Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Bruce Lee fight scene

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Bruce Lee fight scene

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  • General Aladeen
    General Aladeen 2 days ago

    This scene is realistic than brad pitt movie fury

  • General Aladeen
    General Aladeen 2 days ago +1

    Tentin quarantino bra pitt has never seen enter the dragon

  • Tausif tabeeb
    Tausif tabeeb 3 days ago

    Thats no Bruce. Its fake. I don't feel bruce lee at all. Its just some cocky guy who is slowww and disrespectful. And Bruce wouldn't go for such a stupid attack!

  • S R
    S R 3 days ago

    Fuck Hollywood.Brad beats Bruce?Only in their sci-fi movies!

  • Stevo. B
    Stevo. B 4 days ago

    What’s up Randy! 😂

  • E McK
    E McK 4 days ago

    It’s a joke not a dick. Don’t take it so hard

  • blastermike_sd70ace
    blastermike_sd70ace 4 days ago +2

    Lol @ all the Bruce Lee fanboys getting butthurt. He was an actor. He had good conditioning and could throw some neat kicks. He wasnt the greatest fighter of all time because he never fought. Everyone just built up this personality cult based off of secondhand accounts. A high school wrestler could choke him out.

  • latinoheat300
    latinoheat300 4 days ago

    1. The film is called "Once Upon..." Like, its literally a fairytale start.
    2. It complements both. The fight is looking even, it (and what happens, and his whole background really) establishes Pitt's character as a badass. It does the same for Lee's.
    Jesus people.

    • Robert Jebediah Freeman
      Robert Jebediah Freeman 4 days ago

      For most it’s not about the fight it’s about the arrogance and how he comes off as an ass. They don’t really pay attention to the fictional aspect of it.

  • Silius Seth
    Silius Seth 4 days ago +1

    New Hollywood Whores beat Bruce Lee now!

  • superbanks
    superbanks 5 days ago +2

    Most satisfying moment in the movie other than that hippie massacre in the end.

  • Vantheman12 Welshman

    This is being filmed in the cinema. I’m telling 😂

  • krb
    krb 7 days ago +2

    The point of this scene was not to ridicule Bruce Lee, it was to show that if Cliff Booth can hold his own against someone as badass as Bruce Lee, that he's a force to be reckoned with.

  • Jacob Zooma
    Jacob Zooma 7 days ago

    - How'd you beat Bruce Lee?
    - Body punches. Lots of body punches.
    - When did you know he was breaking down?
    - I was hittin' him with body punches and I hurt him. Actually he was cryin' in there, makin woman gestures like,"whoaaa-whoaa"I can't...define it, but I knew he was breakin' down soon"

    • Jacob Zooma
      Jacob Zooma 4 days ago

      @Sharinngan Mike Tyson after knocking out Tirell Biggs

    • Sharinngan
      Sharinngan 5 days ago

      Jacob Zooma What’s that from?

  • Geraldo Hassan
    Geraldo Hassan 7 days ago +5

    Bruce lee was a legend of kung fu but he wasn’t invincible and a lot of guys could take him out
    I think mike tyson can beat him easily

    • Geraldo Hassan
      Geraldo Hassan 4 days ago

      Epistemix yes

    • Epistemix
      Epistemix 4 days ago

      @E McK... Nope.

    • E McK
      E McK 4 days ago

      Epistemix ring, bar, city street doesn’t matter. He kills Bruce anywhere .

    • Epistemix
      Epistemix 4 days ago

      @E McK This is an endless debate 😁 in his prime Tyson used to finish his fights very quickly by overcoming the opponent in a corner... OF A RING 😜

    • E McK
      E McK 4 days ago

      Epistemix one punch from Tyson and he’s done man. Weight plays a huge advantage in combat sports hence weight classes.

  • Kama Jiu-jitsu
    Kama Jiu-jitsu 7 days ago

    Random fact is related to this video: BJJ is confirmed to be a rip off of College style Japanese Judo and Gracie family did not invent a single technique not already found and taught in Judo.

  • A. .D
    A. .D 7 days ago +9

    Idiot tarintino, Bruce trained obsessively every day. U think he could get taken out that easily. This was Bruce Lee......

  • Cpt.Toraokami *OuTr HeViN*

    Holy shit this is disrespectful.

  • General Aladeen
    General Aladeen 7 days ago +2

    No one can beat bruce lee

  • Dear Mankind, I'm Just Sick of You All

    Imagine being offended by a Tarantino movie, some people are just dumb.

    • Ken Cam
      Ken Cam Day ago +2

      Avcourse, shannon lee had every right to be offended, thats such disrespect to a man who was complete opposite of how arrogantly he was portrayed...plus he never asked linda or shannon blessings and permission to do that

    • LaputianPrince
      LaputianPrince 4 days ago

      The offensive subject matter in Tarantino's films usually doesn't involve real people. Except Hitler. I think of Tarantino made a movie where he portrayed abe lincoln as a coke snorting, slave raping, tophat collector people would take issue. Now a fictional woman getting the shit kicked out her and shot in the head? No harm no foul

  • Chekka T
    Chekka T 8 days ago +13

    Yes, the white man is the toughest, of course, only in WWE.

  • Shen Wei
    Shen Wei 8 days ago

    Bruce Lee would fuck Brad in his best shape...

  • Patrick Chole
    Patrick Chole 9 days ago

    To read a bunch of manufactured outrage, just read these comments! And all the comments I’m sure will be left under this comment. I’m here cause I have the flu. To the whoever’s responding, what’s your excuse? (If I didn’t have a life I’d check for replies, but I do, so....)

    • luck doc
      luck doc 7 days ago

      some classics from this dude who will pretend that you're a low/no life for commenting on youtube but of course turns around and naturally gives himself permission because he... (*checks note*)... "has the flu", Otherwise he would never stoop down to your level and wastes his valuable time writing 20 tragic, mouth breathing comments to argue with people he thinks he triggered... YIKES

  • Ultimato
    Ultimato 9 days ago

    *Angry noises*

  • WaRmAcHiNe 1998
    WaRmAcHiNe 1998 9 days ago

    Total Disrespect 👎👎

  • Snake Charmer
    Snake Charmer 10 days ago

    is that supposed to be gene lebell wow cool.

  • Kidane Tower
    Kidane Tower 10 days ago

    This is bullshit! Everyone who knew and trained with Bruce including chuck Norris said he was the real deal. Quentin made a mistake doing this.

  • Kamran Khan
    Kamran Khan 11 days ago

    Supposed to be taken funny and not literally? That’s BS. Would QT be okay if someone created a movie about Hollywood and showed him as a talentless hack who profited from others’ ideas and had other people ghostwrite his scripts? No, he would be apoplectic.
    It’s fiction if it’s a fictional character. If it’s a real person then how you portray them matters. It’s okay to show Hitler dying in a theater, he was a shitty person anyway. It is not okay to make a movie about, say, Alfred Hitchcock and then show him as a fraud artist.
    QT’s head is so far up his arse he’s practically in the middle of a perpetual somersault at this point.

  • J. Hoffa
    J. Hoffa 11 days ago +2

    Gotta make brad Pitt look cool

    • K1dCharlemagne
      K1dCharlemagne 3 days ago

      It's about character building and foreshadowing a scene that comes later in the film. I don't know about Brad Pitt looking cool, but you do nice job of making yourself look dumb.

  • rick durro
    rick durro 11 days ago +3

    I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan and just found it funny which it in tented to be

    • Patrick Chole
      Patrick Chole 9 days ago +2

      Me too! I really don’t get the manufactured outrage on this one, and I’m a leftist anarchist and a HUGE Bruce fan, I’ve read his books, hold him in the highest regard. But....This whole manufactured outrage is destroying the left from the inside out. Starting with Louis CK.

  • Matty V
    Matty V 12 days ago

    Bruce lee was Poet philosopher warrior master of life,pitt and Tarantino if we talk about humanity there is NOTHING therefore silence PLEASE...RIP MASTER and BE WATER MY FRIEND 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Kani
    Kani 12 days ago

    Bruce Lee has a strongest body who could do his fightings very quickly 50 pushing on his two fingers is a simple prove, this movie's director is a dump and stupid is he really thinks he can hide a real Bruce and his fighting skills with this fucking scene? Somebody tell him this insolence scene only shows how dump and envy you are.. Hollywood will never have someone like Bruce Lee again they should be proud they have a past with this icon.

  • Peter M
    Peter M 12 days ago +4

    Bruce lee was a glorified actor who never registered a tournament nor won an official fight.. rumor even says he was getting his ass wipped by the san francisco underground by other Martial artists...
    I think this video is accurate.. Even CHuck norris is/was 10x the man bruce was.. at least chuck won tournaments and joined the army before becoming a movie star..

    • Chris Mora
      Chris Mora 22 hours ago

      @Peter M chill son it's only a movie

    • Peter M
      Peter M 10 days ago +3

      Chuck Norris Medals:
      National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg National Defense Service Medal
      Korea Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg Korea Defense Service Medal
      Air Force Outstanding Unit Award ribbon.png Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
      Air Force Longevity Service ribbon.svg Air Force Longevity Service Award
      Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon.png Small Arms Expert Marksmanship
      Chuck Norris has a lifetime karate record of 183 wins, 10 losses, and 2 draws You can watch his fights on youtube, there is footage for every single one..

      Bruce Lee?

    • Peter M
      Peter M 10 days ago +3

      @Stuntman Mike he Won International tournaments with Records a footage.. Bruce Lee is as legit as a Sub Zero from MK

    • Peter M
      Peter M 10 days ago +1

      @Stuntman Mike joined the army? No Won Medals and belts World Wide? No has a fighting Record no ... basicly a horse vs a unicorn
      Idiot ch1n

    • Dr Pavel, Im CIA.
      Dr Pavel, Im CIA. 11 days ago

      Shut up whitey

  • FlikM
    FlikM 13 days ago +23

    If this is the real bruce lee, It wouldve been over with just 1 strike from bruce lee

    • Earl Ward
      Earl Ward 6 hours ago

      @Seattle Slough Best post in this entire comment section.

    • Epistemix
      Epistemix 4 days ago

      @Seattle Slough Bruce Lee stepped away from the Kung fu he was told to actually create an overall situation fighting style and yes since he trained like a madman in his days I strongly doubt he couldn't damage a guy two or three weight classes above him, from my own experience in Taekwondo its not rare to witness k-o during sparrings while the opponent was supposed to be "naturally" stronger or taller

    • Seattle Slough
      Seattle Slough 6 days ago +2

      Bruce Lee was 5'8" and about 140 lbs. Brad Pitt has about 3 inches and probably 25-30 lbs. on him. They have weight divisions in all pugilistic sports for a reason. That reason is physics.

      He was very fast, but knockout power is not something we can ascribe to Bruce Lee.
      And if there's one thing MMA has taught us, it's that Kung Fu is vastly overrated.

    • FlikM
      FlikM 7 days ago

      @youCube hell yeah ! And i like how he liked his own comment after saying that hahaha

    • Jon_ oVo
      Jon_ oVo 7 days ago

      youCube fact

  • Jevilz
    Jevilz 13 days ago +1

    When he threw Bruce against the car i laughed my ass off lmao

  • mnikhk
    mnikhk 13 days ago +1

    Bruce Lee no disrespect intended was a great guy ,but he was no God.
    Obviously some people beat him in real life that led him to create his own style Jeet Kun Do because he felt limited by traditional arts , people always seem to forget this.
    It's not a stretch to imagine that a trained and heavyweight stuntman could fight him ,also Brad Pitt is not playing himself here he's playing a stuntman in 50s and 60s with no cgi where people would actually fall of horses and do lots of underated stunts with lot more risk involved then todays standards.
    I don't think the intention of this scene is to belittle Bruce Lee ,the match is interrupted in the scene so we don't even know who would win.
    A 2 minute comedy scene can't ruin a legacy, people need to calm down.

    • K1dCharlemagne
      K1dCharlemagne 3 days ago

      And, truly, there's not much "legacy." Tarantino's legacy is far more memorable than Lee's pompous ramblings and kung-fu movies. I'd also venture to say Tarantino has forgotten more about kung-fu movies than these buttblasted "fans" will ever know.

  • JediOptimusPrime1
    JediOptimusPrime1 13 days ago +1

    Just to clarify to those who don't know, Bruce Lee was notorious for being like this on set. Many actors who have worked with him have said he was a pain in the ass to work with. For instance, Burt Ward (Robin in the 60's Batman Series) actually got into a fight with him on set! Not to this extent of course, but it did happen. It was during the filming of the Batman/Green Hornet crossover because he was playing Kato. Interesting and amazing how accurate Tarantino can actually be. :)

    • Nhu Nguyen
      Nhu Nguyen 11 days ago

      JediOptimusPrime1 You’re a half wit :)

  • ZiNoU xX
    ZiNoU xX 13 days ago

    That scream always gets me 0:05

  • Vinny Roth
    Vinny Roth 13 days ago

    Such fake Hollywood bullshit lol

  • Beasley Book
    Beasley Book 13 days ago +1

    This entire movie is fictional over the top comedic version of Sharon stone's murder. In reality, she was brutally killed. And in reality, Bruce Lee was a badass. That's why it's funny that Bruce Lee is portrayed as a wimp in this scene. It's not meant to be taken seriously.

  • N V
    N V 13 days ago +26

    It's about respect! Fictional or not they don't respect his image!

    • E McK
      E McK 4 days ago +4

      He’s a person not some intergalactic space god. Chill the fuck out

    • Patrick Chole
      Patrick Chole 9 days ago +5

      .....his image? You talk about him like he’s a deity. Even Bruce would’ve told you to chill out. You fanatics make it real hard for the rest of us who love Bruce.

  • N V
    N V 13 days ago +1

    Not right at all!!!

  • Ali Kula
    Ali Kula 13 days ago

    tarantino is a bloody jealous idiot
    no one should watch his movies and brad pitt also for
    agreeing with that bullshit lee script, they are both
    disgruntled old farts.

    • 3lDb
      3lDb 13 days ago

      jealous of what lol

  • William Costigan
    William Costigan 14 days ago +1

    Everyone in the comments seems to forget one very crucial important thing: this is a flashback from Cliff's perspective. This is how he remembers the event and how he interprets Bruce Lee's character. Cliff is an unreliable narrator.

  • Big K
    Big K 14 days ago +4

    Bruce lee is the best in the history of fighters and this is what u make

  • Dear Mankind, I'm Just Sick of You All

    So much butthurt kids on the comments.

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 14 days ago

    Unforgivable scene with Bruce Lee , Self Indulgent Trash.

  • b william
    b william 14 days ago +3

    This Bruce can slice Cliff into pieces with that jawline.

  • Adidas Bowens
    Adidas Bowens 14 days ago +36

    The scene was meant to be funny not taken seriously. Bottom line Bruce was the best. Period.

    • Earl Ward
      Earl Ward 6 hours ago +1

      "reeeeeeeee he wuz da best fighter ever and you aint gonna tell me nuffin!" - the post

    • Simple-Commentator-not-really
      Simple-Commentator-not-really Day ago +1

      Yeah, at this point I think Tarantino WANTED people to be upset about this scene, because if there's any filmmaker out there who thinks controversy benefits the films popularity, it's him.

    • Adidas Bowens
      Adidas Bowens 2 days ago

      @Jhon D sound butt lol. No bro far from that. It's a scene. A fucking scene. Salty no. Mad because dumb fucks like you get on others comments sounding dumb as fuck. Again I respect Bruce Lee and matter of fact own his wife book to get more insight on him. But for you to say it's not funny is your choice. I laugh because I know the scene is fake as fuck. So jump the fuck off my comment section kid.

    • Jhon D
      Jhon D 9 days ago

      @Adidas Bowens dude stfup you sound more butthurt than me. You yourself is defensive if you ask me. Like I said, this wasn't funny because the only person acting like an idiot here is bruce lee and brad character is rather serious. Is not comedy if its one sided.

    • Adidas Bowens
      Adidas Bowens 9 days ago

      @Jhon D hold up "dude" first and for most I've been taking up for Bruce on my comment bar, so why are you sounding so defensive? Let me explain something to you and anyone else reading. Bruce would have laughed it off because if someone honestly believed that anyone could take him one on one was stupid. That man spoke more peace then he did anger. That scene didnt make anyone think less of him because it wasnt true. How many people in history that did great things got either bashed or made look like an idiot on the big screen? A lot but damn it's funny because the scene isn't real!!!

  • Ashutosh Khanna
    Ashutosh Khanna 14 days ago

    Hollywood at its fakest. There is not a single person ever born that could stand against Bruce lee for 1 min and you make bull shit stories about a stunt man who smokes the shit of himself. Fake hollywood.

  • RK 81
    RK 81 14 days ago +2

    Bruce was an actor.

    • King Son
      King Son 7 days ago

      I'm not trying to convince you, please sir I mean you no harm. Just know my friend that your opinion matters, and your awesome 🤝😁✌

    • RK 81
      RK 81 7 days ago

      King Son I started the thread here by stating he was an actor. You’re the one who claimed he was more. You tell me why it matters. I’m already convinced of my original opinion so it doesn’t matter to me.

    • King Son
      King Son 8 days ago +1

      MMA world non mma world doesnt matter. As long as Bruce Lee gets the recognition he deserves his legacy will live forever. Whether you implement his methods and immerse yourself towards it or not. Why doe it matter?.

    • RK 81
      RK 81 9 days ago

      @King Son but there's probably more of the non "MMA world" that idolizes him. Would that negate the "MMA world's" opinion? Plus, he was an actor and in quite a few good action films. That alone could justify pro and amateur fighters idolizing him.

    • King Son
      King Son 10 days ago

      The mma world idolize Bruce Lee. Calling people idiots for idolizing Bruce? Your too comfortable behind your key boards.

  • Wesker JHG
    Wesker JHG 15 days ago +2

    This scene was meant to be funny, not all the movie was seriously there was many parody moments, so I don’t know why Lee’s daughter took this to heart lol

  • Khaled Zarif
    Khaled Zarif 15 days ago

    No way in hell you can block bruce lee's punches like that in close range combat. Get the fk out of here director/producer.

  • John Blessing
    John Blessing 16 days ago


  • Nathan Romero
    Nathan Romero 16 days ago +5

    Man what a big let down I've been waiting for this movie since it was first announced and was even more excited when I heard Bruce was in it what's a waste of money.

  • CarlosEdu
    CarlosEdu 16 days ago

    After seeing this, I am not watching this silly movie

    ACHAYAN OFFICIAL 16 days ago +14

    Iam totally pissed off
    Watchin this ! Coz you are making fun of a dead man!!
    He was very wise than the way they showed him!
    White people wanna potray that he is a fool!!

    • luck doc
      luck doc 7 days ago

      ​@Patrick Chole imgur.com/a/HDB8NsQ
      some classics from this dude who will pretend that you're a low/no life for commenting on youtube but of course turns around and naturally gives himself permission because he... (*checks note*)... "has the flu", Otherwise he would never stoop down to your level and wastes his valuable time writing 20 tragic, mouth breathing comments to argue with people he thinks he triggered. YIKES

    • Are u Dumb
      Are u Dumb 7 days ago

      Cry me a fucking river bitches hahah you must not like South Park either

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman 8 days ago +1

      @Patrick Chole ay man you're a real sour sad piece of shit, take it easy

    • Patrick Chole
      Patrick Chole 9 days ago

      Eli za you again! Good god you bitch! Go outside! Live a life! Truly, stop looking for outrage and enjoy your life! If I didn’t have a shitty flu I wouldn’t be here, but consider this an intervention, you can continue being a stupid cunt, or you can let your manufactured outrage go, and live your life.
      Or walk into the ocean I really don’t care

    • Patrick Chole
      Patrick Chole 9 days ago

      Bruce Lee was a liar, a giant piece of shit, totally overrated, (are you more pissed yet? It’s obviously easy to rile you up if all it takes is making fun of a dead man. Lincoln was a fag! (I have the flu what’s YOUR excuse for being a retard?)

  • Zero 1u1
    Zero 1u1 16 days ago

    the fucking best escene of the whole movie and interrup the fight, shit

  • Bernardo Rios
    Bernardo Rios 17 days ago

    Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee was not happy with Tarantino's idea about Mike Doh role play as her father got himself hurt by Chris Pratt's character Cliff Booth got him in 0:29. She was disappointed on Tarantino's embarrassment on us. 😠.

  • Richard L
    Richard L 17 days ago

    Bruce Lee vs

  • A Hero’s Quest
    A Hero’s Quest 18 days ago +2

    “Git the wahdrobe off, git yo shit.... and get fawked!” Hahaha this is the best scene in the movie.