Most MYSTERIOUS Things Found In The Jungle!

  • Published on Jul 5, 2017
  • Check out the most mysterious things found in the jungle! This top 10 list of strange and bizarre findings discovered in the jungle is a strange mystery to date!
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    8. The Lost City of Giants
    Deep in the Ecuadorian jungle, explorers discovered a lost city in 2012. However, it certainly wasn’t any normal ancient city. It is known as the “Lost City of Giants.”
    According to reports, upon arrival, the explorers found a set of massive structures, the largest being a 79-meter-tall by 79-meter-wide (260 ft x 260 ft) pyramid of unusual shape. At the top of the pyramid is a flat, polished stone, believed to have been a sacrificial altar. The magnitude of these buildings is what gives the city its name and leads many archaeologists to believe that giants did build and inhabit the city, although many others remain skeptical on that point. What makes this discovery even more peculiar is not just the buildings themselves but also the tools and artifacts found there. Many oversized, manufactured tools were said to have been discovered, allegedly so big that it would be impossible for humans to use them. The team that discovered the city believes that the tools are a crucial piece of evidence that in the distant past, giants once walked the Earth.
    7. Maricoxi
    The Maricoxi are essentially the sasquatches of South America. They are reported to be huge, ape-like beings that can stand up to 3.7 meters (12 ft) tall. Although they appear primitive, they’re said to be fairly intelligent, wielding bows and arrows and even living in villages. According to British explorer Colonel Percival H. Fawcett, who allegedly encountered the creatures while mapping out the jungles of South America in 1914, they were extremely hairy and lived north of a tribe called the Maxubi. They could only speak in grunts and were extremely hostile toward humans. In the colonel’s book, Lost Trails, Lost Cities, he describes how he and his men were nearly attacked by the beasts when they got close to their village. However, they were able to keep the beasts away by firing their guns into the ground by the creatures’ feet, sending them running in terror.
    In 1925, Fawcett disappeared along with all his men while on an expedition to find a lost city. Theories suggest that they were killed by local tribes or died of starvation. However, some say they were killed by the Maricoxi, although there is no evidence to back this up.
    6. Boiling River
    When he was only a boy, Andrés Ruzo, a geophysicist, heard a legend from his grandfather. This legend was about how the conquistadors went in search of El Dorado, the city of gold, deep in the Amazonian jungles. The fortunate few survivors of the expedition returned with all sorts of stories, ranging from man-eating snakes, jungle people with poison darts, trees bigger than they’d ever seen, and a boiling river capable of instantly killing anyone who would fall in its waters.
    This story remained with Ruzo into his adulthood. For his PhD, he decided to make Peru’s first detailed geothermal map. Boiling streams do exist. They are located near volcanoes or other geothermal hotspots. The Amazonian basin is nowhere near such places, and the existence of a boiling river would be next to impossible. However, as fate would have it, his aunt, of all people, was familiar with the boiling river. Not only had she been there before, but she was friends with the river shaman’s wife.
    She took Ruzo there, some 440 miles away from any volcanoes, and deep within the Peruvian jungle. The river itself is about 82 feet wide and 20 feet deep in some places, and for a distance of about 4 miles, its waters are close to boiling point. This site is known as Mayantuyacu, and is considered sacred by the natives. They use its waters for everything from cooking, brewing tea, or washing.
    Because Mayantuyacu is nowhere near a volcano, there isn’t a simple answer as to where the heat comes from. The best explanation so far, is that this water comes from far away, as far as the glaciers high up in the Andes Mountains. Then it goes through an immense network of fissures within the mountains themselves, then deep underground where it’s heated, only to come back out in this place, making this stretch of the river boil.
    5. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
    Ever since the late 1930s, people have been discovering strange stone spheres scattered all across southern Costa Rica. In order to make room for banana plantations, farmers began clearing the jungle
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    The answers to a lot of these questions lie beneath the Vatican and the Smithsonian Institute.

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    The huge round stone spheres have also shown up at the Bosnian pyramid.

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    The Olmec heads do not display any "negroid" features. That is a lie. They clearly have native features. Blacks didn't come to America until the Europeans arrived.

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    5:13 CE is actually a more commonly accepted term as opposed to AD, since not everyone wants to go based on a religious connotation:) It stands for Common Era instead of After Death.
    And BCE is Before Common Era ^o^

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      Hey smartass AD doesn't mean after death.

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    4:00 I appreciate you not saying that's the factual explanation, though I disagree with the wording of that being the "best" explanation. That may be true according to current understandings of the world, but I think your channel is one of the many things already proving our current understanding of the world is FAR less than what the actuality is. There's natural laws and principles we still don't know of or understand today, so to say that that explanation is "the best" just because it fits into our view of what "normal" is I think is a wrong use of wording.
    Great video still:)

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    where the real photos at if they found it

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    Face it, the Amazon wasn't rain forest till after the fact that European terrorists came and killed everyone off in their quest for gold and riches. Do more research and read how sophisticated the people were in the words of the explorers themselves before they murdered them in shame of not being so peaceful and advance


    stone tool technology is also a lie, monuments and pyramids were laser cut


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    The Moeraki Boulders are concretions created by the cementation of the Paleocene mudstone of the Moeraki Formation, from which they have been exhumed by coastal erosion. NO MYSTERY.

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