Raw Meat Is All I Eat | TRULY

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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    A MAN who has eaten nothing but raw meat for almost a decade, says he has never felt healthier. Eating everything from sheep’s stomach smoothies to animal spleen, liver and testicles, Derek Nance, 35, lives off a diet almost entirely made up of raw meat. The self-confessed carnivore from Lexington, Kentucky says the only parts of the animal he won’t eat are the hooves and the horns. Derek has followed his caveman-style diet for close to 10 years now and the father-of four, who maintains eating raw meat is safe, even feeds his children it. His partner, however, who used to be a vegetarian, still won’t eat raw meat.
    Video Credits:
    Videographer / director: Nate Spicer
    Producer: Giacomo Brunelli, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Athina Chatzidaki

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  • Faith Pinyolo
    Faith Pinyolo 3 hours ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm meat UNCOOKED!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 One day is one day yoh

  • Mustafa Serhat BALIK
    Mustafa Serhat BALIK 6 hours ago

    Is this for real or trolling? I'm confused.

  • Robert Colo'n
    Robert Colo'n 10 hours ago

    Would he eat my meat???

  • Dreamii
    Dreamii 11 hours ago

    If this dude runs out of animal meat, he gonna be looking for humans

  • Camila Odom
    Camila Odom 14 hours ago

    he has perfect skin ngl but at what cost

  • i de ikram
    i de ikram 15 hours ago

    Hi well eat his girlfreind som day

  • Aaliyah's channel
    Aaliyah's channel 18 hours ago

    мє: αяє υ gσηηα єαт тнαт αℓℓ ∂αу
    нιм: ѕмα¢кιηg ση ƒяєѕн мєєт
    мє : υнн ηєνє мιη∂ тнєη

  • Erva Naz Kıdık
    Erva Naz Kıdık 20 hours ago

    Guys, chill. It's what he prefers.

  • Chop X
    Chop X 20 hours ago

    He a dog for real 😂💀

  • Nathan Christiaens
    Nathan Christiaens 23 hours ago


    TAMMYTHETOMBOYgaming 23 hours ago


  • Xisiqomelir
    Xisiqomelir Day ago

    Now, I don't give this out lightly.....what a SAVAGE!

  • Akshit Vats
    Akshit Vats Day ago

    2:42 like a doouuug

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh Day ago

    Him:”I’ll butcher em in the backyard, it’s fun”

    Me: are you a psychopath or what? 😖

  • SAV1776
    SAV1776 Day ago

    He’s maggot man , eats maggots to become one

  • pedro15305
    pedro15305 Day ago +1

    "Cook the life out of it" Dude... the animal is already dead

  • Infinity Animation
    Infinity Animation Day ago +1

    This guy thinks his in Minecraft

  • Vixen Rachel
    Vixen Rachel Day ago

    I guess if neighborhood cats and dogs go missing you know who's eating them

  • Comz
    Comz Day ago

    Come on represent our state of Kentucky without raw 🥩

  • anityy
    anityy Day ago

    does this guy wanna be a dog badly or what?

  • Fortnite-cito
    Fortnite-cito 2 days ago

    This is a ram testicle, its a little more salty
    Dude had the balls to say that
    Pun bit intended😁

  • nishant Bhat
    nishant Bhat 2 days ago

    Please don't eat

  • C Ro
    C Ro 2 days ago

    Dude you are simply Esau In the bible

  • Winter WolfGirl2022
    Winter WolfGirl2022 2 days ago

    No of fence but to be honest raw meat sometimes has parasites and I can only assume that eating all these raw meat is not healthy at all

  • Alan Kelly
    Alan Kelly 2 days ago

    @3:50, his kids say um like a barbershop quartet

  • Don't Ask me
    Don't Ask me 2 days ago

    I was looking this up bc I saw a mucbang with a guy eating raw meat and I was wondering if that is healthy sort of like the tartar food thingy. But this seams sort of like he just had this idea and for sometime and when he saw a group of people that accepted this sort of idea he just went for it and so far it seams to work for him, strange yes but I think he might have a good point about the whole bacteria and how we eternalize to much (not that I understand that eternalizing things like hospital and your day to day stuff is a good idea but to much can actually hurt a person.) I heard stories from people that live in Mexico that had doctors recommend them to drink a glass a water before washing there mouth to get some of that bacteria in the stomach and make the person healthier tho of course with mesurment but never the less still interesting .

  • Hanzhong ZHANG
    Hanzhong ZHANG 2 days ago

    Intestine smoothie...

  • Bruh Clay
    Bruh Clay 2 days ago


  • Christina Martinez
    Christina Martinez 3 days ago


  • happy5808
    happy5808 3 days ago

    He just keeps getting worse... First the milkshake.. Or should I say meatshake, then the maggots, finally month old liver

  • happy5808
    happy5808 3 days ago

    Maggots 😭😭😭😭😓

  • happy5808
    happy5808 3 days ago


  • Im always bored
    Im always bored 3 days ago

    He seems like a kyle

  • The Blay
    The Blay 3 days ago

    Omg really the maggot 😩

  • Chad Michell
    Chad Michell 3 days ago

    fcking hipster

  • Bubba Sawyer
    Bubba Sawyer 4 days ago

    Too lazy to cook it

  • Irzarul Naim
    Irzarul Naim 4 days ago

    Derek: come to farm
    Cow: run for it RUN FOR IT

  • Leon X
    Leon X 4 days ago

    Neanderthals are white people before the Moors came at taught them society that you see today!

  • Benchmark Land
    Benchmark Land 4 days ago

    This goes against the vegan argument "humans need to cook meat" hence it's natural

  • Trevor Mcreath
    Trevor Mcreath 4 days ago

    Bet you have worms bruh I mean I love a rear steak but Damn

  • Makinley Warren
    Makinley Warren 4 days ago +5

    I wonder if he eats his girlfriend out when she's on her period

  • Lucy Luciano
    Lucy Luciano 4 days ago

    He looks like a serial killer

  • q420p
    q420p 4 days ago

    The real story is the guy once got so baked he started eating raw steak cuz he was so hungry and he loved it

  • Isaac Casarez
    Isaac Casarez 4 days ago

    Thinks he’s cool lol

  • m b
    m b 4 days ago +2

    on all levels except physical, he is a dog

  • Olivia Tay
    Olivia Tay 4 days ago +3

    One day i guarantee his going to want to know what humans taste like 🥴

  • CraZed
    CraZed 4 days ago

    wait i live here

  • Timothy Smit
    Timothy Smit 5 days ago

    John Rose fans triggered!

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 5 days ago

    I love meat as much as the next man but eating raw meat? Bloody gross 🤢

  • Caleb Mcgregor
    Caleb Mcgregor 5 days ago



  • Space_Cookie star
    Space_Cookie star 5 days ago

    He's trespassing

  • Brazyy Vibess
    Brazyy Vibess 5 days ago

    How come he didn’t die yet??

  • Jed Haddan
    Jed Haddan 5 days ago +1

    He’s been doing it almost a decade and looks great. It seems to look like it’s really working for him so why condemn his actions even if they aren’t “normal”.

  • Supar KillSwitch
    Supar KillSwitch 6 days ago

    im here because i think i just ate a half cooked sausege

  • R 96
    R 96 6 days ago

    Intestine smoothie..... Why😶

  • monny
    monny 6 days ago

    Ok he had the mosstt scarryy fridge evvvrr🙃🙃🙃

  • just random people
    just random people 6 days ago

    i got chills realizing that maybe someday he might be not get satisfy by 'just' animal meat..

  • Octo Chan
    Octo Chan 6 days ago

    this guy is uh scary

  • Kayla S
    Kayla S 6 days ago

    The mold really bothered me 😂

  • Mandy Lynn
    Mandy Lynn 7 days ago

    He has a GF?? 🤮🤮