Rich American Man Financially Supports His 22 Year Old Brazilian Fiancé | 90 Day Fiancé

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • While on a cruise in Croatia, Michael met Juliana, a 22 year old Brazilian model. He has given her access to his credit cards so that she doesn't have to worry about money.
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Comments • 258

  • waff -
    waff - 14 hours ago

    get that coin sis

  • Fanaticalplel Oof
    Fanaticalplel Oof 6 days ago

    He seems like a fantastically nice guy from the get go.

  • Dragon Boy
    Dragon Boy 7 days ago

    This guy doesn't get it

  • Matheos Christou
    Matheos Christou 14 days ago +2

    I would definitely date him and I’m a 23yo male. He looks good for his age

  • Angel Valencia
    Angel Valencia 15 days ago


  • FaZeIury YT
    FaZeIury YT 16 days ago

    The thing is that I’m half Brazilian

    • Harraps
      Harraps 15 days ago

      FaZeIury YT who cares?

  • The odd 1s out fan I love odd 1 out

    He looks about 32

  • Simanta Kalita
    Simanta Kalita 18 days ago +1

    Pure gold digger.

  • Mr. Mango
    Mr. Mango 18 days ago +1

    Being Rich makes Men stupid for some reason, I’m greatful that I’m not rich

  • Daniel Barreto
    Daniel Barreto 18 days ago +1

    She is a gold digger mate

  • Nic
    Nic 20 days ago

    He looks better with more hair

  • J K
    J K 21 day ago

    No one else notices the breast implants?

  • YagNation™️
    YagNation™️ 21 day ago

    0:04 ford GT interior in a 911?

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn 23 days ago

    His age is starting to show. It is called modern day prostitution, and sure he met her on a cruise the same way cardi b was discovered at a strip club by her now cheating husband. The stories people makeup to hide their embarassing past.

  • Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

    And his boyfriends name is.......

  • Twinky McWaddle
    Twinky McWaddle 23 days ago

    You are a superficial rich guy.. If she were overweight and less attractive I bet you wouldn't have given her even one look.. to give her access to your credit cards is simply ludicrous !!!

  • steph baybiie
    steph baybiie 25 days ago

    I live 2min away from this guy lol 🤣🤦‍♀️

    • Lio Jio
      Lio Jio 23 days ago

      ask for his autograph

    LEEWY V 27 days ago +1

    Wants the visa

  • † pew †
    † pew † 28 days ago +2

    He reminds me of a older version of matpat

  • Stud Muffin
    Stud Muffin Month ago +11

    Everyone has got to bring something to the table. She brings looks. He brings money and security. She wouldn't be with him if he was penniless, and he wouldn't be with her if she weighed 200 pounds and had buck teeth. It is what it is. Nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone knows what the deal is.

  • catrapesco
    catrapesco Month ago

    I wish I had a bigger wallet!!

    • ChubbyDino
      ChubbyDino Month ago

      you can buy bigger wallet :)

  • Annie D
    Annie D Month ago

    Cheap USA people comment ohh she is for the green card, while most of you/or parents went to USA for exact same reason! Can you shut up and look up your life first. Then judge

  • xXKilling MyselfxX
    xXKilling MyselfxX Month ago


  • It'sAlexis
    It'sAlexis Month ago


  • Juan Franco
    Juan Franco Month ago

    MTF u STUPID, come on now.

  • Luz Aljannah
    Luz Aljannah Month ago

    All those hoes from brazil thats all they know in life being a sugar babies and dance in the pole

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who Month ago +1

    Feel bad for the man, she might be using him, once she’s known and able to support herself she might leave him and find a man around her age

  • Snap City
    Snap City Month ago +1

    what a loser, she just wants your money

  • Nicole Devereux
    Nicole Devereux Month ago


  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Month ago +1

    This show is so racist.

    DJ_FLYER Month ago +5

    Even if this girl was trafficked in the past. I think she deserves to be out of that scene and with one guy, one can only hope he actually met her and supported her rather than buying her.

  • Just Marcus
    Just Marcus Month ago +2

    This is not going to end well when she decides to leave him for and younger Guy.

  • Nour mild
    Nour mild Month ago

    Rich American buy a Young girl. Why doesn't he just pay for escort girl.. This is so wrong to play thiq false romantic comedy to himself

  • Daisy Gacha
    Daisy Gacha Month ago +2

    42 years old and a 22-year-old YOUNG girl *that's illegal.*

  • Lilly Lagove
    Lilly Lagove Month ago +1

    Miss. Brazil is skinny and needs to eat more things

  • Dawn B
    Dawn B Month ago +4

    This guy looks terrible! He’s not fit at all. She is okay, but not a knockout. He’s a dirty old perv & she’s a poor trick from a 3rd world country. There you have it folks. NEXT! This couple bores me.....🙄

  • Heidi Boals
    Heidi Boals Month ago

    You go daddy

  • Shemar McMillian
    Shemar McMillian Month ago +1

    It's breaks my heart seeing this men give their money away in order to satisfy a woman. I know money is important, but u can't be that shallow to not understand that you are the prize. Not driving in a foreign.

  • Ruben Wong
    Ruben Wong Month ago

    The family are only mad at the fact that you spend more money with her than with them specially moms

  • AGydell
    AGydell Month ago

    The most accurate title ever

  • CurrencyTraderXAUUSD

    I dont think a single male that just saw this would consider you an "old pervert". Bruh!

  • MsMichelle026
    MsMichelle026 Month ago

    I live near him

  • Joás Veiga
    Joás Veiga Month ago +2

    I'm brazilian too and I think money does everything 😅😂

  • Jasmine Belle
    Jasmine Belle Month ago +6

    So she'll murder him to take all his money and it's gonna be a documentary on female killers! I don't make the rules so don't attack me cuz idc😂😂

  • Richard Gonzalez
    Richard Gonzalez Month ago +2

    Naw brah you sounding like one of these sleeve ball rich guys with money. Keep it real- you gave her your bank account number. BuyingpussyMF!!!

  • Carly Lalalallaa
    Carly Lalalallaa Month ago +3

    She looks so different compared to her pics 😂

  • PhonyTruth
    PhonyTruth Month ago

    This guys a douche

  • Rebecca Hancock
    Rebecca Hancock Month ago +5

    Money for youth, I agree it was a Jeff Epstein type party. No love.

    BEAUTY BAR & SALON Month ago

    Now that’s a real man lol

    BEAUTY BAR & SALON Month ago

    Go ahead then 🎈

  • fatiha lourai
    fatiha lourai Month ago

    Plz sister brothers welcome to this channel hospitality asmaa for share and help thanks

  • ty shu
    ty shu Month ago

    Society is strange on one side there are no good men out here. Now you have a man trying to take care of his fiancee and ppl say she is a gold digger lol. Can't make anyone happy just live ya life

    LIFE AND LOVE Month ago

    I really hate this guy cause he is just an opinion own money right?

  • Ferny Forbes
    Ferny Forbes Month ago

    What song is that in the intro

    AYO TERICA Month ago +1

    Where is my sucker? 😂

  • Iron Revenger9
    Iron Revenger9 Month ago +2

    A yacht party of all places... so not genuine

  • Guilherme Branco
    Guilherme Branco Month ago

    Lol she is brazillian...

  • Alysson
    Alysson Month ago +1

    She is not even THAT good looking. He could find much much more beatiful girls in Brazil.

  • Jessi0_o
    Jessi0_o Month ago +12

    The kissing pictures look so nasty she looks like she’s kissing her grandpa

    • Tess Rule
      Tess Rule Month ago

      She is fine kissing him if it means another 20k for her

    • Ibrahim.m M-512
      Ibrahim.m M-512 Month ago

      and he rich she lucky girl , if I'm a girl of course I will be so happy with him

    • Ibrahim.m M-512
      Ibrahim.m M-512 Month ago

      he doesn't force her she loves him he said that !

  • Claire Louise
    Claire Louise Month ago +7

    42 you say ...😂

    • D W
      D W Month ago

      man looks like he's 60😂😂