The British Empire vs The Roman Empire - Historical Comparison

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • Today we’ll look at two mighty historical empires, in this episode of the Infographics show, The British Empire vs. The Roman Empire.
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  • COPS .101
    COPS .101 4 days ago


  • Bubbleyum
    Bubbleyum 6 days ago

    "Celts" is pronounced with a hard C, you barbarian!

  • Angelo Empire
    Angelo Empire 7 days ago

    British win

  • Colour SGT Bourne
    Colour SGT Bourne 12 days ago

    I can't believe people watch this garbage.

  • blueramtetrarasbora
    blueramtetrarasbora 14 days ago

    This channel doesn't make any sense, it says Hong Kong was given independence in this video, yet says Taiwan is a part of China in the "is China safe" video. Sloppy ass work.

  • Fabz Gaming
    Fabz Gaming 19 days ago

    I am half british and half italian

  • daniel anderson
    daniel anderson 21 day ago

    romans had identity issues, breaking up rome, and revolts for power internally, was an infinite struggle......

  • daniel anderson
    daniel anderson 21 day ago

    britain still has Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Anguilla, Bermuda, BAT, BIOT, virgin islands, cayman islands, falklands, gibraltar, montserrat, Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands----------------> THATS AN EXTRA 667,020 SQ MI WE OWN THANK YOU!

  • daniel anderson
    daniel anderson 21 day ago

    rome was made with sticks and metal and bronze, britain was made with muskets and rifles.........both in the timeline with advanced technology

  • -S- Kint -S-
    -S- Kint -S- 21 day ago

    Now modern day Italy and England will be under Sharia law in 20 years. What a shame to lose such rich cultures.

  • Bruce Jedi Lee
    Bruce Jedi Lee 24 days ago

    It was worth it. Sometimes to do good you need to spill blood

  • gabry el
    gabry el 24 days ago

    Rome Empire: I century before Christ-V century before Christ.
    English Empire: 1776-1931

  • vordman
    vordman 24 days ago

    The Roman Empire lasted longer because it was in the ancient world where limited technology meant things moved more slowly. The British Empire burnt out relatively quickly, but look at the legacy it left. The Brits built the modern world, no doubt about it. And English speaking nations continue to be at the forefront of discovery and innovation.

  • gabry el
    gabry el 24 days ago

    Is not sense this video they was Empires to different in History

  • Robin Mumford
    Robin Mumford 24 days ago

    Stupid and inacurate

  • Raja
    Raja 25 days ago

    I wonder if at the time Britain lost to America but regained it's wealth by looting India, the plunder of India's wealth being the reason Britain was still able to sustain?

  • Hattori Hanzo
    Hattori Hanzo Month ago

    And you can’t compare population sizes because there were a lot more people in colonial into imperial times for the British and the world

  • Hattori Hanzo
    Hattori Hanzo Month ago

    The Roman outfits and armor are a bit inaccurate, and it showed Caesar as being Augustus

  • uhiu ihiuhi
    uhiu ihiuhi Month ago

    Gladiators didn't die as often as is thought by most

  • Arab Republic of Kurdistan Mapping

    Why did I click on a channel I blocked?

  • Bruno Fiumanò
    Bruno Fiumanò Month ago

    Actually the Roman empire lasted for over 1000 years,you all seem to forget about the eastern part.

  • Evan Newcomer
    Evan Newcomer Month ago

    the romans also had slaves

  • enricmm85
    enricmm85 Month ago

    5:20 Stop depicting slavery in ancient Rome the same way it was in the Americas.

  • Ettore Morabito
    Ettore Morabito Month ago

    Waiting for America to crumble!And it will!

  • HardBrexitAlex
    HardBrexitAlex Month ago

    You left out Northern Ireland.

  • MagicZell
    MagicZell Month ago

    There nothing to compare, roman empire was present in all his empire and have forces to mantain the law, british empire was strong only because they was looting india, they never had the number sufficient to really be a military power, and if you not a military power you're not a power.

  • Generlj
    Generlj Month ago

    The Roman Empire was truly one of a kind during its peak - there was no real contender. The british empire, on the other hand, was never really that far ahead of its rivals + didn't last as nearly as long as the Roman Empire did. You cant compare the two, basically.

  • Lenny Peterovic
    Lenny Peterovic Month ago

    10 asses

  • dageezerboi
    dageezerboi Month ago

    The British Empire was the biggest, most powerful and most influential in history.

  • Víctor 123
    Víctor 123 Month ago

    Actually you didn’t get killed in the coliseum

  • Hoplite 898
    Hoplite 898 Month ago


  • Salvatore Escoti
    Salvatore Escoti Month ago

    Just two Cities had the right to call themself CAPUT MUNDI, Capital of the World. Rome and later London, and London is practically a daughter of Rome. The Romans founded Londinium...

  • RobZoneFire
    RobZoneFire Month ago

    britain would have destroyed the roman empire with the use of muskets, cannons and warships :P

  • Moni lit
    Moni lit Month ago

    *stops slavery nationally InDiA*

  • Invictus
    Invictus Month ago

    Also, Rome lasted over 2,200 years. The Roman Empire finally ceased to exist less than 50 years before Columbus sailed to the Americas.

  • Invictus
    Invictus Month ago

    Nearly all Roman slaves were white, yet you show a black man.. of course. Only black people were slaves, right?

  • SPQR: Imperium Romanum A.K.A The Roman Empire

    Ave Roma Invicta

  • Ino Berey
    Ino Berey 2 months ago

    10 asses a day? Wouldn’t complain😂

  • asit kumar
    asit kumar 2 months ago

    Why don't you show those 13 British colonies.☺️☺️ Because you are an American.😊😊

  • Garviel Loken
    Garviel Loken 2 months ago

    several infographics shows contradict each other. In one video you say the invading 90% of countries is all wrong but in this its right?

  • Unknown! Discovery?
    Unknown! Discovery? 2 months ago

    Largest Empire?? You must have not heard of Gengis Khan and his Mongols

  • SetsunaAngel99
    SetsunaAngel99 2 months ago

    US Empire is better

  • HarryWills798
    HarryWills798 2 months ago

    Yes,us brits had a mighty empire🇬🇧

  • Tristram Domingo
    Tristram Domingo 2 months ago

    If you combine the Latin Empire a.k.a Spain+Portugal+France+Italy's colonies = Latin won. They once speak the same language and united (they're still connected to each other nowadays) so.

  • The Conzo24
    The Conzo24 2 months ago +1

    So. Many. Inaccuracies...

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. 2 months ago

    The Roman Empire was more impressive in proportion to technology and in terms of the impact it had on the world. The British were an industrialized country conquering agrarian and/or primitive societies and lasted for a much shorter time.

  • Euan Laing
    Euan Laing 2 months ago

    You missed out a lot more of Africa

  • Alessandro Kaiser
    Alessandro Kaiser 2 months ago

    This guy is really uneducated.

  • Alessandro Kaiser
    Alessandro Kaiser 2 months ago

    URGH, my face imploded when this dude said selts. I am a CELT PRONOUNCED KELT.

  • Useless Person
    Useless Person 2 months ago

    Celts? Nah, selts.

  • Ashish Sengar
    Ashish Sengar 2 months ago

    Do Latin language vs Sanskrit language

  • Asgdf jkglh
    Asgdf jkglh 2 months ago

    maybe speak a little bit slower?
    It was sometimes hard to follow as a non-native english speaker.

  • Ketchup Lad
    Ketchup Lad 2 months ago


  • madboi
    madboi 2 months ago

    This is a stupid comparison. We are talking about something, that if only had the ruhht emperors, would exist today

  • Otto Günsche
    Otto Günsche 2 months ago


  • Lucky Hazard
    Lucky Hazard 2 months ago

    If every empire in the world declines. I wonder what will happen after the U.S. falls economically and militarily of course

  • Kapootis the Lord of Tax Fraud

    The real question, how would the CCCP do against the other two

  • Jack Colclough
    Jack Colclough 3 months ago

    Anyone else realise that the British empire map was wrong

  • Brandon Davies
    Brandon Davies 3 months ago

    It's crazy because in school here in the UK u don't learn about this stuff, they don't tell you Britain laid the foundation for the rest of the world to build on

  • alexander mathieson
    alexander mathieson 3 months ago

    hong kong wasnt freed in 1997, it was returned, queen victoria rented hong kong for 100 years to open trades with the far east. we didnt occupy, we rented.

  • Nyandancer 04
    Nyandancer 04 3 months ago +1

    Everybody is salty about the british empire because they A was controlled by the empire well their country or B Had to get hard carried in a war (cough) The seven year war (cough)

  • Afonso Bernardino
    Afonso Bernardino 3 months ago

    The British never invaded Portugal

  • Darth Saiyan
    Darth Saiyan 3 months ago

    Most of Rome's slaves were Germans and Celts(white) and Persians why does this depict the slave as a African(obviously they had Numidian and Nubian slaves who were darker skinned) it just pisses me off how a dark skinned person is the universal depiction of a slave.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia

    Spanish Empire vs British Empire

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia

    Long Live SPQR long live Roman Empire Quia gloria Romae and British Empire sucks

  • gary winstone
    gary winstone 3 months ago

    britan is way better.

  • GlackEU6789 surry
    GlackEU6789 surry 3 months ago

    you said celts wrong

  • Karthiheyen JEYANTHAN
    Karthiheyen JEYANTHAN 3 months ago

    the british empire map is innaccurate

  • Master Max K
    Master Max K 3 months ago

    hope you know that in the Austrian Empire the sun never set :) no offens

  • Mr. Swole
    Mr. Swole 3 months ago

    Britain controlled Sudan and Egypt as well

  • Shadow soldier
    Shadow soldier 3 months ago +1

    I am British Indian Chinese and Portuguese and Malaysian

  • JAMES Macgregor
    JAMES Macgregor 3 months ago

    The British empire is missing some countries like Egypt

  • Alvaro Kuaser
    Alvaro Kuaser 3 months ago

    Unsubscribe definitely

  • Alvaro Kuaser
    Alvaro Kuaser 3 months ago

    "Most Europe tried to do the same" Actually England tried to do the same after Castille and Portugal, It was not ahead.

  • DESTROYER 9000
    DESTROYER 9000 3 months ago

    Portugal empires in 1500 is the best

  • HunterFodera
    HunterFodera 3 months ago

    Fok meh m8

  • Gongola
    Gongola 3 months ago


  • Niall Jones
    Niall Jones 3 months ago

    He butchered the name Niall so badly.

  • dark light
    dark light 3 months ago


  • Max Perozhak
    Max Perozhak 3 months ago +1

    The Roman Empire actually comprised of about 25% of the worlds population, larger than the British idk where you got 12% percent from.

  • Jeremiah Kivi
    Jeremiah Kivi 3 months ago

    "Kelts", not "Selts"

  • Alternate Timeline Theories & Games A.T.T.G

    I think the Brits would win in an actual war (no bias whatsoever) 1. They had a lot of patriotism compared to Rome. Also they existed up to the 50s so they had machineguns

  • NateBoingo
    NateBoingo 4 months ago

    love how they use a black guy to represent roman slaves when most roman slaves were definitely white..

  • kevindamerr
    kevindamerr 4 months ago

    What about Sparta?

  • Nuno Cuco
    Nuno Cuco 4 months ago

    Why is Moçambique shown as British?
    I'm pretty sure your map is wrong and Moçambique was never British

  • Max Kegley
    Max Kegley 4 months ago

    "The city of Rome dates back to the 9th century "

  • Evan Newcomer
    Evan Newcomer 4 months ago

    its pronuced kelts

  • João Carvalheiro
    João Carvalheiro 4 months ago

    Portugal was the first to explore the world and didn't used brutal force to control other countries

  • jacob kingsford
    jacob kingsford 4 months ago

    Wait I know why he missed British things out he's American and salty that they only just got independence with the whole of Europe helping and Britain not even trying

  • jacob kingsford
    jacob kingsford 4 months ago

    The most famous person in history is Elizabeth II british

  • PerryMartinGreen420
    PerryMartinGreen420 4 months ago

    do a video has what if alll the water in the world was land and all the land on earth was water

  • GamingWithHang Rai
    GamingWithHang Rai 4 months ago

    British Empire?

  • Julius CaesarII
    Julius CaesarII 4 months ago

    Why'd you use a black person as a Roman slave, most Roman slaves weren't actually black.

  • Henrik Bragd
    Henrik Bragd 4 months ago

    britain concuerd more but ancient roman and greek empiers truly have changed are culture

  • The False Rabbi
    The False Rabbi 4 months ago

    What's with the Greek helmets

  • Trebor Nosdivad
    Trebor Nosdivad 4 months ago

    Hey Gibraltar is still British

  • Craig MacDonald
    Craig MacDonald 4 months ago

    Proud to be British god save our queen

  • Иιητεndσ Ρlαyεя 04

    Roman empire>British empire
    Ottoman empire>British empire
    Macedonian empire>British empire.
    Sorry but it's to easy win to african spears

  • Cimmy Ciman
    Cimmy Ciman 4 months ago