn. If not, shut your mouth

  • Storm Arrow
    Storm Arrow 2 days ago

    Literally none of these were correct

  • ariaarulasan
    ariaarulasan 2 days ago


  • CoRtExM
    CoRtExM 2 days ago +2

    Being a Bayonetta main is a HUGE NO NO in my country!

  • chains in chains
    chains in chains 2 days ago

    In ma country you canny use the Vickies in public it's basically the middle finger

  • Elyse Weaver
    Elyse Weaver 3 days ago

    My mom used to live in Taiwan and according to her red is a good color, and white is the color associated with death.

  • invidia44
    invidia44 3 days ago

    Seems like you got a few things wrong about some stuff in asia. But whatever you do you and spread them lies.

  • JamesistheThunder
    JamesistheThunder 3 days ago

    Speaking as A Brit I can honestly say that I, nor anyone I just asked have ever heard about this two fingers and a thumb gesture being a thing, let alone an insult

  • Karn Phutanate
    Karn Phutanate 4 days ago

    That part on embryo in Thailand is a misinformation my dear friend, I’m from Thailand and I’ve never seen those in my area and the places I’ve been to

  • Hulu Peka
    Hulu Peka 5 days ago

    We INDONESIAN Do Not Eat Dog & Cat !!! 😠😠

  • James Davis
    James Davis 6 days ago

    trying to understand while being inebriated.

  • ellad00
    ellad00 6 days ago


  • Patrick Charest
    Patrick Charest 6 days ago

    In Canada it is taboo to discuss politics, religion or generally express an opposing opinion. It is considered insulting to have an opinion outside of specific settings in other words: don't talk about religion, politics or anything else controversial in "polite" company. Oh, and make sure to apologize for your opinions too! Sorry, but this is how freedom of speech and critical thinking are stifled. Pretty odd, eh?

  • Leonardo Rossi
    Leonardo Rossi 7 days ago

    hundreds of thousands of people eat cat and dog meat for Christmas in Switzerland ??? Are you insane ??? I lived my whole life in this country never even heard of something this stupid ??? That's insane.

  • Hayley Low
    Hayley Low 7 days ago

    I live in malaysia and im chinese, my aunt just hounded me for wearing all black during ghost month (seventh month of the lunar calendar) and for hanging my clothes out to dry after sundown

  • Apoxiosis
    Apoxiosis 7 days ago

    bro you think people fart discretely, you should come spend a night in my house. my roommate and i play battlefarts.

  • Jinning Yan
    Jinning Yan 7 days ago

    Do more research on China, please. After so many videos, it is starting to feel racist now.

  • Entropy Zero
    Entropy Zero 8 days ago

    "In most western nations it's taboo for children to be on first-name-basis with their parents" - wat?
    Sure, most people will call their parents with variatinos on "mom" and "dad" as it is just what they are more used to, but taboo? Wtf no?

  • far shooter
    far shooter 8 days ago

    We dont eat loud

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 8 days ago

    Honestly the reason we Europeans and Americans don’t eat dog while those in Asia do, and the reason we find it so wrong, is because we evolved with the dog, we breed the wolf into today’s dog and so our society and ancestors had dogs as part of the family and as partners for surviving with, but in Asia that’s not true and so it’s like cows are to most of us in America, just cattle, maybe cattle that you like.

  • Cris
    Cris 9 days ago

    Thanks bro, now the entire world thinks we South Americans walk around farting to each other.

  • nozty
    nozty 10 days ago

    I am Filipino and I must admit that majority of Filipinos are ignorant as hell. Look at the way you people drive and you ignorance of the law, smart shaming fools, those who cry out "fake news!" and crab mentality stricken countrymen. Why do you think we have so much OFWs? Filipinos don't even know how to provide jobs for themselves and opt to leave our country for better opportunities. Poor, poor Filipinos, I am ashamed my countrymen cannot see the truth, therefor you shall never be free.

  • phylicia jr
    phylicia jr 10 days ago

    Its not taboo its spelt TAPU meaning we Tongans can't take food from anyone see history of Tongan

  • D Gonzo
    D Gonzo 10 days ago

    Im so glad i was born in America

  • John Molesty
    John Molesty 10 days ago

    i have never seen the 2 finger british one and i am british. at least not how you showed it

  • Rui M
    Rui M 10 days ago

    In China,you are only allowed to make that slurp sound when eating noodles,other than that,if you make any sound when eating,some Chinese people might mock you as a pig,but seems like many young people simply don't give a damn anymore,they make horrible sounds even when eating in the public,back in the old days in China,you can't make any sound during eating,no talking,no slurp,no nothing,even accidentally hit your bowl or plate with your chopsticks or spoon is considered as an act of disrespectful.

  • Suite James II
    Suite James II 11 days ago

    Where I'm from if you call the police, they will come and shoot you.

  • Filipino Mapper
    Filipino Mapper 11 days ago

    As a filipino, that makes no sense
    I'm not, *pure* but as far as I know if I smack my lips it'd be disgusting

  • ItsYaGurl RiRi
    ItsYaGurl RiRi 12 days ago

    If you pointed your thumb and fingers at someone in the UK they'd be confused about to what you were even doing

  • Yuki Yamamoto
    Yuki Yamamoto 12 days ago

    Indians shit on streets

  • Julio Peinado
    Julio Peinado 13 days ago

    Boy, you must have have break barriers.

  • Kenji Yeo
    Kenji Yeo 14 days ago

    Im from Indonesia, don't point at big tress, because it is a place for spirits to stay or 'penunggu'

  • CrazyDrawings Tv
    CrazyDrawings Tv 14 days ago

    In some regions of Chile, we eat horse meat that has been dried in the sun. Its named charqui and its DELICIOUS.

  • Ray Hilchey
    Ray Hilchey 15 days ago

    Mellinnia ago the primates on the Eurasian steppes that became the Indo-Europeans preyed on the herds of wild horses much like the North Americans preyed on buffalo. Initially some horses were kept in captivity for sacrifice to the creator goddess. From this beginning, domesticating horses for food then inventing riding and dray horses allowed the spread of Indo-European civilization. Horse is therefore the natural food for Europeans, the meat makes especially tasty sausage. Wild cattle cannot live on the open steppes. Unlike horse they do not know to dig through snow for nourishment.

  • Gianmarco Errico
    Gianmarco Errico 15 days ago

    In South Italy we eat horse and it's delicious 🐴🐴🐴 pezzetti di cavallo

  • John
    John 15 days ago

    I think it's universal. People over the age of 75 will fart anywhere at any time.

  • zevangelo viloria
    zevangelo viloria 17 days ago

    I'm not hating but i just want to say most of the things here are wrong and Filipinos don't smack their lips when they are eating, it's also annoying to usand sorta not good

  • Sarina Senn
    Sarina Senn 17 days ago

    Noo we don’t eat cats in Switzerland
    Never it’s illegal

  • Zahin Zaman
    Zahin Zaman 18 days ago

    4:54 since when did new York look like that

  • Gavin Lau
    Gavin Lau 18 days ago +1

    Im asian but i dont eat loudly like a pig

  • le_zitron_foufou
    le_zitron_foufou 18 days ago

    Montaigne was a genius

  • sassmess
    sassmess 19 days ago

    This is total bs

  • Afolarin Shonubi
    Afolarin Shonubi 19 days ago +1

    Nigeria don't do that. This video is a load of rubbish

  • Abbey Roadster
    Abbey Roadster 19 days ago

    Fart away!

  • Massimiliano Fardo
    Massimiliano Fardo 19 days ago

    In Italy is a cultural taboo that you can't eat walking on the rode (except sandwiches), on the public transport (except airplane), and in every room of an house (except in the kitchen or lunchroom).

  • Matthias Cerebri
    Matthias Cerebri 19 days ago

    PS: I do not have the intention to be rude- it does simply seem the truth.

  • Matthias Cerebri
    Matthias Cerebri 19 days ago

    There are states in the USA where incest is legal or tolerate??????????I never wanted to say this, i honestly didnt. But: Are you US people just nothing more but animals?

  • Mr Soap
    Mr Soap 19 days ago


  • SalamandroYT
    SalamandroYT 20 days ago +1

    What are you talking about? Cat and dog isn‘t a christmas dish in switzerland! Im swiss btw and i‘ve never heard of this bullshit. You cant even eat Cats or dogs here.

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter 20 days ago


  • SSEmery
    SSEmery 20 days ago

    So the word "taboo" came from tribal slang?

  • Nora Dembski
    Nora Dembski 21 day ago

    f****** communist

  • Abilay Baten
    Abilay Baten 22 days ago

    don`t join Kazakhstan in your asian taboo pls , it`s progressive country

  • Petrokober 11
    Petrokober 11 23 days ago

    We brazilians DONT fart to make friends

  • rifki faisal
    rifki faisal 23 days ago +1

    Im from indonesia, and we dont eat dog, because we are mostly moslem, dog and pig are prohibited

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 25 days ago +1

    I cannot speak for the other Asian countries, however, I would like to clear up the fact that South Korea does not eat household dogs like the video portrayed. Yes, we have dog soup but the dogs are closer to wolves than any dog that people own as pets. Infographics, do more research before doing this kind of video please.

    LYRICAL LIFE 25 days ago +2

    I am from India and...
    1.) My mother calls my father by his name
    2.)giving more food is not greediness but happiness in our country
    3.)In last 3 years, 90% of Indian people started using toilets
    Therefore, YOU are making these things a TABOO for us

  • skynatkee
    skynatkee 25 days ago

    3:32 Ohhh... That’s why my Filipino friend eats with mouth open.

  • ᄒᄒ임 보이지 않는

    Korea has so many taboos, yet the only one you bring up is that we occasionally eat dog.🙄

  • MrSteep136
    MrSteep136 26 days ago

    Lolwut. Im russian and if you have met russians in dota 2, you know that there are a lot of motherfuckers.

  • M.H.0903
    M.H.0903 26 days ago +1

    Nobody does the 2 finger thing in the UK as an insult

  • Aquarian Attitude
    Aquarian Attitude 26 days ago

    NOOO! I could NOT handle that.

  • BuckyBoi
    BuckyBoi 26 days ago

    Just imagine in South America
    *2 guys meet*
    *Fart noise*
    *Another Fart noise*

  • No1important88
    No1important88 26 days ago

    I do not fart 14 times a day. Goodness.

  • Veri Scari
    Veri Scari 26 days ago

    Google "2 Finger salute" in images. You will see why most of this video is hilarious bullshit. Gotta unsub now, who knows what other false shit I have heard form this channel. If you do google it you just did more research than the hacks that made this video.

  • Kyle Thomsen
    Kyle Thomsen 27 days ago

    no its just 2 fingers middle finger and index.... no thumb

  • Thia Müller
    Thia Müller 28 days ago

    Cats and Dogs are NOT eaten in Switzerland. Who the hell has that idea 🙄

  • TheFalseGod
    TheFalseGod 28 days ago

    lul, gotta ask this- why do they show Indians wearing Turban all the time. Clearly, that isn't the case anymore in modern India. Smh 🤔

  • Jess Gent
    Jess Gent 29 days ago

    It’s only offensive if you hold your fingers apart. If their together, it doesn’t really mean anything.

  • gome ben moshe
    gome ben moshe Month ago

    The Israel thing about hitchhiking with the thumb being rude, is wrong

  • Nolan Kavanagh
    Nolan Kavanagh Month ago

    >darwin married his cousin
    Clown world.png

  • Robert Andersson
    Robert Andersson Month ago

    In Sweden at the grocery store not putting the stick at the cash register that separates your groceries from the groceries of the person behind you is seen as a taboo. You just have to do it. In addition, writing with any form of ink pen (fountain pen, rollerball, ball point etc) is seen as very odd, at least for grades 1-9, and people will think you're a besserwisser. It's better to do like everyone else: to write you tests and exams using pencils.

  • alhamdulillah aku seorang indo

    In indonesia we dont eat dog

  • Zak
    Zak Month ago

    Brits use the middle finger too, much more tbh

  • Tor Lönnqvist
    Tor Lönnqvist Month ago

    In sweden, god forbid if you sit down next to someone on the bus when there are free seats!

  • Trap Jesus
    Trap Jesus Month ago

    Good videos but i immediately dislike anyone’s video as soon as they open a video with “don’t forget to subscribe blah blah blah”

  • neeraj alexander
    neeraj alexander Month ago

    This is absolutely wrong information! Reasons why you shouldn't believe everything the internet says.

  • TheNewyorkdragon
    TheNewyorkdragon Month ago +1

    We have this new thing in our country where the most inept, untruthful, uneducated, impolite, hateful man is found, spray painted orange, is given an absurd hairpiece made of camel ass-crack hair and is made to use social media, specifically Twitter, in the same fashion, frequency and fervor as a 14 year old girl with epilepsy & Down syndrome. This thing is sent forward into the United States to assemble certain demographic groups. This creature was named Darth Cheetoh in certain circles. So, this lab created monstrosity started attracting butt hurt bitches. Men and women who felt as if there very existence was threatened by anyone of color, anyone with an education, anyone with compassion for their fellow man, anyone who needed some help (the elderly, the sick, Puerto Rican’s, etc) Yea, so that’s the new taboo in the US. Please send aide or an assassin immediately.

  • Ghoulwhip 97
    Ghoulwhip 97 Month ago

    Okay if my grandfather was with his newly farting fiance who was actually his cousin offered me dog and cat meat I'd get the hell out

  • Zakiya Yakubu Amadu

    It's not unusual in my opinion but it's a taboo to use you left hand to eat, collect or greet....and etc in Ghana

  • LEMEMES 21
    LEMEMES 21 Month ago

    *hearing the word dog meat makes you want to say an asian joke*

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky Month ago

    My daughter would fit right in with China 😂😩

  • Marta Estrada.
    Marta Estrada. Month ago

    I'm spanish and putting the feet on chairs is a very disrespectful thing too here! Feet are gross!

  • alexiane250
    alexiane250 Month ago

    I lived in Switzerland for twelve years and my parents even longer; eating cats is something I never heard of nor saw in the grocery store nor at restaurants although I would have been interested to try. I did eat ostrich and horse often though.

  • g4.b3 2
    g4.b3 2 Month ago

    I’m Swiss and I can assure you that nobody EVER eats dog and cat. This channel is bullshit

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Month ago

    Taboo in ATX: Saying you live in Austin when you actually live in CP or GT

  • Swedish Mapper
    Swedish Mapper Month ago

    In the UK we still consider the middle finger as cussing

  • BaconOfTheStrip
    BaconOfTheStrip Month ago

    4:22 DAMN HE QUICK

  • Mitchell Bertram
    Mitchell Bertram Month ago

    Cat and dog are also eaten on “poorer” islands of the Philippines. I never got the chance to try any of it while I was there last year but talked to many of the locals that eat it all the time. Next I go though, I will definitely try it

  • DaroriDerEinzige
    DaroriDerEinzige Month ago

    We eat horse meat also in Germany. Mostly in sausages - They quiet expansive in contrast to "regular" sausages.

  • World Wide Music
    World Wide Music Month ago

    In Israel middle finger is a curse
    but when Israelis are thumb up on the way it is because we want to "catch a ride"
    Yes, even with total strangers, it is pretty common outside the the cities

  • Jimmy L.
    Jimmy L. Month ago

    Yes to the Chinese the sound emitting from your mouth is a sign of how much you appreciate the food but this only happens in the ancient times when there's still emperors and kingdoms are in use, nowadays people who emit sounds from your mouth are showing bad etiquettes, at least, in my perspective. And eating dog meat in China is only in Guilin city and other hometowns, they eat dog meat because they believe that you can live longer or expand your lifespan, other Chinese who doesn't live in Guilin doesn't eat dog meats especially in financial cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai.

  • sundari jayakumar
    sundari jayakumar Month ago +1

    This video is full of taboo 😂😂😂

  • Rampster27
    Rampster27 Month ago

    No sexual taboos?

  • jul mutz
    jul mutz Month ago

    Check your sources some of what you said was made up by trolls and some other media-joke (cat and dog in switzerland for exemple)


    Brazil's taboo?