Mini Wedding Cake for Valentine's Day Teeny Weeny Challenge #4

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • Mini 2 tiered Fondant Wedding Cake Recipe:…r-valentines-day/
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    Hi I am Ann Reardon, Today I am making the tiniest wedding cake you've ever seen in my miniature kitchen. And I might even sneak in a little footage of my own wedding. Apologies in advance for the lack of professional video footage 😜 it was a long time ago. Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see next in the teeny weeny challenge. How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  • Molly Wear
    Molly Wear 6 months ago +92

    Hi Ann I got your husbands book the deep Enders and it is AMAZING !!!!! The suspense and the the story line is so good like if the book was a cake it would taste AMAZING. I would love to see a sequel I think it would be great.Love Molly 💖

  • X Ellie Thorne x
    X Ellie Thorne x 5 days ago

    Can you make mini pancakes or mini shortbread

  • sughra Hasan
    sughra Hasan 11 days ago

    I love cake!!!!

  • sughra Hasan
    sughra Hasan 11 days ago

    I love cake!!!

  • Katalina Pereira
    Katalina Pereira 11 days ago

    Where do you get your food from

  • Shirley
    Shirley 13 days ago +1

    The silver cake matches your nails

  • Guerrera de corazon ortega M.

    Do you go yo a small market or something?! Its so small •w•

  • Talib memon
    Talib memon 16 days ago

    Make a three layer cakes three of them

  • Robin
    Robin 16 days ago

    “Add in the smallest eggs you’ve ever seen” I laughed to hard at this than I should’ve but great videos

  • Kerthan Singh
    Kerthan Singh 17 days ago

    How did you make this .... But this is art😍😍😍😍❤❤....wowwwwwwwwwwwww amazingggggggg

  • Gabby Walters
    Gabby Walters 20 days ago

    Where do you get those eggs?

  • Eshan Sahar
    Eshan Sahar 21 day ago +1

    COOL OMG THAT IS SO SO SO SOO CUTE!!!!!!! Love it 😍
    EDIT:omg thanks for that heart 💙!!!!!!

  • Haska Abidy
    Haska Abidy 26 days ago +1

    I am new here

  • Stella Axup
    Stella Axup Month ago

    oven and stand mixer are my fav

  • Chasity Hall
    Chasity Hall Month ago

    Hey ann! Can you try to do a cupcake teeny weeny challenge?

  • lps films
    lps films Month ago

    How did you make the eggs

  • cute cloud
    cute cloud Month ago

    Were did u get the mini stuff

  • Mr Acid Bubbles Squid

    Is cooking miniature fun?!🙌

  • Kilinahe Card
    Kilinahe Card Month ago

    This was beautiful... you make the best tiny desserts I've ever seen.

  • BTS infirestation
    BTS infirestation Month ago

    Congrats on getting verified Ann! I'm a biggest fan of these teeny weeny challenges in your channel! Pease make these some more I love you ann!

  • TheGamingCrunch
    TheGamingCrunch Month ago

    Those kinda look like sponge cakes

  • Song Lover
    Song Lover Month ago

    You don’t need to buy a cake in your wedding you can just make one

  • Simoné Nel
    Simoné Nel Month ago


  • Chloe C.
    Chloe C. Month ago

    Please tell us how you make the working sink!!

  • Hồng Thúy
    Hồng Thúy Month ago


  • Garima Sachwani
    Garima Sachwani Month ago

    Your efforts 💎💎💎

  • Lisa Keith
    Lisa Keith Month ago

    I love you very time I see one of your videos I feel like I am going to expowd💓💕❤💖💗

  • Cool DIYS
    Cool DIYS Month ago

    Is the electric beater real?

  • Tanisha Chalker
    Tanisha Chalker Month ago

    Ann I was wondering if the pink mixer was a working thing because it was looking a little fake. I'm not hating. I love you. I was just wondering

  • Nono S
    Nono S Month ago

    How are the eggs so small? 🤔

  • Monroe Pruitt
    Monroe Pruitt Month ago

    Will you please make something cookies and cream favor

  • Maya Gaming
    Maya Gaming Month ago

    My favorite thing in the mini kitchen is the oven|No need to preheat

  • DeDe Taylor
    DeDe Taylor Month ago

    Hi Ann my name is De'Asia (DEE - ayy - SZHA)

  • Kylee Gatton
    Kylee Gatton Month ago

    Please make miny pancakes I love you

  • Lavender's Corner
    Lavender's Corner Month ago

    This series is in need of asian food!
    How about bun bo hue, a vietnamese noodle dish?

  • Maya Willacy
    Maya Willacy Month ago

    i love all your videos and can you make a tiny pizza?

  • Jannette Lane
    Jannette Lane Month ago

    A tiny Victoria spunge cake

  • Shameeza Narayan
    Shameeza Narayan Month ago

    So adorable! Teach me how to make a mini kitchen!!!!!!

  • Jasmine La
    Jasmine La Month ago

    Can you do a video of how you make those tiny eggs?! Your videos are so inspiring.

  • harastidlo
    harastidlo Month ago

    Soooooooooooooooo mini(yummi)😁😁😊😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙

  • Hajra Kajee
    Hajra Kajee Month ago

    Hmmmm....Ann are you using lizard eggs?

  • xXiamacrazybananacraftXx xXHoneyWhiskerXx

    For the next Teeny Weeny challenge could you a chocolate bar? Like the opposite of the giant chocolate bars.

  • Marissa Valmadrid
    Marissa Valmadrid Month ago


  • Theara Phuong
    Theara Phuong Month ago

    stop motion ehh

  • shankavi kula
    shankavi kula 2 months ago

    Finally, i can make a tiny cake without a ooven

  • Kassy Cat
    Kassy Cat 2 months ago

    You should make mini versions of the coconut desserts that you made!

  • Kassy Cat
    Kassy Cat 2 months ago

    You should make miniature dessert tubes!

  • PikaGirlXYZ
    PikaGirlXYZ 2 months ago

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is the food

  • Jennifer Wisniwski
    Jennifer Wisniwski 2 months ago

    How did you make the eggs or if you bought them

  • Lime-Chan
    Lime-Chan 2 months ago

    My favorite thing in your kitchen is the food!

  • Jennifer Good
    Jennifer Good 2 months ago

    The food

  • India Evans
    India Evans 2 months ago

    The eggs are hummingbird eggs just for some clarification I still love the video but I still love hummingbirds even more 😑😑

  • Little_Madelen :
    Little_Madelen : 2 months ago

    My favorite thing about the mini kitchen is the food

  • Fincy Pinchi
    Fincy Pinchi 2 months ago

    how can you get eggs that small

  • Fang Wolfie
    Fang Wolfie 2 months ago

    Ann! Can you make My Hero Academia class 1-A cupcakes? Like have a symbol for each of their quirks/something that symbolizes them on cupcakes!

  • Vijay Sharma
    Vijay Sharma 2 months ago

    Can u pls reply me in the comment........................
    that from where did u got those cute small eggs pls

  • Brissy Girl
    Brissy Girl 2 months ago

    Ann is it just me or did the cake mix look a bit curdled?

  • Sarah U'Ren
    Sarah U'Ren 2 months ago

    where and how did you get this stuff

  • Cute Cat
    Cute Cat 2 months ago

    I like the mixer and I don’t know how you got it to work

  • harley guin
    harley guin 2 months ago


  • Morgan-ASMR
    Morgan-ASMR 2 months ago

    I made this for my parents on their anniversary! 😂💞
    Edit: Thanks for your heart!!

  • Ryann Castaneda
    Ryann Castaneda 2 months ago

    Like if you want it

  • Ryann Castaneda
    Ryann Castaneda 2 months ago

    Make teeny tiny food tools and more than one

  • Ryann Castaneda
    Ryann Castaneda 2 months ago

    Tiny Oreos and gummy bears

  • Krystal Greening
    Krystal Greening 2 months ago

    Where do u get these eggs??

  • Madeline Richardson
    Madeline Richardson 2 months ago

    The little eggs and were did you get them

  • schatzi
    schatzi 2 months ago

    ι ℓιкє тнє ωιѕк тнє мσѕт

  • Cleian Mae
    Cleian Mae 2 months ago


  • Cleian Mae
    Cleian Mae 2 months ago

    All furniture

  • Panda Girl Pokemon
    Panda Girl Pokemon 2 months ago

    How do u get those tiny eggs

  • Alexa Channel
    Alexa Channel 2 months ago

    can you make pancakes

  • ASAPHeatmor
    ASAPHeatmor 2 months ago

    Could you try Teeny Weeny Cake Pops? That would be amazing!

  • PukingRainbows 101
    PukingRainbows 101 2 months ago


  • Maddy
    Maddy 2 months ago

    Hi Ann! what kind of eggs are they? and what kind of a bird can lay an egg that small?!

  • sofia Ortega 24
    sofia Ortega 24 2 months ago

    Where did you get the mini food!!!

  • Piper Gouveia
    Piper Gouveia 2 months ago

    What are the eggs made out of please don’t tell me they’re humming bird eggs

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia 2 months ago

    Everything in your mini kitchen

  • Slime ASMR
    Slime ASMR 2 months ago

    Where do you get your mini eggs

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    Zukie Miles 2 months ago

    Where did you get or how did you make your turntable

  • Matthew Dixon
    Matthew Dixon 2 months ago

    gingerbread man

  • Jelle Van Dijk
    Jelle Van Dijk 2 months ago

    where do you get the mini eggs?

  • DenisKids
    DenisKids 2 months ago

    Where did you get those egggs?

  • Ava cookson
    Ava cookson 2 months ago

    How do u make the miniature egg

  • tbeans 2010
    tbeans 2010 2 months ago

    Make a tiny glass cake plzz

  • Vwiked ///M
    Vwiked ///M 2 months ago

    I love your cake🦄🙂

  • littl Gamer751
    littl Gamer751 2 months ago

    OMG I really really love your mini kitchen I want it

  • littl Gamer751
    littl Gamer751 2 months ago

    If I get up to 100 likes on this comment I'll smash a pie in my face

  • Peter Barnes
    Peter Barnes 2 months ago

    How do you make that and where on earth do you get those mini eggs

  • Knocked Over
    Knocked Over 2 months ago

    This was adorable I love tiny things and sweet stuff and the working tools in the kitchen is so cute but my favorite thing is the stove and happy wedding anniversary this is adorable

  • Rena Darwiche
    Rena Darwiche 2 months ago

    Does the fridge work anne

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    Unicorn Dave 2 months ago

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    If you Seek Amy 2 months ago

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    butter bunny253 2 months ago

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  • Sally and cherry 2!!
    Sally and cherry 2!! 2 months ago

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    Sophie Hernandez 2 months ago

    1:07 definitely old camera xD

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    Darlene Rendon 2 months ago

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    Yashasvika Chhabra 2 months ago

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  • Deana I.
    Deana I. 2 months ago

    One odd, but amazing thing that surprises me is how she has those incredibly tiny eggs. How?????

  • Regan Morris
    Regan Morris 2 months ago

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  • lee wana
    lee wana 2 months ago

    I wanna know about the egg, please lol. You're so beautiful.