SpongeBob SquarePants | Steamed Sponge | Nickelodeon UK

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • A sequence of events involving a sea urchin, result in a tiny SpongeBob! How will he cope as a fry cook, when he's the size of a pickle?
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Comments • 319

  • RKRo313
    RKRo313 2 days ago

    From the incredible shrinking sponge

  • Virginia and Maryland

    Spongebob shrink woah

  • victor hoeritz
    victor hoeritz 5 days ago

    Global warming

  • Devani Ortman
    Devani Ortman 5 days ago +3

    0:07 The sea urchin bites Spongebob’s nose.
    Spongebob: Oww.

  • Joseph Greenhorn
    Joseph Greenhorn 7 days ago +1

    i got 3rd degree burns on my feet just watching him skate on that grill

  • A - Series
    A - Series 7 days ago +1

    Spongebob puts a pickle over his private. Hmmmmmmm 🤔

  • John MEEP
    John MEEP 8 days ago

    1:40 *Na-Nani?!!!*

    SHOBNA NAIR 8 days ago +3

    Spongebob : Eek an Urchin : Terrified of them...
    This episode : Tries to be its friend....

  • Redscape
    Redscape 8 days ago +1

    What has SpongeBob become? It's like he has a different expression in each frame, to the point of being manic.

  • Jada Carter
    Jada Carter 9 days ago

    I was in “mom mode” (hi I’m not a mom) when he put his toe on the stove and burned it and cringed when he used BUTTER for skates and when he slid on the grill on HIGH!!!! I cringed so hard like oooommmmmllll hiisss feet in real life would be DEMOLISHED

  • prescilla francisco
    prescilla francisco 10 days ago

    That stupid spongebob rowend my videos

  • Anthony Marusco
    Anthony Marusco 10 days ago

    How did he lift that spatula

  • Nukee_s7
    Nukee_s7 11 days ago

    V. Nhub

  • Trains and adventures tv


  • MsBerann
    MsBerann 14 days ago

    So cuuute! He's so tiny, like a polly pocket figure! :)

  • Vicky Davies
    Vicky Davies 14 days ago

    Urchin time

  • Luan Eid
    Luan Eid 20 days ago +7

    0:50 it is a mistake the middle nob on the stove is supposed to be at the very hot side

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 20 days ago

    I wonder if Spongebob is Antman.

  • banana gamer
    banana gamer 22 days ago

    SpongeBob is adorable

  • Ulises Gomez
    Ulises Gomez 23 days ago


  • khaii xkhaiibitxh
    khaii xkhaiibitxh 23 days ago +1

    favoriteee spongebob video .

  • Pancakemix
    Pancakemix 24 days ago +4


  • meshaal alsharrah
    meshaal alsharrah 24 days ago

    0:44 srimp

  • Elisa Antonia Gândulescu

    I love SpongeBob....

  • nope nope
    nope nope 28 days ago +3

    The cause of global warming

  • Nate1532
    Nate1532 29 days ago

    From the incredible shrinking sponge

  • Patrick Cote
    Patrick Cote Month ago +33

    Well, Nickelodeon, you're an odd fellow, but I must say, you steamed a good Sponge.

    • Kris P Kreme
      Kris P Kreme 5 days ago +1

      Patrick Cote's comment deserves more likes

  • Aurea Rodriguez
    Aurea Rodriguez Month ago


  • MyLifeAsLaylla 21
    MyLifeAsLaylla 21 Month ago

    Spogebob so tiny

  • A youtuber 1mil
    A youtuber 1mil Month ago +1

    They went too far on this EPISODE of animation and etc etc glad its on humid mode.

  • Ben1014
    Ben1014 Month ago

    *Steamed Hams reference*

  • gabriella gray
    gabriella gray Month ago +10

    Tell me why he chosen pickles to cover his pickles

    • Alex K
      Alex K 13 days ago


    • Cross
      Cross Month ago

      Seas Sponge have none last time i checked

  • rippetoe 38
    rippetoe 38 Month ago +1

    1:44 Burger King Foot Ketchup

  • GTA5Player1
    GTA5Player1 Month ago +2

    Aww, I was expecting a steamed hams thing...

  • GrantMortenson
    GrantMortenson Month ago +1

    Yes, and you call him a "steamed sponge" despite the fact that he is obviously grilled.

    • Drowsy Deer
      Drowsy Deer Month ago

      Even though he shrunk from the steam coming off the grill.

  • GalaxyWolves 15
    GalaxyWolves 15 Month ago

    This kinda reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when she shrinks spoiler alert

  • Fear Of A Krabby Patty

    Episode The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

  • Zachary Wenz
    Zachary Wenz Month ago


  • Glorimarinelly
    Glorimarinelly Month ago +6

    when spongebob tried to turn down the heat it looked like if thanos tried to snap but someone poured a water bucket on his gauntlet

  • InsaneFire10YT
    InsaneFire10YT Month ago +1

    Superintendent Chalmers was so proud

  • Eddie Miller
    Eddie Miller Month ago +97

    You call him a steamed sponge despite the fact he's obviously grilled.

  • Aleko Spencer
    Aleko Spencer Month ago

    1:52 oof

  • Arianna Suarez
    Arianna Suarez Month ago +3

    What the shrimp? hey what’s going on here? Woah
    that’s to hot!

    MIKAEEL THE GAMER Month ago +3

    *Steamed hans?*

  • idkwhatshappening 23

    First of all, ur turning it the wrong way

  • Girou Dirou
    Girou Dirou 2 months ago +107

    I am pretty sure the entire Spongebob team just forgot altogether the action was taking place UNDERWATER in around season 3

    • Ray Hawk
      Ray Hawk 25 days ago

      @Bryant fires in general
      They're so inconsistent. They elude at one point fires can't exist underwater but there are fires every where else llke the camp fire episode

    • Bryant
      Bryant Month ago +12

      Half of the team that was on Season 3 are on the show now, also I guess campfires underwater in the earlier seasons didnt make it underwater also

  • LPTV
    LPTV 2 months ago +11

    Well of course he wouldn't be able to change the switch he's flipping it to hot 🔥

  • Raul Sarmientos
    Raul Sarmientos 2 months ago

    no the epesode is not compleat

  • Maty007
    Maty007 2 months ago +1

    Oh, super video.

  • kenns kuku
    kenns kuku 2 months ago

    Hot hot hot... Not great, not terrible.

  • linda2006byrne
    linda2006byrne 2 months ago

    the steam dance

  • Jason Cobos
    Jason Cobos 2 months ago

    1:41 FUNNY😂😂

  • Diane Lara
    Diane Lara 2 months ago

    F it he

  • Naomi Betancur
    Naomi Betancur 2 months ago

    be steamed himself tiny because he is a sponge right? corrot me if I'm wrong

  • Frankie Tarver
    Frankie Tarver 2 months ago

    Nobody forgot no pickles

  • Kenny Mccabe
    Kenny Mccabe 2 months ago +2


  • weerwqerwrw rewtwert
    weerwqerwrw rewtwert 2 months ago

    OW NO

  • Hi
    Hi 2 months ago +2

    *w h a t t h e s h r i n p*
    Oops shrinp

    • Eternity
      Eternity 26 days ago

      I jussss love how you edited the comment, but stated the mistake rather than correcting it >v

    • x BFB fan
      x BFB fan 2 months ago


    • big E
      big E 2 months ago

      Hi hi

  • Jared Dennis
    Jared Dennis 2 months ago +2


  • Mason Clarke
    Mason Clarke 2 months ago +4

    Ant-Man but it's SpongeBob