How to Talk Like a Native Speaker | Marc Green | TEDxHeidelberg

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Marc talked about the process of learning a foreign language and the different levels of fluency. He will show that there is a higher realm of language proficiency and explain what it takes to reach this “native” point where the benefits far surpass mere communication skills. Marc’s passion is the study of languages, their manifestation in local dialects, as well as their expression in poetry and folkloric song. He has acquired a near-native proficiency in six languages and their sub-forms and has given various musical performances. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Kenya Kondo
    Kenya Kondo Day ago


  • Anita Co
    Anita Co 2 days ago +1

    Que envidia yo quiero hablar muchos idiomas 😍❤️

  • Adriana Beretta Longo

    I´d say Mastery is above the native speaker´s level. I´ve met a lot of Americans who can´t use their own language effectively, choosing the right words and following grammarical rules.

  • Aleksandr Syovatkin
    Aleksandr Syovatkin 2 days ago

    This man is simply unbelievable! Hi is so intelligent and charming. Я получила большое удовольствие от его лекции. Браво!

    ALIEN JUGA KEPO!!! 4 days ago

    I sory sir
    I was wathing 17 minutes but i didnt get a new solution. I got it from read comments below.

  • Lana Lana
    Lana Lana 4 days ago

    He speaks 7 languages? Wow!!!

  • Naseem Aziz
    Naseem Aziz 4 days ago

    I am learning english by listening tedx lectures.

  • Chep'z Imenardem
    Chep'z Imenardem 6 days ago

    I have been learning English for a year or more and it has really been difficult for me to understand when someone speaks native English. So I'm trying to improve my english by listening to videos in ted´s channel, and It is really helping me to understand more. I´m happy ☺❤

  • Rishi Kesh
    Rishi Kesh 7 days ago

    How can I improve English language sir

  • Flávio Gomide
    Flávio Gomide 7 days ago

    I'm really jealous of him...


    Thank you for your advices... Seguiré tu consejo... Dios te bendiga... Excusame for my english...I am learned day for day

  • Ekaterina Ushakova
    Ekaterina Ushakova 10 days ago

    I'm Russian women , but I never been to Russia . Originally, I from Kazakhstan and I absorbed Kazakh (Asian) culture, customs of my country. I'v heard from my friends ( foreigners) that I differ ,😄

  • Magda Madany
    Magda Madany 11 days ago

    Native speakerism has been highly contested and the ideas given by Dr. Green are quite out-dated in applied linguistics. To imitate a native speaker or to fit into the culture of a native speaker do not help to understand the globalization, and definitely situate the learner at the deficit level. What does it mean to achieve a native-like proficiency in a language? How do you choose a native speaker whose accent you are going to imitate? Native speakers of English who come from different countries where English is spoken as an official language may have problems understanding each other due to differences in accent, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, etc. They may also engage in completely different cultural practices. Developing communicative dispositions (such as negotiation skills, paraphrasing, clarifying meaning, reaching solutions) and creating intercultural (third) spaces between the multilingual speakers seem to be more efficient in the process of learning (or teaching) a foreign language.

  • Korngmeas Sun
    Korngmeas Sun 15 days ago

    Very good for this a video

  • Philip Hồ
    Philip Hồ 15 days ago

    How to talk to much in English, fluenty, grammar?

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  • ruperto pro
    ruperto pro 18 days ago

    Wow, he's amazing! I'm so jealous... I will achieve this some day, I´ll work very hard every day of my life for that.

  • cibertronx
    cibertronx 18 days ago

    Read in English, listen to music, sing the lyrics, watch TV (when I lived in the USA) all that allowed me to achieve a Proficiency Lever (C2 or whatever). Always kept reading in English, watching films...I am from Spain and no one can guess when I travel to English speaking countries. Now the trick: you have to looove the language. I love English, I love Italian. I never liked German. Never liked French (I speak it though). Love, love, love English!!!!

  • Maftuna Uruniva
    Maftuna Uruniva 21 day ago +2

    So useful information. Thank you so much. It was interesting and exciting

  • ts ms
    ts ms 21 day ago

    я тот самый таксист. Где мои 50 баксов?

  • Roberto Davila
    Roberto Davila 22 days ago

    but only remember the key study is the practice for the succes

  • Gina Yen
    Gina Yen 22 days ago +1

    He actually has a bit German accent, JUST a bit.

  • がなどら
    がなどら 26 days ago +2

    All I can do to him is just be respectful.

  • Y K
    Y K 27 days ago +2

    my 1st impression - this guy doesnt sound like an english native speaker.. woopss..
    but his hebrew is good.. taaminu li.

  • cj e
    cj e 27 days ago

    accents are wonderful

  • Robert Roman
    Robert Roman 27 days ago

    The video really starts at 9:37

  • Bd Art & Natural Studio

    wowwwwww suppper, video you have shared,, thans dear friend

  • Inventor
    Inventor 28 days ago

    his spanish has russian + native american spanish accent, completely the opposite of his subject

  • Nguyễn Hà
    Nguyễn Hà Month ago

    many things to learn here :)

  • Mirlan 224
    Mirlan 224 Month ago

    I m bilingual i know Russian language besides my native language which is kazakh, my third language i wanna speak fluently is English I'm currently learning

  • May Sauza
    May Sauza Month ago

    I will marry a Thai. 😅😂

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    great idea

  • dd.
    dd. Month ago

    it's better to have friends only from your own country, own culture, and it's better to stop poisening the world with multicultural sick idiocy.

    • Zeri G.
      Zeri G. Month ago

      this is the internet buddy good luck only finding your culture

  • dd.
    dd. Month ago

    you only can sound like a native if you are born in that country, otherwise you always hear it.. Like I hear it , when you are talking.

  • markus arocious
    markus arocious Month ago

    I realized too that speaking like a native means to embody thier behaviors in your speech.. Language usually presents the character or traits of people in a culture, so then internalizing thier behaviors makes it easier to speak in a native way...Well I learned it from Americans in business settings, and it is observable too in other nationalities...

  • Sol Proxy
    Sol Proxy Month ago +1

    o basically... fake it till you make it :)

  • Bonny Guillen
    Bonny Guillen Month ago

    Great advices, I’ll keep it up and this speeches are really helpful for me. Greetings from Puerto Rico.

  • Louis Lefaucheux
    Louis Lefaucheux Month ago

    To summarize, 17 minutes to tell us that.. We must practise. Thank you Marc

  • ヨーソローちゃん_17

    These are great tips! I'm currently learning Japanese. Manga and anime helps a ton!

  • Trịnh Mạnh Quang

    trùm mẹ rồi :v

  • ivovelo
    ivovelo Month ago

    If you are somewhat musical, you might consider joining a choir that sings in your target language. While at first, you will mostly struggle with pronouncing consonants, later, your accent will mostly show in your vowels, as you might have to learn to pick up on the subtle differences there. As vowels physically differ in their overtones, you will pick up the differences much quicker while singing a vowel in an ocean of native people singing the same words, as your voice will not blend in easily with the others and when you figure out how to blend your voice, you will have found the correct pronunciation.

    Now there is a boxy sentence that might just reveal my german background :) have fun reading it.

  • Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur Month ago

    Very nice information thanks ji

  • Иероним Кепнов

    just a couple of words in Russian and the accent is terrible, but by the way, no one has learned to speak Russian without an accent yet

  • amine cork
    amine cork Month ago

    Wow amazing

  • Bouna Yarba
    Bouna Yarba Month ago

    well done ,the method that you mention is so useful ,thank you so much.

  • Stenley D'Nightmare

    Suddenly you remember when you learnt how to proncounce between passion, fashion dan patient 😥

  • Caity Lunsford
    Caity Lunsford Month ago +1

    that last bit about songs explains why my korean grows in such a different way than my french! so cool!

  • Caity Lunsford
    Caity Lunsford Month ago

    this makes me feel a lot better about my french! ive always sort of thought about my goal for learning french not necessarily to be perfect, but to be seamless into the culture! really loved this talk!

  • Agatha Akello
    Agatha Akello Month ago

    Really helpful. I always wondered why/how I acquired native level English .....I skipped the mastery level. I

  • 김다민
    김다민 Month ago

    Anytime, after your marriage, anyone speak Russian words, you were just cringe, right?

  • Mara Carisma
    Mara Carisma Month ago

    HIGH 5! :)

  • Andy Truong
    Andy Truong Month ago

    I would like to talk with English speakers to improve my skills, can you guys help me now, thanks so much, nice to meet you

    • Khenji
      Khenji Month ago

      @Andy Truong you're in the North, I'm in the South. Perhaps we can do tutorials via Zalo video calls few times a week? Give me your email ID and I'll email you my Zalo

    • Andy Truong
      Andy Truong Month ago

      @Khenji are you a teacher? How to meet you. I'm currently in Haiphong city

    • Khenji
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      @Andy Truong am not Vietnamese, but I'm currently in HCM. You need an English tutor?

    • Andy Truong
      Andy Truong Month ago

      @Khenji yes, what about you

  • Julianna S
    Julianna S Month ago

    Glad to hear this great language story and also about my native language - Russian and this funny story from Moscow :D

  • Mario Chavarria
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    Me gustaría hablar Inglés fluidamente

  • ye htet
    ye htet Month ago

    I'm also learning English language and I wanna be able to speak English like a native as fast as I can.But I have a problem with pronunciation and I need to practise speaking a lot and always listen TED Talk for listening skill.

    • ye htet
      ye htet Month ago

      @Ayra Nunes thanks dear

    • Ayra Nunes
      Ayra Nunes Month ago +1

      ye htet there’s a book from Judy Gilbert book called fast speech! It’s really good for training your speaking!

  • Sukhob Adilov
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    How to find a native speaker??

  • hey_its_ Sara
    hey_its_ Sara Month ago

    Wow, he speak so many languages and he did it so good. I'm amazed by this man.

  • sire eusebio
    sire eusebio 2 months ago

    I loved it! thank you for all those recommendations. I will put it on practice.

  • Ashraf Donker
    Ashraf Donker 2 months ago

    In school we learn both Bangla and English,third one in house Arabic to read Al Quran.Then in TV and film we learn Hindi/Urdu.And I also learned Russian,Greak language and speak little Turkey language.

  • kitovras1
    kitovras1 2 months ago

    Привет, Марк! Классная лекция! Спасибо.

    • nsm hmd
      nsm hmd 2 months ago

      Can you help me practice russian language?