Explosives Expert Rates Unrealistic Movie Explosions

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • We’ve all seen action stars walk away from ridiculous explosions in movies. Here, Columbia University explosives engineer Rodger Cornell rates 10 movie explosion scenes based on how realistic they are. We look at scenes from action and adventure movies like “Indiana Jones,” “Transformers,” “Django Unchained,” “X-Men,” “The Dark Knight,” “Desperado,” and more. How plausible are these scenes in real life? Are they scientifically accurate? Let's find out.
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    Explosives Expert Rates Unrealistic Movie Explosions
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  • jyjygjy yjfyjygj

    Hello im rodger cornholio and im a virgin 4 life

  • HeroGamerDX3
    HeroGamerDX3 3 days ago

    S t a r w a r s

  • Chelsella Snipez
    Chelsella Snipez 5 days ago

    In the dark night it was a real hospital being demolished and the controller messed up and they kept that scene in the movie

  • Ronnie Thomas
    Ronnie Thomas 9 days ago

    I feel like the explosives expert looks like Tom Holland

  • Bio
    Bio 18 days ago

    I mean joker did rob a whole bank


    well.... the actor in the transformer movie would have been death just for the effects of the shockwave.

  • Yoda
    Yoda 19 days ago

    This engineer never skips leg day...

  • Ken P
    Ken P 19 days ago

    I do like Michael Bay's more sparky, smokey explosions as opposed to the old fireballs most movies do. Does feel like his own, in a way.

  • Dj T.A.B.
    Dj T.A.B. 22 days ago

    Gays incoming at the comment section xD

  • Dj T.A.B.
    Dj T.A.B. 22 days ago

    21 Jump Street (Movie) made in the year 2012 OMG Guys ar u serious?

  • Dilligff
    Dilligff 25 days ago

    I think the 21 Jump Street one jokingly implied that the chicken poop was more volatile than the other stuff.

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 26 days ago

    It doesnt matter cuz most movie goer (like me) does not care how realistic its gonna get as long as it has that cinematic value

  • Hasnain Nazeer
    Hasnain Nazeer 26 days ago

    Indiana Jones surviving the nuclear bomb is ridiculous? What about the man Tsutomu Yamaguchi who survived two nuclear bombs?

  • Momo May
    Momo May 29 days ago


  • Anto Joseph
    Anto Joseph Month ago

    It's funny how the comedy movies are the most accurate

  • Orvin Tube
    Orvin Tube Month ago

    Should have added Interstellar Docking scene explosion

  • Undead Slayer
    Undead Slayer Month ago

    its just a movie

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee Month ago

    imagine watching movies just to get annoyed by all these

  • Koala Bare
    Koala Bare Month ago

    Serial killer reacts to slasher films.

  • God Almighty
    God Almighty Month ago

    The computers and radars in the e3 aren’t even on

  • Bad Tits
    Bad Tits Month ago

    This guy looks like the weird tall dude from the office and yet is some kinda munitions and explosive expert
    Talk about a prime example of not judging a book by its cover

  • Rani S
    Rani S Month ago

    Ayo make him read all these thirsty ass comments🤣💯

  • A fat cat from sweden

    When the sound reaches your ears before the preassure wave.

  • A fat cat from sweden

    He does not know what a jdam is? It’s gps guided...

  • Ricardo Amado
    Ricardo Amado Month ago

    i knew removing grenades pins with the teeth was fake. the only thing that will get removed is your set of teeth.

  • Sparky Folf
    Sparky Folf Month ago

    Best part of the hospital explosion scene in The Dark Knight, Its all practical.

  • PhoenixUltraMotive
    PhoenixUltraMotive Month ago

    Cars can actually quite easily stop certain caliber bullets, mostly handgun rounds and lower cal rifle rounds, which is why in case of a shooting police do actually use their patrol cars as cover. In fact, a door can stop a bullet without much difficulty. And also, if your car is positioned correctly, with the rear of the car facing the gunman, you would actually be pretty safe crouching in front of a car. A car's engine can stop a freaking 50 cal sniper, to show just how tough it is. It won't run but it would save you. Many channels have actually tested cars against guns, such as DemolitionRanch

    • Harry Peterson
      Harry Peterson 13 days ago

      What?... Even a 9mm will pass through a typical car door with enough power to kill. That's assuming it doesn't hit something significant like the window motor or the impact support bar.
      A standard .223/5.56 FMJ can easily pass through two typical car doors and still have enough power to kill.
      An engine will stop pretty much anything like you said, but a car door wouldn't even slow a .223 down enough to be stopped by level IIIA body armor.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Dark Knight trilogy is amazing.

  • coglio
    coglio Month ago +1

    depending on the size of the nuke it will kill indiana in multiple ways.
    1) light flash permanantly blinds (indiana avoided that)
    2) the heat would turn everything to gas in a certain area and still light a piece of paper on fire that is 14 km away. idiana would die from the heat within moments.
    3) the shockwave would pulverise the fridge and jones.
    4) the shockwave would create heavy storms in that area fueling everything that still burns. the oxygen gets pulled out and the air gets filled with all kinds of toxic gases and smoke. indiana cant see far and cant breath.
    5) the peak radiation is held for about a minuite killing indiana. if the fridge could block all radiation and with lucky conditions indiana might survive the fallout if he stays in there for a few days.

  • D Nothnagel
    D Nothnagel Month ago

    This guy is 🔥

  • Empurress
    Empurress Month ago

    I'm hoping you could do a review of explosions in tunnels, in movies, sometime. I've seen a lot of movies get this way wrong many times.
    I was with some people (I've long since forgotten and lost track of) who liked to urban explore in the tunnels along the Mississippi river back in the 1980s.
    One of the people had placed an explosive in a brick wall, hoping to widen the way around it.
    Every one waited around a corner about 100 yards down the tunnel.
    When the blast went off everyone instantly and involuntarily sat on the ground. Just all at once everyone's legs just went limp.
    The shock wave traveling along the tunnel was enough to cause the involuntary sit on the ground response, that I've never seen any movie ever get right.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne Month ago +1

    Was difficult to add a representation clip showing how a) a grenade explosion? Instead of just showing a guy sat talking about "oh this doesn't happen, that also doesn't happen"

    • Harry Peterson
      Harry Peterson 13 days ago

      A real grenade is just a big bang with a quick flash and some smoke/dust.
      It's not the actual explosion that kills, it's the hundreds of fragments of metal traveling several thousand feet per second that kills.
      At 15 feet, those fragments wil go through an inch of plywood let alone flesh and bone.

  • Garry Love TV
    Garry Love TV Month ago

    Lol the joker got the time and money and people

  • JohnandEve Foster
    JohnandEve Foster Month ago

    i think it is funny how fast a person dies in a movie from being shot by a gun in a place other than the kill zones

  • JohnandEve Foster
    JohnandEve Foster Month ago

    Doesn't everyone already know that the movies are just cartoons? Cartoons with real people and "real things".. do people actually think that anything they see in a movie is real? or could really happen that way? COME ON... this is like taking an expert and having him point out that in this cartoon that the things you see are not possible

  • este_bann
    este_bann Month ago

    my guy lookin like tom holland

  • Charles P
    Charles P Month ago +3

    So the most realistic ones were comedies. Interesting

  • Donald Martin
    Donald Martin Month ago

    Movie explosions are just much more entertaining than the typical real blast.......never seen anyone fly from an explosion...they usually just burst open and lose their arms, legs, and heads.......depending on the size of the blast and how close the individuals are to the epicenter of the blast, will determine the body damage....

  • Donald Martin
    Donald Martin Month ago

    I want thermo-nuclear hand grenades......LOL

  • Darren Porter
    Darren Porter Month ago

    Desperado is unrealistic?? Wow great. Thanks. I thought it was all fact.

  • Slidwitch
    Slidwitch Month ago +1

    Stop with the tape rewind sound effect please, it sounds unprofessional

  • Joshua Jude
    Joshua Jude Month ago

    Does this dude realize that movies isn't real life?

  • I love pineapples
    I love pineapples Month ago

    How do I become an explosion expert?

  • Gahandhi Gs
    Gahandhi Gs Month ago

    The dark Knight better be in here

  • EonStormcrow
    EonStormcrow Month ago

    That moment when Transformers is more realistic than Indiana Jones.

  • Failwings Gaming
    Failwings Gaming Month ago

    I'd like to see you commenting on real explosions.
    Also, I think you missed one thing with the explosions with larger distanses, the sound was when explosions took room, no explosion used the speed of sound.

  • Ben Siciu
    Ben Siciu Month ago

    Indiana Jones doesn't die because he drank the holy grail

  • arka biswas
    arka biswas Month ago +1

    Try South Indian movies. After watching you will forget physics and this guy will take retirement.

  • brentlion
    brentlion Month ago

    Also....a lot of those people would be dead being so close to an explosion like that.

  • carlos corona
    carlos corona Month ago

    im mad about the dark knight review

  • ratz
    ratz Month ago

    2:58 nuke town hehe

  • Candice Dodd
    Candice Dodd Month ago

    The dark knight one had real explosions! The joker had a shit ton of people working for him and he had access to a lot of resources, so it’s not a surprise he was able to pull that off.

  • Nguyen Nhu Ngoc
    Nguyen Nhu Ngoc Month ago +1

    Ok buddy this kid is toxic

  • Bruno Đurović
    Bruno Đurović 2 months ago

    For someone who loves Batman and Joker he seems like he doesnt know anything about joker, he stole from the mob, he planned everything god knows how long before he finally got to executing his plan, Joker is THE planner so...

  • Dave Wade
    Dave Wade 2 months ago

    Guy carries a car with one hand... The expert is upset because the orientation of the car is suboptimal. Lol!

  • bubbaballer88
    bubbaballer88 2 months ago

    How did you guys not do Shooter (movie)? The scene at the house w the napalm,pipe bombs, etc. and the end scene with the propane leak. That would have been perfect. Save it for rd 2!

  • Rohan Maniwade
    Rohan Maniwade 2 months ago

    Do Iron Man.

  • noob master69
    noob master69 2 months ago

    This guy probably has the best jon ever

  • Elena Peterson
    Elena Peterson 2 months ago

    this guy made me laugh so much omg

  • P4rzival Gaming
    P4rzival Gaming 2 months ago

    0:36 well if you are Granger, you CAN put a grenade in a guitar case