I wish I didn’t look inside the package I was delivering

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
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    This is a story about the time I needed to make some extra money to buy my girlfriend, Anastasia a Christmas present. I decided to try delivering for Uber Eats since I heard it pays good. I was tipped over $1000 on my first trip but it came at a cost. I ran into two people who had robbed me in the past, except they were in danger. I had to decide whether to help them, or let karma do it's thing...

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    Music used is by Kevin Macleod
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  • Lailahxelle
    Lailahxelle 2 hours ago

    Dats cap lmafo I’m joking kind sir

  • Scooby Paredes
    Scooby Paredes 9 hours ago

    Is that Jefree Star 10.00

  • Itz Antonina
    Itz Antonina 14 hours ago

    He looks like Jeffrey star

  • Itz Antonina
    Itz Antonina 14 hours ago

    Wait who is axl

  • LeoTheRealLion
    LeoTheRealLion 16 hours ago

    Is this really true?

  • robert martin
    robert martin Day ago

    Ur fake

  • Maverik Saeteurn

    He just had to pronounce it was an iPhone

  • ApExER
    ApExER Day ago

    Ppl say it's fake, it is but its entertainment

  • Snow_ Wolf15
    Snow_ Wolf15 Day ago

    Why axle be looking like Jeffree Star

  • Galbadrakh Bayarmunkh


  • David Allen
    David Allen 2 days ago

    I know this is fake but i still like it

  • Telefonul Galaxy
    Telefonul Galaxy 2 days ago

    I dont take this serious its just funny how dumb it is

  • Alexus Willette
    Alexus Willette 2 days ago

    Is this a real story

  • Aloowee Yasser
    Aloowee Yasser 2 days ago +2

    tell me why the girl at the end who's talking with blonde hair looks like jeffree star..........

  • Christian Snead
    Christian Snead 2 days ago

    Is this REALLY REAL!!!

  • Donna Quick
    Donna Quick 2 days ago

    are all of your stories really real?

  • Hanif Ibrahim SOBHANI

    stop trying to make it sound real. we know its fake

  • Hanif Ibrahim SOBHANI

    who pays for wallpapers

    QUINN WALOCH 3 days ago

    How there flat twist scenes I ever seen in my life you are held hostage and then this freaking mess happens holy crap

  • iProINF
    iProINF 3 days ago

    8:40 it’s Paul Blart!

  • Brady Groh
    Brady Groh 4 days ago

    This us so fake

  • Odette Badette
    Odette Badette 4 days ago +1

    Mart the mall

  • mebeingme
    mebeingme 4 days ago

    Is this a movie😂

  • Karlo Varga
    Karlo Varga 5 days ago

    Driving a tesla
    *combustion engine noises intensify*

  • Tristan Dahlen
    Tristan Dahlen 5 days ago +3

    The security guard looks like Kevin James

  • da dud
    da dud 5 days ago

    Imagine if this is real😂😂

  • Ultimate Creekz Ultimate

    Who is Axel yet channel or Gens yt channel

  • Moody El bakry
    Moody El bakry 7 days ago

    Steven: *ubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereatsubereats*

  • kiba inuzika
    kiba inuzika 7 days ago

    11:20 phone brakes ... ... ...

  • X G
    X G 7 days ago

    Rufus Shinra?

  • Thomas Wyatt
    Thomas Wyatt 8 days ago

    wow your life is FD up

  • Bowdy Olson
    Bowdy Olson 8 days ago

    Did any one notice that the security guard at the front entrance had the leaf village sign on his badge from naruto

  • Hayden Garcia
    Hayden Garcia 8 days ago

    Is this just my but the white,blond guy lowkey be looking yo boy Jeffery Star

  • Bilal Juma
    Bilal Juma 8 days ago

    Heads up
    Glens the underground king

  • iiBlue Pearl ii
    iiBlue Pearl ii 8 days ago +1

    *I like hair*

  • Syed Raheel Hassan
    Syed Raheel Hassan 8 days ago

    (Noises downstairs can't be explained "horror story")

  • Astha. Floydd
    Astha. Floydd 8 days ago

    Jeffree star 😂😂😂😂

    ADAMATIONS 2.O 8 days ago

    He looks like tony stark

  • Taejha S
    Taejha S 9 days ago

    hi im new to this channel :) are these videos fake or did they actually happen? i'd love to know, the🙂

  • Melody laura
    Melody laura 9 days ago


  • star boy
    star boy 9 days ago

    There is a war choose a side

  • marco the savage
    marco the savage 9 days ago

    Lies and slander

    CONZA GAMING 10 days ago

    What animation website do you use

  • Susana Arkoh
    Susana Arkoh 10 days ago

    How do u make this look so real.🥺
    Anyway it is so cool.😎
    I like ur videos.❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️💞

  • Niya N Fam
    Niya N Fam 10 days ago

    Am I Tripp’s or the guy that got on the helicopter looks like Jeffrey star

  • Joshua Silva
    Joshua Silva 10 days ago

    U like naruto that's cool

  • Tres Cummings
    Tres Cummings 10 days ago

    Omg I watched all his vids now I understand mostly everything

  • PieDiePie
    PieDiePie 10 days ago

    Stop making vids the more you get famous you’ll weirder it gets other famous youtubers have gotten kidnaped before

  • AlexOfDragons
    AlexOfDragons 10 days ago

    Did Anyone Notice that The Guard's Star's Symbole is Leaf village ' s Symbole? (help Too Many 's )

  • mitzuuk
    mitzuuk 10 days ago +5

    bro his whole life is a true adventure like a movie

  • Miller Poores
    Miller Poores 11 days ago


  • Melon Mejia
    Melon Mejia 11 days ago

    Is that really Jeffrey Star 9:18

  • Melon Mejia
    Melon Mejia 11 days ago +6

    Who else an OG but merch be like $55.00 and your wallet be like $5.00

  • Christina Gonz
    Christina Gonz 11 days ago

    IT WAS P A U L B L A R T :D

  • Deiivids Palamarcuk
    Deiivids Palamarcuk 11 days ago +12

    I sear to god this is not real.
    Because this sounds like an action movie

  • Algot Holgersson
    Algot Holgersson 12 days ago

    this is the most fakes shite eva

  • What’s Up
    What’s Up 12 days ago

    I want to know why I haven’t see any of these things on the news

  • Nicole Morris
    Nicole Morris 12 days ago

    I'm sorry this seems fake

  • Magxd
    Magxd 12 days ago

    What I thought would be in the box a “sex toy”

  • Mexican_ guy101
    Mexican_ guy101 13 days ago

    What’s up with you opening doors 😅😂🤣