clickbaiting my GIRLFRIEND (Q&A)

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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  • cadith10gaming
    cadith10gaming Month ago +36055

    What a lucky man she’s beautiful take care of her Lannan ❤️✌️

  • vlog life 101
    vlog life 101 12 minutes ago

    Can I have some

  • Kevin Royack
    Kevin Royack 24 minutes ago

    Lannan like this you won’t!!!

  • Xx_AssassinGamer_xX
    Xx_AssassinGamer_xX 44 minutes ago

    I can not because I am lonely

  • Mia Stefan
    Mia Stefan Hour ago

    How did elliot come from the same person as ilsa

  • Riley Cassidy
    Riley Cassidy Hour ago +1

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he searched for wedding bands in his search history. Lannon has plans

  • Don’t read my about page

    What about


  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz Hour ago

    at the end ilsa looks at the mic
    not the camera

  • Jayden Grant
    Jayden Grant 2 hours ago

    The hole vid she looks like she wants to kill herself. Soz lazar

  • XxTTvswingxX btw
    XxTTvswingxX btw 2 hours ago +1

    It called porn hub. Com

  • Tosty the toast
    Tosty the toast 2 hours ago

    Dam lannan can gets girl and I’m over here lonely 😂

  • the minature pie
    the minature pie 3 hours ago

    Nice things

  • Go Commit Neck Crack Bone


  • Braith Cain
    Braith Cain 4 hours ago

    youse are the cutest couple



  • Argha Paul
    Argha Paul 4 hours ago

    She is perfect for lannan

  • andrew edwards
    andrew edwards 5 hours ago

    My name is connor

  • Ella Callaghan
    Ella Callaghan 5 hours ago +1

    I thought muselks sister was your girlfriend

  • h i
    h i 6 hours ago

    Anyone felt Sick

  • Alec Morris
    Alec Morris 6 hours ago +1

    4:04 ???

  • Turtle- K.T
    Turtle- K.T 6 hours ago

    they look the same to me... which one lazarbeam?

  • Lee Ridley
    Lee Ridley 6 hours ago

    You lucky man lannan take care of her

  • Almir dema
    Almir dema 7 hours ago

    Yeet better Isaa

  • its just kayleigh
    its just kayleigh 8 hours ago

    are you guys still together bc your twitter said you guys said u broke up or was it a jock idkkkkkkkk

  • zac leigh
    zac leigh 8 hours ago

    Take care of her

  • Alysha Musumeci
    Alysha Musumeci 8 hours ago

    hit the bloody like button if ilsa is cut

  • mrbean927
    mrbean927 8 hours ago

    I like to comment random crap.

    LANZY BTW 9 hours ago +1

    2:03 the most weird thing in the world

  • ben dover
    ben dover 9 hours ago +1

    5:46 AWWWWW🥺💜

  • Hi bob 4000
    Hi bob 4000 9 hours ago


  • Melbourne Bongcaron
    Melbourne Bongcaron 9 hours ago

    I literally cringed at the fan-fics part 🤣🤣

  • Brennon Bradley
    Brennon Bradley 10 hours ago


    MIST RL 10 hours ago

    Beat the meat Landon

  • Lizard Mescher
    Lizard Mescher 11 hours ago

    U should make more vids with ilsa

  • Marcus Hinckley
    Marcus Hinckley 11 hours ago

    lazar beam vs connor mgregor boxing match

  • MxZombie 81
    MxZombie 81 11 hours ago +1

    Her mom and dad:nothing

    Lazerbeem: were expecting
    Her dad: falls down having a heart attack

  • Rwross 207
    Rwross 207 11 hours ago

    But does she like melons

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight 12 hours ago

    Yeet to the Gods she is beautiful!!! Well played LazarBeam!

  • Austin Cruz
    Austin Cruz 12 hours ago

    Use code MuseLazar in the fortnite and Minecraft item shop

  • Drew Hobel
    Drew Hobel 12 hours ago

    She is bahhhdd

  • Hunter Glynn
    Hunter Glynn 12 hours ago

    I hope she’s not as bad as tanner on insta sorry bad spelling

  • Abdullah Lafee
    Abdullah Lafee 12 hours ago

    Is she not mad he’s watching that stuff at the bottom😂😂 I mean the feet pics there are probably videos of that like a top 10 best feet😂😂

  • Grace D
    Grace D 13 hours ago

    Omg u two are so cute together ☺️🙌🏼

  • Bron Roch
    Bron Roch 13 hours ago

    Im 12,I have literrally turned into a 12 year old gurl version of lazarbeam,YÈĘT

  • Ibrahim Qadir
    Ibrahim Qadir 13 hours ago

    OMG in the part where someone asked how long she was a girl I’m pretty sure lannan felt she was uncomfortable and so he made the ninja underwear joke. Good man lannan

  • Hala Altawily
    Hala Altawily 15 hours ago

    Elsa : yit 😂

  • SepticWolf07
    SepticWolf07 15 hours ago +1

    Victory Royal
    Congrats Lannan hope your relationship never breaks you have got a nice women wish you the best of luck

  • Lightingnikola ninja TV

    Shit fuck

  • gabe nelms
    gabe nelms 15 hours ago

    i am officially jealous...

  • Joshua cooks BTW
    Joshua cooks BTW 16 hours ago +1

    How dare you steal my Lannan :(

  • The Gamer bros
    The Gamer bros 17 hours ago +1

    I feel so bad for her grandma

  • Drew Hendrickson
    Drew Hendrickson 17 hours ago

    Who’s here looking for gangsta grandmas comment.

  • VaNd3n1S
    VaNd3n1S 17 hours ago


  • Abhainn Joyce
    Abhainn Joyce 17 hours ago

    SUCK it Elliott

  • Mehdy Alsaidy
    Mehdy Alsaidy 18 hours ago +2

    Remember the times we made front of him being single never thought this day would cum

  • Mehdy Alsaidy
    Mehdy Alsaidy 18 hours ago +1

    5:59 fake kadoz

    JUICYJUICE 19 hours ago

    Some of the comments people have said on her Instagram are very concerning😂

  • Max Joyce
    Max Joyce 20 hours ago

    Be sure to wear your condoms

  • XgamesNL 010
    XgamesNL 010 21 hour ago

    You know what would be funny, if muselk dated lannon’s sister

  • XgamesNL 010
    XgamesNL 010 21 hour ago


  • Che Draper
    Che Draper 21 hour ago

    He actually has a girlfriend wow i’m slow clapping right now

  • George
    George 22 hours ago

    If Lannan got a girlfriend then we can too!!

  • Arvind Maheshwar
    Arvind Maheshwar 23 hours ago +1

    6:03 I wish she said Code Lachlan

  • afroditi_ tube
    afroditi_ tube Day ago

    You guys are sooo cute together ❤️🔝

  • Brian lee
    Brian lee Day ago


  • Fortnite & Pubg
    Fortnite & Pubg Day ago +1

    Ilsa I have something to show you
    Expectation 💍
    Reality 🖕

  • PROTON Kryptix
    PROTON Kryptix Day ago +1

    Please tell me that tweet was from a fake Kaidoz..

  • Pocketrocket5gt
    Pocketrocket5gt Day ago

    If you like lazarbeam sub to me

  • Animation Stig
    Animation Stig Day ago

    8:36 "Whoops"

  • David Scaricamazza

    4:56 your

  • Isaiah King
    Isaiah King Day ago

    Our leader got a GF, well done!! 💚👌

  • milan koppelle
    milan koppelle Day ago

    Please part 2

  • Loli Lollipop
    Loli Lollipop Day ago


  • Scottie Ferguson

    I’m genuinely happy for you when the channel first started out I honestly thought you were gonna be alone forever

  • Gregorio Villalobos Alvarez

    8:45 he searched for naked James charles