YOU Wanted Me to Play Roblox Flee the Facility!!


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  • rex 95 gaming
    rex 95 gaming 6 hours ago

    Play bee swarm simulator

  • Frank Price
    Frank Price 21 hour ago

    Btw Dan my friends following you

  • Minecraft Poop
    Minecraft Poop Day ago

    Play lego

  • Kelly Miller
    Kelly Miller Day ago

    Find the odd emoji

  • padlex- aj
    padlex- aj Day ago

    did anyone notice that those comuters are windows xp computers

  • Archie Jeffery Taylor


  • Garth Whittaker
    Garth Whittaker Day ago

    add me friend

    JULIAN M. 2 days ago

    Dan has true blue hair

  • therainbowalicorn 88

    Good job 1st try being the beast

    TANNER BRUCKMAN 2 days ago

    Play with me on roblox my name is subway644

  • murray bourelle
    murray bourelle 2 days ago

    My name is TinyTOWN456

  • murray bourelle
    murray bourelle 2 days ago

    Dantdm play roblox and befriend me

    THE DIAMOND KING 2 days ago +1


  • The Plushers
    The Plushers 2 days ago

    There attacking the king of hackers and the hacker of kings

  • The Plushers
    The Plushers 2 days ago

    She’s the daughter of death of the death of daughter and the daughter of daughter and the death of death

  • Ana the good Sans fangirl

    This is funny -3-. I wish I was the one who Dan hit

  • Bruce Bitsinnie
    Bruce Bitsinnie 2 days ago

    What is ur ROBLOX username I will follow u I’m a big FAN

  • Leonie Licence
    Leonie Licence 2 days ago

    hes fat

  • Tii_Rune Tom
    Tii_Rune Tom 3 days ago

    where is roblox

  • Rose Ann
    Rose Ann 3 days ago

    Dan try play bloxburg

  • Kendra Leigh Evans
    Kendra Leigh Evans 3 days ago

    you shoud play pokemon yellow on the nintendo advance dantdm

  • Iwanek Vulpe
    Iwanek Vulpe 3 days ago

    That daughter or death1666 is so STUPID !

  • Dylan rose
    Dylan rose 3 days ago


  • SeaKatz Owo
    SeaKatz Owo 3 days ago

    My friend was in this video and I’m jealous of her
    Her name is thatwavycarrot

  • John Goodall
    John Goodall 4 days ago

    Dan says that "they're playing minecraft or something dumb" IS DAN CALLING MINECRAFT DUMB?!??!?!!!?!?

  • Salma Rizvi
    Salma Rizvi 4 days ago

    plz play roblox assassian

  • Draconite Sketch
    Draconite Sketch 4 days ago +1

    Hi dan

  • Kristin Yvette Agan
    Kristin Yvette Agan 4 days ago

    My sister dabed do we have a violation and worst she Dabed multiple times

  • Draco Ghoul
    Draco Ghoul 4 days ago

    There s a secret there back on the small house

  • Christopher gamer 1994

    2:16 windows xp error sound

  • Liam Shire
    Liam Shire 4 days ago

    More Roblox dan

  • Zingy 5000
    Zingy 5000 5 days ago


  • Toni Ursachi
    Toni Ursachi 5 days ago


  • Toni Ursachi
    Toni Ursachi 5 days ago

    Plz play craftwars on roblox!!

  • Laureen LOL
    Laureen LOL 6 days ago

    NightFoxx also played with her one time

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia 6 days ago

    Dan I got blue squeaky, it’s a godly or something

  • Kyler Saetern
    Kyler Saetern 6 days ago


  • Angus Matheson
    Angus Matheson 6 days ago

    November eny one

  • jesus cabusao
    jesus cabusao 7 days ago

    daughter of death666😅😅😅😅

  • Lukas gaming
    Lukas gaming 7 days ago


  • Lisa West
    Lisa West 7 days ago

    btw love ya vids keep up the good work

  • M Lin
    M Lin 7 days ago

    play this game more

  • Emely Plays
    Emely Plays 8 days ago

    there are two exits BTW

  • ToXiC PuG
    ToXiC PuG 8 days ago

    Dan u should make a series of flee the facility :) and make challenges on them :D

  • Elvis.R. Soto
    Elvis.R. Soto 8 days ago

    I mean wourld

  • Callum O'Sullivan
    Callum O'Sullivan 8 days ago

    Plz play more ✌

  • draggon 898
    draggon 898 9 days ago

    watch for campers

  • Maddie's Station**
    Maddie's Station** 9 days ago

    *i feel blessed*

  • ssgalxcy wolfsx
    ssgalxcy wolfsx 9 days ago

    Plz play dragons life on Roblox 100000% he will not see this

  • Galactic Magma
    Galactic Magma 9 days ago +1

    One like=one prayer for Dan to be thawed out after being frozen

  • Jose Calixto
    Jose Calixto 9 days ago

    You press Q to Sprint really fast if
    Your the beast

  • Jose Calixto
    Jose Calixto 9 days ago

    If you mess up they could see it
    And follow it and catch you

  • Felix Chua
    Felix Chua 10 days ago +1

    Dan if you fail let me help you

  • kayleigh mae
    kayleigh mae 10 days ago

    hey danTDM you should do other hide and seek games and if you are in the garden go on the big tree please

  • Elias Church
    Elias Church 10 days ago

    Dan play MSL3

  • Rosa Maldonado
    Rosa Maldonado 10 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 7:51

  • Rinny Nuraeni
    Rinny Nuraeni 11 days ago

    I'm so sorry

  • DragoProEZ Fake
    DragoProEZ Fake 11 days ago

    Play Roblox High School 2

  • Sebastian Tevet
    Sebastian Tevet 11 days ago

    YOU WERE IN A TEST TUBE?! liar liar, pants on fire

  • JannoGamez
    JannoGamez 12 days ago


  • Abigail Geraldo
    Abigail Geraldo 12 days ago

    dan play alone in roblox

  • Jordan Chernick
    Jordan Chernick 12 days ago

    can evrey people play Jail Break cuz there will be a live event at 200000 visits

  • Christi Manalo
    Christi Manalo 13 days ago


  • drbenbushey
    drbenbushey 13 days ago

    Dan its not original its the robloxs version dead by daylight

  • Xian Baltazat
    Xian Baltazat 13 days ago

    my name in Roblox is Joerae2

  • Xian Baltazat
    Xian Baltazat 13 days ago

    Can u add me as a friend

  • Van Hanna
    Van Hanna 13 days ago

    Play tomb of the mask

  • i love halloween 2018 michael myers

    Dan is such an...brillianttastic person

  • SableGamer
    SableGamer 14 days ago

    I played it x2

  • Lani Brooks
    Lani Brooks 14 days ago

    Longest intro ever

  • naneki Games
    naneki Games 14 days ago

    when get playshritin i give to play with you and i gvie play with my casin thx

  • naneki Games
    naneki Games 14 days ago

    come join me OK thx i can play with you and fortnite ok thx OK thanks

  • naneki Games
    naneki Games 14 days ago

    come join me OK thx i can play with you and fortnite ok thx OK thanks

  • skippy stoneg
    skippy stoneg 14 days ago

    One day can me and you play on roblox flee the facility or player likep One day can me and you play on roblox flee the facility?

  • c0rrupt3d Kyle
    c0rrupt3d Kyle 15 days ago

    DAN!!!! New update or map

    MyNemIsJEFF GAMER 15 days ago

    These wasnt publish in july cause i just watched this in july

  • Malaree the mix
    Malaree the mix 15 days ago

    Survivors:(beast finds them) AHHHHHHH RUN
    Me: you have a freakin hammer on your back 😑

  • Siavash Jalili
    Siavash Jalili 15 days ago

    Please play more

  • Pearl's Playworld
    Pearl's Playworld 15 days ago

    I'm a girl

  • Mhard Cat Lover
    Mhard Cat Lover 15 days ago

    When you're insulted in a DanTDM video.

  • Harry Official
    Harry Official 16 days ago

    because nobody liked me even my friends.....

  • Harry Official
    Harry Official 16 days ago

    I quit Roblox ;(

  • Boboy Caballero
    Boboy Caballero 16 days ago

    Dan just a hint if your near the beast jump while running or u can do that if u want to

  • Xboy Dubose
    Xboy Dubose 16 days ago

    After this video I haven't seen any other ROBLOX videos from dan

  • Matvey Filimonov
    Matvey Filimonov 16 days ago

    Dude play pet simulator

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    play more roblox

  • Madelyn's World
    Madelyn's World 17 days ago

    2:58 😂😂😂

  • Ronnel Delavin
    Ronnel Delavin 17 days ago

    Play with trayorus in roblox flee the faciliry

  • Blake Bogue
    Blake Bogue 17 days ago

    Play Sharkbite. It's SOOO good and fun, and funny!

  • Stormgem Thunder
    Stormgem Thunder 17 days ago

    Wait I'm pretty sure I played with thatwavycarrot
    I think

  • Dope Ghoul
    Dope Ghoul 17 days ago

    You post your video on my birthday

  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan 17 days ago

    Dan!Play more!And play it with meeeee!Im a levle 26 hehe..

  • Amy Brooks
    Amy Brooks 17 days ago

    Please play more flee the factory

  • Dino Costis
    Dino Costis 17 days ago

    play more!

  • Hi I'm Hexo
    Hi I'm Hexo 18 days ago


  • Frost Melon
    Frost Melon 18 days ago

    Why do you stop making roblox videos?

  • Pooda Mahmoud
    Pooda Mahmoud 18 days ago

    2:15 is the windows xp error sound

  • Annabelle DuPlantis
    Annabelle DuPlantis 18 days ago

    I 😍 your channel

  • Riley _Vlogs
    Riley _Vlogs 18 days ago +2

    Dan u should play bloxburg in roblox!?

  • the emerald minecart
    the emerald minecart 19 days ago

    Can u play this again