• Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Today we're taking oobleck and trying 4 things we've never done before- putting it in dry ice, dropping it from 40 feet up, putting it in a vacuum chamber and a deep fryer.
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Comments • 2 179

  • Henrik McHockey
    Henrik McHockey 2 days ago

    What if you put dry ice in a vacuum chamber

  • Lee Southall
    Lee Southall 2 days ago +1

    I was not expecting that when nate dropped it!

  • Lee Southall
    Lee Southall 2 days ago

    Mate could you please put some in a blender???

  • payton sessions
    payton sessions 3 days ago

    Please do some experiments on Disappearing Ink that kids play with

  • Bed Ridden
    Bed Ridden 4 days ago

    “Gentle force” music stops...”...SOFT OOBLECK”

  • Imy Rose
    Imy Rose 5 days ago

    I’m not surprised he ate it 😂

  • capcaunita
    capcaunita 6 days ago +1

    Deep fry wood

  • capcaunita
    capcaunita 6 days ago +1

    Tkor 2016 we're making a foundry
    Tkor 2019 he eats she lites things on fire

  • ShapeyMcShapeface
    ShapeyMcShapeface 7 days ago +2

    Put ooblek under a hydraulic press

  • Matt From Wii Sports
    Matt From Wii Sports 11 days ago +2

    Ooh you should try and microwave oobleck and see what happens :O

  • Micaiah Yen
    Micaiah Yen 13 days ago

    dropping the oobleck was sooo cool as it was turn ito liquidwhen it was dropping and when it hit the ground it hardened and shattered.

  • Master Person
    Master Person 14 days ago

    I keep my *virginity* when stress is put on me

  • Hillbilly Outdoors
    Hillbilly Outdoors 15 days ago

    4:59 what the heck

  • Will Snyder
    Will Snyder 15 days ago +1



  • Graven Raven
    Graven Raven 16 days ago

    you shoulda done it the potato oobleck way so then u made fries......

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick 17 days ago

    I wonder if oobleck could be used as a vibration dampener device ?? 🙄
    I imagine a loose-fitting piston in a cylinder full of the stuff would work... 🙄😏

  • Leo Wande
    Leo Wande 18 days ago +2

    When you bust a nut 9:25

  • Jayce _
    Jayce _ 20 days ago +1

    Splash + Shatter = Splatter. Meaning of life. Thank you Dr. Seuss.

  • Heather Hutchinson
    Heather Hutchinson 20 days ago +37

    He looks so happy now. Imagine how sad he is now

  • fezickthebig
    fezickthebig 20 days ago

    What happens if you pressurize it instead of sucking the air out?

  • Jeromey Mascarenhas
    Jeromey Mascarenhas 20 days ago +2

    The deep fryer opened the stach cells and caused the glucose to congeal

  • Jeromey Mascarenhas
    Jeromey Mascarenhas 20 days ago +2

    Grant's poor workbench...

  • The Corrupt One
    The Corrupt One 21 day ago

    Is oobe leck edible

  • Jonathan hill
    Jonathan hill 21 day ago +1

    You described it as melting but is there an actual term for what happens?

  • Breanna Chaplin
    Breanna Chaplin 22 days ago

    I'm Tripiphobic

  • Nightshade Starstream
    Nightshade Starstream 22 days ago

    Lay in a tub of it.. Try splashing in it.

  • Adi Daringa
    Adi Daringa 22 days ago

    Try shooting it

  • Project Aura
    Project Aura 22 days ago

    Is it possible to have a snowball fight with ooblek?

  • Supergoo 21
    Supergoo 21 24 days ago +1

    I really want to see the inside view of one of the lego ships in acetone, i think that would look amazingly satisfying

  • remix ddxd.
    remix ddxd. 25 days ago +17

    Thank me later 1:59

    Now you have to leave a

    Uno reverse card on my table c;

  • Milly The kitten
    Milly The kitten 25 days ago

    Is dry ice edible? OwO

  • cindy baldan
    cindy baldan 25 days ago

    Could you try to make a balloon stuffer with the vacuum chamber

  • Jesse Sippl
    Jesse Sippl 27 days ago +1

    2 suggestions
    Put dry ice in oobleck in a deep fryer in a vacuum chamber and drop it from 35 feet up
    Or make oobleck with just corn starch and food coloring, no water.

  • Oofreme Rawr
    Oofreme Rawr 27 days ago

    Oobleck is just a really runny putty

  • Shamida Davis
    Shamida Davis 28 days ago

    What will happen if you put oobleck on a speaker

  • Millie E73
    Millie E73 28 days ago

    Can you use flower instead of corn starch or baking powder

  • Marman García
    Marman García 28 days ago +1

    Can you make a giant batch of Oobleck to try and walk over it?

  • yush cho
    yush cho 28 days ago

    try deep frying gasoline and see if it blows up

  • Midnightcore cake
    Midnightcore cake 29 days ago

    Freeze dry something that's not food,Deep frind something that's not food and Vacuum cleaner something that's food that is what I want to see you can pick what to Freeze Dry,Deep frind and Vacuum Cleaner thing

  • Rene Avila
    Rene Avila 29 days ago

    Put melted metal in oobleck

  • Hathsh Black
    Hathsh Black Month ago

    What happens if you freeze dry oobleck?

  • Tease Official
    Tease Official Month ago

    It’s a lolsquid

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor Month ago

    Can you run across oobleck?

  • Arlene Lopez
    Arlene Lopez Month ago +1

    Is Ooblek edible?
    like if you want to see it

  • Rebecca Vandenburg
    Rebecca Vandenburg Month ago

    Try dropping oobleck into a pool

  • Natasha Powell
    Natasha Powell Month ago

    I normally call it yak

  • C Harman
    C Harman Month ago

    Freeze dried cow are your can you reconstitute it to you and what will do really want to know❓❓❓❓

  • BalloonAlpaca 10
    BalloonAlpaca 10 Month ago +1

    Great vid Nate

  • Lolcat
    Lolcat Month ago

    Vacuum chamber, then frying it? Wow you guys have no ideas, not random at all

  • Steven Acevedo
    Steven Acevedo Month ago

    Ooblek vs bullet

  • Dish Dude
    Dish Dude Month ago

    Drop oobleck on oobleck and on water

  • Dish Dude
    Dish Dude Month ago +1

    Freeze dry and dehydrate ooblec

  • B Poor
    B Poor Month ago

    Can you deep fry makeup? Please and thank you

  • pattyabo
    pattyabo Month ago +1

    You should try making slime with clear glue and shaving cream. It makes a “fluffy” slime

  • TheNickBrick
    TheNickBrick Month ago

    What would happen if you freeze dried oobleck?

  • Kwermit
    Kwermit Month ago


  • DarkDragon MadLion
    DarkDragon MadLion Month ago

    fried obleck nugget o'w'o

  • Trevor Patterson
    Trevor Patterson Month ago

    What happens if you put oobleck in a blender?

  • Chloe Mantzouranis
    Chloe Mantzouranis Month ago

    You should see if gum flavors any tipe of drink.

  • Seth Hayes
    Seth Hayes Month ago +1

    Can you put a water balloon in a vacuum chamber

  • Garrett Bushman
    Garrett Bushman Month ago

    I want to eat it

  • Sé Blake
    Sé Blake Month ago

    Anyone else still waiting to see the dried out spray paint?

  • Beats By Bass
    Beats By Bass Month ago

    Hey can you try leaving something in the vacuum chamber for 24 hrs and see how it's changed?

  • Laya Bell
    Laya Bell Month ago

    Vacuum chamber dried ice

  • Nicole Jennings
    Nicole Jennings Month ago

    Deep fry dry ice

  • Ava Lynch
    Ava Lynch Month ago +21

    i did this for a science fair project once and called it bob the dancing glob 😂

  • harvard bss
    harvard bss Month ago

    what about freeze drying oobleck?

  • Kaidyn Rountree
    Kaidyn Rountree Month ago

    8:29 it looks like a green chicken nugget

  • iris zanni
    iris zanni Month ago

    I would like to see a pool of it

  • Alex Redwing
    Alex Redwing Month ago

    Freeze dry Oobleck!!!

  • Jesse Sippl
    Jesse Sippl Month ago

    Please put oobleck in a blender

  • Em Isahooman
    Em Isahooman Month ago

    Light oobleck on fire freeze dry it and put it in your forge do the same with slime and putty.

    NOOBTUBE o Month ago

    can you make dryice outof normol ice

  • Masc Wintle
    Masc Wintle Month ago +1

    Looks like a chicken nugget

  • Peyton Holt
    Peyton Holt Month ago +2

    Oobleck is my mood you pay attention to me im fun to play w you dont give me attention i melt and die