what teenagers do on the weekends

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • sorry for the no upload in soooooo long, I've been getting used to the flow of school and getting back on schedule with videos every week!
    Thank you guys for watching, I love y'all!!:))

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    My name is Zhirelle Cushman (pretty hard to pronounce, but I probably said my name once in this video so you can hear how to say it!) I live in California and I’m OBSESSED with beauty, fashion, and spreading positivity every day. I love having a TVclip channel as a way to express myself and show off who I am! Subscribe for weekly videos and to join the amazing family I have here on TVclip:)
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  • Nelka Krizkova
    Nelka Krizkova 18 days ago

    More vlogs please❤️❤️❤️ i love your videos❤️❤️❤️🥰

  • Reem Mousa
    Reem Mousa 5 months ago

    I really like you you’re amazing

  • Morgan Spurling
    Morgan Spurling 8 months ago

    What song starts at 1:20?

  • lifeofselma
    lifeofselma Year ago

    your editing is everything

    TOTO TV Year ago

    Do you know something that you deserve 100,000 million 🙊😻

  • Julia Goolia
    Julia Goolia Year ago


    after 40 other people 😏

  • Luca Jordyn
    Luca Jordyn Year ago

    i'm new to your channel but i love your vlog style videos, you are so pretty too

  • Shani Latt
    Shani Latt Year ago

    we love a vlogging shishtar!!!!!!

  • Shani Latt
    Shani Latt Year ago

    your intro is everything

  • Telyssa Peters
    Telyssa Peters Year ago +5

    also you and your boyfriend are so cute you should do a Q&A

  • Telyssa Peters
    Telyssa Peters Year ago

    are you ever going to have a giveaway like when you hit 100K?

  • Telyssa Peters
    Telyssa Peters Year ago

    i'm here from instagram ! i actually love your feed

  • Telyssa Peters
    Telyssa Peters Year ago

    you are so beautiful!

  • Tara van kesteren

    it would mean heaps if you all helped me get to 100 subs xx

  • Lynzyymarie
    Lynzyymarie Year ago


  • breza quinones
    breza quinones Year ago

    ugh more vlogs please

    • Zhirelle
      Zhirelle  Year ago +3

      breza quinones ily Breza!!

  • Vic B
    Vic B Year ago

    3:37 lol spoken like a true kardashian!

  • Vic B
    Vic B Year ago +1


  • Laisha Gonzalez
    Laisha Gonzalez Year ago

    Do a morning routine!

  • Luella Pace
    Luella Pace Year ago

    Omg!!! You live in my town!💗😂🌊

  • Millena P
    Millena P Year ago

    A playlist video

  • noya may
    noya may Year ago +2

    Gurrrrlll your intro is bomb

  • Jayda With Flava
    Jayda With Flava Year ago +2

    More vlog plz!

    • Zhirelle
      Zhirelle  Year ago +1

      Jayda With Flava will do!!

  • yoanna
    yoanna Year ago

    Was this you bf?

  • Alice Evans
    Alice Evans Year ago +2

    Definitely more vlogs like this!!!

  • Dee Luther
    Dee Luther Year ago +2

    NicE Vlog VideO As alwayS
    😙😙That ThumbNail Tho😙😙
    Your PrettY Self
    HoPe you have a Wonderful Weekend As well

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Year ago +1

    That intro tho 😍

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Year ago +2

    I’ve been waiting for u my queen ❤️

  • CmatthYBR
    CmatthYBR Year ago

    Congrats on 100 videos, madam. It looks like 5.3 million views and 100 videos. That's an average of 53,000 views per video for this channel. Impressive. ;)

  • naseebah owens
    naseebah owens Year ago +11

    Maybe you can do an instagram followers control your life! ❤️

  • Maggie Brungardt
    Maggie Brungardt Year ago

    Great video!! I loved it!

  • Jillian Withers
    Jillian Withers Year ago +1

    I've never been this early awe love you girl 💕

  • alma hamada
    alma hamada Year ago

    hello. I love you so much

  • sAd vibes
    sAd vibes Year ago +1

    wowww so early!

  • Catalina Ajkaskjsdjksa


  • Leyah Marie Gewargis


    • Zhirelle
      Zhirelle  Year ago +1

      Leyah Gewargis THANKS BABE

  • TheBlueEyedGal
    TheBlueEyedGal Year ago +3

    Arent we all? xD