Primitive Tool : Make 100 mud brick

  • Published on Jan 26, 2018
  • I made a brick mold that makes bricks 15 x 20 cm from wood. We make this brick for build our house wall.A log was split and mortise and tenon joints were carved using a stone chisel and sharp rocks. The mold was lashed together with cane to prevent it from coming apart when used.
    Next, I made mud and water make the bricks.This was then placed into the mold to be shaped and taken to a drying area. 100 bricks were made.When dry, the bricks were then assembled into a kiln.We Use this brick to build our house walls.
    Next Video i will use this brick to build our house wall.
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  • ǝʌǝʇs uʍop ǝpısdn

    What kind of primitive spike was that? 2:30

  • Isabella Estefania
    Isabella Estefania 2 months ago

    ladrillitos 😍

  • Mriya the wanderer
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    De Patrick Pixels 6 months ago +1

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    Sou a primeira brasileira a falar

  • Maria Gorete
    Maria Gorete 9 months ago

    Que legal

  • Bla484
    Bla484 9 months ago

    Where is this?

  • EXCELR8_ 007
    EXCELR8_ 007 9 months ago +2

    These guys would make these survivalist in these tv shows look like amateurs 😂😅

  • I need subscribers for wise things

    I'm trying to build a house but I only get clay sand

  • Expiredbeans
    Expiredbeans 10 months ago +1

    3:53 so they CAN talk

  • dheeraj jain
    dheeraj jain 10 months ago

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  • Rezka Micoal
    Rezka Micoal Year ago

    aku bikin nya 2 hari

  • Rifai Jr
    Rifai Jr Year ago

    make a pool of bricks

  • Humeyy75
    Humeyy75 Year ago

    Love this

  • Cherry Sampath
    Cherry Sampath Year ago

    can you do this with normal sand from your backyard or does the location matter?

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  • Jamal Brent Ali
    Jamal Brent Ali Year ago

    I employ some of your techniques to my forest dwellings cause I'm an avid hunter so many on your videos help sustain myself and friends in the jungle where we live in the Caribbean.

  • psikopatte1
    psikopatte1 Year ago

    i would love to see the hole necessary to have enough mud to do 200 bricks. Thanks a lot guys its very great to see you work so naturally

  • The Wazz
    The Wazz Year ago

    its not from primitive technology what are you talking about but actually this is really hard work i respect you

  • SandKing
    SandKing Year ago

    The way they're making the brick is way too hard, if the wooden thing was made a bit better it would be easier to make the bricks, cuz now they have to remove the rope and stuff.

  • SandKing
    SandKing Year ago

    *How tall is a decade?*

    *Answer: 7 cm tall*
    Lol just here to fuck your day

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  • Samuel Lucas Resende

    i liked

  • 새벽이
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  • Alex Arellano
    Alex Arellano Year ago +14

    I would love to see them communicate with eachother. Like how do you do this without communication

  • Samrat Mandal
    Samrat Mandal Year ago

    Which type of mud do you use?

  • TheMexican
    TheMexican Year ago +2

    Que buen trabajo, son un ejemplo de vida.

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Vanessa Garcia Year ago

    I will love to live there so I can not here or in vilens 😎🇱🇷🤘🤙🖖💪🕶️🦅

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  • Richfart
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    0:07 here in my garage

  • Ângela vitorino
    Ângela vitorino Year ago

    Vocês vivem no mato???

  • Angelina Titov
    Angelina Titov Year ago

    The splinters..... Ow.... The splinters

  • Andrés Rosas
    Andrés Rosas Year ago +1

    We're all just going to ignore them stealing ideas from Primitive Technology?

  • Amazing Asassin
    Amazing Asassin Year ago +1

    They are literly dressing up like they live in like some village and there poor and stuff. First of all they can afford camera equipment,wifi and a dude has a tattoo! Obviously they are acting like they are in some poor country when they are not.

    • Expiredbeans
      Expiredbeans 10 months ago

      loveisforever right

    • Danicella Hernandez
      Danicella Hernandez 10 months ago

      Does it matter? A lot of people on YT portray they are happy and have all the things money can buy and in reality as soon as the camera is turned off it could be total unhappiness!!

    • Jamal Brent Ali
      Jamal Brent Ali Year ago +3

      Amazing Asassin It's all for educational purposes dude, they don't have to be living in an actual forest and living that way. It's to teach people about off grid living and if its for you then stay and learn something. And a gentle reminder Assassin is spelt wrong.

    • White light
      White light Year ago +1

      Amazing Asassin but yours did?

    • Amazing Asassin
      Amazing Asassin Year ago

      your reply made no sense what so ever

  • i think i'm lost
    i think i'm lost Year ago

    Have these guys any other channels?

  • marcia pohlmann
    marcia pohlmann Year ago

    Que país e?

  • Thndr_
    Thndr_ Year ago

    Minecraft IRL

  • Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen Year ago +21

    'Primitive'. Has metal tools. 😂

    • motts
      motts 10 months ago

      its stone not metal

    • White But Mexican
      White But Mexican Year ago

      Edward Cullen “ metal” is a relative term you didn’t say “iron tools”.

    • SandKing
      SandKing Year ago

      Ikr 😂

    • StartedDeer 2
      StartedDeer 2 Year ago

      Para [OG] finally

    • ParaOG
      ParaOG Year ago +2

      Bruh of course they are like us ... than why do they have camera to take this video...

  • laureano 145
    laureano 145 Year ago

    wow I work harder I imagine that it must cost them a lot

  • Bluee Yess
    Bluee Yess Year ago +6

    When there's no time to do, think, or say bad things, people create their world and a good one.

    NOTHING Year ago +6

    They talked 3:53

      NOTHING Year ago

      Atty Tatty you are welcome

    • Atty Tatty
      Atty Tatty Year ago +1

      GOC KEE lmfao thank you for the laugh

  • MR_ ABrheemاغاني


  • Wot Fenix
    Wot Fenix Year ago

    Eu sou do brasil

  • John Blob
    John Blob Year ago +2

    Is this channel just a cheap copy of primitive technology?

  • Bhalukpong India
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  • Donald Trumpf
    Donald Trumpf Year ago +27

    5:41 ASMR 😳

  • Kami Sana
    Kami Sana Year ago +1

    They look like making a bread

  • Vi Lam
    Vi Lam Year ago +3

    I wonder how many splinters they get

  • Power games top
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    Alguém do Brasil

  • Jostin Hernández

    Eso es también eso no se cena acuidarnoz

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  • JH Anime Piano
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    Make a video on making tools

  • Cimi Dekocan
    Cimi Dekocan Year ago

    what if the bricks is in contact with water?

  • Chris J
    Chris J Year ago +52

    It's so delightful and relaxing to watch this guys to work , I'm so amazed.

  • Rose Bxrry ツ
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    If I ever get stranded on an island I would look back to when I was watching a video to remember so I could survive in the island

    • BlueBerry Videos
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      lmao same

    • BEST DOG
      BEST DOG Year ago

      A LavendeRGamer -I do cool stuff
      1. water
      2. shelter
      3. food
      4. something to by pass the time?

  • Marco Wulur
    Marco Wulur Year ago

    somebody give them wife

      NOTHING Year ago

      Marco Wulur thats what ı think 😂