DO YOU LIEK CUTE THINGS?! | Japanese BACK-TO-SCHOOL Supplies | ZenPop Stationery Mystery Box

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • (I spelt Stationery wrong...comment away.)
    ZenPop reached out and wanted to share one of their Stationery Mystery Boxes with me so naturally I had to try and make some art with them. Its filled with items from Japan. I hardly ever leave my house, let alone the country, so I heartily agreed.
    I don't know very much about Japan or Japanese culture. So feel free to enlighten me/correct me as necessary. I'm very interested!
    (Ends September 6th, 2019)
    ZenPop Stationery Box's: (Starting at $27 / month)
    [my box was sent to me free of charge, I have not been compensated in any other way.]
    Sticky Memos
    Block Clips
    Uni Propus Window Highlighter
    A6 Ring memo Journal
    Ikemen Teacher Sticker (dating sim teachers, lol)
    PressMan Pencil 0.9
    Preppy Fountain Pen 0.3
    Color Shitajiki (Its actually meant to protect your desk when writing in school, i'm reading right now. haha)
    50 Planner Sheets
    Kitta Slim Washi Tape
    Copic Sketch Markers:
    A5 Cardstock:
    Kneaded Eraser
    Plumchester Mechanical Pencil 0.5 - 2b

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  • Dora Wang
    Dora Wang 19 hours ago

    7:45 that's commonly used by Asians because we have the words usually written in square boxes like that. So, it's actually a guide to keep on the line you're on.

  • Riley Hurt
    Riley Hurt 19 hours ago

    you also spelled like wrong ;-;

  • Frannie V.
    Frannie V. 2 days ago

    Btw the highlighter has another tip on the other end, I believe

  • Marisa D
    Marisa D 4 days ago

    Hey, my name is Marisa lmao

  • Art of Deception
    Art of Deception 5 days ago

    Does no one else notice the fact that none of the things are stuck on with pushpins?

  • Dr Teddy
    Dr Teddy 6 days ago

    I used to only write with a fountain pen at school. We were not allowed to write with a regular pen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Troy Wilson
    Troy Wilson 7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Rin: LIEK

  • Cheesy_Alex :3
    Cheesy_Alex :3 7 days ago +1

    Yes Rin, I liek cute things too..

  • Lena
    Lena 8 days ago +1

    I thought it was normal for kids to have fountain pens,maybe it's an European thing or?

  • いわおゆかり
    いわおゆかり 8 days ago

    Hi! I was wondering if you can tell me what app you are using in this video to transfer language? I’m Japanese trying to learn English 🤪 and I was looking for that kind of app I couldn’t find any ...:(

  • Rose Gacha Ana
    Rose Gacha Ana 8 days ago

    Whats the app name

  • Mari D
    Mari D 9 days ago

    lmao, I literally screamed "NO!" When I saw her passing the cutter over the writing board 😂😂😂

  • Yesenia Lorenzo
    Yesenia Lorenzo 9 days ago

    The window is to see what your Highlighting

  • Panda Yander
    Panda Yander 10 days ago

    Ewwww ah perfect

  • Maddie Muffin
    Maddie Muffin 10 days ago

    I leik it

  • Ruby Bishop
    Ruby Bishop 11 days ago

    Waffles: *does amazing art*
    Me: *does real bad art*
    Also me: HOW DOES SHE DO IT

  • Yumi
    Yumi 11 days ago

    Wait... Getting excited over a fountain pen?
    What do you write with in school?
    Almost everyone here (Germany) uses fountain pens in school
    That kinda confused me, someone explain pls. Oof
    Are they uncommonly used?

  • BCF_Studios
    BCF_Studios 11 days ago

    Kid with a fountain pen?

    Bruh in my school we HAVE to use fountain pens

    I’m lucky :>

  • Laventa
    Laventa 11 days ago

    I love when you unbox zenpop boxes

  • laartje24
    laartje24 12 days ago

    I love what you did with these supplies :D

  • Goinggacha8999 Panda
    Goinggacha8999 Panda 13 days ago

    I wish I gad that stuf*n*

  • Adorable Panda 2
    Adorable Panda 2 13 days ago

    I reopened in august😥😪

  • PhishBoots
    PhishBoots 13 days ago

    oh my god. blue, white, and beige are my school's colors 0.o

  • Jenny
    Jenny 14 days ago

    The window highlighter nib is hella practical! When you’re highlighting in a textbook you can see the text as you’re highlighting it so you don’t accidentally highlight the wrong thing.

  • kawi chan
    kawi chan 14 days ago

    Thanks to you I ordered one and it's coming next month

  • Cowie !
    Cowie ! 14 days ago

    Omg cool art

  • Sweet _ Slimes
    Sweet _ Slimes 14 days ago

    2:14 she sounds like cat from victorious

  • Mathew Pfister
    Mathew Pfister 15 days ago

    Ooh it’s a thick boi 2:01

  • Anastasia Claire
    Anastasia Claire 15 days ago

    Waffles- Imagine being the kid with a fountain pen at school
    Me- What i have a fountain pen i could be that kid

  • Keira Maxwell
    Keira Maxwell 15 days ago

    🤩🤩I’m so jealous of ur talent 😭🤩🥰

  • Aqua Rainy Sailor
    Aqua Rainy Sailor 16 days ago

    Who gets confused with highlighters and fineliners?

  • Artsy Girl
    Artsy Girl 16 days ago

    I have one of those highlighters and they work so well!

  • Briana Pierce
    Briana Pierce 16 days ago +10

    "Old fashion blue chairs."
    Chairs: "We are still blue you know."

  • pastel purple
    pastel purple 16 days ago

    What's the app that changes the language

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T 16 days ago

    OMG what is that app?! I'm a total weeb and I need it!

  • Xx Havanah Svana xX
    Xx Havanah Svana xX 17 days ago

    Japan is really unusual and that is why I love japanese culture and their creative products!

  • kit kat
    kit kat 17 days ago

    the drawing has me wanting to do the same, but stuff in real life! good idea?

  • Sumaya Muhudin
    Sumaya Muhudin 17 days ago +1

    Woah ur soo amazing at drawing I love ur videos!

  • miri price
    miri price 18 days ago

    how can someone be so talented tho

  • Curtis Stewart
    Curtis Stewart 19 days ago

    Did she do Like As LIEK on purpose? LOL

  • Don't Read my Profile Pic

    Liek? LIEK????

  • Cute Gaming :3
    Cute Gaming :3 21 day ago

    rin is stressing about the word stationery, but she spelt liek instead of like lol XD

  • Marin Mäemees
    Marin Mäemees 21 day ago

    u forgot the dresscode mate ;^)

  • baby lils
    baby lils 21 day ago

    Anybody notice it said liek instead of like in the title haha😄

  • native_ momma
    native_ momma 21 day ago

    Hey you put the character marissa my name is laressa close

  • Katherine Murillo
    Katherine Murillo 21 day ago

    Why was I unsubscribed? I hate TVclip right now , they been doing this crazy stuff ! Time for another platform!

  • Kitty
    Kitty 21 day ago +2

    In my old school fountain pens were a must have, everyone had them
    I was really surprised when you were so exited about it

  • Ali Day
    Ali Day 22 days ago +1

    I love how like is spelled on the title tho 😂😂💕💕

  • Linnea Frangipane
    Linnea Frangipane 22 days ago

    i am from germany and we ALL had to write with those pens but wanted to use regular ballpoint pens instead

  • Totally Limes
    Totally Limes 22 days ago


  • selmi smiles
    selmi smiles 22 days ago

    Rissy and Lynn...

  • Arisha Elahi
    Arisha Elahi 22 days ago


  • K P
    K P 23 days ago

    The washi tape looks like a matchstick booklet lol the lil window is so you can be sure your highlighting the right part

  • Mia beauty
    Mia beauty 24 days ago

    “EEEEW- yeah perfect!”

  • Katez Animationz
    Katez Animationz 24 days ago

    Wat was the app that u use to change the Japanese into English? Excuse my bad grammar 😅

  • Cora Kowal
    Cora Kowal 25 days ago +1

    Im surprised that they didn’t send you a Squip with that stuff..
    Someone please get my reference

  • Destiny Torres
    Destiny Torres 25 days ago

    Does she know that they sell those highlighters here

  • Kori Skene
    Kori Skene 26 days ago

    I loved my fountain pen in school. We were only allowed to use black ink though ☹

  • ҍմցցíɾӀ
    ҍմցցíɾӀ 26 days ago

    platinum.... is that a Jojo reference I hear?!

  • Itz midnight Luna XD
    Itz midnight Luna XD 26 days ago

    Omg my name is Luna😱😭