Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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Comments • 257 886

  • Jacob Productions
    Jacob Productions 21 hour ago +1

    Remember the hype?

  • EJ 620
    EJ 620 21 hour ago

    Welp, it’s official. Endgame has passed Avatar and is now the highest grossing film

  • Iftee Talukder
    Iftee Talukder 21 hour ago

    1:43-1:44 it’s badass cap time now 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😡😡

  • Daniel Velasco
    Daniel Velasco 21 hour ago


  • R.I.P StanLee We love u 3000 times


  • The Franchise007
    The Franchise007 21 hour ago


  • Stogie2112
    Stogie2112 21 hour ago

    Just think...only about 9 months before "The Rise of Skywalker" earns $3.8 billion.... 😆

  • ¿Carlos Morales?
    ¿Carlos Morales? 21 hour ago +1


  • Ka Ba
    Ka Ba 22 hours ago


    • Stogie2112
      Stogie2112 21 hour ago

      .300 is a fine batting average!

  • Shining Aquarii
    Shining Aquarii 22 hours ago

    Mr Stark, We Won Mr Stark

  • Aston Boyd
    Aston Boyd 22 hours ago

    Mr. Lee, we won. We won Mr. Lee. We won...

  • Randy Nguyen
    Randy Nguyen 23 hours ago

    All the on your left jokes about endgame and avatar are finally completed

    • Stogie2112
      Stogie2112 22 hours ago

      On your left.....and ahead of you.... 😉

  • Emily
    Emily 23 hours ago +1

    “Whatever it takes...”

  • Edwin Youell
    Edwin Youell Day ago +2

    2.8M marvel fans liked this trailer
    56K of James Camerons accounts disliked this trailer

  • • Xon •
    • Xon • Day ago +1

    They did it.

  • Hunter Hoyal
    Hunter Hoyal Day ago

    We were so stupid watching the trailer. now that I've seen the movie time travel seems so obvious.

  • Lance Marcellana
    Lance Marcellana Day ago +1

    Avengers: Endgame really deserved that #1 spot, no one can beat the popularity of the said movie.

    • Lance Marcellana
      Lance Marcellana 21 hour ago

      @Double flores yes hahahaha

    • Double flores
      Double flores 21 hour ago

      Lance Marcellana watch a Justice league movie top this.... oh that’s unlike but it’ll make the DC fans happy. But still very glad Endgame is at the top and let’s hope it stays that way for a while.

  • The WinterSoldier
    The WinterSoldier Day ago +1


  • Julio Kristian
    Julio Kristian Day ago

    The best movie ever is official to be number one highest grossing film.

  • Reagan Kosakowski

    I just realized that one day kids won't know who the Avengers were... and that day the world will die... :(

  • Tony14Stark
    Tony14Stark Day ago +2

    This trailer is too clean. Sold the movie perfectly

  • TMLink
    TMLink Day ago

    Endgame when it beats Avatar:
    *The work is done*

  • Anonymous Assistant

    If you haven’t watched endgame iron man and black widow die rage at me later

  • dragonball slayer326

    We did it guys endgame has officially passed avatar

  • Jonathan Uriostegui

    Gone With the Wind: 3.8 Billion
    Titanic: 3.4 Billion
    Avatar: 3.2 Billion
    Beat that Endgame

  • Kofi Ofori-nyarko

    but it on 2 secodns and the endgame music at the endgame music sounds so epic

  • GamingWiz 108
    GamingWiz 108 Day ago +2

    You could not live with the ending of Endgame. Where did that take you?
    Back to the trailers

  • चार लोग

    Interviewer :- Tell me about your patience level ?
    Me :- Avengers End Game nhi Dekhi abhi tak 😏

  • Кристиян Янков wants 10000 subscribers

    We did it Endgame surpassed Avatar at the box office
    Endgame: *"I am inevitable"*

  • Stogie2112
    Stogie2112 Day ago

    14,000,605 posts telling everyone that Endgame has beaten Avatar.

  • 1ranjeeves21
    1ranjeeves21 Day ago

    Now officially the highest grossing film of all time

  • Joshua Manjania
    Joshua Manjania Day ago

    Seems like a thousand years ago when I first walked into the cinema...watched iron man, Became a marvel fan

  • Tomas Hatada
    Tomas Hatada Day ago

    Avengers Endgame pulled off one last one: surpassed Avatar at the box office! Whatever it takes.

    • Jonathan Uriostegui
      Jonathan Uriostegui Day ago

      With a cheap re release , at least Avatar actually had new scenes. And technically Avatar has 3.2 billion

  • ĐeͫⱥdSH̶ØȾ_YT

    July 2019 ??? Anyone?? Helllooooo? Is anyone there?

  • aashish sahu
    aashish sahu Day ago

    Yeah, Im here to watch the trailer. AGAIN.

  • Taher Huned
    Taher Huned Day ago

    avengers endgame finally the highest grossing film all time, thanks to all those who watched it multiple times in order to achieve this.

  • My gaming channel yo

    finally got to see avatar got beaten by avengers themselves. RIP avatar

  • dm
    dm Day ago +3

    Congratulations Avatar for becoming the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time



  • Wen Night
    Wen Night Day ago


  • Hey Everyone
    Hey Everyone Day ago +5

    Mr. Stark, we won. We won, you did it sir, you did it. We finally beat Avatar

  • Evan Webb
    Evan Webb Day ago

    those 56k people are Thanos' army

  • Madhurjya Ronghang

    Who's here after watching the film in hall.... Like

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown Day ago +1

    Child Kevin Feige (CKF): Did you do it?
    Adult Kevin Feige (AKF): Yes…
    CKF: What did it cost?
    AKF: Around a $4,568,000,000 movie budget, 32 comic tie-ins, 23 movies, 11.25 years, 11 shows, 8 video game tie-ins, 5 short films, 2 web series, and 1 Endgame re-release.

  • Abubackr Hassan
    Abubackr Hassan Day ago

    Who is here after endgame surprised Avatar and became The highest grossing movie ever ?

  • Prashant Ankit
    Prashant Ankit Day ago +2

    Peter: Mr STARK we just beat AVATAR.. 🤓

  • Tikboy Tikas
    Tikboy Tikas Day ago

    Sigh... at last we won guys... we've beaten Avatar!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • FNFDude45
    FNFDude45 Day ago

    "And I am iron man" SPOILERS AHEAD OF THIS iron man snapped endgame to #1

  • Know me
    Know me Day ago

    You've beaten the Avatar....

  • I know right?
    I know right? Day ago +2

    *"There was an idea..."*

    • Luis Valdivieso
      Luis Valdivieso Day ago +1

      *"to see if we could become something more.."*

    • RedHotG soldier
      RedHotG soldier Day ago +1

      *"To bring together a group of remarkable people..."*

  • I know right?
    I know right? Day ago

    *"There was an idea"*

  • Poem lovers #1
    Poem lovers #1 Day ago +3

    This is the number of people who will continue to watch endgame film and trailers again and again and again whatever it takes

  • Poem lovers #1
    Poem lovers #1 Day ago +1

    Yessss..... Finally endgame has beaten avatar in the race.... Now endgame is the highest earning film ever in box office

  • game stud
    game stud Day ago

    We won Mr. did it Sir you did it.

    Endgame all time no. #1

  • Prasoon Dwivedi
    Prasoon Dwivedi Day ago +1

    Thanos breaks cap shield and throws him away still seeing all his army against him he stands up put his strap and is ready to fight even if alone . Then suddenly falcon says on your left and all the heroes that dissaperad return and with the awesome theme song and a Cap filled with hope stares Thanos with a heavy breath . Everyone takes their position and "The Guy With The Metal Shield" says "Avengers Assemble".
    - One word To describe all that should be ....


  • Zac Adam Morrison
    Zac Adam Morrison Day ago +1

    Thank You Marvel for happening in my lifetime :)

  • Vector Smoothie
    Vector Smoothie Day ago +2

    Who's still watching this trailer in 2049?

    I'll be the most liked comment 30 years later

  • Stogie2112
    Stogie2112 Day ago

    Box Office Revenue "Adjusted for inflation"...... does anyone care to discuss?

    • Akhil Elvin
      Akhil Elvin Day ago

      @Dan World poda oori mone aathym thanta aararun poi kandupidiku endiyum Mati Ninte thanta oori kittan

    • Dan World
      Dan World Day ago

      @Akhil Elvin yeah that's clever. here's one for you: oel ngati kameie

    • Akhil Elvin
      Akhil Elvin Day ago

      @Dan World illada avarati mone NE umbiko.

    • Dan World
      Dan World Day ago

      @Akhil Elvin yeah endgame is the best marvel movie..........

    • Dan World
      Dan World Day ago

      @Akhil Elvin what u on about grease stain? inflation is a factor, whether endgame sheep wanna agree or not

  • StryderXVI
    StryderXVI Day ago +4

    Who’s hear after Endgame Passed Avatar ??

  • Prakhar Srivastav
    Prakhar Srivastav Day ago +2

    People don't watch trailer after movie released.
    Legend : But not us.

  • Patryk Małecki
    Patryk Małecki Day ago

    Who's here after endgame becoming #1 highest frossing film of all time?

  • Hey there
    Hey there Day ago


  • Siddharth Roy
    Siddharth Roy Day ago

    anyone here after endgame become the heigest grossing flim

  • Prithvi Vipulkumar
    Prithvi Vipulkumar Day ago +1

    If Stan Lee was still alive :c

  • alaa b
    alaa b Day ago

    I did not like it 😐

  • Monte Carvalo
    Monte Carvalo Day ago

    I wish I was 12 again to enjoy such movies.

  • Jejis Rai
    Jejis Rai Day ago

    Dont read the comments . Its spoliers everywhere

  • rizky pantjoro
    rizky pantjoro Day ago

    Baru sadar ada suara nya peggy carter disini

  • The Unimpressed
    The Unimpressed Day ago

    We did it Mr. Stark, we won

  • Kunal Tanwar
    Kunal Tanwar Day ago +2

    Mr. Stark we did it

  • Anjelo Acnam
    Anjelo Acnam Day ago

    1:50 Whatever it takes to get in Area 51

  • TheM31ShadoW
    TheM31ShadoW Day ago +2

    They sent us a message, that they can take what ever they want , and nothing can stop them , and we will send our message , that this , this is our record !! We will take it back with avatar 2 !!!

    • TheM31ShadoW
      TheM31ShadoW Day ago

      @Dan World is it confirmed ?

    • Dan World
      Dan World Day ago +1

      i see you brother. and no we'l take it back with avatar 10th birthday re release next year!!

  • Storm Drooper
    Storm Drooper Day ago +2

    Favorite film hands down

  • 2008cure
    2008cure Day ago

    Is this a big bang theory nerds movie ?

  • The Bricker
    The Bricker Day ago

    It is official: AVENGERS: ENDGAME has passed AVATAR and has become THE HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME!

  • Tim Sevigney
    Tim Sevigney Day ago

    Trailer is better than the movie ☹️

  • Yealdra
    Yealdra Day ago

    Officially grossed AVATAR 🔥

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj Day ago +4

    Endgame is highest grossing movie of all time .....yeah ...this does put smile on my from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp Day ago

      Nobody cares where you’re from

  • I am Awakening
    I am Awakening Day ago

    I saw all these people die

  • Garrett Foreman
    Garrett Foreman Day ago +2

    Everybody wants a happy ending, right? But it doesn't always roll that way. Maybe this time. I'm hoping if you play this back... it's in celebration. I hope families are reunited. I hope we get it back, in somewhat like a normal version of the planet has been restored, if there ever was such a thing. God, what a world. Universe now. If you told me 10 years ago that we weren't alone, let alone you know to this extent... I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised. But come on, you know. That epic forces of darkness and light that have come into play. And for better or worse, that's the reality Morgan's going to find a way to grow up in. So I found a private area to record a little greeting in case of an untimely death on my part. Not that death at any time is ever timely. This time travel thing that we are going to pull off tomorrow... it's got me scratching my head about the survivability of all this. But then again that's the hero gig. Part of the journey is the end. What am I tripping for? Everything is going to work out exactly the way it's supposed to.
    I love you 3000.

  • Sanju Sanju
    Sanju Sanju Day ago

    And I've really enjoyed when iron man dies and captain loser becomes rusty old Grandpa

  • Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    had to cleanse my eyes after that cats trailer

  • IM McCarthy
    IM McCarthy Day ago

    Some people only see the movie once..
    But not us..
    Not us..
    Endgame finally dethroned Avatar

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar Day ago

    Who is here after endgame beats avatar

  • Captain America
    Captain America Day ago

    Avengers: Avatar we came to bargain.
    Avatar: No! You're gonna stay below me.
    Avengers: Avatar we came to bargain.
    Avatar: No! You're gonna stay below me.
    Avengers: Avatar we came to bargain.
    Avatar: No! You're gonna stay below me.
    Avengers: Avatar we came to bargain.
    Avatar: No! You're gonna .... WAIT...! WHAT THE.......

  • Alex Jensen
    Alex Jensen Day ago

    I am groot

  • Nikhil Rastogi
    Nikhil Rastogi Day ago +2

    So now endgame is highest grossing movie worldwide

  • Brijesh Shah
    Brijesh Shah Day ago +4

    Thanos to Avtar : I hope they remember you.
    Anyone here after Endgame is now the world highest grossing film ever.

  • Dipesh shah
    Dipesh shah Day ago +4

    End game won over avatar

  • X-Ghost- 22
    X-Ghost- 22 Day ago +3

    Highest Grossing move of all Chimey

  • Taylor Swift 13
    Taylor Swift 13 Day ago +6

    How many are here after Endgame beat Avatar??

  • aditya wibowo
    aditya wibowo Day ago +1

    We won Mr stark, you did it sir

  • mkeonine
    mkeonine Day ago

    Avengers are now in the Endgame.
    For Avatar... It's Game Over. 😕

  • CoasterWars Man
    CoasterWars Man Day ago +6

    Who's here after Endgame beat Avatar at the Box Office

  • Ulises torales 2002

    Now is the Highest Movie N°1 on the world.

  • Mixey Boy
    Mixey Boy Day ago +1

    *You've achieved Godhood of Cinema*

  • Everybodytypechibi
    Everybodytypechibi Day ago +4

    We did it! Endgame is the highest grossing movie of all time!

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Day ago +1

    But, you know, the suit can take the weight, right? So I take the tank, drop it right off at the general's palace, drop it at his feet. I'm, like, "Boom. Are you looking for this?"

  • The Hh
    The Hh Day ago +7

    *Avengers: Endgame is now offically the highest-grossing movie of all-time!*

  • rifyal mahardhika
    rifyal mahardhika Day ago +2

    🎉🎊🎉Congratulations to Avengers endgame for reaching the highest grossing movie of all time 🎊🎉🎊💖 Finally they had done a great job, YEAYY 👍👍👍👌👌👌
    And thanks to all fans in the world for succeeding the movie
    💞💓 LOVE U 3000 GUYS 💞💖