Disney's Lowest Point

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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  • Cosmodore
    Cosmodore  Month ago +420

    Install Raid for Free ✅ spons.org/cosmodore Start with 💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program!!

    • Alejandro Méndez
      Alejandro Méndez 3 days ago

      @Cosmodore Yo, where's the buck cuck scene?

    • Landen Lake
      Landen Lake 21 day ago +3

      @Alexei Sokolov it's dumb everyone does this crap he makes good content but stop reading that dumb script I know you would never touch this game if you weren't being paid

    • dankest memester
      dankest memester 22 days ago

      Terra_King it is unfortunate but I can’t blame him either

  • Ian gussey
    Ian gussey 20 minutes ago

    Just wait for the live action remake.

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams 2 hours ago

    Cosmodore: I should eat KFC while I watch this...
    TVclip ad RIGHT AFTERWARDS: *Buy Wendy's chicken nugget meal combo for $5.99.*
    Me: *fReAkInG sCrEaMiNg*

  • Ella Sophia
    Ella Sophia 7 hours ago

    I've been waiting for someone to talk about this

  • The Valenzuelas
    The Valenzuelas 7 hours ago

    Chicken Little is at least better than FoodFight!

  • Ford And Mabel Pines
    Ford And Mabel Pines 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Chicken Little so forgettable??
    I grew up watching this movie and I still don't even remember what this whole movie's about.....
    Maybe I'm just that stupid :///

  • Emily Riesett
    Emily Riesett 9 hours ago

    I can't believe I liked this movie as a kid

  • Syn The Otaku
    Syn The Otaku 9 hours ago

    I actually thought Chicken Little was Dreamworks for the longest time.

  • Hoarsebard
    Hoarsebard 10 hours ago

    To be fair, Indiana Jones is also in Raiders of the Lost Arc for no reason, and that's a good movie. ;)

  • Toad Savior
    Toad Savior 13 hours ago


  • Larchon Films
    Larchon Films 13 hours ago

    wait isnt dinosaur(2000) IS disneys 1st cgi animated movie

  • AthenaStarlight
    AthenaStarlight 14 hours ago

    I hated this movie. Disney tried to be Pixar and dreamworks. They failed badly. I felt the characters were unlikeable and jerks especially chicken little was the worst.

  • The Variety Show

    Controversial opinion - I like chicken little

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon Day ago

    Only thing I liked about this movie was the alien invasion part.

  • Katie Whittier
    Katie Whittier Day ago

    God I wish Chicken Little’s dad had died

  • Tremayne Delaney

    Does he know chicken Little's mom died and Flint's mom mom died to

  • Josh VS
    Josh VS Day ago

    Chiken Little lives iN a SsoCieTy

  • L Martinson
    L Martinson Day ago

    It's bad enough you badmouth Emperor's New Groove, but you gotta badmouth Hoodwinked? Unacceptable.

  • SuperPikachu Jexs
    SuperPikachu Jexs 3 days ago

    Disney's always sucked. To me they never made a good movie that wasnt Pixar. They'r e all so dull and boring. And I HATE Mickey Mouse. I love Nintendo games. That's my childhood. A lil bit of Pikachu and Mario won't hurt. They're good. Disney sucks and their business practices and walt allegedly being a nazi doesn't help. Pikachu is easily killing Mickey when it comes to the character originality itself. Pikachu is an exotic and cute electric mouse that's recognizable and has great abilities and agility. Mickey is just a bland mouse with shorts that causes trouble and in the early shorts abuses animals and does blackface. Basically... Mickey sucks. Pikachu has a heart. He cares about Ash and loves his friends and is like a big brother to togepi. And a good friend to Misty, Brock etc. Pikachu is the best character objectively. Sure Mickey is recognizable and iconic but hes not interesting. Hes bland and boring. Pikachu is the true mouse. Pokemon is the real house of mouse.

  • wintertheAmpharos
    wintertheAmpharos 3 days ago

    I liked Chicken Little as a kid, but looking back on it now, it HAS NOT aged well at all. Yes I even had the licensed game cos young me didn’t know or care that movie tie-in games were terrible. Though the ps2 one was fun.

  • GrimGracious
    GrimGracious 3 days ago

    It's like what Woody was before Pixar changed his character. They should have realized how awful all the characters were and did a 180.

  • Critical Tech
    Critical Tech 3 days ago

    This movie had a video game?

  • Kyra Johnson
    Kyra Johnson 3 days ago


  • Lori
    Lori 3 days ago

    imma keep it real with you chief
    *i didn't know chicken little was disney*

  • de132
    de132 3 days ago

    This was a weird, shitty time for Disney.
    They were trying to permanently cut ties with Pixar. Their heavy hitters Clements and Musker weren't heavy hitters (Hercules and Treasure Planet failed from a critical and financial perspective).
    DreamWorks, headed by former Disney employee Jeffrey Katzenberg with venture capital from Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, was starting to be really successful. Katzenberg also successfully sued Disney after he wasn't given his bonus or something from Michael Eisner. It was a humiliating mess that cost them millions.
    They were cutting costs everywhere and destroying animation at their company. Morale in the animation department was incredibly low.
    There was a giant battle between CEO Michael Eisner and President Bob Iger vs. Roy Disney and Stanley Gold. Executive micromanaging decimated all parts of their business except the theme parks (which started to struggle post-9/11) and their cable channels (specifically ESPN). All their cable channels besides ABC Family (which was a stupid purchase in hindsight since they couldn't rebrand the network or cancel the 700 Club due to agreements made with televangelist Pat Robertson).
    The ABC network was falling apart and 4th among the big 4.
    It straight up sucked to be Disney. Also, Comcast tried to buy them.
    People say right now is the low point of Disney, I say they're wrong. Right now, from a production perspective is better than the late Eisner years or the post-Walt/pre-Eisner years.

  • RickyPro
    RickyPro 5 days ago +5

    Disney’s Planes would like to disagree

  • NostalgiaEntertainmentSystem

    I watched this while eating popcorn chicken
    That’s how much I hate this movie

  • Oreo the CookieAnimator

    They changed the wiki LMFAO

  • millie
    millie 5 days ago

    i can't believe this was the first movie i ever saw in cinema

  • Sukki Blue
    Sukki Blue 6 days ago

    I loved this fucking movie...like really...who are we talking about?

  • Paul Moitoso
    Paul Moitoso 6 days ago

    Get unsubbed bitch.

  • Robert Weston
    Robert Weston 6 days ago

    Well, at least Disney seem to have gone from strength (weakness), strength over time. (kinda)

  • Robert Weston
    Robert Weston 6 days ago

    Sorry, but as a child I loved Chicken Little, I t may have major problems as an adult but as a child (10 or so, I loved it) It may be a fairly problematic movie, but it had a very, very odd charm as I was me as a child

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia 7 days ago

    Sponge bob videogame music in background

  • Teh Sniper
    Teh Sniper 7 days ago +2

    Anyone else really liked this movie as a kid?

  • Useless.
    Useless. 8 days ago +1

    Hey I actually fucking liked Hoodwinked it was one of my favorite childhood movies, even the 2nd one too.

  • jellybean STUDIOS
    jellybean STUDIOS 8 days ago

    my opinion i like this movie, but i like seeing other opinions

  • Shazzy the cat
    Shazzy the cat 8 days ago

    But hoodwinked was such a good movie. Sure there are some things that you COULD interpret as copying shrek, but it was a very original concept. It was funny, it was memorable.. it wasn’t a musical, but the three songs that ARE sung are amazing in their own right and make me so happy. The jokes were funny, it wasn’t obnoxiously slapstick, I don’t think there was any bathroom humor, and there want a romance sub-plot slapped onto the end (those are problems I normally have with animated films) it was a great film and I loved it.

  • Something Deadpool
    Something Deadpool 8 days ago

    I'm sorry, but if I went over my schools intercom and screamed about a school shooting for 20 minutes and it turned out to be false, my dad would probably look at me that way too.

  • Lucas Müller
    Lucas Müller 8 days ago

    I really like that movie as a Kid

  • Jeremiah Kelley
    Jeremiah Kelley 9 days ago

    I like chicken little

  • Frollo Baggins
    Frollo Baggins 9 days ago

    You know as bad as Buck is, at least he's not Gendo..........

  • Samuel McLean
    Samuel McLean 10 days ago +1

    Don’t go dissin’ The Emporer’s New Groove

  • Fat Dickenson
    Fat Dickenson 10 days ago +1

    even as a kid i knew the moment i watched the trailer that this was going to be terrible

  • Sklugg
    Sklugg 10 days ago


  • MagicalGirl4
    MagicalGirl4 10 days ago

    ~It was a recipe for disaster, a four course meal of no siree~

  • Emma Reiman
    Emma Reiman 11 days ago +1

    10:33 "In fact, I like to call him ....." Add starts playing some random stuff "Barbie!!" ok, ok o boy

  • milkystar. mp3
    milkystar. mp3 11 days ago +1

    No, now is Disney’s lowest point.

  • Jeff Vader
    Jeff Vader 11 days ago

    Chicken Little is basically the Shark Tale of Disney

  • Cat_ninja 98
    Cat_ninja 98 12 days ago +32

    “I want to feel this movie inside me”
    -commodore 2019

  • dione quinn
    dione quinn 12 days ago

    I HATE it when people say this is a “BAD” movie. I know the movie might not have aged well I think it’s a good movie. When I was little, me and my grandma used to watch this a LOT she did you she died in 2011. This was one of her favorite movie before she died. I also think the, I think the dad Isn’t a bad dad just a little over protective because his wife died.

  • Otakun The vegan
    Otakun The vegan 12 days ago

    12:55 You got me to laugh at that I hope you are proud...

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres 12 days ago

    Treasure planet didnt have weak dialogue, that movie has some of the best character interactions and I do not appreciate this slander >:(

  • Dar-man francis
    Dar-man francis 14 days ago

    Wait left? I am fairly certain the mothers in this movie and Cloudy Meatballs have died.

  • Chloe Banana21
    Chloe Banana21 14 days ago +1

    2 bad things? Chicken little and CGI remakes. What’s the worst thing in existence? A CHICKEN LITTLE CGI REMAKE. THINK ABOUT IT

  • Chloe Banana21
    Chloe Banana21 14 days ago


  • Caleb Atchison
    Caleb Atchison 15 days ago

    I loved this film

  • Shanine Jackman1998
    Shanine Jackman1998 15 days ago

    I'm confused at 7:44 what animal is this? 😂 a cow?? A bull?

  • SC-01 Productions
    SC-01 Productions 16 days ago

    Why did you edit out the Schaffrillas part? It was good...

  • Michael Helin
    Michael Helin 16 days ago

    I'd rather take this movie over the live action remakes