Yasuo Wind Wall Doesn't Block Guinsoo's Rageblade Damage - How to Counter Yasuo - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Yasuo Wind Wall Doesn't Block Guinsoo's Rageblade Damage BUG - Patch 9.5 League of Legends
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  • Eldimarix
    Eldimarix  7 months ago +121

    Hello, I have a question because now I don't know if it's a bug or normal interaction, "Champions with guinsoo's can normally hit yasuo behind windwall ?" for me no but hmm

      IULIQUE 7 months ago

      Now a thing is, yesterday I couldn't block Jinx, Ez and Draven ult...

      RADEK THE PLAYER 7 months ago

      Its a bug
      Riot will fix it 🙂

    • Kokosek xD
      Kokosek xD 7 months ago

      That is only becase vayne deal dmg with w and kai'sa deal dmg with her passive

    • 唐卓越
      唐卓越 7 months ago

      @Kiwi PieMi cu neeko's passive from w is not projectile(mostly like velcoz's auto)

    • Kiwi PieMi
      Kiwi PieMi 7 months ago

      when i neeko i can aa through windwall

  • Dangerous Vortex
    Dangerous Vortex 4 months ago

    0:20 AC BLASTER is stronger than Yasuo's wall.

  • ツRapidCombo
    ツRapidCombo 4 months ago +1

    yep, i died from this yesterday and i knew something was wrong here

  • KitNip OG
    KitNip OG 4 months ago

    I wind walled a yuumi ult but it still stuns me

  • Dumangan Magtubo
    Dumangan Magtubo 6 months ago

    Idk maybe ultimates can pass through windwall. Remembering, I played Lux and my ult passed through it. Idk if it's related.

  • Ionut xD
    Ionut xD 7 months ago

    I think that the rage blade works like Old Kyle's E,ranged but without projectiles.

  • Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper

    *heavy slavic breathing*

  • Patryk Boduch
    Patryk Boduch 7 months ago +2

    So it should work with Gnar too

  • TeddyKuma-San
    TeddyKuma-San 7 months ago +3

    I dont think this is a bug, guinsoos damage isn't actually a projectile

  • Beware of xXNoobXx
    Beware of xXNoobXx 7 months ago +3

    Rageblade is a sword so it makes sense to past through Yasuo's wind wall

  • James Moreno
    James Moreno 7 months ago


  • 湛藍天
    湛藍天 7 months ago

    Great ,they should've done this long time ago

  • Psychosis
    Psychosis 7 months ago

    Guess theres a reason they call it phantom hit lol

  • JHIN gerbread
    JHIN gerbread 7 months ago

    Im not a fan of Yasuo top but i dont understand people complaining abput q damage or w wall. Do you think yasuo is broken with 48% win rate?

  • Thxcky Nickiiil
    Thxcky Nickiiil 7 months ago +6

    Just delete wind wall or yasuo i like the second one better thank 😇

    • Sevi
      Sevi 6 months ago

      No u

    • Thxcky Nickiiil
      Thxcky Nickiiil 7 months ago

      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you liked my coment

  • Braken Vow
    Braken Vow 7 months ago

    Does it only works with basic attacks or does it also includes skill shots?

  • Aion
    Aion 7 months ago +1

    Finally a decent nerf

  • Completely Normal
    Completely Normal 7 months ago


  • Shrixers
    Shrixers 7 months ago +1

    Gj riot

  • Jibi Reyes
    Jibi Reyes 7 months ago +6

    Windwall: am i a joke to you

  • Zsuzsanna Kaszab
    Zsuzsanna Kaszab 7 months ago

    Yasuo mains TRIGGERED

  • FrackleBerry
    FrackleBerry 7 months ago

    I FKING NEW IT WAS BUGGED!, I legit lost 2 yasuo ranked games BC a kayle and neeko could do this shit, fk me dude

  • Danhai k. Walker
    Danhai k. Walker 7 months ago +7

    Anyone here that saying balanced and cant outplay a yasuo's wind wall is just legit trash.

  • Lunicorn SZRK
    Lunicorn SZRK 7 months ago

    Well this isn't new it's like that since the phantom attack. The devorer was the same. It's not a bug wind wall block projectiles. It's already dumb as fuck when yasuo block things like Nami R, Maokai R, Braum R, Malph Q, Vel'Koz W And in the other hand doesn't block Corki W. And the worst is Pyke E because Braum can't block it but Yasuo can ! WTF

  • Theodore Rizzo
    Theodore Rizzo 7 months ago +2

    I may be wrong, but this could be intentional. Guinsoo’s activates and just applies the effect to its target. Therefore the activation of guinsoos is not a projectile.
    A thought is all.

  • 雞蛋Egg514
    雞蛋Egg514 7 months ago

    Making Vagner even more broken than she is now

  • Alpha Cyborg
    Alpha Cyborg 7 months ago

    Yasuo Need Nerf More :3

  • Ariedetdou
    Ariedetdou 7 months ago

    Just ban vayne lol xd

  • RoselinaFey
    RoselinaFey 7 months ago

    I think it’s cause of how guinsoos applies its extra on hit directly to the target and doesn’t count as a projectile. Since the attack is still being launched correctly just not doing damage the counter still ticks up.

  • Merouane BELAROUSSI
    Merouane BELAROUSSI 7 months ago

    Wtf this again

  • Tốc Biến
    Tốc Biến 7 months ago

    Umm.. I always play ADC with this build and I think this from 9.1

  • Until They Stop Me I Will Create

    Now yasuo is unplayable

  • Just-in K.
    Just-in K. 7 months ago +1

    God please dont fix this so i can annoy those toxic yasuo players

  • P.A R.C
    P.A R.C 7 months ago

    Guinsoo does not care about your windy wall. Also...am i the only one who thinks that the wind wall should have hp?

  • Kelvin Nguyễn
    Kelvin Nguyễn 7 months ago

    Eh... still need a buff...

  • Toof Shitef
    Toof Shitef 7 months ago

    Hey Eldirmarix I know what is going around here The Guinsoo Passive kinda Slows Down When Yasuo W is Active but When it expires It goes back to normal.

  • 바람둥이강슬기
    바람둥이강슬기 7 months ago

    Guinsoo can pass wind wall.
    Vayne: *PEW pew PEW*

  • James Gomez
    James Gomez 7 months ago

    What kind of sorcery is this?

  • TheClashingMedic
    TheClashingMedic 7 months ago

    We asked for a Nerf not to make him Unplayable

  • Hirai Momo
    Hirai Momo 7 months ago

    Its yasuo's logic. If there are too many projectiles. The wall goes 010101010 and blacks out

  • Yuмιє ღ
    Yuмιє ღ 7 months ago

    Finally a useful bug

  • Snow Phoenix
    Snow Phoenix 7 months ago

    I mean, light can pass through wind wall..
    Guinzoo, you drunk?

  • InfectionShadow
    InfectionShadow 7 months ago

    So it's only bug?

  • eve
    eve 7 months ago +1

    Its ok dont change it

  • Thomas Klug
    Thomas Klug 7 months ago

    Can you slow it down again I didn't catch what was happening

  • jordi Vera Triay
    jordi Vera Triay 7 months ago +1


  • joseph paolo mendoza
    joseph paolo mendoza 7 months ago +1

    Now I can play my vayne insanely

  • Wivez wolx
    Wivez wolx 7 months ago +1

    Yasuo u dead btw

  • Niel Santoalla
    Niel Santoalla 7 months ago

    Well what do you expect? It is a wall of wind.

  • Cordgon Singed
    Cordgon Singed 7 months ago

    Phantom hit isnt a projectile. It’s a applied effect when you click on a target. So it’s not a bug. This has been going for a REALLY long time

  • animations by T
    animations by T 7 months ago +3

    Good, yasuo is too much broken

  • Александр Слепнёв

    Are you the new Vandiril?

  • DJV
    DJV 7 months ago

    Hope it stays as it is, that cancerous ability should be countered somehow

  • ii_KING_51
    ii_KING_51 7 months ago

    Is he nerfed enough now bitches?

  • Nathan Kilpatrick
    Nathan Kilpatrick 7 months ago

    It's simply because the second hit from Rageblade isn't a projectile. I assume riot will fix this by making it a second projectile or by making a command something like: "if projectile fails to land = don't activate Rageblade effect." In the mean time complain on the bug report and forums so Riot realizes that it's a problem.

  • Matt The Potato
    Matt The Potato 7 months ago +1

    Good.. Finally a counter

  • Xuan Doan Huu
    Xuan Doan Huu 7 months ago

    Oh Riot found a way to nerf Yas without that the yasuo main notice it

  • Szőcs Domokos
    Szőcs Domokos 7 months ago +2

    Not the yasuo nerf we need but the one we deserve

  • Abdallah Al Shacker
    Abdallah Al Shacker 7 months ago +2

    Nice game Riot

  • Lowpil
    Lowpil 7 months ago

    If anyones curios when rageblade is stacked the 2 on hit part works like this:while your basic is mid air one stack aplies and when your basic lands the other stack applies so this is a feature