Homemade Mind Controlled TV Remote

  • Published on Feb 22, 2015
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    Mind Control may seem like a sci-fi futuristic concept, but todays electronics make it easier and simpler than ever to tap into this incredible technology. In this video we will learn the basics of how mind control works and how we can use it in our own projects. And hopefully by the end of this, we will be able to make a homemade mind controlled TV remote!
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Comments • 486

  • Masi Music
    Masi Music 5 days ago

    How does facebook read my mind from samsung galaxy s8? How can I disable it

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan 2 months ago

    I want to control robotic arm

  • Damon Barber
    Damon Barber 2 months ago

    Page turns for quadriplegic. Toss the arduino board to shrinkify the project. Add a 16mhz crystal, two 22uf capacitors, and voila. Maybe add apower regulator. Could you please build this and demo it for those bound to a chair Tinkernut? Thanks.

  • Rushikesh Kokane
    Rushikesh Kokane 4 months ago

    Can I get the program ??

  • E172-7N
    E172-7N 4 months ago +1


  • dildar findo
    dildar findo 4 months ago

    i want control to the hand

  • Andreas Ekman
    Andreas Ekman 5 months ago

    A toy car would be fun to control.

  • joseph thomas 1.8ksubscribers

    What about controlling a car with this

  • S[t]even Day
    S[t]even Day 6 months ago

    Douche bag, how about you try and control hair growth.

  • Not SoTechnical
    Not SoTechnical 6 months ago


  • Le Quang Dung
    Le Quang Dung 6 months ago

    How to use brain control a beautiful girl 👧

  • oussama chiha
    oussama chiha 7 months ago

    where can i find this toy please

  • Sebastian Saucedo
    Sebastian Saucedo 8 months ago

    Would it be possible to have this project be measured by an oscilloscope?

  • Noot Koop
    Noot Koop 8 months ago

    if instead of reading those electrons why dont we put more electrons in to control the mind???

  • chizukichan
    chizukichan 10 months ago


  • oussama chiha
    oussama chiha 10 months ago

    can you tell where i can find this toy?thanks

  • Chetna Patel
    Chetna Patel 10 months ago

    I live in India where I am unable to get this toy and that case other than neurosky etc expensive stuff what is the cheapest replacement

  • Chetna Patel
    Chetna Patel 10 months ago

    On what frequency does it work?

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 11 months ago +1

    My school partner and I built something similar to this for our Senior design project. We used it to control a lock on a door, and outlet. It ended up being controlled more by muscle than brain signals. The harder you blinked, the bigger spike we would get.

  • Techis God
    Techis God 11 months ago

    Amplifying Brain waves to affect surrounding matter.
    What if I used a MC33202P Op-Amp to a 400 Amp POWER MOSFET and Amplified again using a 2000 Amp POWER MOSFET GATE ARRAY fed to a 600lbs Tesla coil with arcing capacitors.?
    Could I affect matter?

  • RC Lover san
    RC Lover san 11 months ago

    Just bought it... too cool! :-)

  • Quintin Bey
    Quintin Bey 11 months ago

    Thanks, quick question. If I decide to use your code/schematics as inspiration to develop this would there be a lawsuit.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 11 months ago

    Great if you can make it control a game for vr

  • Adsiz Korku
    Adsiz Korku 11 months ago

    Can it be real?

  • kasvi singh
    kasvi singh Year ago

    Hi! I want to make mind controlled typing robot how would i do that

  • souvik nathan
    souvik nathan Year ago

    I wanna share my all thoughts with. Computer .. like it wanna reads my mind and I don't need to do any thing just think ...

    SHYAM SINGH Year ago

    Sir Actually I wanted to make software which consists of vidoes or media contents are of different categories.. And i want to control those videos using mindwave.. Action would be changing the video, changing frequency of a word per sec and other basic activities... For that i need a raw values from will that be possible to work with mindwave mobile.. And any suggestions for the idea?

  • Sovereign Shahid
    Sovereign Shahid Year ago

    world peace

  • Gabe Darrett
    Gabe Darrett Year ago

    Controlling multiple electronics would be pretty cool

  • Kyle Penus
    Kyle Penus Year ago

    I would control my penis

  • Kyle Penus
    Kyle Penus Year ago

    Ur bald

  • M3NI 021
    M3NI 021 Year ago

    Can u tell us a part number as replacement for the toy? In my country there ain't such toys and we also can't buy on Amazon and stuff.. thanks !!!!

  • Taylor Industries

    Play video games with mind control?

  • aGuy
    aGuy Year ago

    ITS THAT EASY?! Let’s us it for smart glasses!

  • shota shota
    shota shota Year ago

    It's possible to attach a out put speaker to the brain wave sensor?

  • Андрей Горин

    Hey dudes!
    Did anyone have problems with force trainer vers 2?
    I did all the same but got nothing in serial port
    And have no idea how to fix it

  • J.
    J. Year ago

    Next step: MInd controlled vibrating panties

  • What Up
    What Up Year ago

    What type of wires did you use? Thanks!

  • Jack Rosen
    Jack Rosen Year ago

    what kind of jumping wires did you use

  • Savanna D'Onofrio

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Savanna D'Onofrio

    I will make it

  • Nam Trần Hải
    Nam Trần Hải Year ago

    Why dont you use blutooth instead of remote controll

  • Albert Sandig
    Albert Sandig Year ago

    I want to control my gf

  • Brew Sauce
    Brew Sauce Year ago

    Instructions not clear. Uploaded Hitler's brain into an ir controlled shark.

  • Dead Bitches
    Dead Bitches Year ago

    mind blown!

    BLUE GUY Year ago


  • Hydra
    Hydra Year ago

    man, you are a genius !!!

  • Burkhard Borcke
    Burkhard Borcke Year ago

    I would Like to Control your Minds.
    NSA and CIA too. Download the agency's MKULTRA files (search 4 "black vault Download MKULTRA .pdf")

  • TNT the lagger
    TNT the lagger Year ago

    controll a tv to turn on wen you are bored

  • Esteban Salvador
    Esteban Salvador 2 years ago

    How doing the helpmet.

  • bruvImApaki
    bruvImApaki 2 years ago

    I would control my crush.

  • INFERNOmunky
    INFERNOmunky 2 years ago

    i would make a cognichrome

  • Razzes Est
    Razzes Est 2 years ago

    control remote car?

  • honey's audio potions
    honey's audio potions 2 years ago

    I do practice telekinesis though

    ELECTRO WARE 2 years ago

    Please some one give me a link to buy the mind control device alone

  • Amanda Galloway
    Amanda Galloway 2 years ago

    This is amazing. Can I ask how you learned this technology? What do you have a degree in?

  • Ameur Hamdane
    Ameur Hamdane 2 years ago

    such a fantastic thing to share, thank you

    ARAVIND RAJ KUMAR K 2 years ago

    Bro were did u get the mind controling device

  • GreenPathsChan
    GreenPathsChan 2 years ago

    Hopefully Ill be able to do this for science fair lmao

    S.S RADON 2 years ago

    if pwn multiple control is possible then you can make an exosuit