Can Gordon Ramsay Save Pantaleone's? | Kitchen Nightmares Supercut

  • Published on Sep 6, 2017
    The Best Pizza in Denver? More like the WORST pizza in Denver.
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  • CML vlogs
    CML vlogs 6 hours ago +1

    I think it's delicious..

  • Regina Woodley
    Regina Woodley 7 hours ago +2

    Me: That pizza looks good
    Gordon: It's disgusting

  • Lari Luuskanen
    Lari Luuskanen 8 hours ago

    Eeeeewwww why am i watching

  • Zal OwO
    Zal OwO 9 hours ago +1

    it doesnt look so bad

    i like oil

    and grease

    gimme the pizza and ill love them

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy 10 hours ago


  • skinwalker 12224
    skinwalker 12224 10 hours ago

    2:21 IT WAS SO THICC

  • tony✔️
    tony✔️ 10 hours ago

    Idk but that pizza was looking just yummmm😋😋😋😋😋

  • ravi8490
    ravi8490 11 hours ago

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think these top chefs are like movie critics and we are the audience. Most of the time they are way too dramatic and way too harsh. Personally I don't go to places like this for a dining experience, I go once in a while for good tasting comfort food, and the pizza and calzone looks okay to me from a mom and pop pizzeria like that.

    E.M.P CHAOS 11 hours ago

    Lets just get this censored lol

  • Loerpiou
    Loerpiou 11 hours ago

    Pete: *gives disgusting food to Ramsey*
    Ramsey: "let's all go on a trip to Vegas"

  • Sodgerel Nymdawaa
    Sodgerel Nymdawaa 12 hours ago

    This just for show or he really likes saying bad words front of TV

    DEFMUTE 13 hours ago

    Pizza looked like pretty good hangover food to me

  • Waa_ Luigi
    Waa_ Luigi 15 hours ago +1

    I actually like really really thick crust pizza. Even though it shouldn’t be labeled as thin. I’d eat that every day 🤷‍♂️

  • Champboyshark s
    Champboyshark s 15 hours ago


  • Johanleo 12
    Johanleo 12 17 hours ago

    I would demolish that Pizza.

  • Diamond Baldwin
    Diamond Baldwin 17 hours ago

    Not gonna lie in the beginning when they brought that pizza you could see the grease rolling to the center...

  • Cool Fighter
    Cool Fighter 17 hours ago

    he like sausage and meatballs in his mouth

  • Megatron_ Editz
    Megatron_ Editz 18 hours ago

    Ramsey: that awful wtf
    Also Ramsey: I’m bringing you to vegas

  • UR Daddy
    UR Daddy 19 hours ago

    Restaurant; Welcome Gordon !
    Gordon : yes yes thanks !
    Restaurant; what would you like sir ?
    Gordon : just something new to update to my channel .
    Restaurant: GET OUT

  • Kevion Dixon
    Kevion Dixon 19 hours ago

    So over dramatic bro really I would eat this it looks good

  • frostyyllama _sl
    frostyyllama _sl 19 hours ago +1


  • This is a person
    This is a person 19 hours ago

    Cook: this is our thin crust
    The crust: *y o w a t u p*

  • Orion P
    Orion P 19 hours ago

    Ramsay:eats a sandwich
    Me: oh no
    Ramsay:too much air

  • Eddie Perez
    Eddie Perez 20 hours ago +1

    Tell me I’m not the only one that would eat every single thing there

  • DoritoAreyumm1
    DoritoAreyumm1 21 hour ago

    That all of it is good

  • Bean Flicker
    Bean Flicker 21 hour ago +1

    the pizza looked good imo

    DUDE OF DETROIT 22 hours ago

    Yeah I think Gordon is nuts. Definitely was not thin crust but that pizza looked good as hell.

  • Purple pickle Lemon juice
    Purple pickle Lemon juice 22 hours ago +2

    Me: hey Gordon, I worked on this meal for days, I want you to enjoy it! :)
    Gordon: this is f***** disgusting. I will change it completely.
    Me: ..... ;-;

  • hendarto saputro
    hendarto saputro 23 hours ago

    cook is home made recipes why people sell it.... just cook for our self
    why you judge food, like animal eat raw meat, insect.. they make it and love it and it natural

  • Emperor Of Wall
    Emperor Of Wall 23 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay is coming to try our food.
    *lets not make the best food we've ever made just make it regular*

  • yeetboy123 LOL
    yeetboy123 LOL Day ago

    Ramsey can you try out da more noes classic Italian woodfire pizza oven it is the best pizza ever

  • Adam PX
    Adam PX Day ago

    Gordon Ramsey is the best. A true perfectionist in the Kitchen

  • Tariro Shoniwa
    Tariro Shoniwa Day ago

    I bet you he was like that cause he didn’t want to look like a pig

    WALLOOP Day ago

    1:14 i'm Italian, ok is not the perfect pizza but fuuuk off Ramsay eat that fucking delicious pizza and shut the fuuuck uppp

  • Blizzard Sound C.

    This is actually the best place Gordon came to.Mo hygiene problems.No problems in the kitchen.Great 👍

  • Annu Shinde
    Annu Shinde Day ago

    Scripted.... Good acting skills 😂

  • Kalebb Humbert
    Kalebb Humbert Day ago

    Pete's Calzone is basically a BIG ASS Hot Pocket

  • TheLingo Plays
    TheLingo Plays Day ago

    I order a salad, and it doesn’t have tomatoes.
    Me, where’s tomato’s?

  • TheLingo Plays
    TheLingo Plays Day ago

    One word to describe this? Oof

  • Devansh Kamdar
    Devansh Kamdar Day ago

    Now I feel stupid for actually liking this stuff.

  • TheCringeKing
    TheCringeKing Day ago

    I think Gordon picking it apart makes it look disgusting

  • Cole Koopmans
    Cole Koopmans Day ago

    One big fucking "thin" crust everybody knows the rules.

  • The Great RB Ent

    Dam he went at it talking trash about his pizza

  • jordy pie n reapuss golobeklui

    All of them look good ngl

  • Bo Bush
    Bo Bush Day ago +1

    i ate here 8 months ago, and the sauce is absolutely terrible.

  • ApexPlayer
    ApexPlayer Day ago

    The young waitress is so pretty and cute

  • Lorenz
    Lorenz Day ago

    leave "italian" when you talking about food ,this is all horrible before and after Ramsey ^^. CALL THAT FOOD. American pizza. Not italian. SHit.

  • 「 Echozii Camilla 」

    Ooh i can go for th-
    Gordon: That is disgusting
    *Excuse me sir-*

  • JWZY lul
    JWZY lul Day ago

    4:47 oh damn

  • Pengu Squad
    Pengu Squad Day ago

    Honestly the food looks delicious

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday Day ago +3

    People arguing when something is empty and then you have Gordon arguing because it's full. 😂

  • haedyn dewees
    haedyn dewees Day ago

    Doesn’t he look like Steve Kerr

  • TSM Steven 69
    TSM Steven 69 Day ago

    Greek food

  • jafet fortnite
    jafet fortnite Day ago

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay going to little Cesar’s pizza😂

  • Smiley official
    Smiley official Day ago +1

    Ninja turtle

    Want your location.,,

  • Mega MonsterManTV/Dia & Kiko

    I disagree with you about my dog, i have a great dog... XD

  • Ghosty -
    Ghosty - Day ago +1


  • zguy maku
    zguy maku Day ago +1

    for somereason i almost cried at the end cause that old guy was so thankful

    1like=that old guy will be happy for one year :)

  • Alucard
    Alucard Day ago

    Real pizza is totally different.

  • Light AF
    Light AF Day ago

    The quality makes it worse

  • your mum
    your mum Day ago

    eating at cheap places in my whole life. that pizza looked nice if it werent only swimming in grease

  • Jack Marston
    Jack Marston Day ago +1

    I order 5 large HSPs a week

  • _Sparkylikea _
    _Sparkylikea _ Day ago

    Is it just me or id eat that

  • asad saeed
    asad saeed Day ago

    wonderfull 😍 but ramsay when you're going to visit Pakistan 🙄🙄🙄

  • Mariyum Rather
    Mariyum Rather Day ago

    The meatball hero
    Gordon Ramsay: The bread is soggy
    Me: Ewww
    Me: Yup they did
    Magically the store gets better
    Me: MOM DAD!!! Can we go to Denver?

  • Kurtis Gervais
    Kurtis Gervais Day ago

    drunk me would destroy that!

  • Kitty daddy Girl

    I clicked this because I wanted too see him go off on someone

  • Nicola Jackson
    Nicola Jackson Day ago

    A baby could probably make better pizza

  • duellegend71
    duellegend71 Day ago

    That poor waitress not sure what to tell Ramsey .. same girl same

  • SEEDS SOma
    SEEDS SOma Day ago

    Ramsay: *ew*
    Me: *iTs fOod YOU uNgratefUl asshOle*

  • Sean John
    Sean John Day ago

    that pizza is not for Gordon Ramsay it for the Teenage mutant Ninja turtles.

  • Corner Garage Productions

    That background music is so epic

  • HB -360
    HB -360 Day ago +2

    The Pete's calzone looked good tbh

    Until I saw the inside and the onion

  • Random Redneckery
    Random Redneckery Day ago +1

    This shows how low my standards are for the food that I think looks and tastes good.

  • Etienne Tel'uial

    Honestly, all this food looked damn good. This guys a rich spoiled douchebag.

  • Filcity Carbon
    Filcity Carbon Day ago

    the pizza does not really look good i don't know what yall in the comments takin bout :^

  • SnickersBar
    SnickersBar Day ago +4

    “ thank you my darling “
    waiter x ramsay | the secret love

  • This is what I look like when I eat Tacos

    Snacc with the snacc man

  • mint _SwaVy
    mint _SwaVy Day ago +1

    I’m sitting here eating a frozen Red Baron piazza

  • No A
    No A Day ago

    Gordon thinks he serves good perfect food than anybody else , he thinks nobody can beat him seriously. He thinks that everybody's food is disgusting, he just blames them and be rude to them he is cold blooded .

  • MyDixiesErik
    MyDixiesErik 2 days ago

    Not even Gordon ramsay can compete with the amount of grease layered on that pizza

  • electricity e
    electricity e 2 days ago

    One day he will make a speech
    He will who cares if your food tastes horrible all of y'all fed me
    Yah that's pretty much it

  • Alexander Schtaufenberg

    I like the big original
    fuck chef Ramsay

  • Sleepy Kitty
    Sleepy Kitty 2 days ago

    Man you can’t criticize pizza it’s supposed to be sloppy

  • Yomnanbryce boi
    Yomnanbryce boi 2 days ago

    My mom's frozen microwaved meatballs are better

  • Mickehd00d
    Mickehd00d 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie, that sausage pizza looked absolutely mouthwatering.

  • Elizabeth Alvary
    Elizabeth Alvary 2 days ago

    At least he is nice with the waitres ;d

  • Green day fan
    Green day fan 2 days ago

    "It looks like the pizza that ate denver"
    - Gordon Ramsay

  • gary 132
    gary 132 2 days ago

    This might be the only best episode of chef ramsey

  • Ryan Moseley
    Ryan Moseley 2 days ago

    Never talk about another man dough.

  • Ryan Moseley
    Ryan Moseley 2 days ago

    I want to go there right now!!

  • Pastry Scent
    Pastry Scent 2 days ago

    4:47 I zeroed in on that instantly.

  • b l o o d y c a r o u s e l

    Not even the talent of a god could fix this pizza.

  • frankie Roberts
    frankie Roberts 2 days ago

    apart form that one

  • frankie Roberts
    frankie Roberts 2 days ago

    on this show literally the waiter is always eavsedropping

  • Daniel Stevens
    Daniel Stevens 2 days ago

    I have to disagree with you

  • Daniele Consoli
    Daniele Consoli 2 days ago

    At least the waitress is really cute

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 days ago +1

    finally an owner that actually decides to listen !!!!!

  • CaseOfThe Sniffles
    CaseOfThe Sniffles 2 days ago

    Retard crust is more like it.

  • Lusion
    Lusion 2 days ago

    It’s probably good but Gordon just doesn’t like it doesn’t mean anyone else doesn’t have to