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  • Beca Davage
    Beca Davage 3 days ago

    DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!😁😂

  • Samuel Gonçalves
    Samuel Gonçalves 4 days ago

    Havaianas are Brazilian sandals and ya they hurt. ALOT

  • Ella Mikula
    Ella Mikula 4 days ago

    What is Kristen’s channel?

  • BTS lover2
    BTS lover2 5 days ago

    Bed bath and BEGPNE!!!!

  • Hey There
    Hey There 6 days ago

    You are so rude in stores. Your not funny

  • TheDragonSorceress
    TheDragonSorceress 6 days ago

    *security be like........*

  • Veronica Belousov
    Veronica Belousov 7 days ago +1

    At first when I saw the title I was like ooooooo she got caught in bedddd but then the rest of ze title appeared and I was like yeah I knew that..................

  • Arul Jyothi.J
    Arul Jyothi.J 10 days ago

    Love you

  • Genesis Serrano1874
    Genesis Serrano1874 10 days ago

    1:28 I was laughing so hard.

  • Substikan Infinka
    Substikan Infinka 11 days ago

    1:34 LOL

  • Gracen Wenrich
    Gracen Wenrich 12 days ago


  • Bianca Pienaar
    Bianca Pienaar 13 days ago

    You make my day

  • Ebs 101
    Ebs 101 13 days ago

    Anyone else here aussie who had NO idea this place was a place until this video?

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz 15 days ago +1

    Yesterday I when to bed bath and byrond i got guy follow me at store I'm not gay I fuck hate gay people it's true 0 girlfriend never follow me at bed bath and byron im straight real live it's true i want girlfriend im straight real live it's true lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are together with roshon at bed bath and byron i i fuck hate roshon real live it's true lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are together with 2 brother and sister and dad and mom at bed bath and byron why not me im going to kill myself real live it's true lots girlfriend everywhere are together with your girlfriend at bed bath and byron walk and bathroom and bed girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere you will dead real live it's true lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are gay it's true I'm straight real live it's true I'm going to kill myself real live it's true I'm not going to bed bath and byron anymore never again real live it's true I fuck hate god is gay it's true I fuck hate devil is gay it's true blow would is going to end everywhere bad thing to happen in California and Lancaster everywhere real live it's true

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke 15 days ago

    2:30 😂😂

  • Ruth Cing
    Ruth Cing 16 days ago

    2:30 lol im dying😂😂😂

  • Claire darby
    Claire darby 16 days ago

    Here’s a pun why would ya put a bed in a bath that is beyond me 😂😂

  • ItZ_ Immy
    ItZ_ Immy 16 days ago

    Lizza you should of made this joke:
    Ok I’ve said enough bed jokes, let’s tuck them in.

    YASS QUEEN 17 days ago

    What made me laugh was that she had to come inside. Put the camera there. Go back outside and do her intro. 😂😂😂

  • Phantøm Beast
    Phantøm Beast 17 days ago

    Lisa's real name is Elizabeth

  • S W
    S W 18 days ago

    I am young but even if your inappropriate I will always watch your funny videos,🙂I love you

  • Eliza Hamilton
    Eliza Hamilton 20 days ago

    3:57 i miss vine

  • Smilee Cloydee
    Smilee Cloydee 20 days ago

    she wore the same out fit in tvclip.biz/video/RdG5q9naHqk/video.html (MY ADDICTION. THOUGHTS WHILE EATING.)

  • MsJhoop
    MsJhoop 20 days ago +1

    You should make your own music video

  • Luna DIYs
    Luna DIYs 20 days ago

    3:13 my name is fallon

  • LOB #Da challenge freak
    LOB #Da challenge freak 20 days ago +1

    Liza: oh sorry i can be bedder than that
    😂😂😂😂😂 1:13

  • Crystal Ten's Life
    Crystal Ten's Life 21 day ago


  • Cyra Strong
    Cyra Strong 22 days ago


  • Gecku Gecko
    Gecku Gecko 22 days ago

    I guess you could say you had to throw in the towel with the puns AYYYYY

  • kyla h
    kyla h 23 days ago +1

    Does anyone just watch lizzza because she is just tiny, funny, and I'm lonely. If you know the "I'm lonely" joke than you are my new best friend.

  • Loki
    Loki 24 days ago

    Yes. My name is Jeff.

  • Makeup By lil
    Makeup By lil 25 days ago

    The lady in the start just didn’t care that Liza was clicking into the store

  • Natsu-San
    Natsu-San 25 days ago

    "I thought Polar bears were extinct" 😂😂😂

  • grace Hippogriff
    grace Hippogriff 25 days ago

    Your so Funny

  • Will The dog lover
    Will The dog lover 25 days ago

    1:30 lol

  • Anne-jolee Fourie
    Anne-jolee Fourie 26 days ago

    I feel like she should play hide and seek in target

  • Mad Maga
    Mad Maga 27 days ago +1

    Who else counting the days for a new video? :-/

  • Shooting star
    Shooting star 28 days ago

    True funny

  • Unikzu Spotiz
    Unikzu Spotiz 28 days ago

    Bed? Bath!? And...


  • Mhairis World
    Mhairis World 29 days ago

    3:23 JER DON!

  • Mhairis World
    Mhairis World 29 days ago


  • Chloe G
    Chloe G Month ago

    I miss with Liza but she left for youtube red like all the other people probably cause they make more money

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose Month ago

    You hear that music and you know that it’s gonna be lit

  • Juliana H
    Juliana H Month ago

    I love your vids Liza

  • Ariana Montenegro
    Ariana Montenegro Month ago

    Every time I watch your videos I laugh 🤣🤣😗😙

  • YouTube Tech fan
    YouTube Tech fan Month ago

    For one second I thought it said bed,bath and Beyoncé 😂

  • Kyuukon
    Kyuukon Month ago

    i work at a Bed Bath and I got so triggered when she jumped on the beds... 😂😂😂 they don't have any stable support since they're just displays so we try to keep the customers off them... or else someone might get hurt.

  • Archie Beckworth
    Archie Beckworth Month ago

    Liza baby what's up

  • The Ashleygirls
    The Ashleygirls Month ago

    My brother's girlfriend named Fallon

  • Giovana H.
    Giovana H. Month ago

    Oh I just can't

  • Giovana H.
    Giovana H. Month ago

    Ya know who's ugly?

  • Bella Monaca
    Bella Monaca Month ago

    Go to Walmart

  • AwesomeB 2018
    AwesomeB 2018 Month ago +1

    How much shopping do you do on this channel

  • Ashley Deleon
    Ashley Deleon Month ago

    hi kwisten

  • Ashley Deleon
    Ashley Deleon Month ago

    watch 2:30 and BEYOND lol i had to

  • Skyler Blanchard
    Skyler Blanchard Month ago

    Such a happy soul 😂😂😂

  • Emily The Robloxian

    Was anyone else just thinking of Click the movie.

  • Its Da Bunny 1993
    Its Da Bunny 1993 Month ago

    Pause at 0:06

  • The Ash Circle
    The Ash Circle Month ago

    " *bed bath and be-gone* " 😂😂😂😂

  • Madison Williams
    Madison Williams Month ago

    I wonder what people where thinking when they saw Liza doing her montage?

  • My life as Camryn
    My life as Camryn Month ago

    O ma god that ones broken

  • Chloe West
    Chloe West Month ago

    You are a very talented young boy.

  • Dogs Forever
    Dogs Forever Month ago

    If u are watching in 2018 like this comment

  • Jurassic Galaxy
    Jurassic Galaxy Month ago +1

    Gotta BED 🛏 with your name on it !!! With uuurr name ON IT !!

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    1:14 she sounds like that’s so raven

  • Emma likes grapes
    Emma likes grapes Month ago

    Relationship goals

  • The Little Chef
    The Little Chef Month ago

    I love how you made a joke about Turkey because I’m from there 😍

  • MTHS
    MTHS Month ago

    Havaianaassss 🇧🇷

  • Taiyeba Ahmed
    Taiyeba Ahmed Month ago

    Who wants a Ryan Higa vs Lizza Pun war ??!! :D

  • Plurple4Evs
    Plurple4Evs Month ago

    i thought polar bears were extinct

  • bella 238
    bella 238 Month ago


  • Ice age stone age
    Ice age stone age Month ago

    if she do not talk nasty things she is the cutest girl in this world.

  • Baby Lemonhead
    Baby Lemonhead Month ago

    Lol your so funny liza

  • Joey and Sophia TV
    Joey and Sophia TV Month ago

    When ever my days are down I watch you because you are so funny

  • Its Bella
    Its Bella Month ago

    “PHILIPS DAD doesn’t care so I had to tell him hey PHILIPS SON I care..” read that a few times slowly

  • the weird side of youtube

    Liza your half cast

  • sabi barbery
    sabi barbery Month ago

    I love being mexican and knowing what Liza says immediately in spanish:))

  • Kiera Milan
    Kiera Milan Month ago

    I've watched this video a million times!! Love you Liza!

  • Emily H
    Emily H Month ago

    Wonder what the workers thought when they saw the camera footage ❤️

  • Mr Bread
    Mr Bread Month ago

    1:32 woah me too

  • GlitterForDinner
    GlitterForDinner Month ago

    2:31 the mirror broken

  • GlitterForDinner
    GlitterForDinner Month ago


  • Anny Annymations
    Anny Annymations Month ago

    I think this is the most pun heavy video she's ever made

  • derrex
    derrex Month ago


  • Skyler Chief
    Skyler Chief Month ago

    Liza had a chance for a pun and it was behind her. I guess she didn’t have a ‘resin’ hahahahhahaha don’t judge me

  • madysyn burns
    madysyn burns Month ago +1

    1:30 i didnt know polar bears were extinct either

  • Lilabel kiersted
    Lilabel kiersted Month ago

    David was only $69.99 😂

  • GScottLH
    GScottLH Month ago

    This really frustrates me

  • Gina Provost
    Gina Provost Month ago

    I miss ur videos

  • Melissa Rose
    Melissa Rose Month ago +1

    Why is she not being kicked out of every store she goes and do this things 😂 probably they just don't care I mean I think she's honest and responsible behind all the cameras anyways 😍

  • Hannah Bananah
    Hannah Bananah Month ago

    Liza: " that's a lie- *SON* "
    Liza: " you know who's ugly? Ya mother!"
    Um.. Well.. You said son wich means your his mother? ._.

  • Camryn Robinson
    Camryn Robinson Month ago

    is London your country. no but England is my city.

  • T1D Rose AG
    T1D Rose AG Month ago

    Ah, yes, Kids do. Hi I'm 11 and you are 10 YEARS OLDER then ME! Feel old, creeped out, embarrassed yet? Don't I'm your biggest fan

  • Itz Wulf
    Itz Wulf Month ago


  • Ashlyne’s Vlogs
    Ashlyne’s Vlogs Month ago

    Other youtubers:

  • iEmuh
    iEmuh Month ago

    Mikasa es Sukasa