Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


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  • Earl Pharaoh
    Earl Pharaoh 22 hours ago


  • iron addict
    iron addict 23 hours ago

    ❄GUCCI Mane The BOSS❄

  • Yagiヤギ
    Yagiヤギ Day ago

    why his shirt like tht?????

  • Cubb Studio
    Cubb Studio Day ago


  • Raymond Marquez
    Raymond Marquez Day ago

    Looks at Floyd May weathers watch : ._.

  • Goth Boi Chungus


  • James Manning
    James Manning Day ago

    I’d say Mayweather first then Gucci... Then again he still is So Icy

  • Scutuui TheGoat23

    Get floyd on here

  • M Frost
    M Frost 2 days ago

    He got a watch for 1,000,000+ dollars o_O holy sh!t

  • Tristan Getgood
    Tristan Getgood 2 days ago

    Get Gucci on for breaking down his tattoos‼️

  • Without hope for this generation

    That watch cost 4x my house

  • Little Rager
    Little Rager 2 days ago

    Them things be dancing

  • ImK4Os
    ImK4Os 2 days ago

    why is nobody talking about the fact that THIS BOI GOT A BANANA PUFFER SHORT SLEEVED SHIRT ON????

  • Kenny boy 66
    Kenny boy 66 2 days ago

    Gucci mane did a song with Jake paul

  • Troy King
    Troy King 2 days ago

    I still think his a clone! No Matter what anyone says, At Least I have My 3rd eye open you know.

  • sawyerleemoore
    sawyerleemoore 3 days ago

    "The more you have, the more you can help. So keep running your money up and keep shining."- Gucci Mane.....Good advice. Nice interview too.



  • Migo Gang
    Migo Gang 4 days ago +1

    4:43 l just found out that Gucci mane is actually funny in public

  • Klyde B
    Klyde B 4 days ago

    Let philthy rich show his jewelry

  • alginyes
    alginyes 5 days ago

    Episode 2 His businesses that are allowing him to buy this....right?

  • J grower 420
    J grower 420 6 days ago +1

    Gucci mane cool, but show us the next level. Floyd Mayweather

  • Idrink Hennessy
    Idrink Hennessy 6 days ago

    “I ain’t here to be depressed”

    *cough cough* Juice Wrld

    YOUNG STiK 7 days ago

    he is stupid in a kind of good way

  • Sou obrigado a falar isso aqui ta uma porra

    One of the Legends rappers to make make the trap

  • Jahmiro Pinnock
    Jahmiro Pinnock 7 days ago

    So ein Opfer hab mehr Geld auf täsch du sämel

  • Wah Paw
    Wah Paw 8 days ago

    add 69

  • Case Mcdonald
    Case Mcdonald 8 days ago

    Do a part 2

  • V'Chaun Rhoden
    V'Chaun Rhoden 8 days ago +1

    Gucci need like 2-3 parts getting all his jewelry.. We Need All The Pieces!!

  • War`n Peace
    War`n Peace 8 days ago

    What about birdman tho his jewelry game sick

  • tetanus youngin
    tetanus youngin 8 days ago

    go check me out just starting

  • MrDcfc4eva
    MrDcfc4eva 8 days ago

    Get money Mayweather next

  • Marvelle Yates
    Marvelle Yates 9 days ago +1

    Do Floyd Mayweather next

  • Rob Money
    Rob Money 9 days ago


  • Almighty s0
    Almighty s0 9 days ago +1

    what is that instrumental at 1:53

  • Marc Gagnon
    Marc Gagnon 10 days ago


  • Gang Gary
    Gang Gary 10 days ago

    Yo I got the ice cream cone tatted on My leg! Stupid or cool?

  • Jordan Kish
    Jordan Kish 11 days ago

    why does his shirt make him look hes wearing football pads

  • c 23
    c 23 11 days ago

    Even a single piece of that would b more than i cud ever make..

  • Fois
    Fois 11 days ago

    Do Chris Brown 💯

  • Omar Abdelaal Mohammed
    Omar Abdelaal Mohammed 11 days ago +1


  • FellowRser
    FellowRser 12 days ago

    Da kin uh jurrry

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 12 days ago

    I have ice as a little kid

  • Linda Burnett
    Linda Burnett 13 days ago

    I love you

  • Dakota Taylor
    Dakota Taylor 13 days ago

    I felt so broke watching this

  • CR7
    CR7 14 days ago

    Ooh man! GUCCI MANE you akready know dawg

  • simon olsson
    simon olsson 14 days ago

    Slick rick has the best jewlery collectoin

  • Jarvis Kemp
    Jarvis Kemp 14 days ago

    DOES ANYONE KNOW The jeweler is ???

  • DavidPieGaming
    DavidPieGaming 14 days ago


  • Jackson Casper
    Jackson Casper 15 days ago

    The Odie one is my fav

  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies 15 days ago

    His net worth is 12 mil, Owns a 1 mil watch🤣

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor 15 days ago

    Rei do trap aí ó

  • 1017 DBO
    1017 DBO 15 days ago

    Gucci always talk real #1017 #1017BO

  • Alfonso Rocha
    Alfonso Rocha 16 days ago

    More you got, more you can help

  • Tyler Artistic Vision
    Tyler Artistic Vision 16 days ago

    low key i wanna see Mike jones or riff raff

  • cameronvanderson
    cameronvanderson 16 days ago

    Lil pump has a better pinky ring XD Get Scorched Niggi boi.

  • bigbullbk
    bigbullbk 16 days ago

    0:28 near the fire on the right, see that lizard?

  • yaprojectolayboy
    yaprojectolayboy 16 days ago

    thats called investment jewelry children. its going increase in value over time Gucci the goat

  • dj youngsta
    dj youngsta 16 days ago

    Get boosie

  • dj youngsta
    dj youngsta 16 days ago

    Get boosie

  • dj youngsta
    dj youngsta 16 days ago

    Get boosie

  • dj youngsta
    dj youngsta 16 days ago

    Get boosie

    BIG BRAIN MUSIC 17 days ago


  • Spoderman
    Spoderman 17 days ago

    Oh no my dude needs to start hitting the gym again he's reverting back to his old self

  • Jadan Boyd
    Jadan Boyd 18 days ago

    Whatever he got on makin him look bout buff asf

  • John Habumuremi Habumuremi

    Y'all be spending them money on jewelry, rings and y'all can't help no people suffering, opharns child's lmao😂

  • Samuel Abron
    Samuel Abron 19 days ago

    I think Gucci got the best jewelry

  • Moke n Friendz
    Moke n Friendz 19 days ago

    You can tell he happy to be doing this

  • sweetrzz
    sweetrzz 19 days ago +1


  • sweetrzz
    sweetrzz 19 days ago +1

    How much were the earings

    QUACK DUCKER 19 days ago +1

    I was hyped to see his El Gato ring & bracelet along with his panther chain... Those are still cool collections tho.

  • Patricia Hans
    Patricia Hans 20 days ago

    I don't bring a lot of jewelry just 5 mil dollars worth

  • Young DC
    Young DC 20 days ago

    1:26 that ain’t no 250k that like 80k G

  • 2x Insomnia
    2x Insomnia 20 days ago +1

    Bring Floyd on here

  • Dude were is my car
    Dude were is my car 20 days ago

    You gotta do boosie man I think he got gucci

  • Bentley 224
    Bentley 224 20 days ago +1

    Get 6ix9ine on here

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 20 days ago

    That pinky ring crushing everyone serously

  • Edge 99
    Edge 99 20 days ago

    Gucci Mane is the GOAT 🐐

  • Dylan Ayala
    Dylan Ayala 21 day ago

    You have to see Floyd Mayweathers 20mil watch

  • Godfrey Brown
    Godfrey Brown 21 day ago

    gucci mane the jewelryking

    DRACO FURY 13 21 day ago

    Too many people want old Gucci ....
    I like this New Gucci y'all trippin.
    Healthy strong body and mind.
    Lyrically better then old Gucci.

  • Metro Iggin
    Metro Iggin 21 day ago +1

    he doesn’t sound anything like gucci mane…

  • sandyhubbard1961
    sandyhubbard1961 22 days ago

    Do lil uzi vert

  • Jamoi Joseph
    Jamoi Joseph 22 days ago

    Offset next

  • Cameron Burlison
    Cameron Burlison 22 days ago

    Get floyd mayweather next man best jewelry collection hands down ☝️🚫🧢

  • Tonnan H
    Tonnan H 22 days ago

    I've never been on drugs, but I've been wasted on alcohol and when I sobered up I never sounded like a completely different person

  • Alex Darts
    Alex Darts 22 days ago

    Waiting Trippie redd

  • krishae4
    krishae4 22 days ago +3

    “Not many people have this watch” . NO-ONE HAS THAT WATCH

  • G3N3T1KZz
    G3N3T1KZz 23 days ago +1

    Hated seeing him go away, but serving time was the best thing for him. He's living his best life now. Gucci's the 🐐

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 23 days ago +2

    On Dwayne Johnsons l GQ

  • Tajay Fraser
    Tajay Fraser 23 days ago

    Do fabolous

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg 24 days ago

    Gucci Mane is one of the best rappers alive

  • Sage Storm
    Sage Storm 24 days ago

    Nothing impressive bout some rocks. The whole point of rappers pieces is the creativity in the piece. Real Gucci would prolly know that.

  • King Josh
    King Josh 24 days ago

    Boosie got crazy jewelry

  • Bet My Name Spooked You
    Bet My Name Spooked You 24 days ago +1

    This stuff is worth more than my house...*MY HOUSE*

  • Jaiden Henock
    Jaiden Henock 25 days ago

    Paul Wall

  • devon bryant
    devon bryant 25 days ago +3

    No play no games 🤣🤣🤣 get em laflare

  • Shannon Sharp
    Shannon Sharp 25 days ago

    We need offset , young dolph , 2 chainz

  • Ashton Davis
    Ashton Davis 25 days ago

    Are those real

  • Husture
    Husture 25 days ago

    Bipolar with the cheque!!!

  • Skating Tricks
    Skating Tricks 25 days ago