• Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • Here is what i bought:
    Today we go shopping for new fish for some of the aquariums. I wanted to find some asian type fish for the new asian based aquarium... but had no luck. I did however find other fish i just had to have... of course. lol
    Details of store and buying tickets:
    Buy tickets in store:
    75 Macdonald Ave
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Call to buy:
    1 - (902) - 446-3474
    OR buy online here:
    Tickets are $10 each
    Draw will be Dec 3rd by Jeff in store(store owner)
    3rd will get a $200 store voucher
    2nd will get a $300 store voucher
    1st will get a 1/2 day trip to the King of DIY Gallery and dinner.
    Winner will be picked up by Jeff at the store. Date of tour will likely be the following Friday or Saturday.
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    Check back daily as I make a video almost every day!
    MAIL TO:
    PO BOX 25054
    Truro, NS
    B2N 7B8
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  • The king of DIY
    The king of DIY  11 months ago +212


  • Blueice Menthol
    Blueice Menthol 3 days ago

    those arro are a beast

  • Marivy Dimatulac
    Marivy Dimatulac 7 days ago

    and if it is a female name her shayne and if it is a male name him michel alright

  • Marivy Dimatulac
    Marivy Dimatulac 7 days ago

    you buy a flowerhorn

  • gryphon Beatty
    gryphon Beatty 9 days ago +4


  • Arebon Official
    Arebon Official 13 days ago

    Waw i have this fish louhan at my home...
    Familiar in asean
    Louhan Super red dragon 👍👍

  • Kevins Aquaristik
    Kevins Aquaristik 16 days ago +1

    Hey TVclip!!!
    I have a German Aquaristik Chanel!!
    Check it out!!

  • Thanathorn Umathorn
    Thanathorn Umathorn 16 days ago

    For the arowana thing, it feels like you're cheating on your own arowana at home, haha

  • Pink Punches
    Pink Punches 18 days ago +1

    2:29 look the fish under the big black thingy!!

    • Protips Phanic! At the Disco
      Protips Phanic! At the Disco 5 days ago

      Axtra no.. the black thing is the sponge filter

    • Axtra
      Axtra 17 days ago +1

      That black thing is an airstone and is what was producing th bubbles but nice eye cause there is no way i would have saw it if you didnt say where it was

  • Jack Hefford
    Jack Hefford 20 days ago +3

    id much rather have the 300 gift card than a tour of a fish room :/

  • Dylanus91
    Dylanus91 27 days ago

    wich fish is that at 10:40

  • freddie kruger
    freddie kruger 29 days ago +1

    To gurami fight with plecos

      JEFFERSON NGUYEN 22 days ago

      No surface fish usually leave bottom feeders alone but pleco might be to scared to eat

    • outdoor boys
      outdoor boys 25 days ago

      Mine dont

  • EvaTherese 1
    EvaTherese 1 Month ago +2

    I know I'm late.. but I have 14 gouramis (dwarves) and I LOVE them! Beautiful fish

  • AdmiralOddSock
    AdmiralOddSock Month ago +2

    Massive respect for what you guys a did for the family! If more people done more for others the world would be a bigger and better place! I love watching people who are overexcited about their hobbies! It’s always awesome to watch a guy and his craft!

  • Zeke Boost
    Zeke Boost Month ago +3

    Does anybody know what camera he uses?

  • Belinda Mann
    Belinda Mann Month ago +3

    You should get an Oscar fish 🐟

  • SuPrEmE0 cAtMaN
    SuPrEmE0 cAtMaN Month ago +1

    My dwarf gourami died today

  • Dennis Narron
    Dennis Narron Month ago +1

    Got me in the feels.

  • Lawrheinzo Edeza
    Lawrheinzo Edeza Month ago +3

    why is the asian arowana's price is big? its like 2275.00$

    • Lawrheinzo Edeza
      Lawrheinzo Edeza Month ago

      +Krug ohh ok thnaks for informing me😊😊

    • Krug
      Krug Month ago

      because its endangered

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago +1

    Wow he lives in nova Scotia

  • Aaron Washburn
    Aaron Washburn Month ago +3

    That much for those 2 fish they better make you breakfast and pack your lunch for work

  • skywalker
    skywalker Month ago +3

    Humanitarian, you are in every aspect of the word, a Humanitarian. My little Woman and I just love you! Don't ever change!

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders Month ago +6

    Did you just threaten Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shyam Nambiar
    Shyam Nambiar Month ago +2

    My flower horn is not taking food for the last 12 days
    I ve separated it from a community tank after the incident
    Suggestions please

    • Protips Phanic! At the Disco
      Protips Phanic! At the Disco 5 days ago

      My guess is parasites. Treat that, soak food in a taste enhancer to increase chances of him eating. Force feed him if you have to if he is starving to death while treating him

    • orange grams
      orange grams Month ago +1

      Shyam Nambiar maybe try feeding it treats? Not sure what flower horns eat, but if they eat frozen bloodworms you can try that?

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones Month ago +2

    I get all my fish from 1 fish 2 fish in PEI!

  • Ryder Lampron
    Ryder Lampron Month ago +2

    Gosh Gourami are so nice, i recently got a dwarf gourami that i keep alone in a 20 gal with live plants. He's absolutely beautiful and so friendly, he always greets me and likes to nibble at fingers and he begs for food like crazy, super active. He reminds me of Frank in that way.

  • Mr.Quickshift 98
    Mr.Quickshift 98 Month ago +1

    May i ask joey, where is beans right now? I love frank and all but i havent been able to update myself being so busy with other stuff. Hope you get to answer back. Thanks

    • N F
      N F Month ago

      He gave her/him to a little kid :)

  • Jayne M
    Jayne M Month ago +9

    I need it, I need you, HES BEAUTIFUL
    **me when I see a duck at the pond**
    2 min later
    30 seconds later
    My friend: Cora you have to stop,you can’t be chasing ducks as a living

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar Month ago +3

    Hi buddy .... Your are doing great asusual... I'm a fan follower of you from India...! I'm inspired of this passion towards happiness more on more as add on from you . hahahaa

  • Magic Tooky Toucan
    Magic Tooky Toucan Month ago +2

    how do you spell the name of the fish and 5:06?

  • Andrea Kotler
    Andrea Kotler Month ago +1


  • My name trey 21
    My name trey 21 Month ago

    That 1st arowanna with that dropeye🤪🤪

  • Michael Zilavec
    Michael Zilavec Month ago

    You should make a tank for a black ghost

  • Jeffasaurases
    Jeffasaurases 2 months ago +2

    I love frank.

  • Haylee Rollins
    Haylee Rollins 2 months ago

    I got a black ghost the other day and I named him Dumbo hehehehe

  • VEDA
    VEDA 2 months ago +1


  • Brody Mathews
    Brody Mathews 2 months ago

    goreyomys bad spelling

  • ImPatrick
    ImPatrick 2 months ago +1

    Bro I've been watching for like 3 months and just realized your from Dartmouth! no way

    • Man Spreading
      Man Spreading Month ago

      He’s from Truro! I live half an hour away!

  • Galaxy Draws
    Galaxy Draws 2 months ago

    You got a new sub

  • PrestonPlayz's#1fan
    PrestonPlayz's#1fan 2 months ago +2

    my name is oscar lol

    • koi 23
      koi 23 23 days ago

      Haha oscar fish 🐟

  • Rebecca Kelsall
    Rebecca Kelsall 2 months ago +1

    I have some black phantoms and some glow light tetras what other colourful community fish would be suited to them please? I'm new at this lol 😂
    Lv your video by the way

  • Abhay The Great
    Abhay The Great 2 months ago

    U should really get those two Asian aruwana's when u reach a million subs

  • Hgcb Master
    Hgcb Master 2 months ago

    Why he playing with my boy frank like that 😭😭 put some respect on his name bruh lmao

  • Molly Brook
    Molly Brook 2 months ago +1

    Love how thought out the filming of these videos are! 💛

  • Margiela Mad Man
    Margiela Mad Man 2 months ago +6

    Whatever happened to that flower horn

  • Carter Woodruff
    Carter Woodruff 2 months ago +1


  • ScreamingPanda 101
    ScreamingPanda 101 2 months ago +8

    This is the only channel where you can casually say “some nice Africans up here”. 😂😂😂

  • Santiago Uresti
    Santiago Uresti 2 months ago +3

    I know this was last year and you might not check your comments but have you ever considered a Green Terror? They’re so beautiful

    • Colin Borci
      Colin Borci 2 months ago

      yeah. You also should consider a rainbow shark

  • Darth Sawlex
    Darth Sawlex 2 months ago +15

    I didn't realize how expensive an asian aruwana is

    • N F
      N F Month ago

      At that size yes.

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez 2 months ago +2

    Would you ever do a giant Betta community tank it’s so cool to see how your hobby blossomed into this massive trend

  • Meep Meepers
    Meep Meepers 2 months ago +11

    By the title I thought you would be one of those really loud youtubers who don't actually care about their pets, but when I actually watched your video and you really seem to care about the fish and the hobby and giving your pets the best life you can. Thanks for doing what you do.

    • - chikorita
      - chikorita 2 months ago

      Fish Cake I relate so much. I apparently love aquarium animals/bugs because I have been obsessed watching AntsCanada and hin


    • Fish Cake
      Fish Cake 2 months ago

      He really really loves his fish.
      I'm a new subscriber to him but I've just totally spent the whole day watching his videos. (Had a mini tear fest when his asian arwana died)

  • Pets at home
    Pets at home 2 months ago +5

    U are the only person I know of that has an a 100 gallon fish tank on hand😂😂😂

  • Brian K.
    Brian K. 2 months ago +2

    Thinking about adding that second story to the fish gallery yet? ;)

  • Lisa Haswell
    Lisa Haswell 2 months ago +1

    Gotta get that flower horn. Man

  • Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis 2 months ago +1

    Zebra Danio

  • Megan Oakley
    Megan Oakley 2 months ago +1


  • Harish Mahanta
    Harish Mahanta 3 months ago +2

    Congrats u r near to 1M...☺

  • Fakhri A.r
    Fakhri A.r 3 months ago

    This Fish In indonesia Name is Lohan

  • IceCold
    IceCold 3 months ago +1

    What shop is this

    • Nate Hawk
      Nate Hawk 2 months ago

      It's called 1 Fish 2 Fish, and it's in Canada.

  • Om Ghume
    Om Ghume 3 months ago +1

    Love from armonia

  • Lukes Aquatix
    Lukes Aquatix 3 months ago

    Very good of u joey. Nice to see a hobby turn into a kind gesture for someone's family. God bless

  • Mo Flip
    Mo Flip 3 months ago +1

    Everytime I hear Nova Scotia, I always remember the Trailer Park Boys. Funny show! 😁

  • OD channel
    OD channel 3 months ago +1

    flowerhorn CENCU INDONESIA pleas ceck group FB "perhimpunan pecinta louhan indonesia"

  • Thai Nguyen
    Thai Nguyen 3 months ago

    is the store in australia?

  • Azzura 1707
    Azzura 1707 3 months ago +1

    Nice shop

  • B C
    B C 3 months ago +1

    Great stuff you are doing, to help a fd,

  • Mari Castillo
    Mari Castillo 3 months ago +3

    buy a koi fish

  • Raymond Gilbert
    Raymond Gilbert 3 months ago +4

    Is TVclip your primary job?

  • onion wayway
    onion wayway 3 months ago +6

    Why don't you have Oscars?

  • Claire Stringfellow
    Claire Stringfellow 3 months ago +4

    I’m thinking of getting a couple fish and I’m a starter what sort of fish should I get?

    • Reckless 1234
      Reckless 1234 3 months ago

      Get guppies a male and female they’ll breed like crazy don’t get mollies ,platies swordtails ,angelfish (like koi types).or get tetras a non aggressive barb . Never get goldfish and if you want a community the best combination are tetras guppies/endlers bushy nose Plecos and zebra danios . But be carefull male guppies can be aggressive

    • Daniela Becerra
      Daniela Becerra 3 months ago

      Try getting guppies those are easy to take care of

    • rollimolli
      rollimolli 3 months ago

      Bettas. They only need 5 each, or if you're a rookie, a 2.5 gallon.

    • Electro Wizard
      Electro Wizard 3 months ago

      Claire Stringfellow I would recommend Molly’s or Guppies.

    • Elsie The Equestrian
      Elsie The Equestrian 3 months ago

      Probably a betta fish. The Siamese Fighting fish is another name for them. You could get one of the males. It only needs a small take. Anything bigger than 5 gallons. They can have tap water but you need to put in water conditioner.

  • Sadie Bay
    Sadie Bay 3 months ago +4

    I need a store like this in nj!!

  • Airsoft Weekly
    Airsoft Weekly 4 months ago +5

    Hi frank

  • Domino Dares
    Domino Dares 4 months ago +13

    “Maybe I should but all these baby monsters and grow them out”
    *little did he know that he would buy baby sharks in eggs and grow them out*

  • Jaya Khan
    Jaya Khan 4 months ago +5

    Jesus is our god

  • Bella Cath
    Bella Cath 4 months ago +5

    And its name is FRANK!!!

    • sfright knight
      sfright knight 3 months ago


    • sfright knight
      sfright knight 3 months ago

      Bella Cath it's not you're fish and don't call it frank

  • Erika Nucci
    Erika Nucci 4 months ago +2

    Its Beans!!!

  • Angie Nguyen
    Angie Nguyen 4 months ago

    where’s this place? can u tell me the location

    • Arwin Singh
      Arwin Singh 4 months ago +1

      dartmouth novascotia canada

  • Peter Gressler
    Peter Gressler 4 months ago +1


  • Harleyquinnzreptiles
    Harleyquinnzreptiles 4 months ago

    Can someone let me know the time stamp where he speaks about the planted nano tank?

  • Marty Stone
    Marty Stone 4 months ago

    I used to have a dwarf gromi

  • Anime Is maw life
    Anime Is maw life 4 months ago +3

    You know you can set up a really beautiful tank with like a amazon and get the priana

  • Alex S2k
    Alex S2k 4 months ago +1

    On the road to 1 million subs!

  • Arunkumar Muthu
    Arunkumar Muthu 4 months ago +6

    $2750 ? Arowana.. In india.. we can buy the certified on around $200

  • The gaming channel
    The gaming channel 4 months ago +1

    You're so amazing

  • Anju Achu
    Anju Achu 5 months ago +4

    Can u get guppies please ☺

  • Raj Mohan
    Raj Mohan 5 months ago +5

    that arowana would go for 1 lakh in india

  • fiery fbc
    fiery fbc 5 months ago +1

    Get a parrot fish pls

  • fiery fbc
    fiery fbc 5 months ago +1

    I have 4 tanks

    • Wolf Gamer
      Wolf Gamer 3 months ago

      Raj Mohan i can only afford 1, just started and have a small budget, im a kid lol

    • Raj Mohan
      Raj Mohan 5 months ago

      even i have 4 tanks

  • fiery fbc
    fiery fbc 5 months ago

    Also I'm a kid

  • fiery fbc
    fiery fbc 5 months ago

    Buy a parrot fish

  • KellinQuinn Delinquent
    KellinQuinn Delinquent 5 months ago

    Omg i buy all of them.. including the monster fish.. so cute...

    • MisterZ3r0
      MisterZ3r0 3 months ago +1

      If you are questioning her sanity because of her love for fish, you are watching the wrong channel, idiot.

    • Raj Mohan
      Raj Mohan 5 months ago

      are you insane

  • Hari Santos
    Hari Santos 5 months ago +2

    I have so many Flowerhorn in my farm

  • Ultra Series
    Ultra Series 5 months ago

    Can I feed simple fish food to silver baby arowana

  • Penelope Vega
    Penelope Vega 5 months ago

    those red bellys were super cute

  • Atif b
    Atif b 5 months ago

    G0 F0r King K0ng Parr0t fish!!!

    • Atif b
      Atif b 5 months ago

      its cheap ar0und $50 and far btter c0I0ur and b0dy type than fI0werh0rn

    • Atif b
      Atif b 5 months ago

      jsut get 0ne big size its far better than fI0wer h0rn

  • Dons Subs
    Dons Subs 5 months ago


  • Dons Subs
    Dons Subs 5 months ago

    Do another fish store video

  • Ron’s Outdoors
    Ron’s Outdoors 5 months ago +3

    If you can maybe show the prices

  • Nemo Alexander
    Nemo Alexander 5 months ago

    make a tank with only gups

  • Gelly Styles
    Gelly Styles 5 months ago

    Me too. Coming in a bookstore tho. 😂