Bill Burr Talks New Netflix Special, The Mandalorian & More w/Rich Eisen | Full Interview | 9/12/19

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Julio César Febles
    Julio César Febles 23 days ago

    This guy knows his baseball

  • Sweet Soul Brother
    Sweet Soul Brother 23 days ago

    Night nurse costs hundreds per night. This man Bill deserves to be trashed like he said he would. You get a relative like an inlaw to help out at night if possible but most people can't afford no damn nurse and he knows that

  • D. Aardentvarkitage
    D. Aardentvarkitage 26 days ago

    geez, I first thought when I heard couple days ago that Bill was going to be in The Mandalorian, I thought he was making a joke but then it went on and on in other vids and Im like man maybe it wont be another SJW propaganda fest, but I thought it will turn out the main character takes the mask off and duuuuun duuuuun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun! its really a 90 lb skinny woman all along. lol
    I hope Bill's character isn't the guy that gets chopped in half by the door.

  • Chuck Eller
    Chuck Eller 27 days ago

    One more reason I love bill burr:
    He loves and talks all sports!

  • Okey Buckeye
    Okey Buckeye 27 days ago

    Bill has talked about having 15 minutes of material that didn't go over well with the UK crowd. If I am not mistaken the"old" material hadn't been on a special but was some Conan stuff.

  • Vincent Gallagher
    Vincent Gallagher 27 days ago

    Michigan outdates the Louisiana Purchase!

  • lalalalalatechno
    lalalalalatechno 28 days ago

    His Vegas show was funny.

  • Mark Mercer
    Mark Mercer 28 days ago

    His special is excellent, very funny

  • String Theorist
    String Theorist 28 days ago

    Glad to see another talk show host with a silly huge desk and a chair that elevates him 2 feet above his guest.

  • alfred belford
    alfred belford 28 days ago

    and the Cowboys are in the nfc east instead of nfc south should go back to 5 teams in division im old no one probably remembers that

  • Magicarff
    Magicarff 28 days ago

    The hosts table needs to be higher

  • Almost Serious
    Almost Serious 29 days ago

    Seinfeld ftw...

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan 29 days ago

    80 people are morons

  • Sociable Netw0rker
    Sociable Netw0rker 29 days ago +4

    Why does Bill Burr have the flag of Pakistan on his sneakers?

  • doktor space man
    doktor space man 29 days ago

    Ol Billy wifflebats

  • richardforgetcanada
    richardforgetcanada 29 days ago

    Night nurse?!! I know a comedian named Bill Burr who would totally rip into that.

  • Saif B.
    Saif B. 29 days ago

    Was anyone else slightly disappointed with the special? A couple of bits that were pretty old, just didn’t feel like prime Bill

  • Boba Fett’s Biggest Fan

    “C” -ca- Celtics. Not -sa- 🍀 Celtic you know Irish ☘️ You Know?!

  • ratnick
    ratnick 29 days ago +2

    Liberals cry when Bill speaks

  • Matt
    Matt 29 days ago

    Paper TYGER!

    AZBEEMR 29 days ago

    Conan is a talentless hack. Bill Burr shouldn’t waste his time on that 4th rate “talk” show.

    • Z L
      Z L 29 days ago

      I hope you die in a fiery car wreck. How dare you?!?!

  • dont be this guy
    dont be this guy 29 days ago

    Can somebody tell Bill that Jon favreau casted him because of the publicity platform that Bill Burr is

  • selorius28
    selorius28 29 days ago

    you don't dare see it and get forbidden knowledge @

  • Chad Donahoo
    Chad Donahoo 29 days ago

    Don't believe in Florida State Bill. They suck.

  • VideoNozoki
    VideoNozoki 29 days ago +2

    Bill Burr, please go on Conan's show sometime soon.
    Bill Burr + Conan = the best/funniest thing ever.

    (although, I hate Conan's new, downsized set and 30 min. format), waste of his talent.

  • Tyrone White
    Tyrone White 29 days ago

    HeY Yo, FUaKe Waaddi0 Vooice

  • Grounded Astronaut Gaming

    Is it just me or does Bill look awkwardly small in this video?

  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago

    I heard from credible sources that Bill had sex with Michael Jackson back in the 40s

    NIIIIQQ Month ago

    Lol both parents working full time can barely afford rent. I'm sure having money would make being a parent so much more fun and enjoyable. Nothing against Bilbur hes on of the most down to earth rich people but I think hes missing that aspect of why he enjoys being a parent so much. He can actually sleep and rest, not only does he not have to work a 9-5 he also has a night nurse.

  • HoKang Yu
    HoKang Yu Month ago

    Go BUCKS!

  • BringBack JojiVlogs

    The Browns aren’t the Browns. They are basically an expansion team with the same logo and colors.
    The Browns that won the titles went to Baltimore to win 2 more titles

  • Ordinary Pete
    Ordinary Pete Month ago

    Look at the difference in friends and their effect on others. What I mean is, Eisen and DP are close friends and ex co-hosts (we all know this). However, look at the difference in interviews with Bill Burr on both shows. DP makes it about himself and Eisen makes it about Burr. Yet, the two can still be friends. Neato

  • Gene Burnett
    Gene Burnett Month ago

    Aside from being thoughtful and funny as hell, "Paper Tiger" really does look great. Love that Bill gives a nod to "Moon" with Sam Rockwell, one of my favorite sci-fi movies!

  • Hussle Simmons
    Hussle Simmons Month ago

    Bill looks like a tiny tyson fury

  • P Conner
    P Conner Month ago

    Bills in new Star Wars movie? Wtf!

    • Jeff Wickson
      Jeff Wickson 27 days ago

      Not to sound too nerdy, but it is actually going to be a TV show...premiering in November on Disney+ steaming platform. Star Wars on TV = the next Game of Thrones?......time will tell. Cool to see that Burr will be in it, even if it's a small role.

  • Benjamin Baumgardner

    Bill is totally right. Being a dad rocks

  • nintendo9231889
    nintendo9231889 Month ago

    Jews are running sports now?

  • Stmr
    Stmr Month ago

    Bill burr is THE MAN!!!!!😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Robert Northup
    Robert Northup Month ago

    Muck Fichigan!!

  • DC Hall
    DC Hall Month ago

    Top stand-up comedians today: Bill Burr, Louis CK, Anthony Jeselnik, and Dave Chappelle in a league of their own IMO. Chris D'Elia, Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Joey Diaz right there too. With as PC as today's culture is, comedians have rebelled and stand-up has never been better.

  • experiment54
    experiment54 Month ago

    “He walks like that cause of all the handstands he does” Bill Burr 2019
    The rest of us “no bill, it’s all the cock up the ass that makes him walk like that”
    Flames suit on for all the haters who can’t take a joke.

  • bobby mariani
    bobby mariani Month ago

    He got bananas in his pancakes 😂🤣 😂

  • XXthekingofyouXX
    XXthekingofyouXX Month ago +1

    I don't know why I'm surprised there was as much sports talk as there was this clip.

  • OnlyFloyd
    OnlyFloyd Month ago

    Ok, I watched the new Netflix special....I was surprised there was so much old material in there.

  • SHEIKdrumma
    SHEIKdrumma Month ago

    Shout-out ta Friendster!🤣

  • John Stacy
    John Stacy Month ago

    Ohio is an awful place

  • Gator Don't Play No Shit

    *Screw Xichigan, glad they almost lost against "Army", (that's right, Army) lmao. Rich trying to make excuses for it made me laugh harder. LET'S GO OSU*

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G. Month ago

    The Burr Meister

  • bear8256
    bear8256 Month ago

    To ALL the Fags in here saying his new stand up was great! What is it like peeing sitting down?

    • showtime951
      showtime951 Month ago

      Very relaxing. A refreshing change. An opportunity to slow the day down.
      Now, by "Fag" are you suggesting a male who entertains another male with consent sexually? Are you talking about a man penetrating another man's mouth with his penis? Perhaps after a firm "handshake" initially? Are you then suggesting the old "hook n' ladder", "jack b. nimble", "soldier of fortune" reversal by these two rather liberated, sometimes effeminate mattress jockeys? I guess I'm wondering if by "Fag" you are talking about backside excavation experts, highly-trained in the dark art of Deep Brown Mining. Finally, to be clear by "Fag" are you talking about the sort of man-on-man love where a guy can always find his buddy right over his shoulder?

      If so, I wouldn't have an answer. Good luck I hope you find the answers you seek.

  • Gator Don't Play No Shit

    I watched the New Special, & I gotta say it's not my favorite, but that ok cuz I still laughed a bunch. I just felt like I've heard some of those same jokes, either in other bits, or on talk shows. So it felt a little regurgitated, but that doesn't mean it still wasn't good.🤷‍♂️

  • Gator Don't Play No Shit

    Love Bill Burr to death, & have nothing bad to say about him, but... C'mon Billbo, you should know not all of us can afford a "night nurse", or afford to take out a 2nd mortgage lol. Most of us live in the real world & are lucky if we have parents that'll help with possibly babysitting from time to time.

  • jme oh
    jme oh Month ago +1

    Burrs worst comedy ever. Never seen him suck sooooo bad, must have been listening to his wife.

    • Joe Green
      Joe Green Month ago

      I think he is just a different guy now you know he has a kid of corse he’s gonna be different...I thought the special was great

    • Gator Don't Play No Shit
      Gator Don't Play No Shit Month ago

      I wouldn't say it was bad, but it definitely wasn't my favorite.

  • Ross Smith
    Ross Smith Month ago

    i thought The mandalorian was coming out early next year not November?

  • fahad alawadi
    fahad alawadi Month ago

    I wish I understood the spike Owens reference 😔

  • phillyfan
    phillyfan Month ago

    that look at 18:38 when he says bill's real name wow lol

  • Joseph Rakowski
    Joseph Rakowski Month ago

    I’ve never seen this show, stumbled upon for Bill Burr
    This is one of the best interviews of anyone that I’ve seen in very damn long time
    Thank you!

  • JR Payton
    JR Payton Month ago

    Bill Burr always keeping it Easter

  • Ash Chaya
    Ash Chaya Month ago

    If you're not a fan of American sports, skip the first 10 minutes. Amazing how half the fucking content didn't get mentioned in the title.

  • Tanner Akers
    Tanner Akers Month ago

    The blues beat the Bruins this year what're you smoking bill

    • Tanner Akers
      Tanner Akers 28 days ago

      @TheCrazyCanuck420 oops maybe I was smoking something

    • TheCrazyCanuck420
      TheCrazyCanuck420 29 days ago

      He's talking about the expansion..... I hate the Bruins like the next guy but pay attention.

  • jason williams
    jason williams Month ago

    God I hope they make Burr a Jedi