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  • Published on Aug 2, 2016
  • Bernie Bros, they'd do anything for Bernie, except for anything he asks of them.
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  • Carol Empie
    Carol Empie Year ago

    Bernie is the answer to democracy. Don’t be on the wrong side of history

  • Penelope Petite
    Penelope Petite Year ago

    This just makes me believe more and more that Bernie could have beat Trump. I want a woman president as much as the next person but tearing apart the democratic voters was not the way to do it.

  • Lady of nature
    Lady of nature Year ago

    what type of idiot what's trump -over Hilary-

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Year ago

    I'm with Jill!

  • earth ocean
    earth ocean 2 years ago

    So, once again, free speech is only acceptable when everyone agrees with the accuser?! Not only was HRC a terrible choice, but she LOST to the absolute worst presidential candidate we ever had in American history?! Sad to see this kind of divisiveness here.

  • George Kafiridis
    George Kafiridis 2 years ago

    It's the other way around, the Democrats fought against Bernie.

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 2 years ago

    That was so sad to see (People either not voting or voted for tRUMP) but that's the mindset of the average citizen/s who think they know what they are talking about, and/or what they want :( "CLUELESS!"

  • L. Jin
    L. Jin 2 years ago

    OK, now you have Trump, happy?

  • Richard Linares
    Richard Linares 2 years ago +2

    Donna Brazile just admitted that the DNC rigged the election for Hillary. But if the hacked DNC emails didn't convince you nothing will. You have a lot of nerve to bring up John Lewis' sacrifices for voters rights while giggling about the DNC ignoring the undermining of democracy in the committee.

  • Joshua Brown 2040
    Joshua Brown 2040 2 years ago


  • jaelynn zee
    jaelynn zee 2 years ago

    Disingenuous of this show to not understand that Bernie was cheated! Look at the DNC fraud lawsuit going on, that was dismissed, and how the DNC stole the nomination. Voter purges mainly and hackable machines used in swing districts. Voter ID laws.
    More Bernie supporters voted for Hillary, than Hillary supporters voted for Obama in '08! Clearly, it does NOT add up!

  • jaelynn zee
    jaelynn zee 2 years ago

    Thumbs down b/c the party is NOT united after the DNC FRAUD! Sander actually WON!

  • Elliott Getz
    Elliott Getz 2 years ago

    way to look like whack-ohs bernie supporters---like Ash said; they supported Trump because they had so much hate for Hillary-they didn't sound too different from the Trumpsters.

  • VenusFriend
    VenusFriend 2 years ago

    I'm from Norway. And I'm not surprised that Hillary lost. But you Americans need to get good salaries and good unions. Workers right. And yes, money out of politics.

  • Atte T
    Atte T 2 years ago +2

    Wow is this bit even more anger-inducing now than it was then.

  • Matthew Stetson
    Matthew Stetson 2 years ago

    You got what you wanted spoiled children.

  • Lennyy15
    Lennyy15 2 years ago

    in hindsight bernie supporters, even myself to some extent cos i had voted for clinton in the general election, were beinf far left brats. even when sanders says to team up with clinton they still were just ignoring him and being brats about it.

  • MewcePewpz
    MewcePewpz 2 years ago +1

    bernie wouldve beaten trump

  • Aravind Rahul
    Aravind Rahul 2 years ago

    this is the dumbest video, with no common Sense whatsoever.

  • At Ka
    At Ka 2 years ago

    Man o man democrats and republican are the same party everything trump is doing Hillary would have done worst or something similar..She would have bombed Syria like trump but unlike trump she wouldn't have warned the Russian or Syrian government both had assets there so ww3 just might have been adverted

  • Eli Edgecomb
    Eli Edgecomb 2 years ago

    This is messed up

  • entertain7us14
    entertain7us14 2 years ago +1

    It's so disappointing to hear an otherwise strident liberal make fun of the only real progressives in the country.

  • arthurneddysmith
    arthurneddysmith 2 years ago +1

    @1:55 "Uhh, guys?" The first person to shout out, the one that yelled "she stole it," was a woman.

  • Geoffrey Mureithi
    Geoffrey Mureithi 2 years ago +1

    Lol.. Hillary was doomed from the start.

  • Chris Rembert
    Chris Rembert 2 years ago +4

    Let's see, Bernie Sanders has consistently been fighting for equality for 40 years... while, Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on several issues for 25 years.

  • pinkbearx3ily
    pinkbearx3ily 2 years ago

    For the most part, Sam is usually right but when it comes to Bernie people she takes this condescending tone and I hate it. Yes Hillary won but it wasn't fair that the DNC chair used to work for her that they tried to smear the bernie camp when the dnc was hacked or did people forget that Debbie Wasserman shultz didn't let the bernie camp access their own info because of it. There cases of election fraud but no it was mass scale but still and the super delegates pledging support either because they didn't want to be black listed by the clintons or wanted perks or whatever. It wasn't just that more people voted for her but I'm glad that sam is willing to point out clintons fault especially when she lost. Next time don't talk down to people you need to help your candidate win

  • M. L.
    M. L. 2 years ago +1

    How'd that work out for y'all?

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long 2 years ago

    And we wonder why trump won. The democrat party is well. Wait till 2018~!!!!!!

  • Todd Taliaferro
    Todd Taliaferro 3 years ago

    I had no idea so many Bernie fans ended up voting for Trump. It really helps me understand how Trump got that unexpected win.

    • Brian Kelley
      Brian Kelley Year ago

      2% dude - Hillary vastly underperformed Obama in key areas. Voters didn't think their vote mattered to getting things accomplished between Trump and Hillary.

  • Nick Key
    Nick Key 3 years ago +1

    Hey is anyone talking about how Clinton supporters are doing the exact same thing here to Trump? hahaha The world is funny like that.

  • Grace
    Grace 3 years ago +3

    I am really against this hate for people who voted 3rd party in the election. Trump getting elected is awful, but the people who made that happen are not the people who went to the polls and refused to compromise on their values and voted from the heart. Trump won the election because people voted for Trump. And yes, that is tragic and awful and painful, but instead of blaming 3rd party voters for what happened, why not blame the liberals for continuing to front garbage pails for presidential races, or perhaps, crazy thought, blame the people who actually voted for this flaming dumpster pile of phobias and misogyny? They're the people who drove him to the White House, parked his car for him and gave him the keys to front door. Go be mad at those people.

  • badfeminist
    badfeminist 3 years ago +3

    I was 10000000000% for Bernie and heartbroken by his loss, but the whole "voting for a lesser of two evils is still voting for evil"/refusal of Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary thing is totally unhelpful. A third party candidate was never going to win that election; after Hillary became the democratic nominee it was either her or trump, and choosing to vote for stein or Johnson, or not vote at all, is an implicit vote for trump. The fact that these people could not see outside of their own ideological bubbles long enough to vote in favor of supporting the greater good (Supreme Court justice appointments *alone* should have been reason enough to back Hillary) boggles my mind. I share the Bernie-or-bust movement's frustration and desire for radical change, but when you're faced with a choice between incremental progress or a return to the pre-civil rights era under a fascist dictatorship, YOU CHOOSE INCREMENTAL PROGRESS EVERY TIME!!!!!

  • SR Tamu
    SR Tamu 3 years ago +1

    Samantha, do you feel the bern now? hehe

  • connor
    connor 3 years ago


  • Kami Snowpaw
    Kami Snowpaw 3 years ago +3

    Oh come on Sam...
    You're better than this, you are a smart witty talented woman with a great staff.... would you at least TRY to understand the situation instead of going for the easy reaction from the least informed of your viewers :/
    Want to see you be the next Jon Stewart... not whatever it is you're headed toward.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 3 years ago +1


  • Johnny Gogue
    Johnny Gogue 3 years ago


  • Hot Take
    Hot Take 3 years ago +3

    John Lewis lied about Bernie's involvement on in the civil rights movement. Why didn't you send your reporter to ask him why?

  • Jamie Osgood
    Jamie Osgood 3 years ago +1

    Great journalism. Telling people how to vote.

  • Jamie Osgood
    Jamie Osgood 3 years ago +4

    Love watching this stuff against the backdrop of Hillary's loss.

  • alba elyt
    alba elyt 3 years ago +3

    In the future everyone will see that the Bernie supporters were on the right side of history, and I am proud that in this election I was on the right side of history as well.

  • L F
    L F 3 years ago +6

    Welp. Happy DNC?
    Wish you hadn't been so condescending now?
    Sorry Samantha Bee, but this was a misrepresentation of our movement.
    (Also wasn't a handful, it was a f*** ton of people, I was there).

  • jannie kletz
    jannie kletz 3 years ago +2

    Samantha doesn't understand that the Bernie Sanders "cult of personality" is not what these convention protesters are fighting for. Bernie represented a movement. A movement which Samantha and the corporate media didn't see or don't want to see. This movement must take over the DNC! It must find common ground with the Trumpsters. Finding the better natures of the Trumpster's angles is THE way forward. There's good and evil in everyone.

  • debbiedogs1
    debbiedogs1 3 years ago +4

    Oh, another comedian supporting the corrupt system!! No thanks, I prefer JIMMY DORE!!

  • Aida Aman
    Aida Aman 3 years ago +2

    The disenfranchisement is not freaking perceived, it is real!

  • TheWatsonGreen
    TheWatsonGreen 3 years ago +2

    In hindsight with the e-mails that came out about the DNC manipulation, this show and all the others look like shills.

  • Joshua Loren Squires
    Joshua Loren Squires 3 years ago +1


  • aidan Stenson
    aidan Stenson 3 years ago

    feel the bern than climb the hill

  • cali_ kush70
    cali_ kush70 3 years ago +1

    it's just madness all around

  • Harkness78
    Harkness78 3 years ago +2

    Guess who owns TBS, the network this aired on? Time Warner, Hillary's 4th biggest Donor. Makes a lot of sense when they call Bernie supporters "Bernie or Bust Motherfuckers." Makes a lot of sense when they label Hillary as "incremental progress." She is more of a conservative and a lot more moderate than Obama, and we made almost zero progress under him. We cemented the Bush Tax Cuts, passed Romney Care, and didn't slow down the military industrial complex at all.

  • sgtsnakeeyes11
    sgtsnakeeyes11 3 years ago +1

    bernie and hillary have very similar political views. bernie supporters who don't want to vote for her has been duped by republican smear campaigns or are subconsciously sexist. there's no rational reason for ANY bernie supporter to not vote for hillary it's that simple.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 years ago

    corporate comedians are so condescending to the people

  • SliceOfDog
    SliceOfDog 3 years ago

    To provide a quick bit of context (unlike this segment did), I'm a fan of Samantha Bee, I like Full Frontal, I wanted Bernie to win while he was running and now that he's not I hope Hillary will win, even though I'm not a massive fan of her. I'm not American, but I'd be voting Hillary if I was.
    That all being said, this segment was all kinds of wrong. Mocking people for peacefully protesting and implying that any vote not for Hillary is a vote for Trump? This is why you have so many disenfranchised people who don't want to vote this election. You're working to bolster the two party system that led directly to a battle between two of the least popular candidates of all time.
    Again, if I was American, I'd be voting Hillary. This doesn't come from a place of disagreement. Bernie has stepped aside with grace and humility, even though there was room for him to continue to fight, and it seems logical to me that supporters of Bernie would follow his lead, even if it's with the understanding that this issue will be returned to later. I am no "Bernie or Bust" supporter. But if you insist on suggesting that any vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Trump, you are pushing thousands of voters further and further away. If anything, voting third party is more like a vote for whoever is leading the polls, which is... Hillary. So a third party vote helps Clinton by not closing the lead. It's not a vote for Trump, and US politics will be so much better once a third party candidate actually manages to get somewhere. When you can't get votes just by making voters hate the other person more, political discourse will change for the better.
    I hope Hillary wins this election. But I hope every third party, even the ones I disagree with, do very well at the same time. The people featured in this segment are right about one thing - the system needs to change. If you don't think that because of the Democrats, you MUST think that when this is the system that gave us Trump.

  • kodie schroeder
    kodie schroeder 3 years ago

    As a Bernie supporter....these folks are wacky haha
    Accept defeat

  • Sarah Cage
    Sarah Cage 3 years ago

    Okay but Hilary didn't win the Democrat nomination democratically........... this was after the DNC leak wasn't it...? Man I discovered Samantha Bee this morning and just been loving her stuff...... but this one feels way too puff piece too me

  • DisneyKidsFOREVER
    DisneyKidsFOREVER 3 years ago

    look here's the thing, Hillary was a Democrat for her entire career. Bernie was running as an independent than switched over to Democrat just for the election.
    It's not that it was rigged, it's just that there was a lot more support that accumulated for Hillary over time in the DNC.
    That's just what happens when run independent in this country, you don't receive the support you need.
    That's just how the system works.
    Hillary won 3 million more votes than Bernie.
    If anything it was rigged against her considering Bernie had to drop out TWICE and people still tried to elect him.

  • PK Fire
    PK Fire 3 years ago


  • Manders3900
    Manders3900 3 years ago

    Hey Samantha Bee, do YOU feel extra comforted because of the fact that you're white, now famous, and in the only group of people that even Donald Trump cannot insult without real consequences (rich, white, and attractive young women)?
    Conflating Bernie Sanders supporters with Trump supporters is completely idiotic. Maybe you should have paid attention to the real problems with the primaries such as the massive amount of discrepancy between exit polls and election results, the scandals surrounding voting in Arizona, New York, and California, people having their party affiliations changed or thrown out of the voting system entirely. Just look at all of the WikiLeaks. *Then* you might understand that we do have a leg to stand on when we're angry with the results of the primary because we think they are UNDEMOCRATIC, not that we're upset we didn't win. Check your facts and your privilege.

    MITCHELL WIGGS 3 years ago

    Bernie didn't have to endorse her, or Johnson, or Stein, or anyone. He could have gone back to his (somewhat) normal life with millions of new fans. He endorsed her, however, and is actively campaigning for Hillary. He wants an ally in the White House, not an arch enemy. All of his good work will be undone if Trump gets in there.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 years ago

    "And when will it be safe to go back on facebook" - ... That was to funny. XD