Katy Perry Reacts To Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • After Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ended their beef in Taylor’s “You Need To Calm Down” video, Sangita Patel and Graeme O’Neil react during “ET Canada Live”.
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Comments • 170

  • Diamondcookie Girl
    Diamondcookie Girl 20 days ago

    Our world is slowly improving! Baby steps people,Bay steps

    SRJ WILDCAT 27 days ago


  • Mindy ys
    Mindy ys 28 days ago

    CLEVVER NEWS is a way better channel

  • Shakespeare's moneymaker
    Shakespeare's moneymaker 28 days ago +1

    Katy is the vegan burger
    No Beef

  • Ava Lilee
    Ava Lilee 29 days ago

    Best fries forever

  • Lynn Cummings
    Lynn Cummings 29 days ago

    Who gives a shit?!

  • Croissant
    Croissant Month ago

    What genius? Mcdo has bff 🍟

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin Month ago

    The goverment of Indonesia Probably will Restricted this song instead: because of LGBTQ music video.

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin Month ago +1

    Adam & Eve, NOT ADAM & STEVE.

  • charles rod
    charles rod Month ago

    These hosts are the worst they are drunk ! Slurring

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith Month ago +1

    EPIC ❤️

  • LoveDogs 4ever!
    LoveDogs 4ever! Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the title of the vid is clickbait?!

  • Sameer Acharya
    Sameer Acharya Month ago

    I have a friend who is lgbtq+ Shes transgender I wish I could send this to him

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez Month ago

    Do these people actually receive a paycheck for this crap?

  • Queen B
    Queen B Month ago

    Love this!

  • Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    You Say how many swiftiews

  • Sorry not Sorry
    Sorry not Sorry Month ago +3

    I love them both 😍, watching from Siquijor 😘

  • maggs 357
    maggs 357 Month ago

    Is it just me or do they sound drunk? Sound like theyre struggling to get their words out. And make no mistake, I am drunk right now. But they seem drunk asf

  • Bianca J.
    Bianca J. Month ago

    Aja did it first

    QUICKIRONS Month ago

    Taylor and Perry are nothing more than Satanic Pipers scratching the itching ears of lost souls and parading them straight to hell.

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    Lol they know nothing

  • Carlos Siqueira
    Carlos Siqueira Month ago

    click bait

  • Liz Reyes-Fos
    Liz Reyes-Fos Month ago

    Taylor has always been supportive of the LGBTQ community. Y'all should STOP spreading rumors or insinuate things. The message of the song is all about LOVE and letting people live their best lives without others dampening their vibe. Try doing it. It's fun.

  • kellyisskiing
    kellyisskiing Month ago

    This video tells nothing of KPs reaction to the video and these two announcers know zero facts about anything to do with the video or the people in it.

  • LR Winchester
    LR Winchester Month ago

    I REALLY haven’t been waiting for the moment that Taylor and Katie get over their manufactured frenemy drama just in time for an album release. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev Month ago

    Epic love love loved it

  • chloe mosedale
    chloe mosedale Month ago

    They’ve been getting along for like a year now please get your facts right 😌

  • Sabrina Hasan
    Sabrina Hasan Month ago

    “Why do you think she’s doing that?” Well just an fyi- she’s always supported the LGBTQ community. So perhaps getting your facts gathered prior to creating a video would be advisable. As far as why she made this video
    ,she might finally feel like she has the voice/power to make a larger statement.

  • Kyla Camille Lim
    Kyla Camille Lim Month ago

    taylor isnt neutral about the gay community u know like in her song welcome to new york she had lyrics that supports them 🙄 and its pride month duh

  • John
    John Month ago

    The fuck are they so clueless?! That girl is insinuating it as a “stunt”. Gurl bye

  • Kristie K
    Kristie K Month ago +2

    oh my god can they actually get their facts right before spreading it

  • Luminous Energy
    Luminous Energy Month ago

    Burger + french fries = BFF

  • karlstein
    karlstein Month ago

    Sure this is amazing but I also would like to see Taylor having a peace with Kanye lol

  • Mari Pan
    Mari Pan Month ago

    Calm down hosts! You need to calm down about this news. Stop being cynical. Haha

  • marwahidah mohd asari

    this news bit earlier..later than tat taylor swift posted happy meal

  • Russel Mendoza
    Russel Mendoza Month ago

    ET You need to calm down!
    Just give love

  • harasnicole
    harasnicole Month ago

    y i k e s

  • SeanZraft
    SeanZraft Month ago

    >she suddenly support LGBT community
    She started since 1989 era or before, welcome to new york is one of the early example
    Yall just using the name of taylor and katy just to bait view

  • Erich Bradshaw
    Erich Bradshaw Month ago

    What happened to that guy's mouth!?

  • Pink Flamingo
    Pink Flamingo Month ago

    You might wanna change the caption..

  • Louisiana Guy
    Louisiana Guy Month ago

    🍔+🍟=BFF! He should’ve #HashTagged that! I can’t wait to see in the future to see who’s the Beverage!

  • Andrea Watson
    Andrea Watson Month ago

    So good to see💚💜💙💓

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano Month ago

    I have lots of friends that are a part of the LGBTQ community, and they know that I don't quite agree with their views, and I know that they don't agree with mine, but I still love every part of them and they accept me too. They are beautiful people, all people of this community are. No need to hate these sweet people. All they want is to be loved unconditionally and wholly accepted. We just have to give love and not anger. This song is so perfect for defeating negativity. :)

  • Charlot Isabele Urlanda

    It's pride month and Taylor was making a statement. Get your facts straight or shut the f*** up.

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman Month ago

    hey, i just posted a new video. any support would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Gayathri K K
    Gayathri K K Month ago +3

    Taylor posted the same photo in TVclip and captioned it as 'a happy meal'. These people are trying so hard to make some rumours. 🙄

  • Pattie Santiago
    Pattie Santiago Month ago +5

    Ya haters do know that Taylor is risking LOSING her ignorant "fans" and sales by being outspoken with her stance. She is an LGBTQIA+ ally, risking losing the support of some people to stand up for human rights. Ya'll need to calm down.
    Also, these two really need to have someone do some fact check.

  • Its Favin By the Wae
    Its Favin By the Wae Month ago +47

    Katy Perry - Burger ( B )
    Taylor Swift - French Fries ( FF )

  • Dominic
    Dominic Month ago

    Give this video a disk like as a wake up call to fact check!

  • Zac Winter
    Zac Winter Month ago +1

    I’m pretty sure both the hosts are drunk.

  • taggle waggle
    taggle waggle Month ago +1

    Many of the people are Taylor's close friends, backup dancers and such, so that's probably why she feels strongly about gay rights

  • Babs
    Babs Month ago +11

    ET Canada is always clueless and they lack respect for artistes ... why is this show still on ?

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa Month ago +1

    1:27, Lose the French and it is B.F., best friends.

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa Month ago

    0:18, All the L.G.B. what ever description goes beyond the term homosexual. What is interesting is there is no term for the closet pedohoiles using the term queer as an umbrella term for homosexuals or the term for the pedophiles having a family while practicing pedophilia. It may be convenient for these described groups to simpy identify as queer, I entirly suggest.

  • Nic Nat
    Nic Nat Month ago

    Isn’t it funny how for YEARS Taylor was shamed for not speaking up about her political beliefs and views, and now that she’s doing so, people are like “why is she doing that?” 🙄😏

  • Tatsu De. Mtz
    Tatsu De. Mtz Month ago

    Sounds good "Noice" kinda hungry after seeing that lol

  • DawnDanner
    DawnDanner Month ago +4

    Buried the hatchet in each other's back!!!

  • Zed 4
    Zed 4 Month ago

    What’s the male host’s name??

  • Christina Duenas
    Christina Duenas Month ago +1

    Umm, excuse me? KATY DOES NOT REACT AND THEY ARENT TOGETHER, THEIR FEUD IS JUST OVER, and another thing, yes it’s almost like we should all love eachother but her song means that people can do and love who they want. Who ever runs this needs to do research and PAY ATTENTION because they are just making assumptions

  • J.C. Montgomery
    J.C. Montgomery Month ago

    Uhmmm...fact check anyone? Taylor did post a pic of the two of them. And she did an interview saying that they've been cool for awhile now though. I swear ET Canada is like one of those fake gossip tabloid magazines. 🙄🙄🙄

  • NinaNass Dobrev
    NinaNass Dobrev Month ago

    Double-check your facts. Taylor actually posted a photo of them together saying they are a happy meal. Plus Taylor did an interview saying they have been on good terms for a while before even the idea of this song came up they met at parties and hung out. Taylor is a nice person so is Katy stop trying to doubt Taylor's intentions *this is for the girl on the right*

  • Alex Mullins
    Alex Mullins Month ago

    Katy and Taylor as hamberger and fries is Dirty boy Trump's fantasy,except for the supporting gay people part.That is Pence's nightmare.

  • Britt Anne
    Britt Anne Month ago

    Jesus thats petty.... Over dancers???

  • Kysha Burge
    Kysha Burge Month ago +45

    She is no longer being silenced by big machine records, that is why she is "suddenly" politically active and outspoken.

    • Spooky Psyche
      Spooky Psyche Month ago +3

      Oh wow, that actually makes total sense because she literally just changed labels. That's awesome.

  • Brianna Padgett
    Brianna Padgett Month ago +1

    Why is she doing that? ..because she can..geez

  • Patryx
    Patryx Month ago +59

    Well Taylor actually posted about Katy (even the same pictures)

  • Rogue Lane
    Rogue Lane Month ago

    🤯 bff burger french fries

  • Lance Adreane Barco
    Lance Adreane Barco Month ago +1

    okay who is excited that katy will show up when taylor will perform YNTCD live

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Sea salt fries I wonder so who is the drink Selena Gomez

  • kirk andrews
    kirk andrews Month ago

    God made Adam and eve
    Not Adam and Steve . They are pushing this gender thing onto children. The video of a young boy dressed in drag literally shaking his butt infront of grown men for money is sick . Taylors handlers are pushing her towards LGBTQ. Wake up ppl

  • MadPirate Studios
    MadPirate Studios Month ago

    You guys need to fact check before you post.

  • Mercurial Pierrot
    Mercurial Pierrot Month ago

    Love the message of equality, but let's be honest...the song is trash.

  • Sanchita Golder
    Sanchita Golder Month ago +16

    so y'all forgot to mention that taylor uploaded "A Happy Meal ❤️" on ig??

    SHRASHTI SINGH Month ago +2

    Perfect meal😻😻😻😋😋😋

  • SherrowsLife
    SherrowsLife Month ago +2

    This is not a reaction video do not get duped !!! Green screen talk show all the way through =>=>=>

  • L L
    L L Month ago +33

    Burger - B
    French Fries - FF

  • Micro_Nerd
    Micro_Nerd Month ago

    The writers for this “news show” suck! False news everywhere!

  • Rand Mutaz
    Rand Mutaz Month ago +4

    Tay did post tho... The checking is not so good

  • SJ Peña
    SJ Peña Month ago

    Get your facts straight.. Taylor also posted about Katy with a caption "A happy meal" then she tagged Katy..

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Month ago +2

    I would be really surprised if there will be one track in Tswift’s new album “Lover” that will feature Kanye West.

    • Kristie K
      Kristie K Month ago

      Jim Jim oh god no taylor would never fall for that mistake again

  • Shut up your annoying

    Katy now at taytay squad

  • boyka vlogs
    boyka vlogs Month ago +8

    what the hell .
    facts : non - existence.
    hotel : triv- nonexistent !

  • D M
    D M Month ago


  • NewName
    NewName Month ago +1

    This... this is the reason y'all are only on TVclip and barely making it. Check your facts🙄 especially the bitch, like girl? How hard is it to check your facts?? Ugh bring the other one back, nvm imma just stick with clevver news, y'all suck.

  • The Mad Hatter
    The Mad Hatter Month ago +221

    Lets do a poll
    If you love both Taylor and Katy - like
    If you love one - comment their name

    • ItzSamzWorld
      ItzSamzWorld 8 days ago


    • Lovely Aryana
      Lovely Aryana 10 days ago


    • gummy cat
      gummy cat Month ago

      both but I like Taylor more

    • The Mad Hatter
      The Mad Hatter Month ago

      @Dwayne Roberts true Lol actually really good

    • Dwayne Roberts
      Dwayne Roberts Month ago +7

      And we see you there on the internet
      Comparing the girls who are killing it
      But we figured you out
      We all got crowns

  • The Mad Hatter
    The Mad Hatter Month ago +218

    How many swifties and katycats are here?

    • gegul Tayeng
      gegul Tayeng Month ago


    • kim mcabee
      kim mcabee Month ago

      Me i love katy and tayor i loved their muisc and that hamburger and frinces fry makeing me hungrey

  • Ratri Kusumohartono
    Ratri Kusumohartono Month ago +6

    they both dated John Mayer...

    • Graham Kun
      Graham Kun Month ago

      That's all in the past and katy is already with Orlando. Past is past and they couldn't hold a grudge with each other for a long time and it's time to stop. Move on

  • View Point
    View Point Month ago +1

    For years I spent laying in bed at night awake waiting for the day two multi millionaires would make up. Finally they did and my life is complete. 🙄
    Love much of their music, but couldn't care less about their spat.

  • Alan Fern
    Alan Fern Month ago +6

    This host if such a cutie. Such a daddy in that black leather jacket 😍

    • Pixelmix
      Pixelmix Month ago

      @Pulsar1984 yep,totally 😂😂

    • Pulsar1984
      Pulsar1984 Month ago +1

      Vaughn would u say I “ need to calm down??” 😂

    • Pixelmix
      Pixelmix Month ago +2

      @Pulsar1984 whoa,relaxx 😂

    • Pulsar1984
      Pulsar1984 Month ago +2

      Yea I know. I wanna gargle his man juice.

    • Zed 4
      Zed 4 Month ago

      Alan Fern I know right! What’s his name??

  • Darell Grant
    Darell Grant Month ago +1

    Burger and french fries equals bff

  • Western Match
    Western Match Month ago +6

    They are both friends. Don’t listen to fake news.

  • Jonathan Manrique
    Jonathan Manrique Month ago +6

    9sec to this video I ALREADY HATE lol.. Dudnt even mention the RU GURLS! BIG PART OF THE VIDEO.. THIS PEOPLE ARE DELUSIONAL #CHOICES#

  • bpxl53yewz
    bpxl53yewz Month ago +32

    The hosts on this show always seem to start an untrue rumor/ gossip. The female host insinuated Taylor did it as a publicity stunt. Must they stoop this low when ET is just supposed to report entertainment news?? Terrible hosts.

  • Romina Brannock Glambert

    ELLEN + Queen's current lead singer, ADAM LAMBERT 👑🌈

  • Romina Brannock Glambert
    Romina Brannock Glambert Month ago +138

    Avengers is the best team up ever
    Taylor Swift & Friends: hold my beer

  • Romina Brannock Glambert

    ELLEN + ADAM LAMBERT This is a better team up than the avengers 🌟 💪🌈

    • Dwi Satriyaprajna
      Dwi Satriyaprajna Month ago

      Too bad they're put on the same frame, so when everyone watched it they goes "OMG, Ellen! and the tattoo guy"

  • theJOKER isME
    theJOKER isME Month ago +13

    Poor James Charles, you'd been canceled.

    • ce buu
      ce buu Month ago +2

      😂 I mean he should be

  • The T of Bahz
    The T of Bahz Month ago +3

    When did James Van Der Beek start working at ET Canada ?

  • Kendo -sama
    Kendo -sama Month ago +5

    Now it’s time for Taylor to feature in Katy’s work to show their friendship again

  • Kendo -sama
    Kendo -sama Month ago +3

    How such a little matter as having a feud and rekindling can make as seem there’s faith in humanity lol