Podcast #129 - PewDiePie, YouTube & The WSJ

  • Published on Feb 19, 2017
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  • BIRB
    BIRB 15 hours ago

    Everyone who watches Pewdiepie's content is privileged...about what? Privileged about not being anal?

  • Ian Rouillard
    Ian Rouillard 4 days ago

    I absolutely adore Jenna and Julien and I am very indifferent to PewDiePie. This is old, but I think it's important to remember that although the media was fuckin' dishonest and deserves to be harshly criticized. Just because PewDiePie is a fellow TVclipr doesn't mean he shouldn't be highly criticized for making such innapropriate jokes. It's not just an issue of freedom of speech, it's an issue of making jokes about the death of million of peoples that happened not THAT long ago. I just think there is space to criticize both with the same intensity and even though Jenna and Julien said they were bias in the beginning, I think it's a bit tone deaf to fully defend Felix and say he did nothing wrong. He's not a nazi, but he did make very innapropriate jokes that should not have been made.

  • Tired Kiddo
    Tired Kiddo 7 days ago

    It’s just Sacha baron Cohen style of comedy

  • MyinkX
    MyinkX 10 days ago

    Haven't watched the video yet, I'm just excited that I recognize the place where the picture on the green screen is from :D it's Stortorget, the historic center of Gamla Stan, the beautiful old town of Stockholm

  • Lucas the Crazy
    Lucas the Crazy Month ago


  • Lucas the Crazy
    Lucas the Crazy Month ago

    Conspiracy theory: ok so context I watched a shane dawson video and he came up or spread a theory saying the reason many Disney stars acted out was to get out of their contracts sooooo if Felix was signed to Disney he had a contract obviously and MAYBE he wasn’t getting the right I don’t know stuff soooooo he did that to “act out” and get out of his contract and he wanted to do his experiment on the side as a cover because he ain’t no fool, but in no way do I myself think Felix is a supporter of the nazi regime

  • Lee F
    Lee F Month ago +2

    Still waiting for Felix and Julien collab. Not stream. Actual collab.

  • Hypothetical Glass
    Hypothetical Glass 2 months ago +2

    He's most certainly not a Nazi, but he's also not really a nice person. This culture of making offensive jokes only to yell, "it's a joke, get over it" when someone actually gets offended, and the continue to make the same jokes is really just inconsiderate and cruel. If you don't want to hurt anyone, you don't make those kinds of jokes in the first place. And he makes them habitually. Cutting them together to make him look like an actual Nazi is wrong, but making those jokes is not right either.
    There are some people here in the comments who say they're Jewish and they're not offended, and I respect that. You do you. But here's the thing - I'm also Jewish and my family has been affected by actual Nazis, and I find it sickening that he makes those kinds of jokes and is then surprised that people are hurt. He could have made the same point by going with a phrase like "Poopy apples", or anything else, but he chose something anti-Semitic, something that not so long ago was very real in our world, something that would obviously hurt people. He didn't have to. If he was just a little less inconsiderate, he would have chosen something else, something ridiculous that could have made the same point without being offensive, but he went for the racist thing, because that's edgier, and for that, I can never stand with him.
    Besides, someone who actually isn't in any way racist would never have thought to use _that_ to make a point, they would have chosen something else, because they would have known and cared that this would hurt people. They would have known genocide is not a joke.
    Since then, PDP has done plenty of other anti-Semitic, racist, ablist things, and the fact that people still stand with him is disheartening. And no, it's not media against one person. It's media against a person and his huge fandom army, many of whom will follow him no matter what he says and does. He influences people's minds with this behavior, and the fact that no one wants to hold him accountable for repeatedly doing bigoted things becomes a bigger and bigger problem the more people choose to emulate him.

    • Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen Month ago

      Hypothetical Glass It’s like prank culture all over again. You can say whatever you want and when you get backlash you’re get out of jail card is “it’s just a prank/joke”. It’s bullshit. Pewdiepie may not be a nazi but what he is doing is definitely dangerous essentially normalizing behavior like that.

  • Julie Chau Pham
    Julie Chau Pham 2 months ago

    who the hell wrote that buzzfeed article thats just pathetic and mean

  • AreUTakingTheBubble
    AreUTakingTheBubble 3 months ago +4

    I respect the Jewish community in the comments who are have decided not to take offence to PewDiePie's comments but as a black person, watching somebody (not just somebody but arguably the biggest TVclipr of all time) blurt out the N-Word twice with zero repercussions is frankly demoralising and hurtful.

  • jack hawk
    jack hawk 3 months ago +6

    this aged poorly huh?

  • Unicorn Tongues
    Unicorn Tongues 3 months ago +2

    i really do hope pewdiepie dies

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson 3 months ago

    fast forward 2.5 years, he's legit DOUBLED how many subscribers he had when this video was uploaded and that's so insane. the fact that this buzzfeed author degraded him even though he's more influential than that author will ever be ever is disgusting. he's broken so many records and been a role model and inspiration to hundreds of millions of people and one joke should never define someone. no matter what.

  • anna Oop
    anna Oop 3 months ago +1

    I love watching Jenna and Julien pull out actual research and freaking highlight articles...It goes to show how smart they are. I forget sometimes that Jenna has a fucking masters degree.

  • Hudson Kneifel
    Hudson Kneifel 3 months ago +3

    i know this video is two years old, but the thing is now that Felix IS a legitimate antisemitist now. maybe not as far as to say nazi, i myself am a jew and ive done a LOT of looking into everything hes said and done and the things hes supported and approved of, and everything hes done in the past two years has become increasingly antisemitic and repulsive. i know you guys are biased but you shouldn't be sticking up for a white man being very antisemitic when theres thousands of jews telling all of you that what hes doing is Fucked Up. i dont know if your opinion has changed in the past years since this has happened but i know you still actively support Felix and its worrisome and disappointing. i love yall and all your vlogs, videos, and podcasts, but i cant enjoy creators' content without guilt when they stand up for facists. i myself have put in the work to write a lot about what hes done and said (not taken out of context) as well as a lot of other people whove put in a lot of work to try and show yall that Felix has been being antisemitic, ableist, and a whole load of other shit for years, and i hope yall see this and will take the time to read it and consider the view of the many communities who are majorly affected by people like pewdiepie who do and say the things he does. ugliasd.tumblr.com/post/183369224279/yall-need-to-stop-supporting-pewsiepie-heres-some theroguefeminist.tumblr.com/post/157477650773/many-people-defending-pewdiepie-argue-that-he-has (yeah ik theyre tumblr posts but one i wrote my self with evidence and sources and the other is also written by another jewish person affected by the shit felix has done)

  • Wes Moran
    Wes Moran 3 months ago +5

    oof, this did not age well. felix just kept being antisemitic and racist. i expected jenna/julien to have a more...balanced view.

  • Thighland 101
    Thighland 101 3 months ago +2

    16:10 Basically😂❤️ I’ve been watching your podcasts (and listening) and found this video. Wow I’ve been blind. He trashes the WSJ a lot but I didn’t know it was because of that video. I watched that video when he first uploaded it and thought “WOW, money can make you do weird stuff.” I didn’t know he had to delete it. Thanks for supporting free speech. Joke police are soon going to be Thought police.

  • at me
    at me 4 months ago +1

    These are my favorite podcastd and this is my favorite Jenna 💕

  • TheRosaskye
    TheRosaskye 4 months ago +1

    the buzzfeed piece bothers me with all the shit they post on youtube

  • Finya Fuxfell
    Finya Fuxfell 4 months ago +4

    Late to the party but I wanted to share my 2 cents. To be honest, allthough they made a ridiculous situation out of it, I am still angry that Felix even tried to get this message out. Now (I only found this podcast recently) more than ever.
    My family experienced the second world war. Some of them were brave enough to risk their life and hide jews, some have served in the war, some have been in the bunker, praying to survive another attack. One of grandfathers was never able work though it, so he talked about it whenever he could with any person that was here. Some of the people I know refuse to talk about it, even today. There is so much more I could write about the pain that the holocaust left my family with (/the whole world) but I try to make it as short as possible.
    Right now, I am in a country with a lot of ex-servants and it is heartbreaking, to see the pain they are going through.
    I know that Felix was extremely shocked, when he saw that his requests have worked. But it is easy to say afterwards, that it was meant as an experiment/joke. Because that action still hurts, and it makes me angry, that some people won't think things through to see what this could mean to him, his subscribers or anyone else, who has a closer relationship to that topic.

  • Kate Vaughn
    Kate Vaughn 5 months ago

    This is the best 2 hours on TVclip. God damn I love you J & J & PewDiePie ♥️♥️♥️

  • Layla Mae
    Layla Mae 5 months ago +3

    Why am I watching this in 2019??!

  • TheRussianChild
    TheRussianChild 5 months ago

    That person who wrote that article from buzzfeed bashing Felix sounds like an easily offended feminist who is jealous of Felix’s success.

  • Susanne Glasl
    Susanne Glasl 5 months ago +2

    okay its been a long time and you probably won't read this but I would love to hear your 2019 opinion on the matter of PewDiePie with everything that happened since then. have you're opinions changed at all? if so, how and why?
    Id also like to point out that I don't think its a accurate description of the situation to say its "all these giant media outlets against one person" when Felix is so unbelievably ridiculously influential just based on him being the literal biggest TVclip in the world. he has millions and millions of people hanging on his every word with no real accountability. the world has never really seen anything quite like this before so it should be treated according to the magnitude and gravity of what were dealing with here. its not just one random guy on youtube, its PewDiePie the brand, the empire. And as we've seen in Christchurch, his stuff really gets around.
    Love and respect the shit out of you guys always!

  • Somewhtsane
    Somewhtsane 5 months ago

    I know I'm very late to the conversation here, currently rewatching old JandJ pods, but I find its kind of funny how the point of pewdiepies video was to see how people will do anything for money and then the WSJ and the other media sources took this story and turned it into something massive for profit. Jenna and Julien are right when they said they got the job done and made all their money with clicks by using pewdiepies name. Its kind of just proving his point, people will go to great lengths and will literally try to tear someone down for their own gain.

  • glencarlo
    glencarlo 6 months ago

    With articles such as this, it's not surprising to see the left get more and more hate. There are always people who veer too much to the right or to the left or any other fuckin direction that people seem to gravitate. Two party systems like in the US proves how it affects not only political systems but also individual ideologies.

  • James McManus
    James McManus 6 months ago +1

    16:12 boys and men???? That’s fucking sexist! It’s not only “boys and men” that are capable of hate! I hate this reverse sexism thing that keeps going on in today’s society, where people think they’re taking the moral high ground by trying to defend women while bashing men. That is not fighting for equality. Feminism is defined as believing that women should have equal rights to everyone else. This article literally is painting males of all being full of hate.
    Also sorry for the paragraph that no one read I’m just mad 😆

    • James McManus
      James McManus 6 months ago

      And then saying all men don’t care about rape. Fucking ridiculous.

  • James McManus
    James McManus 6 months ago +3

    Omg when Jenna gets mad she gets that accent from her old videos. Y’all know what I’m talking is not about?

  • lauren song covers
    lauren song covers 6 months ago

    I'm literally at brown liberal LGBT female who loves pewdiepie. I don't think he did anything wrong. Wtf.

  • aangel plushies
    aangel plushies 6 months ago

    I know it's been a long time since this whole situation hamppened, but I honestly didn't have a grasp on the whole situation until just now watching this podcast. And I totally agree with you guys that the whole situation is fucked, but I'm not at all supprised to see TVclip not stand up for it's creators because it seems so cold and robotic to me, they just follow their rules like running a code and they have no warpth of human compassion behind their actions. Even with their biggest creator they don't seem to even see the situation as a patron but rather viewing Felix as a product.

  • kavya nair
    kavya nair 6 months ago

    i don’t know if it’s weird but i sleep to podcasts that jenna julien rant in

  • JAy Dub
    JAy Dub 6 months ago +3

    I love you guys. I would like to see an updated video about the live stream and pew using the N word. More than once. Some say slip of the tongue. I call bullshit on this. I am a white woman married to a black man. I don’t care who you are. If you call it a slip of the tongue it’s a word that you use. Period end of story. I don’t care where you grew up and whom ever was using it around you. It’s wrong and it really pissed me off because he is such a huge influencer. It certainly didn’t help him look like he isn’t racist. So yes. It does make it look like he is normalizing hate speech. Whether he is or not. I don’t think it was part an organized way to be a supporter of those hate groups. Yes he said it was inappropriate to say it. Still it’s not ok. Also he could have used millions of different things to get his point across in that joke without using the all Jews must die. Very poor taste. I didn’t find it funny. I am glad that you addressed all of the stuff going on with the wall street journal and everything you covered in this podcast. The N word happened later. Still an updated video would be great.

  • Jimin's pinky
    Jimin's pinky 7 months ago

    57:30 explains why pewds has no legs

  • Uppaw
    Uppaw 7 months ago +10

    The background is Sweden lol

  • Adeline D
    Adeline D 7 months ago

    idk how to feel about this. the joke (imo) was kinda dumb and i don't fuck with nazi jokes, but clearly it was a joke and was taken out of context. i don't love his stuff, but i think the media took it too far. he's not a LITERAL nazi, just a guy who made some dumb jokes.

  • Ace Morow
    Ace Morow 7 months ago +5

    so disappointed that my favorite youtubers support someone who has repeatedly made anti-semitic jokes and then "apologized" for them. apologizing for being discriminatory and then continuing to behave like that.... it truly throws the validity and sincerity of the apology out the window. deeply hurt that the people i trusted most on this platform support somebody like him

    • Casey Alexander
      Casey Alexander 7 months ago +6

      I'm concerned that you didn't hear a single word she said.
      your opinion is valid and so is her's

  • theredsasosin
    theredsasosin 7 months ago

    I have and always will stand with you guys, Felix, Phil and anyone who wants to share their opinions and their voice. It is a fundamental American right and the fact that corporate America is trying to silence that is terrifying.
    Love you guys and am proud to be part of the Dink Fam! 💜

  • martojacinto
    martojacinto 8 months ago +1

    53 million lol

  • Jade Retro
    Jade Retro 8 months ago +1

    You guys rock and I'm glad you tell it like it is

  • Pagten EIE
    Pagten EIE 8 months ago

    I just watched a reupload of the video and then a video by pewdiepie reading articles and talking about it. I understand it was made as a joke and that halfhearted people working for WSJ doing just this kind of shit, is not just mindblowing in my opinion, but I also don't understand. Another thing I don't understand, is that fiverr wasn't touched at all (I haven't read all the articles, though). The sellers on the website should have known that the request by Felix might have been considered a violation of the terms of service. Felix did not deserve this kind of treatment and the sellers should not have been let go without any consequences

    • martojacinto
      martojacinto 8 months ago

      Pagten EIE That’s because like Jenna said it wasn’t about the joke or the fiverr thing they wanted to hurt the platform and creators.

  • Sofia Salazar
    Sofia Salazar 8 months ago

    I appreciate how you guys always make sure whatever you say is well thought out. Thank you for being the backbone of TVclip🖤🖤

  • blackieclaire
    blackieclaire 8 months ago +1

    Catching up on older podcasts. I have so much respect for you guys.

  • Hope Mackenzie Frey
    Hope Mackenzie Frey 9 months ago

    What a great decision I’ve made to watch this video at 2am when I have to get up at 6am and also have an anxiety disorder and an obsessive personality disorder. All nighter, anyone?

  • Jayde Hall
    Jayde Hall 9 months ago

    One thing that shows how much the BuzzFeed people do not know about PewDiePie is that he isn't even American. I don't follow him and I know he is Swedish and doesn't even live in the US! All those older generation people that idolize people like Elvis who was a drug using wife abuser, don't realize how big Generation Z is. As soon as we are old enough to vote and work watch out Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Lost Generation, and Millennials, Gen Z is already known for actually fixing problems instead of whining about them. We have fricken college students building affordable electric cars that they refuse to sell to car companies, because we know that car companies have a rediculous monopoly supported by the government over the auto market. Middle schoolers inventing safe classroom solutions for not only school shootings but natural disasters. Many educators who have written books about this generation coming up is that, they won't stand for the way things are and will refuse ignore issues that others generations have. They will be change agents supported by themselves and fellow Gen Z's. We have less sex under age, do less drugs, less drinking under age, and participate in less crime. They are just afraid.

  • caitolent
    caitolent 9 months ago

    Never seen Jenna so mad. I'm glad she and Julien chose this cause to champion. Good for both of you.

  • Cameron Andrews
    Cameron Andrews 10 months ago +6

    I don’t think we should be selectively outraged about situations. We want to be on the side of the creator in this situation, but when it comes to Logan Pauls situation, the blame is placed on him. No, I’m not defending Logan, I’m glad he faced criticism. But why isn’t it okay for PDP to face criticism? The news coverage is so bad/wrong with PDP but the news coverage for Logan is okay. I don’t get it, sorry.

  • just a cup of tea
    just a cup of tea 10 months ago +1

    rita skeeter has entered the chat

  • Thurzatuhl
    Thurzatuhl 10 months ago +3

    Maybe y'all should take this down now

    • Thurzatuhl
      Thurzatuhl 7 months ago +2

      @Kennedy Smith Worse. His channel served as the focal point of white nationalists who supported the shooter. The shooter's last words were "subscribe to pewdiepie."

    • Kennedy Smith
      Kennedy Smith 7 months ago

      Thurzatuhl did he make a joke about it

    • Thurzatuhl
      Thurzatuhl 7 months ago

      @Kennedy Smith The Christchurch Massacre

    • Kennedy Smith
      Kennedy Smith 7 months ago

      Thurzatuhl why

  • lala3s3
    lala3s3 10 months ago +3

    Rewatching this video and hearing julien say pewdiepie has 53million subcribers is everything 🤣😂 given that he's at 90 million subscribers lol 🤣😂 clearly he has stayed more relevant than the media!

  • Abigail Nagy
    Abigail Nagy 10 months ago

    I agree. The media attacking and coming out like this was absolutely ridiculous and out of line. No understanding of the internet culture clearly did them dirty. On the other hand, in hindsight, I'm not inclined to believe it truly was a joke, considering what has followed since. Racial slurs during livestreams, incredibly insensitive tweets about a woman suffering from drug addiction, and called another woman a crybaby for talking about the subscriber gap from male TVcliprs to female TVcliprs, because he misunderstood what she was trying to say. All of this weakens his apology then and makes it seem less sincere

  • A Wal
    A Wal 10 months ago

    Ok so this is old BUT this was the worst thing the traditional media could do for their brand. I believe in freedom of the press but this was blatant lies. This is why people like trump can discredit the media because the media took felix’ video completely out of context. It makes me angry because there are journalists who are doing real good work and the wsj just fucks it up big time. You want more people like trump? You got it.

  • Cammy Ivy
    Cammy Ivy 10 months ago +3

    Now that the shooting in New Zealand just happened, just waiting for you guys to have a view on it

  • Angel He
    Angel He 10 months ago +2

    I know I’m watching this late, but the fact that all this even happened and that even a few years later that neither Disney or TVclip put down their pride to apologize to PewDiePie is ridiculous. He’s been through so much and worked so hard to get where he is right now. His influence on the TVclip platform is incredible and I really hope he holds his place as most subscribed because he really deserves it.

  • Mia Fine
    Mia Fine 10 months ago +5

    I hear you, really do. But I can’t ever be ok with what Felix did. The holocaust and anti-semitism isn’t a joke, nor should it ever be. We lost family to the Nazis, my Grandmother lost some of her siblings, and family. Her husband lost all 10 toes hiding in the snow from the Nazis. She was separated from her sister. Her mother lost children, they were murdered. My grandmother survived 2 concentration camps and a death march. Billions of people didn’t.

  • Sarah . Just Sarah
    Sarah . Just Sarah 11 months ago +2

    Jenna is so protective of my integrity as a viewer. She has reached mom level over millions of people. I trust her, even though I've never met her. How many other people can you say that about?

  • Mary McCartney
    Mary McCartney 11 months ago

    I love how throughout this podcast you just watch pewdiepie's subscriber count go up.

  • Blake Ritchie
    Blake Ritchie 11 months ago

    I really wanna see a video where you both react to your first video! I can't find Jenna's first, and I love watching people react to their old stuff 😂

  • Mariposa Allebasi

    This is almost two years old, but I'm so glad I've got to hear such an intelligent stance on this situation. Absolutely thankful for Felix, and Jenna! Same with Julien.

  • pooj
    pooj Year ago

    I hereby dub Jenna and Julien as part of the 9 yo army 😎😎👊👊

  • Royalti
    Royalti Year ago

    It was a risky and wrong joke but I still love him 🤦🏽‍♀️ I know I’m late