Gordon’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
  • Gordon Ramsay provides a step-by-step demonstration on how to make amazing buttermilk fried chicken with rosemary honey, yam hash, and braised collard greens.
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    FOX has ordered THE F WORD, a bold new food variety show from award-winning chef and series host Gordon Ramsay. Based on his hit U.K. series of the same name, each distinctive and fast-paced hour will combine good food and good cooking with Ramsay’s passion, energy and humor into a one-of-a-kind LIVE series. THE F WORD is scheduled to premiere in 2017 on FOX.
    On THE F WORD, foodie families from across the U.S. will battle it out in an intense, high-stakes cook-off. In addition to impressing Ramsay, each team must win over the hearts and taste buds of the diners, celebrities and VIP guests whom they’re serving.
    Throughout each hour-long episode, cooking competition meets variety show as Ramsay chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.
    Gordon’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE F WORD
    #TheFWord #GordonRamsay
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Comments • 2 794

  • Betty Boo's Sister

    We don't have collard greens in UK I don't know what to do

  • Hunter Hunter1983
    Hunter Hunter1983 9 hours ago

    I didnt know if i was watching a painting video by bob ross or a Food video by Gordan at the end there.

  • Thomas Conway
    Thomas Conway 16 hours ago

    Even chickens enjoy watching this!

  • Vincent D
    Vincent D Day ago

    I can almost guarantee that chicken was still raw before he put it in the oven. He didn't say he was finishing cooking it in the oven not just to crisp it up.

  • Pinoy Cooking
    Pinoy Cooking Day ago

    Hey guys check my SPICY CHICKEN ADOBO recipe try it :) It's Filipino famous chicken recipe

  • Richard Brega
    Richard Brega Day ago

    “I’m a big fan of eating healthy. Get that bacon on there” what? 😂😂😂

  • andybt87
    andybt87 Day ago

    Geeez mannn. I need smell-a-vision

  • evan Williams
    evan Williams Day ago

    I’m so turned on

  • 16 subs without a single video

    4:57 "I'm a big liver of eating healthily"
    Bruh you just made fried chicken and your vegetables were dipped in honey

  • Zohanne Alec Labra

    How many minutes do you fry the chicken so it won't be undercooked?

  • Kile B
    Kile B 2 days ago

    At 5 min when he said "Im a big lover of eating healthily "while plating the greens maybe he forgot that there's is more cholesterol and fat in that single serving then big Mac yet the fried chicken tech was epic

  • j c
    j c 2 days ago

    Thst the key to cooking gordon you said it best, it's a labor of love

  • BFT Neelix
    BFT Neelix 4 days ago +1

    "I love eating healthy, get that bacon on there"...

  • Perran Woolfrey
    Perran Woolfrey 4 days ago

    I swear that chicken looks pink

  • Shyann V
    Shyann V 5 days ago +5

    Gordon Ramsey is the only person in the world who can take a simple meal and make it EXTRA

  • Khisto
    Khisto 5 days ago +2

    go pee before the video next time please :)

  • lego spiderman 200
    lego spiderman 200 6 days ago


  • Edmundas K
    Edmundas K 6 days ago

    kids: where is the dinner dad?
    Gordon: let the knife do the work. :DD

  • John Nesbourg
    John Nesbourg 6 days ago

    5:25 bob ross ?

  • Chung Wei Chin
    Chung Wei Chin 7 days ago

    Gordon we need to talk about what a TOUCH of butter means

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 7 days ago

    But how long do you fry the chicken for??????

  • SuperDynamite666
    SuperDynamite666 8 days ago

    Give me some

  • Jerry Jerry Lahngenhairy

    Yea looks real healthy gordo

  • Michelle Moulton
    Michelle Moulton 9 days ago

    Real cooking...id so eat this. Most of yall have mediocre skills...i live for this type of cooking.

  • TheDjMoogle
    TheDjMoogle 9 days ago

    Bro he looks coked out hopping like that 😂

  • Kirk Barkley
    Kirk Barkley 9 days ago +1

    well, yuckeroo! Rosemary on Fried Chicckie: no way....lol

  • Ed Chambers
    Ed Chambers 9 days ago


  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 10 days ago +1

    I just ate a whole meal 2 minutes ago... I'm stark raving famished now..

  • rainbow 6 master kid
    rainbow 6 master kid 10 days ago

    Im black i dont know about yall but i season my chicken in the sink black people special

  • Carmen CaBoom
    Carmen CaBoom 10 days ago

    YES! 😬

  • Samantha Master
    Samantha Master 10 days ago +1

    This recipe is so disrespectful to actual Black Americans. He need never make this for anyone ever.

  • James Damron
    James Damron 10 days ago

    I think this recipe just got me pregnant.

  • Pilotgolfer 84
    Pilotgolfer 84 10 days ago

    I’m a big lover of eating healthily and well
    Get that bacon on

  • The Basketball God
    The Basketball God 11 days ago

    Why is there a lake in my house after I watched this video

  • Shu Jiang
    Shu Jiang 11 days ago

    I'm a big fan of eating healthy... Yet, serving deep fried chicken.. lmao. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • HughAll2810
    HughAll2810 11 days ago +3

    I love eating healthy, that’s why I love the collard greens, GET THAT BACON IN THERE

  • shilloh ruth
    shilloh ruth 12 days ago

    In previous videos he says 360 degrees

  • The Absolute Madman
    The Absolute Madman 12 days ago

    4:57 “I’m a big lover of eating healthily and well...”
    Adds butter to all the sides in a fried food dish.

    • deem2013
      deem2013 11 days ago

      lol "im a big lover of eating healthily and well"
      something about bacon immediately after
      fried chicken
      everything is simmered in fat dollops of butter

  • Ari Yarborough
    Ari Yarborough 13 days ago

    Why am I doing this to myself?

  • samual orton
    samual orton 13 days ago


  • Thomas Derrington
    Thomas Derrington 14 days ago +1

    I can't quite see the atoms, zoom in more

  • hey now
    hey now 14 days ago

    temperature of the oven?

  • fire youngman
    fire youngman 15 days ago

    That chicken was a paid actor

  • Killatunga
    Killatunga 15 days ago

    Can I just dive into the screen please?

  • zeunknowndemon
    zeunknowndemon 16 days ago +1


  • Melvin S Rajan
    Melvin S Rajan 17 days ago

    I don't even have so much cutlery at home😣

  • Evan Vance
    Evan Vance 17 days ago

    By yams you mean carrots? Dont give me honey and the greens look good

  • Extol Extol
    Extol Extol 17 days ago

    Wheres the rice..

  • Jun
    Jun 18 days ago

    think ive watched this video a dozen times, i get hungrier everytime

  • Justin Dai
    Justin Dai 18 days ago +2

    Gordon ramsey fried chicken:
    First coating: 1 cup of salt
    Batter: olive oil melted butter salt and pepper
    Second coating: every spice possible

  • Virgil N
    Virgil N 19 days ago

    He doesn't state how hot the over should be or how long to leave the chicken in. Very clever

  • ddd mmm
    ddd mmm 19 days ago

    5:09 close your eyes and listen

  • ddd mmm
    ddd mmm 19 days ago

    5:09 " And then look what happen when i slice into my breast"

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor 20 days ago

    And no f-words!

  • Leo Merlin
    Leo Merlin 20 days ago

    I shouldn't be getting turned on right now..

  • Malcolm Williams
    Malcolm Williams 20 days ago +1

    One of the better collard recipes honestly. Cook it almost like my mom cooks it. We substitute pork bacon with smoked turkey wings for larger pots but premise is the same

  • Nathan Dial
    Nathan Dial 20 days ago

    wish there was a complete recipy i could print off

  • Navin Rajandran
    Navin Rajandran 20 days ago +2

    5:27 I never knew that I needed Gordan ASMR so much in my life.

  • Pickin Pickens
    Pickin Pickens 21 day ago

    How could anyone not like this..

  • Jayla Dunlap
    Jayla Dunlap 21 day ago

    Yam hash lost me with the onions lol I’ll just take grammas sweet potatoes 😂😭👌🏾 but OMG that CHICKEN

  • nick stinson
    nick stinson 21 day ago

    I could watch these videos 1000s times over but when I got for it, 1) Ruin the Buttermilk Sauce, 2) quick loo break to come back to find the cat eating the sauce 3) scrape off the top layer 4) realise I forgot to buy oil. 5) go to supermarket and realise pays not in and come home and wait til tomorrow (Which apparently is good as the buttermilk must wait over night. 6) get pizza on the way home from work and then remember later I had pre prepared the butter milk. 7) next night oil in hand start again. 8) find and wash for about 30 minutes pan from last attempt 8) Prepare chicken in the buttermilk, realising later that this video tuturial didn't actually provide any guidance on the buttermilk. 9) prepare the buttermilk 10) realise I don't have about 90% of the ingredients for the yam and greens bit in the house 11) remember than peppers really give me the runs so just rull that out 11) realise I have already done step 11. 12) spill buttermilk and oil on the laptop watching the tutorial 13) pour my 5th glass of wine while constantly fending off both cats from the bench 14) give in start feeding them little bits of chicken 15) fry the chicken so it looks nothing like his 16) realise i had forgotten to turn the oven on 17) while turn the oven on realise that each cat has a piece of chicken swept away and onto the floor 18) eat my one piece of chicken 19) remember that I forgot to season it 20) some hours later and less satisfied than the cats, realise i left the oven on and the fat from the last 100 meals is burned solid to the oven walls and smoked out the lounge room setting the fire alarm off. 21) Order a pizza.

  • Marcin Karasiński
    Marcin Karasiński 22 days ago

    Ok thats nice . Can you make this dish without deep oil? For example in the oven ???

  • wyattdawg
    wyattdawg 22 days ago

    I am aroused

  • XposingBULLshit24/7
    XposingBULLshit24/7 23 days ago

    I followed this recipe and I must admit; the chicken was RAW inside. You need to fry it way longer to have it nice and juicy. I have a feeling this recipe is just BS. Chicken already looks nice after 1 min in the oil.

    • Manny Gio
      Manny Gio 22 days ago

      He said turn up the temperature for 3 minutes. Then finish it off in the oven. Idk what recipe you followed.

  • Kushie54321
    Kushie54321 24 days ago

    This was gorgeous

  • Zach Griffith
    Zach Griffith 25 days ago

    ASMR with Gordon Ramsay 5:27

  • Am I Cool Yet?
    Am I Cool Yet? 25 days ago +1

    Since literally nobody commented on it, my man said “The stickiest, and the most exciting hash”. 😗💨

  • I agree with you, but
    I agree with you, but 25 days ago

    Putting fried chicken into the oven to get it extra crispy, isnt that Jamie Oliver idea ?

  • Jitendra prabhu
    Jitendra prabhu 25 days ago +1

    "Look what happens when i slice into my breast" 5:09

  • David Williams
    David Williams 26 days ago

    Shh, little bits around.

  • Anthony Sodano
    Anthony Sodano 26 days ago +1

    He’s unbelievable!!! So inspirational to cook because of this man !! Thank you Gordon

  • Nigal Sufa
    Nigal Sufa 26 days ago

    I love to eat healthy Now put the bacon in 😂😂😂😂😂😂 love Gordon

  • L B
    L B 26 days ago +1

    Amazing 👏

  • Oro
    Oro 27 days ago +1

    2:05 just a touch of oil....
    *floods the pan*

  • Oro
    Oro 27 days ago +1

    I watch these videos late in the night and I cant stop

    • Tahoor 2005
      Tahoor 2005 26 days ago

      You are not the only one I’m watching this at 1:32am