/ALL Chat | 106LB DARIUS AXE! ft. Johnny Junkers

  • Published on Feb 20, 2015
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    In this episode we check out a gigantic Darius axe, talk to cosplayer Johnny Junkers, and discuss Baron strategy.
    5) Zyra by Raichiyo33
    - Speed draw
    4) Poro Contest Submissions
    - Blood Moon Skin by Fedsart
    - Justica Poro by Red Sinistra
    - Arcade Poro by cartoonmaniack
    - Mafia Poros by Rapaz89
    - Arcade Poro by Zy0n7
    3) Maxwell the Virtuoso Musician by ArtKirby-XIV
    - Blog
    - Lead Image
    2) The Struggles of Sunny Soraka by Nevercake
    1) Darius Axe by michaelcthulhu
    Johnny Junkers
    BM OR GG:
    penta kill katarina ranked solo duo Q baron team fight
    Victory Baron fight.
    Incredible Baron Steal - Mlxg Lee Sin VS Prince Of Thieves Dandy Nunu
    How to Baron Bait like a Pro ft. TSM
    Riven Sword
    Tryndemere Blade
    Aatrox Blade
    "Not Even Close" By League of Legends Vine

    Made by Riot Games
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Comments • 689

  • Joshua Leslie
    Joshua Leslie Year ago

    Sork with lots of health yay

  • Splovacodo
    Splovacodo 3 years ago


  • Dirk Becker
    Dirk Becker 3 years ago

    I am with Josh on this one take it if you need it but it will loose you more games then it will win.

  • WhyHelloThere
    WhyHelloThere 3 years ago

    VIRTUOSO MUSICIAN?! to bad jhin is the best musician, performer of death

  • Dante Ciasca
    Dante Ciasca 3 years ago

    2:27 no, he doesn't know the struggle

  • Samuel Spalding
    Samuel Spalding 3 years ago

    i bet you jhin was based on maxwell, the virtuoso (the name).

  • Dimitrije Tadic
    Dimitrije Tadic 3 years ago

    steal baron >_o kappa

  • BladeofJae
    BladeofJae 3 years ago

    Maxwell the Virtuoso.. JHIN!!!!!!

  • Pepper Steak
    Pepper Steak 3 years ago +1

    That axe weighs more than me

  • Steven Wall
    Steven Wall 3 years ago +1

    0:04 the virtuoso? Jhin was leaked by all chat!!!!

  • yummsbunny
    yummsbunny 3 years ago

    I only go for baron when the enemy jungler is down so my team has the smite advantage

  • Wilson Hinh
    Wilson Hinh 3 years ago +6

    Jhin Confirmed?
    Jhin Confirmed...
    Jhin Confirmed!!!!!!!

  • rui gaspar
    rui gaspar 3 years ago

    new champ inspired on the musician virtuoso

  • joe smith
    joe smith 3 years ago

    they fired Melony because she spoke up for womens equal treatment.

  • Luis Patzan
    Luis Patzan 4 years ago

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  • Dubstep Kartoffel
    Dubstep Kartoffel 4 years ago


  • Belof
    Belof 4 years ago

    shen wouldn't be going to kill zed unless it is for balance, as shown in his lore, or at least his old lore, the trials he endured to become what he is

  • Crush the Wuff
    Crush the Wuff 4 years ago

    Well go on SunnySplosion's channel if you wanna know how the game went :3

  • Im_Weird
    Im_Weird 4 years ago

    i can see riot making like little easter eggs on the story of "Maxwell the Virtuoso Musician", but yet again they havent accepted that many skins made by fans expecially this one for zed:
    apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1421602114120/zed.jpg , i mean that skin would be amazing and it would fit in secret agent theme.
    And the only fan made skins that i heard that riot accepted are these: "battle Bunny Riven", "Surprise Party Fiddlesticks" , "Pool Party Ziggs", "astronautilus", and "gentleman cho´gath"(this one defninitly is a fan made skin) im not sure if all of these skins were fan made, i just serched for it and these skins apeared.

  • Osamurai~Chan
    Osamurai~Chan 4 years ago

    "DEMACIA!?! ......Demacia?! D: "

  • Cameron kuehn
    Cameron kuehn 4 years ago

    to get baron u have toooooooooo............................................................................................................................................MURDER EVERYONE IN YOUR PATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LazyGamingStudios
    LazyGamingStudios 4 years ago

    Seems like melonie is into guys who do cosplay "sets of on a 4.th month journey to make a duty cosplay"

  • Alpha PHENIX
    Alpha PHENIX 4 years ago

    i think that baron would be way more for when you need to defend more so then when you need to push but then again it takes way to much time and during time you wont be defending your base so the risk is just too dam high but then again it could save you last second like the nexus is at about 100 health and you save it just in time and then the even biger problem is that when you start pushing out after you aced the enamy one guy alwais needs stay to defend because thos minions arent gona get the Baron buff unleas someone stays neer them and why do you have to do that its becase whaile your team is pushing if your nexus has abasalutly no defence well ofcourse someone from the enamy team will go and push it and if that guy doesnt get stoped wich normal minions defetly wont stop him/her then its game over for your team and you loose because there is no god dam way that you will have enough time to notice that only 4 enamies are defending then have enough time to back up and then have enough time to stop the guy who whants to destroy the Nexus its just will not work

  • Rosalva Rodriguez
    Rosalva Rodriguez 4 years ago

    I'm pretty sure Melanie Mac doesnt play league. These hosts do not represent the League community very well at all....

  • Seb Chu
    Seb Chu 4 years ago

    I'd only do Baron if we have aced the enemy team or if we have warded all the points in jungle where enemies can appear and steal our Baron.

  • ScrublordNito
    ScrublordNito 4 years ago

    why no comments :)

  • Cracked DERP
    Cracked DERP 4 years ago

    I never go for Baron. I only go for Baron when I'm Lee Sin for a baron steal, otherwise no. As a jungler, my goal is to get five dragons so Baron buff is not that necessary and we don't risk the chance of losing it.

  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 4 years ago

    Josh, can you open your eyes when you talk to us please.

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith 4 years ago

    sitting there on a couch in garen armor "yeah, i'm pretty dorky" you don't saaaay

  • LtAscott
    LtAscott 4 years ago

    um we want to see her dressed as jinx?

  • DavorBa
    DavorBa 4 years ago

    lol, that Garen cosplay guy was hilarious. Great episode!

  • Joseph Veliz
    Joseph Veliz 4 years ago +1

    Get baron when the enemy adc and jungler are down. That's the ONLY time i get baron

  • lordof allfood
    lordof allfood 4 years ago

    but what about the people who take baron with one or two people?

  • BloomingBlue52
    BloomingBlue52 4 years ago

    go for baron after a successful team fight with decent respawn timers

  • Volvary
    Volvary 4 years ago

    The Darius Axe was made by Irish Mike from the show Big Giant Swords on Discovery Channel.

  • Zachadd Killebrew
    Zachadd Killebrew 4 years ago

    DEMACIA!!!!!!! DE-Macia?

  • Yolo Kitty
    Yolo Kitty 4 years ago

    me and my cousin did the crazyiest things. If someone is watching you play let them do qwer and you do the aiming and moving and you also yell out qwer to tell them what to do we won 42 kills like that!

  • SwagLord
    SwagLord 4 years ago

    They shoulda tried getting THE MOUNTAIN to cosplay as Darius, that'd be amazing.

  • Gabriel Rosas
    Gabriel Rosas 4 years ago

    If you read the lore then you know that Shen doesn't hate Zed or want revenge. He has no emotions. The only reason Shen would want to kill Zed would be because Zed is disrupting the balance of the world.

  • Turtle Dog
    Turtle Dog 4 years ago

    australians say baron as: b-ar-o-n not b-ear-en

  • Mighty Surtur
    Mighty Surtur 4 years ago

    Yeah but Zed is damage... and if they were to fight outside the League then zed would win... which the question you're asking is who would win in a fight... which is zed...

  • Lem
    Lem 4 years ago

    johnny dunkers

  • UnkeptFreerider
    UnkeptFreerider 4 years ago

    to have the darius axe as the title you would think more of the video would be dedicated to talking about the axe.

  • Ross Armstrong
    Ross Armstrong 4 years ago

    My mate will always go for Baron like even in 4v5 with them all up he crazy but as he is my brother from another mother I always follow up :)
    31min in

  • Interstellar stalk
    Interstellar stalk 4 years ago

    Baron.... eh. Almost never get it unless we CAN get it without risk or we just happened to get an ACE (Or tons of wards), we're close, Baron is up, we know it'll help push past those inner turrets (such a pain sometimes) and I'm in a Skype call.

  • fadi muallem
    fadi muallem 4 years ago

    the amazing thing about garen cosplay is that the guy looks like garen

  • Raiden Chong
    Raiden Chong 4 years ago

    garen should overthrow jarvan and become the new king :)

  • Riley Harrison
    Riley Harrison 4 years ago

    wait what did league of legends community just spell Aatrox wrong it is double a

  • shelshok9755
    shelshok9755 4 years ago

    ermergerd. Melanies eyes are gorgeous.
    but on a side note, that tryndamere sword is beastly. that is all

  • Aric Strutzel
    Aric Strutzel 4 years ago


  • Hunter Mikulich
    Hunter Mikulich 4 years ago

    If I may point out that the people who made the Darius Axe actually have a tv show called Big Giant Swords.

  • triggahappy(goldmine44)

    tht axe was on big giant swords

  • TheMysteryCow
    TheMysteryCow 4 years ago

    Maxwell is from don't starve

  • Firestar729
    Firestar729 4 years ago


  • grandtorro
    grandtorro 4 years ago

    Garen can´t look a girl in the eyes his armor is actually protecting his virginity

  • Ignacio Pacheco
    Ignacio Pacheco 4 years ago

    1 elise lvl 11, 1 blitzcrank lvl 11 and 1 tristana with some kills lvl 11 can solo baron on min 20, did that with some friends and the enemy was like....
    they did baron WTF??

  • Aaron Abayakoon
    Aaron Abayakoon 4 years ago

    *Aatrox when displaying the blade

  • Kennyy
    Kennyy 4 years ago

    She hot...

  • Dylan Roach
    Dylan Roach 4 years ago

    Actually me and 2 other friends were playing one match and didn't have as much late game but. Had pushed to enemy base they threw so hard just by going to baron my friend backdoored and the funny part was he was nidalee (ap). And we won because me and my other friend who were unintentionally baiting for baron

  • StygianIce
    StygianIce 4 years ago

    Why is Melonie so hawt?