My First College Frat Party (animation) | Young Don

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • My First College Frat Party Animation story by Young Don the Sauce God
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    In this video I tell the story of what going to my first college frat party was like.

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    Credits - Completely created by Young Don
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  • Young Don The Sauce God
    Young Don The Sauce God  Month ago +554

    Ayeeeee thank you for watching! Go check out my new music video here

    • slycoopermaster
      slycoopermaster 17 hours ago

      Young Don The Sauce God is it me or you sound like sprite lee 🔥🔥🔥

    • Lil Trill
      Lil Trill 15 days ago

      Been here since getting my ass beat part 1

    • Lil Trill
      Lil Trill 15 days ago

      Young Don The Sauce God been here since 17k

    • Dizzy2k Gaming Videos
      Dizzy2k Gaming Videos Month ago +1

      This is fire! Thanks for all your support guys!

    • Montel 17k
      Montel 17k Month ago

      Young Don The Sauce God airpods

  • adeyinka peluola
    adeyinka peluola 2 days ago

    You're great
    I'm feeling the vibe

  • Shakayla La’Shay
    Shakayla La’Shay 3 days ago

    he is .... fine

  • Alfyn Zayde
    Alfyn Zayde 4 days ago

    3:05 he looks from family guy

  • Khalil Abdul
    Khalil Abdul 4 days ago

    Pause it at 5:19

  • Kofi
    Kofi 6 days ago +1

    Too much autotune, you sound like a robot.

    OBS_OFFICIAL J 6 days ago

    He looked uncomfortable as hell

  • Alex Tv243
    Alex Tv243 7 days ago

    young don did u finish new girl dat old song u posted on ur ig

  • Game Freak
    Game Freak 8 days ago


  • ye e
    ye e 8 days ago

    4:09 was that young don at the back right?

  • Emilio Gandolffi-Levine

    Don got hella fake wtf

  • WonderHarris Tv
    WonderHarris Tv 9 days ago

    Ello this shit hard

  • Buckets Nation
    Buckets Nation 10 days ago +1

    The frat at start is alpha and it’s called stepping 😂😂😂

  • Aaryan Akhil
    Aaryan Akhil 10 days ago

    You baaicaly said u popped molly in the frat party

  • Terreco Kelly
    Terreco Kelly 11 days ago


  • Diabsx360
    Diabsx360 13 days ago

    Your animations remind me of family guy, lol

  • Harrison J. Guillory
    Harrison J. Guillory 14 days ago

    U ever had an altercation with your pops

  • Harrison J. Guillory
    Harrison J. Guillory 14 days ago

    Wassam don

  • iZeL Industry
    iZeL Industry 14 days ago

    He so did molly

  • Cody Voyles
    Cody Voyles 15 days ago

    SoundCloud? My G. You are on Spotify and Apple Music. You are more than the Sauce God. You are something more.

  • King 40 fool
    King 40 fool 15 days ago +1

    everything dream so fast

  • Lazy. le
    Lazy. le 16 days ago

    Yooooo I thought I was the only one who remembers project x 💀

  • Marissa Mendoza
    Marissa Mendoza 16 days ago

    Just gave me a another reason to go to UT

  • BishopJones843
    BishopJones843 17 days ago

    Song Tough AF!!

  • Make it Happen
    Make it Happen 18 days ago

    Can I win please for once

  • TheHoly Skeleton
    TheHoly Skeleton 19 days ago

    My dude looking like mirage from apex legends

    CRAZY SALVADORIEN 19 days ago

    Imagine young don as a alpha phi alpha or as an omega 😂😂or a sigma

    DGDK_JJ 20 days ago

    Am not lucky

  • Anderson White
    Anderson White 21 day ago

    aye bet bet good for you man

  • Tina Sprout
    Tina Sprout 23 days ago +1

    Why tf this didnt pop up in recommended and I'm subscribed have bell notifications on and watch all of his videos

  • Hiipr
    Hiipr 24 days ago


    MOLLY X 2LIT 25 days ago

    Yo How'd mix your vocals on your track its too lit

  • Speak215
    Speak215 26 days ago

    I also have black Caribbean parants

  • Dontaevis Bright
    Dontaevis Bright 26 days ago

    My man does not have a degree what are you doing my g

  • Acidd Da Bratt
    Acidd Da Bratt 27 days ago +2

    I can't wait for my first college party :3 but thats like.... 5 years from now T^T

  • zTased
    zTased 28 days ago

    But did you pipe?

  • Thatkidd Myles
    Thatkidd Myles 29 days ago

    U should do a video on ur dread journey

  • salty *
    salty * 29 days ago

    Your voice is so calming 🥺

  • Pierre915
    Pierre915 Month ago

    Low-key I'm getting family Guy vibes

  • Trinity Brown
    Trinity Brown Month ago

    Yo I know your cousin I follow him on Instagram😜😜

  • Giltsum
    Giltsum Month ago

    Is it just me or yah bodies be vibrating at parties

  • James Cummings
    James Cummings Month ago

    LMAO had to subscribe after this vid. shoutout to using the ALPHAs clips for "stepping"

  • Yoo Kenn
    Yoo Kenn Month ago

    What do you use to animate

  • ToxicGamer76
    ToxicGamer76 Month ago

    Aye bruh u weird

  • dat shower temix
    dat shower temix Month ago

    Bro I like the family guy animation

  • ImXolo
    ImXolo Month ago +1

    But I’m tryna know if piped any white baddies ya feel me

    FUZE RYXN — Month ago

    The Drip 🥶

  • KILL.langston
    KILL.langston Month ago

    Yessir don!

  • Jermaine Thomas
    Jermaine Thomas Month ago

    I thought they were gonna think it was a real gun😂😂

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Month ago

    Did you hire the guys behind fami guy? This animation style gives me a litt different vibe, like when you fucking someone and it reminds you of someone else. No? Just me? Ok

    HEROESwearBOOTS Month ago

    Go back to school Don

  • NearEnderKidd
    NearEnderKidd Month ago

    Don, I wish my life was like yours

  • Light skin Super saiyan

    The animation is, family guy to the fullest, you definitely traced something

  • Pikachu King
    Pikachu King Month ago

    Let's go my G

  • Zack.00
    Zack.00 Month ago

    Yoooo I swear the “dark times” hitting them mf hard but inspiration keep me up💯💯

  • No Just no
    No Just no Month ago

    2:23 why does that lady remind me of family guy

  • Elijah Speaks
    Elijah Speaks Month ago

    2:23 Lois is that youuu!?

    ROYAL GAMING Month ago

    He actually took the goggles

  • I see you
    I see you Month ago

    Pussy is life that's all

  • frxxz
    frxxz Month ago

    good vid