ROC Mexico - Weekend Highlights

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Enjoy the best bits from the Race of Champions, ROC Nations Cup, eROC and all the fun behind the scenes.
    What was your highlight of ROC Mexico?
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Comments • 7

  • Alexander Lesnikov
    Alexander Lesnikov 10 months ago

    In Russia, no one has seen this race. Congratulation!

  • jakubkrcma
    jakubkrcma 11 months ago


  • alfaedu69
    alfaedu69 11 months ago

    Esto es automovilismo? Esto es una mierda!

    • jakubkrcma
      jakubkrcma 11 months ago

      Thanks for the Spanish lesson. It is show for people and we love it. It is very warm and friendly, unlike most professional competitions.

  • Fabian Kriegler
    Fabian Kriegler 11 months ago +1

    Was a very cool event

  • Giancarlo Sandoval
    Giancarlo Sandoval 11 months ago +5

    upload the skills challenge pls

  • Emiliano Hernández
    Emiliano Hernández 11 months ago +2

    Thank you Race of Champions! This was the best racing event I've ever been!
    Hope we have it back in 2020!