How to Make a Japanese Breakfast

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  • 00943_jfti
    00943_jfti Day ago

    I eat banana for breakfast. If it’s a luxurious breakfast idk.

  • blazewithlight :D

    i eat air for breakfast on the regular

  • Keto Bushcraft
    Keto Bushcraft Day ago

    In Ukraine: Kasha. I enjoy a bowl of rolled oatmeal with water and a pinch of salt, no sugar, blitzed in the microwave. A luxury would be to add sliced banana on top, twice a week I do this. This Japanese breakfast looks very labor-intensive which is strange since I thought people work 27 hours a day in Japan so when do they manage to prepare these elaborate culinary creations before heading into their offices? (O_o)

  • Natale LaPlante
    Natale LaPlante Day ago

    OMG The foooooood! I miss Japanese food!

  • Ajr12103
    Ajr12103 4 days ago

    ... I need to get this to have a reason to wake up in the morning... MOM I FIGURED OUT HOW YOU CAN WAKE ME UP IN THE MORNING GRAB THE KEYS WHERE GOING TO THE STORE!!!!

  • Bowwizzle01
    Bowwizzle01 5 days ago

    What kind of rice is this? Normal sushi Rice?

  • Lydia Feitl
    Lydia Feitl 5 days ago

    I'm a vegetarian, and it seems super stereotypical, but whole fruit or like, a good green juice sounds like a perfect breakfast

  • Tyler Channell
    Tyler Channell 5 days ago

    Do you guys still eat this in the morning?

  • lnkrisher
    lnkrisher 5 days ago

    I don't eat breakfast so bacon, eggs, and toast is a luxury. We have a maple farm about 10 minutes away that makes great waffles and pancakes. (I'm from Western New York)

  • MyKansasMan
    MyKansasMan 8 days ago

    Annnnd now I want breakfast

  • Victor A ビクター

    In Germany we have "Brötchen", which is referred to as small breads, we add butter to it or cheese or ham or you can put on salami or jam, there are no limits! to that we would normally have a soft boiled egg, sometimes a croissant, and we drink coffee, tea or juice. Cereal or yoghurt is here really common as well. People in Germany are spliced into two groups: the ones that eat salty stuff on top of their Brötchen in the morning and the ones that only eat sweet stuff on top of it. I like both! :D
    I don't know if you like natto that much but I had it in Japan as well as a breakfast on my rice and I loved it. Added a whole other dimension of flavor to my breakfast tastes.

  • Waffle Gaming
    Waffle Gaming 11 days ago

    An egg,toast,sausage,waffle luxury break fast an egg,toast,2waffles,a burrito,ramen

  • Julia Gomez
    Julia Gomez 12 days ago

    I usually eat quesadillas, tacos de frijol (bean tacos), and menudo is my favorite.
    I can’t really think of any luxury food that I eat or have eaten, I’m not really that kind of person I guess. 😐

  • Kelly Leyva
    Kelly Leyva 12 days ago

    I usually just have cottage cheese + fruit for breakfast! Or if I have time, I make a smoothie w a lot of spinach + whatever fruit/juice is on hand. I prefer having something sweet for breakfast bc it usually curbs my cravings later in the day waaaay better than if I had eaten something savory. For me, a luxury breakfast would be something really heavy with carbs and fats. Like idk some poached eggs with a side of French toast, or beignets (god I love beignets). Or eggs Benedict. Best Sunday breakfast everrrr 😩❤️💕

  • Rithika Bhaskar
    Rithika Bhaskar 14 days ago

    My daily breakfast is just a glass of milk. My luxury breakfast would probably be a sandwich filled with cheese and a potato filling and orange juice. I can eat them for years without getting bored.

  • Marie l'italien
    Marie l'italien 14 days ago

    Whats on Martinas nails ? 😍

  • EleonoreUnderwood
    EleonoreUnderwood 14 days ago

    Coffee+oatmilk and sometimes like a pain au chocolat kind of thing, more like a brioche with chocolate (imfrenchbtwcouldyouadoptme?)

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim 15 days ago +1

    I am from Korea

  • Anna Martinez
    Anna Martinez 16 days ago

    I usually never have time for breakfast, my school starts at 7:30 AM so usually I don’t have breakfast but when I do it’s like a bagel with cream cheese or cereal. But a “luxury” breakfast for me is like bagels with cream cheese, eggs (cooked any way), and hash browns or home style potatoes... mm yummy

  • julio espinal
    julio espinal 19 days ago

    It tastes better if u don burn the egg b

    • julio espinal
      julio espinal 19 days ago

      Simon and Martina iv'e cooked tamagoyaki many times. Western style eggs are done till thy are slightly browned. Japanese style eggs are kept a pale yellow color. Turn down the heat after the oil heats up to about half it should still be very wet on one side and should not start to brown when u add the second batch. Then do the same on the other side to the point where it finishes cooking on he plate. You should get a pale yellow color without the orange or browning. It took me about 20 times cooking it before i got it right. I havent cooked it in about a year and a half and promise you i would f it up if i tried rn. It is not easy.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  19 days ago

      It's not burnt :) That's the mirin and soy sauce caramelizing but I can totally see that it looks that way.

  • Seth Honaker
    Seth Honaker 19 days ago

    i wake up and eat whole bowl of my own spit. that usually gets me through the day until i can eat some hotdogs cuz im poor

  • Allysa Putrie
    Allysa Putrie 20 days ago

    As an Indonesian...i usually eat Nasi Uduk (coconut rice with shredded omelette, fried shallots, tempe and peanut chilli sauce) so yummmmm

  • Malissa Xiong
    Malissa Xiong 21 day ago

    Omg I just keep watching this video over and over again!! Love you guys!

  • Back Off
    Back Off 21 day ago

    Pan dulce and cafe

  • cherry958
    cherry958 22 days ago

    For some odd reason, I really love this video😂. I've seen it so many times I've lost count💙

  • witch boy
    witch boy 22 days ago

    wheres that guys hair

  • Cooking with Lucas pak


  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 23 days ago

    I’d usually eat cereal 🥣 but my luxury breakfast is 🍜 ramen/ramyeon. I love y’all and your vids especially Martina 😂

  • gih sol
    gih sol 23 days ago

    i'm brazilian and in my breakfast i usually have some fruits like papaya, banana or peach, grilled bread with butter or brazilian cream cheese called requeijão, maybe a piece of a simple cake, like fubá or orange cake, coffee with milk and a bottle of fermented milk. 💜

  • Mylady ATS
    Mylady ATS 24 days ago

    Probably, I will eat that japanese breakfast as lunch. For me, it will be too strong to eat salmon in the morning.

  • Leo
    Leo 25 days ago

    My idea of a luxury breakfast is homemade American-style pancakes with maple syrup :)

  • Skyler Stemper
    Skyler Stemper 26 days ago

    I eat cereal and on weekends my dad makes biscuits gravy sausage eggs bacon bologna

  • Teo Castro Santiago
    Teo Castro Santiago 26 days ago

    Mmm, cereal😫

  • dancerinthemountains
    dancerinthemountains 26 days ago

    looks so yum. Here in my Australian household it's generally a bowl of cereal or some toast and coffee/tea for breakfast but I reckon my system would love something high protein and low sugar like this Japanese style breakfast

  • kitty_kat_ 1220
    kitty_kat_ 1220 26 days ago

    Regular nothing luxury is HAVING a breakfast

  • Meme Crusader
    Meme Crusader 26 days ago

    I am from Romania and i eat slanina with cheese, red onion, sausage and tomatoes

  • old nu
    old nu 29 days ago


  • The Fat Dumpling
    The Fat Dumpling 29 days ago

    i eat crayons

    INNA KHARIZMA Month ago

    I Live in bali.. My breakfast usualy balinees Pouridge.. We bought from market...Sometimes just rice with egg...

  • Trinh Ly
    Trinh Ly Month ago

    I too indulge in the Canadian delicacy that is Timé Ho Ho

  • Toni Dill
    Toni Dill Month ago

    I have a15 year old anime nerd....also known as my son. He calls furikake "furry caca" (caca in Spanish means poop). I'll text him to ask what he wants for supper or what flavor or type of soup or whatever, and he replies back with a poop emoji. He then gets popped upside the head when he gets home from school....

  • Simon Pham
    Simon Pham Month ago +1

    My breakfast is actually super foreign it’s something called “sleep” and “air” and the air is very spicy for me and I love it what’s your breakfast?

  • CathyFrancisco Tejada

    In Panama Salchichas Guisadas con Hojaldre! Basically stewed hot dogs in tomato sauce with something similar to Indian fried bread! I am an American living in Panama with my hubby, which is why I love watching your videos and how you both have adapted to life in both Korea and Japan!

  • Ara Choi
    Ara Choi Month ago

    My mother likes to make different variety of food, sometimes spaghetti sometimes nasi goreng, sometimes salmon in croissant, its different each time

  • Kosui Hydrogen
    Kosui Hydrogen Month ago

    I'm Occidental and vegan, so I make my own cereal mix (to avoid the horrible amount of added sugars you find in industrial cereal preparations like mueslis): it contains wheat, oats, barley, rice flakes, and spelt. On top of that, I add unsprouted beans (which are excellent for your health and actually tasty), dried fruits (mostly berries to eliminate toxins), a fresh banana, and finally, I pour some almond milk or almond milk based yoghurt on the whole preparation. I usually eat that with tea and additional fresh fruits.
    One bowl fills your for at least 4 hours, and it's delicious and easy to make. Also, fruits and cereals are not expensive in my country, so, I can afford it.

  • Anson Zhang
    Anson Zhang Month ago

    I’m Chinese so I usually eat like congee with pork and some century egg in it on school days I just have a protein shake cuz I need to get to school on time lmao

  • Magi's Videos
    Magi's Videos Month ago

    I'm american, but i have Hispanic roots. So my breakfast varies from different types egg breakfasts. Like potatoes and eggs, bacon and eggs, tortilla and ham with eggs, scrambled egg, sunny side up, turned over eggs, etc. We also usually have beans with our breakfast, but the beans can vary as well from time to time. Like we have normal smashed up beans, salted smashed beans, beans with onion, beans with chorizo, beans and cheese, etc. We also eat guacamole with it if we have avocados. If my parents are up for it, we also have barbacoa tacos or by itself along with it. Barbacoa is meat that's made of the meat of a cow's tongue or cheek. It's really good with onions and cilantro. We usually eat with tortillas, which could be corn or flour, my favorite is flour. We also sometimes make potato with chorizo to eat along with the eggs. It's so good UqU.

  • blueicegem84
    blueicegem84 Month ago

    Old comment but, in the Philippines. Its more half and half, you can be western in your breakfast. It kinda relies on how busy you are or how much time you can spend for breakfast. I guess what we're known for is garlic fried rice and Tuyo(dried fish) sometimes egg or Purefoods hotdog(for kids and adults alike). Some might even have Champorado(kinda like porridge but with chocolate) with Tuyo.
    If I would be honest, most of us are rushing to commute so Pandesal(bread) or Energen(powdered cereal milk drink) is usually what I consume 😂😂

  • Deniz Meriç
    Deniz Meriç Month ago

    Turkish breakfast is the best.Japanese is nice too :)

  • Mary Ann E Lagasca
    Mary Ann E Lagasca Month ago

    Philipines "Luxury" Breakfast
    *aroz caldo
    *fried rice, eggs, longanisa
    *left overs

  • Koko Chen
    Koko Chen Month ago

    Tim hortons hahahaa

  • Jason Lionheart
    Jason Lionheart Month ago

    people make this at 6am in the morning before work? i doubt it :P

  • S Rod
    S Rod Month ago

    I live in Oklahoma, USA and my breakfast usually consists of over easy eggs or scramble with some hash browns and a side of bacon or sausage. Sometimes some biscuits with sausage gravy hits the spot too. The breakfast in this video looks very good and sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Feminist Mermaid
    Feminist Mermaid Month ago

    Heh.....I eat (pretty much every day) a granny smith apple and coffee with cream and sugar......if I'm being slightly fancy, I'll have bread with peanut butter (and coffee) or oatmeal (my favorite is with sour peach jam, brown sugar, and cream)....a very fancy breakfast for me is french toast or a family dish egg & potato (it's like hash, with onions and greens). I'm American

  • eternalspacebody
    eternalspacebody Month ago

    Yeah, that is what it is to me also.The sofa is my backrest seriously

  • Tracy Hoang
    Tracy Hoang Month ago

    do you guys have a recipe for the cucumber? I think I had it once somewhere at a restaurant but i don’t know if it’s the same thing ;-;


    Ehem, excuse me as I Try to make an egg like that for the next 5 hours..

  • Kathleen Gatliff
    Kathleen Gatliff Month ago

    I know I'm kind of late to the game buuuuuuuut....
    I usually don't eat breakfast but if I do I will have toast with some spread on it and eggs if I'm feeling frisky. My idea of a luxury breakfast would be chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Sometimes even fresh baked muffins but that's only for special occasions. At least that's what I like, I'm not sure about the rest of America.

  • taemimi
    taemimi Month ago

    for breakfast i drink water LOL a luxury is if i remember to grab a banana on my way to school

  • April Yit
    April Yit Month ago

    A simple breakfast would be 2 half boiled egg seasoned with soya sauce and pepper and toast with butter and kaya (our local jam in Malaysia, it’s made of coconut milk and egg). Something luxurious would be Nasi Lemak with sambal sotong.

  • Lisette Gonzalez
    Lisette Gonzalez Month ago

    I'm always busy n shit so I just drink a breakfast smoothie, when I give my parents a visit they'll feed me like chorizo con huevo, or chilaquiles :,)

  • karen osorio
    karen osorio Month ago

    i'm from Colombia so my usual breakfast is AREPA with Chocolate (cocoa with milk or something like that) or Coffe with milk, but the fancy one is a dish call TAMAL (not the mexican one, is diferent)

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C Month ago

    Thanks for the video. Very enlightening. Kinda curious. What do you all do for work over there?

  • aditya gunawan
    aditya gunawan Month ago

    my breakfast is what ever i may have for lunch or dinner , there is no fixed rules about it :D

  • playmyheartstrings
    playmyheartstrings Month ago

    I used to be a pretty picky eater in the mornings because I get very Hangry, and it used to be pretty common for me to just have whatever we had leftover from dinner the day before. Now that I work nightshift and wake up at around 1 or 2 in the morning for work, though, I've become much less interested in breakfast. I started out eating chicken nuggets before work because it was fast and gave me lots of energy before working a very labor-intensive job, but now I don't actually tend to eat until we get our first break at around 4 or 4:30am. If that's the first time I'm eating in the morning, I usually get either a breakfast burrito (fake scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, BACON BITS, green peppers and cheddar cheese) or a pre-packaged snack pack of tuna salad and crackers. What I get really depends on how hungry I am. If I have the day off I usually either go out for breakfast (I still get something heavy and not breakfasty like bacon avacado burger or a huge american-style burrito) OR I make myself scrambled eggs (your style) and/or ramen (like the kind you made waaaaay back when in korean and you first introduced the innovation of processed cheese!).

  • Daina Zhou
    Daina Zhou Month ago

    since moving to singapore ive really enjoyed the local breakfast, which is grain toast with kaya jam and cold butter, dipped in softboiled eggs with pepper and soy sauce. seems weird, but the sweet and savory combination along with the texture contrast is SUPER satisfying. PLUS, it's also pretty common practice to have milk tea (none of that real dairy, only sweet sweet condensed milk) too, so its delicious. totally not healthy, but delicious.

  • Cookie123cool Cookie123cool

    Milk and cereal. Country special breakfast is Full Irish breakfast

  • Davis Fountain
    Davis Fountain Month ago


    MAUDE Month ago

    lol remember when you guys would make fun of kpop idols for not sitting on the chairs/couches in music videos? Now it is yoooouuuuuu. dun dun duuuuuuun~

  • Abby Johnson
    Abby Johnson Month ago

    Umm coffee. And whatever my toddler doesn't finish (she likes sharp cheddar, pepperoni and apple wedges).

    • Abby Johnson
      Abby Johnson Month ago

      Luxury breakfast: omelette with pan fried mushrooms and a peppermint mocha.

  • Marigold Dicer
    Marigold Dicer Month ago

    Woooo 1 millionth view!

  • Sara ASMR
    Sara ASMR Month ago

    I do not eat anything for breakfast

  • Dward Oval
    Dward Oval Month ago


  • hermmendez
    hermmendez Month ago

    I usually eat a sunny-side-up egg with tortilla or some quesadillas with beans (mashed) and some spicy salsa.
    We usually get together go out for breakfast on Sundays, not really fancy but not every day breakfast. Maybe quesadillas (but with elaborate fillings instead of just a spoonful of beans ) or chilaquiles (tortilla chips with sauce, cheese and sour cream ) with eggs, enchiladas (tortillas are very quickly dipped in hot oil, then covered in sauce and filled with chicken or cheese, usually topped with sour cream, cheese and lettuce ), I really like divorced eggs (two eggs, each one on top of a tortilla, one has a green sauce and the other a red one)
    If you haven't guessed already by the amount of tortillas and sauce I'm from Mexico :D haha

  • Isabella Noorifard
    Isabella Noorifard 2 months ago

    Costa Rica:Gallo pinto (beans, rice and seasonings), eggs, fried plantain with some cheese on top, bread, Natilla(sour cream), and maybe some salchichón, and don’t forget the Lizano (a type of salsa), avocado and tomatoes.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Month ago

      +Isabella Noorifard omg I am so jealous! That sounds absolutely delicious 🤤

  • Ana Valentina
    Ana Valentina 2 months ago

    I'm italian and we usually have milk (with coffee or chocolate or lone if you like) with biscuits, brioches, cereals or fette biscottate (like toasts but more sweet) with jam (or butter'n jam if you feel like weight doesn't matter to you hahaha!)

  • lynninpain
    lynninpain 2 months ago

    If I eat breakfast I can eat anything I would otherwise eat during the day. I even eat cereal for dinner sometimes. When I used to care more about what I ate, I would usually eat the same thing for breakfast: oatmeal with mashed banana (and other diced fruit if I had some, nectarines, berries, whatever) topped with flax seed and a little oat milk. (I'm not vegan; I just dislike the flavor of cow's milk.)
    Also, after having had an Italian girl that rented a room from me, I started drinking Italian coffee (Lavazza) that you make in that Italian metal coffee pot (moka pot) that you boil on the stove. The steam rises form the bottom part of the pot through the ground coffee that you've pressed tightly into the little steel filter, up through an inner steel tube and condenses in the upper part of the pot. Also drank the coffee with plant milk. That Italian coffee is quite addictive!

  • Lee Annas
    Lee Annas 2 months ago

    I eat air for breakfast

  • Fudutama The Egg
    Fudutama The Egg 2 months ago

    I only drink tea and eat a croissant.

  • Julie Ra
    Julie Ra 2 months ago

    J'adore vos vidéos! Continuez ainsi. Merci d'avoir pensée aux traductions!!!merci à mel d'avoir traduites ses vidéos en Français
    Mais malheureusement ils ne sont pas toutes traduites
    Sinon un grand merci à Simon et Martina!!😁

  • DorkyGirl 1236
    DorkyGirl 1236 2 months ago +1

    I honestly don't eat breakfast everyday, and even if I do I eat cereal.(I live in the US) If I take time to make breakfast, I eat a bacon and egg bagel sandwich ...

  • Arlett Porcayo
    Arlett Porcayo 2 months ago


  • Lin Vlogz
    Lin Vlogz 2 months ago

    I eat food and luxury food

  • caitlin monterroso
    caitlin monterroso 2 months ago

    Coffee, like two eggs and beans. There. Maybe bread or tortillas.

  • Rey Joon
    Rey Joon 2 months ago +1

    Im from Kuwait, I would eat daily scrambled eggs with salt , and feta cheese with olive oil, some tomatoes and olives and I’ll eat those with Arabic bread

  • Lisa Supprime
    Lisa Supprime 2 months ago

    I eat miso soup with tofu and tamagoAnd for my snack a granola bar

  • Jun
    Jun 2 months ago

    I usually eat rice and scrambled eggs
    For the drink, I just have tea
    I never ger bored of it lolol
    I'd love to make these Japanese breakfast someday
    The vegetables looks so delicious //I don't like vegetables, but those looks delicious//
    Japanese breakfast is the healthy combination to start your day

  • Geoff dad
    Geoff dad 2 months ago

    English breakfast sausage, egg, burger, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast and a BIG FAT CUPPA TEA

  • Sizzel B
    Sizzel B 2 months ago

    liverpaté on sandwich - Sweden (what i ate sometime before)
    nutella and butter on sandwich - Norway (what i always ate there, as a kid)
    There is probably other things but i often eat noodles since its fulling and quick to do.. aand i'm lazy and don't know what is good to eat for weight and other. I'm trying to fix that.

  • Ainiewainy
    Ainiewainy 2 months ago

    Chocolate Sprinkles is a staple in my country! My hubby doesn't eat pbjs but pb&chocolate sprinkles!

  • BS Gaming
    BS Gaming 2 months ago

    BESTBPM = bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, black pudding, fried mushrooms. All on the thickest white bread you can find <3 love your channel and all your amazing videos

  • Letty Nunez
    Letty Nunez 2 months ago

    Don't have time, so I keep rolled oats at work and just add hot water and a table spoon of maple syrup to sweeten it. Would love a breakfast like this every morning though

  • missMKX
    missMKX 2 months ago


  • Daan Overbekking
    Daan Overbekking 2 months ago

    was that piano from a mozart sonata?

  • minty fresh
    minty fresh 2 months ago

    for breakfast i usually eat 1 min porridge and some fruit, on special occasions i would have bacon, eggs and panacakes

  • minty fresh
    minty fresh 2 months ago

    as a canadian the tim hortons thing is hilarious, i think i passed three on my home from class today lol

  • Captain Kit
    Captain Kit 2 months ago

    Mmmm I love some fresh spam and crispy crispy sunny side up egg on top of last night's cold rice. When the extremely hot meats mix with the cold rice in my mouth it's just THE BEST THING TO WAKE UP TO. Add a little crispy fried shallots, banana ketchup and toyo (soy sauce) and that's Filipino breakfast for me!

  • Connor Mann
    Connor Mann 2 months ago

    Pop tarts 😬 everyday 😂
    Luxury breakfast eggs, bacon, etc

  • Alejandro M.
    Alejandro M. 2 months ago

    Where I live we'll have nacatamales, a steamed corn (dumpling?) filled with meat, potato, rice, and tomato all wrapped together in a banana leaf with coffee on the side. The nacatamal is basically a bigger, better version of the more widely known Mexican tamales. I always love eating them at my grandmother's house on Sundays.

  • Jessica Ravan
    Jessica Ravan 2 months ago

    I would eat half a cup of oatmeal other fruits or berries with cinnamon and I would have some watermelon,honeydew or cantaloupe on the side 🙏😫I love it. A luxurious breakfast would be cereal 😐 yeah I’m not fancy