TFUE, CORINNA, Symfuhny and BrookeAB - PLAY UNO

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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  • TDN_ Eclipz
    TDN_ Eclipz 4 days ago

    How old is symphony

  • Zxoom
    Zxoom 5 days ago

    Bruh, he even complains in uno...

  • Kalani Neal
    Kalani Neal 14 days ago +2

    I was getting mad at tfue because he had a bunch of reds but decided to get more cards??????

  • Nada Ash
    Nada Ash 14 days ago +1

    where to play this uno ?

  • Zycotic CrazyYT
    Zycotic CrazyYT 14 days ago

    Also symfuhny suck a d##k

  • Random ness
    Random ness 15 days ago

    Omg tfue isssss soooooooooo💀

  • Luxe
    Luxe 20 days ago

    This is how many times Corinna said MUAH

  • Famous Nobody
    Famous Nobody Month ago +1


  • José Funes
    José Funes Month ago +1

    Two months later they are dating.😂

  • Xbox nibba
    Xbox nibba Month ago

    Never thought fornite nerds got hot bitches like these brook and Corinna wow gotta go rethink my life

  • Nathaniel Deane
    Nathaniel Deane Month ago

    Tfue doesn’t know how to play uno

  • DazMyCarrot :
    DazMyCarrot : Month ago

    Turner is a potato😂

  • Mc Vooxzr
    Mc Vooxzr 2 months ago

    Small gamer, looking for supporters

  • Thebennett
    Thebennett 2 months ago

    They talk like they in a scrim XD

  • Zombie SBM Leader
    Zombie SBM Leader 2 months ago


  • Comic Joker3030 hi
    Comic Joker3030 hi 2 months ago


  • Claims
    Claims 2 months ago

    There are so many times that tfue could have won the first round

  • Justin Puckett
    Justin Puckett 2 months ago

    Sym takes everything seriously🤣🤣🤣

  • xPRx Wolf
    xPRx Wolf 2 months ago

    Watching Turner play this gets me so upset in his throwing decisions😂

  • Paula  Castillo
    Paula Castillo 2 months ago +1

    This shit Is better than fortnite lmao

  • jeremy cavazos
    jeremy cavazos 2 months ago +1

    Did corina say she was the first to suck sympfunys cock

  • MysT L3gend
    MysT L3gend 2 months ago

    Where is the swap deck card?

  • A Rare0622
    A Rare0622 2 months ago +3

    I see the top comments with 1k like first and I’m still road to 30 likes in a single comment
    I have 29 😭😭

  • Christian Pumpkin
    Christian Pumpkin 2 months ago +1


  • yo MG
    yo MG 2 months ago


  • Why No
    Why No 2 months ago

    When corrina is the smartest person at the table...

  • retroSR_
    retroSR_ 2 months ago

    Tfue: picks up a green three
    Also Tfue: MiNdBlOwN

  • k0joe
    k0joe 3 months ago

    Most boring game of uno I’ve ever seen. Atleast ninja and courage have fun with it. And not to mention all the cringy ass “baby” and “we got this”. Shit sucks.

  • folkish zombie
    folkish zombie 3 months ago

    At 22:30 11 cards and 11 cards 11 11 make a wish

  • Barrett Gilbreath
    Barrett Gilbreath 3 months ago

    Does turner not know how to play UNO???

  • HBK_SLME ß
    HBK_SLME ß 3 months ago

    Brooke that one friend that won't curse at all I hear tfue and symfuhny over here screaming pussy and mothafucka to each other and she sayin sorry ab a play😂😂😂😂😂

  • Excurcion Castillo
    Excurcion Castillo 3 months ago

    Tfue calls corinna by her name and corrina calls tfue baby, and daddy.... woah buddy... tfue a player....

  • Ryan Mcdaniel
    Ryan Mcdaniel 3 months ago

    tfue is the best steam

  • SlyTrollZone Gaming
    SlyTrollZone Gaming 3 months ago +1

    When turner got uno, Symfuhny like, “WOOOOOAAHHHHHH!!!!!”

  • M e m e s
    M e m e s 3 months ago

    They’re so bad at playing uno, like I was literally raging because when they had the color but they still drawed cards. Your not trying to get more cards your trying to lose more cards

  • ZachK_8
    ZachK_8 3 months ago +1

    Tfue is a bot when it comes to playing UNO

  • GG Mother Fucker
    GG Mother Fucker 3 months ago +4

    This is what couples goals should look like tho for real TFue and Corinna and Symfuhny and Brook

  • Kieran Petch
    Kieran Petch 3 months ago

    Easy choice, I prefer sym and Brooke I love watching their vids when they play Fortnite together

  • IN Dimensions 2
    IN Dimensions 2 3 months ago +1

    It’s funny I didn’t skip parts of this video and watched the whole thing to the end 😂😂

  • Tom & Amy Fitzpatrick
    Tom & Amy Fitzpatrick 3 months ago


  • Mythical Skinkz
    Mythical Skinkz 3 months ago +3

    The amount of times I heard Sym and Brooke saying “uh huh, okay” 😂

  • David Benitez
    David Benitez 3 months ago


  • SnugLynx
    SnugLynx 3 months ago

    10:05 has 6 reds still draws

  • Me So cool
    Me So cool 3 months ago

    “Holy sh*t our deck look like f**king calculator “ 😭😭😭

  • Austin Helgeson
    Austin Helgeson 3 months ago

    Turners face 10:32

  • Sharpshotz Gaming
    Sharpshotz Gaming 3 months ago

    *Tfue and Symfuhny are like brothers, they even look related.*

  • Kevin Nagahawatta
    Kevin Nagahawatta 3 months ago

    bro literally, if u just listen to the voices, it literally sounds like a porno

  • CallMeSwyyper
    CallMeSwyyper 3 months ago

    -terrible fortnite clips-
    _amazing uno content_

  • Toxic_Taco Gamer
    Toxic_Taco Gamer 3 months ago +1

    That first game was intense with sym and Brooke XD

  • Ej SoDrippy
    Ej SoDrippy 3 months ago

    Symfuhny does not know how to talk to females

  • PackaPuncher 0912
    PackaPuncher 0912 3 months ago

    Tfue could have one if Corinna had put down the red skip because his last card was red

  • Yaboi trix
    Yaboi trix 3 months ago

    Everyone but tfue: Good game, gg

  • SirLagAlot 68
    SirLagAlot 68 3 months ago

    11:09 when you see a baby

  • Nicename
    Nicename 3 months ago

    Brook and tfue would be a cute couple

  • Ivan Santiago
    Ivan Santiago 3 months ago

    Tfue doesn’t know how to play uno like everytime there is a card as the same color he draws

    • FR19
      FR19 3 months ago

      Ivan Santiago he’s playing support

  • Shadow_ Kid
    Shadow_ Kid 3 months ago +1

    I dont like this vid because Corinna has the shity mic in the world

  • Katiana Irizarry
    Katiana Irizarry 3 months ago


  • Jeffrey Mercedes
    Jeffrey Mercedes 3 months ago

    Yep yea yea yea yep is okay is okay ....😫😫😫😫😫😫😫fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!

  • Just Asian
    Just Asian 3 months ago

    It sounds like something else the way the say fuck yes

    JUICYJUICE 3 months ago

    *my deck is poggers*
    ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)