YOU Wanted Me to Play Roblox Flee the Facility!!

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
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    so, you wanted me to play this crazy roblox game!!
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Comments • 14 865

  • Humza Iqbal
    Humza Iqbal Day ago

    My name is ninja and I am Ninja Turtle play ROBLOX Ninja

  • Joseph Christian Kadim

    2019 anyone?

  • Runi Begum
    Runi Begum 2 days ago

    Its thatwavycarrot

  • Dash and Coby Adventures

    Not bad Dan! Mostly for your 1st Time! But you can't beat me LoL! Im still Level 31 such a noob

    • TheGamerDavid
      TheGamerDavid Day ago +1

      He can't beat you and never will. Pretty sure he quit roblox months ago

  • Austin DaThing
    Austin DaThing 3 days ago

    Plz play Horrific Housing

  • Samantha Wilkinson
    Samantha Wilkinson 3 days ago

    you are very funny

  • Dash and Coby Adventures

    Dan: "This Guy is Hacking a Door"
    Me: "I dont think Dan but Its not a thing"

  • Anonymous Hacker
    Anonymous Hacker 4 days ago +1

    Do more roblox

  • Dranber Baes
    Dranber Baes 5 days ago +1

    what is your roblox passeword

  • Proton Gamer 55
    Proton Gamer 55 5 days ago

    5:14 dab police

  • Naomi Z
    Naomi Z 6 days ago +1

    Your in the middle of a game and you say I Want some pizza lol

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 7 days ago +2

    At 5:41 that's when dan got spooked

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 7 days ago

    2019 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Craite
    Craite 8 days ago +2

    More More Roblox and Minecraft

  • Lydia L
    Lydia L 8 days ago +2

    Dan play Sim Animals Africa on Wii

  • Pretty_Butterfly
    Pretty_Butterfly 8 days ago

    Pls play this game again lol

  • Prince of Minecraft POR

    Play it again dan!

  • marvel Aaron
    marvel Aaron 8 days ago +3

    DaughterOfDeath Joined The Game! Dan I love Your Minecraft And Roblox Videos

  • FriskIsABoy #Gaming
    FriskIsABoy #Gaming 8 days ago +3

    Can we play together Dan?

  • Gaming with unicorns
    Gaming with unicorns 8 days ago +2

    More Plz I love this !

    Have a wonderful day!

  • #Zack#
    #Zack# 9 days ago +4

    ᴹᴬᴿᴷᵁˢᴾᴿᴼᴾᴼᴵˢ ᴵˢ ᴹᵞ ᶜᴸᴬˢˢᴹᴬᵀᴱ ᴴᴱ ᴸᴱᶠᵀ ᶜᵁᶻ ᴵ ᵀᴱˣᵀᴱᴰ ᴴᴵᴹ

  • Beth McFarland
    Beth McFarland 9 days ago +3

    “I swing my hammer in the air sometimes, I connect you on your heaaaaaddd.”

  • Rida Saad
    Rida Saad 9 days ago +1

    2019 ❤

  • Naomi Z
    Naomi Z 9 days ago

    haha wow Dan:I want some pizza! Me:umm ok why did you say that?? hahahahahahhaha

  • driving gamrr
    driving gamrr 9 days ago +4

    Cold i play roblox whith you? Please

  • Let's learn
    Let's learn 9 days ago

    You press e when the dial comes to the white part

  • pumatrack
    pumatrack 10 days ago

    theres a timer and it took too long]
    so she got away

  • pumatrack
    pumatrack 10 days ago

    save them!

  • pumatrack
    pumatrack 10 days ago

    btw theres two doors to get out of

  • pumatrack
    pumatrack 10 days ago

    oh i love that game i play it all the time!

  • Miss Melodie
    Miss Melodie 11 days ago

    danTDM play agein

  • Paul Kudamik
    Paul Kudamik 12 days ago

    I have played this too and my name in roblox is theultimateking16 and i am level 5 and the worst map i have been in is homestead a new map and i have been beast on that map and i have failed

  • LUKgamer
    LUKgamer 12 days ago

    5:24 me when I don't know something from my math test

  • Kieran Pattenden - Hillcrest MS (1256)

    dan i love that game please axsept my friend request im TTVgamer3

  • Janine Butt
    Janine Butt 14 days ago

    You are sooo good at the game wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conrad Birch
    Conrad Birch 14 days ago

    Are you going to do it

  • The FluffyLlama
    The FluffyLlama 16 days ago +2

    Dan:You’re Hacking A Door?
    Me:Dan,I’m Pretty Sure She’s Just Opening It...

  • Nota youtuber
    Nota youtuber 16 days ago

    U sayn 666 say 777 all the time
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Basti Contreras
    Basti Contreras 16 days ago

    It's ma Birthday!! 😄😄

  • Puffy Tofoxymangle
    Puffy Tofoxymangle 17 days ago +1

    9:50 "i'm gonna go out this door now."
    Its a Window bro xD

  • Fortnite_XersiaPlayz
    Fortnite_XersiaPlayz 17 days ago

    OMG I caught him say Minecraft is not good

  • In Truz
    In Truz 18 days ago

    I ate pizza while watching this

  • Gatis Zalitis
    Gatis Zalitis 18 days ago

    My name is markuss

  • Ppoq1 Gaming
    Ppoq1 Gaming 19 days ago

    I were beer since 6M Dan!! I remember Minecraft & trayuarus

  • Fiona Compton
    Fiona Compton 20 days ago +1

    Dan you don’t really know

    On ROBLOX my name is orlaseatingdinner so pls friend me I’m very nice and I’ll

    Tell you how to be a ROBLOX master

  • Hotspur Gamefarm
    Hotspur Gamefarm 21 day ago

    i played this

  • Ka Kiuong Kok
    Ka Kiuong Kok 21 day ago

    Play bee

  • Cam Tu Nguyen Vu
    Cam Tu Nguyen Vu 22 days ago +2

    Sans : I think she's crazy
    Papyrus : Ummmm yeah brother
    Sans : Yup *use trambone*
    Papyrus : SANS!!! I SWEAR THE GOD!!!!
    Sans : Uhhhh Too late

  • Stefanie Elledge
    Stefanie Elledge 22 days ago

    But... that yummy thatwavycarrot 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕

    👱🏻‍♀️X🥕= Thatwavycarrot

  • Ella Fortnite
    Ella Fortnite 23 days ago

    Btw when you guard the players in the tube,their health doesn't go down

  • Genevieve Hibbard
    Genevieve Hibbard 23 days ago

    while you were singing I know that song a part of it: Saying ayyyyo

  • The Youngs
    The Youngs 23 days ago

    That wavy carrot

  • Mia Goodall
    Mia Goodall 23 days ago

    You can press E to free people and also if you hear a heartbeat then the beast is near

  • Trudy Crampton
    Trudy Crampton 24 days ago +1


  • TheCosmicComic
    TheCosmicComic 24 days ago

    I have not seen anyone play flee the facility but btw Dan there is a secret arcade

  • Soulstar159 - Space Potato



  • Potato’s Are cool
    Potato’s Are cool 25 days ago


  • LLlibby 2
    LLlibby 2 25 days ago

    Pls play this again btw PLAY BLOXBURG .It cost 25 r obux to get in the game -u spawn with a starter house ,there are loads of places to go to work and eat and there are shops !work as a pizza delivered as u earn more money !there is even an ice cream stall !once u earn or buy more money u can build a super nice house

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz 26 days ago


    PICKLE BOY 26 days ago

    I’ve Played This

  • Crypto gacha
    Crypto gacha 26 days ago

    Can you play roblox shadow run?

  • Crypto gacha
    Crypto gacha 26 days ago

    Here are some flee the facility tips:

    -You can save someone if they get captured
    -if the beast is chasing you go through doors and shut it on their face
    -crawl through vents when beast is catchig you
    -and when exit is open make sure all your other players are safely out
    and yeah and also troll the beast as much as you can XD

  • Danny Murray
    Danny Murray 26 days ago

    Dan i know a secrit place in A under grawnd place

  • moreredninja redninja
    moreredninja redninja 27 days ago

    Dan said Minecraft is dumb! I never thought I would have to say this but Dan your stupid

  • Thomasfan1352 G
    Thomasfan1352 G 27 days ago +3

    1666 is when the great fire of London happened

  • 50puft :D
    50puft :D 28 days ago

    0:29 the fans are gonna be mad

  • Woofs ‘n Meows Alot:3


  • Gamerxd90 Girl
    Gamerxd90 Girl 28 days ago

    I am hacking away my Brains..............

  • KaBo0sE_GoEs_KaBoOm
    KaBo0sE_GoEs_KaBoOm 28 days ago

    hi dantdm i am your bigest fan

  • tlmilstead
    tlmilstead 28 days ago

    Dan that was meeeeeee DaughterofDeath1666 is meeeeeeee

  • iiComfyMondayii Plays!
    iiComfyMondayii Plays! 28 days ago +2

    *_Flee the Facility gives me heart attacks_*

  • LittleGuy
    LittleGuy 28 days ago

    Dan:imma go out this door now
    Dans mind: why did he say door if it’s a window at 9:48

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 29 days ago

    Dan and mine faces literally were exactly the same xD

  • Game Boyd wpd
    Game Boyd wpd Month ago


  • Game Boyd wpd
    Game Boyd wpd Month ago

    Flee the facility MORE

  • Game Boyd wpd
    Game Boyd wpd Month ago


  • george hawcroft
    george hawcroft Month ago

    If you're dragging a survivor they have a limit and that they can come alive again and start hacking and you lost her and didn't do it in enough time

  • george hawcroft
    george hawcroft Month ago

    The beast cannot crawl he went through the door

  • Wavey Carrot
    Wavey Carrot Month ago


  • Wavey Carrot
    Wavey Carrot Month ago

    Dodo doo doo Do do doo doo dodododo do

  • Ayllindris Barroso
    Ayllindris Barroso Month ago


  • Rico Gerardo Zamora Banaag

    4:48 Only people who have watched flamingo will know these pants

  • happynuggets459 ___
    happynuggets459 ___ Month ago +2

    Story time! I played Flee The Facility as the Beast. I won. After the round I said, "YOU ARE MOTHER SUCKING DEADUU! NYEH HEH HEH!" and then left.

  • jinjun xu
    jinjun xu Month ago +1

    It’s THAT wavy carrot not the wavy carrot."........

  • Jeremy Barmore
    Jeremy Barmore Month ago

    Was just playing as the beast... won at the last second 😱

  • King Kill
    King Kill Month ago

    Dantdm is wearing a nintendo sshirt

  • robert mcgrade
    robert mcgrade Month ago

    play at jangiray 9th

  • Gary Thiel
    Gary Thiel Month ago

    pres 1 bruh

  • Gary Thiel
    Gary Thiel Month ago

    da wavy corot is a corot lala daaan //00//

  • Gary Thiel
    Gary Thiel Month ago


  • Seamus O'Neill
    Seamus O'Neill Month ago


  • mike 47
    mike 47 Month ago

    Nice dan! My user name is swager1575 please be my friend! *if not try the rake*

  • Arman Amin
    Arman Amin Month ago

    I want to call me DanTDM because he's my favorite TVclipr

  • Alan Lochwood
    Alan Lochwood Month ago

    The beast spawned next to me once......

  • Zeel Patel
    Zeel Patel Month ago +1

    play crazy craft plz

  • Catherine Macbeth
    Catherine Macbeth Month ago

    that's the trick 0:22

  • The Galaxy night123
    The Galaxy night123 Month ago +1


  • Uniquorn Horn
    Uniquorn Horn Month ago +2

    "You guys are probably playing Minecraft or something dumb"
    I DIED

  • John Landel
    John Landel Month ago


  • Lil Miss Kay
    Lil Miss Kay Month ago

    Guess what I just got the nutcracker!!!!! It’s amazing