Red Hot Anvil Vs. Frozen Lake (50kg / 110lbs)

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Heaviest red hot something video ever! 50kg / 110lbs red hot ANVIL vs. frozen lake, will it go through?
    Link to original red hot steel vs. frozen lake video
    Link to anvil launching video
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  • Beyond the press
    Beyond the press  8 months ago +473

    If you want to see some other pretty large heated up stupidly hot please let us know! The new furnace is quite large and it's really handy with heavy things.

    • guy 83728 83728
      guy 83728 83728 27 days ago

      Beyond the press i have an idea for you 💡 you could use a cheap water pump off of the internet connected to a battery pack and put some tubing on the pump (and a metal tube on the end so it doesnt melt touching the anvil) and pull the melted water off! It would let the anvil focus the heat onto the direct ice and not the water and ice around it 😃
      Careful though! Water is hot!
      If the water is too hot to pump and damages the pump you could install a radiator and fans before the pump. Maybe car parts, or pc parts. Pc parts would look cool though lol

    • DarthCigar - هوشييين
      DarthCigar - هوشييين Month ago

      Yes please do more videos in frozen lake. I really enjoyed all of them

    • Brad Barclay
      Brad Barclay 5 months ago

      It would be great to see you re-run this experiment, except with an electric pump to remove the melted lake water. Keep it as anvil versus the lake ice only.

    • Jake
      Jake 6 months ago

      You should have put the anvil on the ice upside down.

    • thebonezone
      thebonezone 6 months ago

      Brandon Zanzig Heat up a smaller furnace!

  • Robert West
    Robert West Day ago

    I have a feeling this will come in handy in some survival situation... ...and I’ve got a stupidly hot anvil nearby.

  • grouch314
    grouch314 Day ago

    Might have worked better upside down or on its side?

  • Ilmari Kamila
    Ilmari Kamila 2 days ago


  • nickaleo7
    nickaleo7 2 days ago +3

    Me: I can’t wait to get so much done today
    Me: Watches foreign people sink an anvil through a frozen lake

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane 3 days ago

    Finland looks pretty cool.

  • Brian Theisen
    Brian Theisen 3 days ago

    Such a pretty landscape. How far north are you?

  • B G
    B G 5 days ago

    How many fish did it cook?

  • louis silsby
    louis silsby 5 days ago

    Wont go through?

  • Monsieur Miller
    Monsieur Miller 8 days ago

    Every time he goes “ann...nd” I’m waiting for the “ we go!”

  • Andrés Lozano
    Andrés Lozano 9 days ago

    Holy shit! that's hot! Hahahahahahahahaha
    Greetings from Colombia, South America

  • Christian K.
    Christian K. 9 days ago

    Nice Snowsuit :-)

  • M G
    M G 10 days ago

    It's dangerous

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 10 days ago

    9:52 So you got the head in, but only just? Still counts.

  • Luis Carcamo
    Luis Carcamo 10 days ago

    Basically Iceland in a nutshell lmao

  • william Rupert
    william Rupert 11 days ago

    God help me, I love your channel....does it say something about you, or me? thanks for posting..

  • Fräulein Lindgren
    Fräulein Lindgren 11 days ago

    It weighs 50kg and you just lift it up as if it were nothing? 😳

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer 12 days ago

    You guys really like blowing up propane fumes. Maybe that should be the next super slowmo 1million fps video!

  • Dan Roberts
    Dan Roberts 12 days ago

    They talk funny.

  • sic
    sic 13 days ago

    You accent is awesome m8

  • Gordon Court
    Gordon Court 14 days ago

    you just invented the lake grill!

  • riicky83
    riicky83 16 days ago

    Maybe next time you can put the anvil upside down on the ice.

  • John Doner
    John Doner 16 days ago

    Don't know whats worst them doing this or me watching this.

  • Cannon Hjelm
    Cannon Hjelm 16 days ago

    Hard boil an egg

  • Shawny Shawlts
    Shawny Shawlts 18 days ago

    Super cool

  • Jeff Heidel5
    Jeff Heidel5 19 days ago

    Love watching you guys it’s fun. Your enthusiasm is contagious

  • Dabitles420 GT
    Dabitles420 GT 19 days ago

    10:20 boys during puberty

  • Sarah Fields
    Sarah Fields 19 days ago

    This is like watching the Titanic sink lol

  • Mr lancer boy
    Mr lancer boy 23 days ago

    the way he said Anvils at the start lmao 0:24

  • Perpetual Bystander
    Perpetual Bystander 23 days ago

    You should've turned the anvil upside down (thus increasing the contact area), then it would've gone deeper into the ice, maybe even all the way through.

  • Mark OldAccount
    Mark OldAccount 24 days ago

    I guessed the result from the very beginning. Metals have high thermal conductivity and low heat capacity, which means they have little heat per unit volume, and it is easily lost. The heat capacity of 470-480 steels, cast iron is about 500, the highest for aluminum is about 1000, basalt lava is about 800, rhyolitic lava is about 1000, and water is 4000. It turns out that to heat 1 kg of water to 100 degrees 1 kg of metal must be given 400 degrees Celsius.
    I'm sorry for my bad english

  • Chucky McNubbin
    Chucky McNubbin 24 days ago

    That anvil is the Beyond the Press channel equivalent of the Myth Busters Buster, the crash test dummy. Gets exploded, dropped, burned and more. 😁 😜

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 27 days ago

    It’s 1 turd of the way in

  • Sean DePoppe
    Sean DePoppe Month ago


  • Wolf King
    Wolf King Month ago

    2:12 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • J S
    J S 2 months ago

    One turd of the way in.

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner 2 months ago

    Yeah, rule 1 dude, never, ever light a closed furnace.

  • Axi
    Axi 2 months ago

    I touched a glowing yellow screw from a fire by accident and now I can't feel my whole right hand.

  • TheBrokeChigga
    TheBrokeChigga 2 months ago

    You should cut a hole in the like like in the the hot water video and drop the hot anvil into the hole

  • Tim Alexander
    Tim Alexander 2 months ago

    Conclusion: THAT is some stupidly thick ice!! Cheers!

  • JD will
    JD will 3 months ago

    Probably would have done better upside down
    More surface area against ice

  • The Master Tanker
    The Master Tanker 3 months ago +2

    Wait why did I ever disslike this video?

  • Wayne Rainey
    Wayne Rainey 3 months ago

    Wait for it......... 2:09

  • Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    The Typical Russian

  • Douglas Englert
    Douglas Englert 4 months ago

    I want my money back...Please.

  • Jeff Hartwick
    Jeff Hartwick 4 months ago +1

    You guys are great, awsome chemistry, I laugh every time i watch you both.
    Thank you both, make my day. 😆

  • Mike L
    Mike L 4 months ago

    When your fajitas come out at Chili’s... now I’m hungry.. dammit

  • John
    John 4 months ago +1

    anni-vil the hottest thing in finland

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 4 months ago

    I so hope they are deeply in love with each other, and having fun together, living a life lived well. Rakkaus you all.

  • MegaShanes1
    MegaShanes1 4 months ago

    When you have nothing else to do.

  • A .S
    A .S 4 months ago

    3:54 I heard a ghost

    BIG-NABZ 4 months ago

    Will anything go through the god damn ice?

  • Andrew Lacey
    Andrew Lacey 4 months ago

    Three months later... The anvil melted the lake yay!

  • Andrew Lacey
    Andrew Lacey 4 months ago

    Why thumbs down?

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 4 months ago

    Should have put it flat guys, more surface:)

    xXSPECTOR SAMXx 4 months ago

    He sounded so cute 10:19

  • Adam Broomfield
    Adam Broomfield 4 months ago

    How about something made of titanium?

  • ss_goldwater
    ss_goldwater 4 months ago

    You guys are really giving the Russians a run for their money

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King 4 months ago

    Use mapp gas.

  • iuliangreenmind
    iuliangreenmind 4 months ago

    An example of idiots who try to makesome money on you tube, no metter what.