BIG MYSTERY Art Supply Unboxing!

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
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Comments • 52

  • Anis Kassissieh
    Anis Kassissieh 9 months ago

    This is so good

  • Saskia Rueber
    Saskia Rueber 10 months ago

    i know this video is from like 6 months ago.. but i dont know why noone wrote a comment about it before.. i really hope you saw that in the fineliner box should be 48 pens.. but you only saw 24.. there where no greens ohr greys or any of brown colors.. so please tell me you have found it out till now.. how can u not see those many signs that, like in the acrylic box, there is another set right under the first set????

  • Lauren T
    Lauren T 11 months ago

    Please do a pen collection

  • Kate Elkins
    Kate Elkins Year ago

    you should totally do a SKETCHBOOK TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate Elkins
    Kate Elkins Year ago

    i have the same marker brushes, but they are from a different company, and i love them. they really work and are so smooth and have great colors. oh, by the way, i am that girl in the corner of the picture who's head got cut off. those are my four little brothers. i am ten years old and am really good at drawing, but no one really believes me until they see my drawings and art, because i am so young, but i am making a youtube channel kind of like yours where i will be drawing and painting. please come check it out when i make it. i will come back and comment when i have uploaded a few videos! i love your channel so much!!

  • Kate Elkins
    Kate Elkins Year ago +3

    I LOVE getting new art supplies! i loved your drawings! so cute!

  • FallingForArt
    FallingForArt Year ago +2

    So jealous. I want to pick up more of these products specifically the fine liners. I have the 48 set of colored pencils and a few sketchbooks from them and so far I can't complain :D I can't wait to here more about the paints.

    • Holly Hearts Art
      Holly Hearts Art  Year ago +1

      I’m very happy with the fine liners and I can be pretty picky haha

  • AugustAtkinsonIllustration


  • Fjorre Oostindie
    Fjorre Oostindie Year ago

    How do you upload so many videos, I mean like I don't have the time to make art anymore because of school..

    • Holly Hearts Art
      Holly Hearts Art  Year ago

      I upload once a week which isn’t too hard since I’m not in school anymore and have a lot of free time.

  • Total Trash Mammal

    Also, one thing Holly didn't mention really is that Arteza is a somewhat cheaper art company! Arteza is far more affordable brand of art supplies.
    The fineliners cost $0.75-$1.00 each at full price depending on the pack you purchase.
    By comparison, the Pigma Microns are $1.00-$2.25 depending on the pack.
    Staedler fineliners are about $1-$4 each depending on the pack.
    I could go on, but I'm sure anyone interested would be willing to do their research.
    Also Arteza has weekly deals and featured products on sale. For example, most of their fineliner packs are on sale right now. Those fineliners I just said cost about $1 each are about $0.23 each right now.
    I've never gone on the arteza website and not seen a ton of products on sale. So even if you're as cheap as me and their low prices don't sway you, you can wait until the product you're interested in goes on sale and get it even cheaper!

  • Molly Art
    Molly Art Year ago

    There are more fineliners under the tray :)

    • Holly Hearts Art
      Holly Hearts Art  Year ago

      Yes. After editing this video, I realized that was the case.

  • Emma Rushton
    Emma Rushton Year ago

    Arteza are the artists equivalent of audible

  • Sara Ryn Art
    Sara Ryn Art Year ago

    One kinder surprise is about $1 here

  • Visual Mind
    Visual Mind Year ago

    Unpacking new art supplies is just the best feeling ever 🙈 my Problem is that I accumulate way too many and then I've got a lot of stuff that I don't use. But I can't get rid of art supplies, because ART SUPPLIES 😂😂😂

  • Kenton Yuudai
    Kenton Yuudai Year ago +3

    The boxes seem rather big, so I was thinking, don't the fineliner and pencil ones have another layer underneath? Cuz it has the same things on the sides to take it out. I also just count 24 fineliners😅😅

    • Holly Hearts Art
      Holly Hearts Art  Year ago

      Yes, there is another layer underneath I didn’t notice until after editing this video.

  • Ahri Akino
    Ahri Akino Year ago

    Try to use the Arteza water based pens like aquarell pencils! That might be a little more fun.
    But I feel you with the tip of the pen thing... That's me when I started with copics. XD

  • RoseALee Hobbies
    RoseALee Hobbies Year ago +1

    I love my watercolor brush markers

  • Anna Bear
    Anna Bear Year ago +2

    That is so cool 😁

  • Noah Lastname
    Noah Lastname Year ago

    Hey! I just had a idea? Have you ever thought about doing a crayola marker challenge! They are one od my favorite makers of all time to be honest-- They are very good at layering and blending if you go fast and use smooth paper! :D just a suggestion!

  • Avmily DIYS
    Avmily DIYS Year ago +1

    Love you and can you do more 24hr challenges or can you do a art haul from wish

  • Avmily DIYS
    Avmily DIYS Year ago +1


  • Seam
    Seam Year ago

    I luv you holly and what editor do you use and can you do a tutorial

  • Madelyn Janelle Art
    Madelyn Janelle Art Year ago +7

    High five for fellow Ohio youtuber!

  • DaisyAndCate 753
    DaisyAndCate 753 Year ago

    I thought kinder eggs were illegality the us

  • Artsy Monarch
    Artsy Monarch Year ago

    I'm dying to try some of these out especially the paint but I ran out my budget for art supplies for at least the dragon. :D

  • Gina ́sArtCorner

    Such nice colors~ And I love the little dragon in the surprise egg :D
    Damn~ this are the times I wish I would be a bigger TVclip Artist so I could also test supplies like this for companies :D

  • _GhostCupcake_
    _GhostCupcake_ Year ago

    Can I have something............No.......................ok
    Anyway HI again I keep forgetting to draw you a pic but just know that one will soon be on its way!!:3
    P.s l loved the vid!
    I think kinder eggs are from Europe

  • The Pastel Artist
    The Pastel Artist Year ago +16

    Just a heads up,There are more colours when you lift the trays❤

    • The Pastel Artist
      The Pastel Artist Year ago

      Holly Hearts Art aww its ok!we all make happy accidents❤

    • Sarah Nino
      Sarah Nino Year ago

      I was about to say the same thing! Lol I was telling my bf look she's not lifting the trays! Her improvosions despite still came out great.

    • Holly Hearts Art
      Holly Hearts Art  Year ago +2

      Yes, after editing this. I realized that was the case.

  • Sara’s Corner
    Sara’s Corner Year ago +11

    the fineliners have another tray underneath the first one :3

  • MangaDraws
    MangaDraws Year ago

    44th and cool video

  • Keniko Ashley
    Keniko Ashley Year ago +1

    I got them in uk kinder eggs

  • JassyRoblox
    JassyRoblox Year ago

    *OMG SECOND* *YAY* 😍😍😍😍

  • Jared Busby
    Jared Busby Year ago

    Yes first one