NYT: James Comey Memo Says Donald Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  • Published on May 16, 2017
  • The New York Times’ Michael Schmidt, who broke the story, brings us all the details from this memo that claimed Trump asked FBI Dir. Comey shut down Flynn investigation.
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    NYT: James Comey Memo Says Donald Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Comments • 723

  • James
    James Year ago

    A paraphrase of a supposed unknown associate. Wow Great verification of a story, brought to us from a known fake news source and Trump hater. They are chasing their tails to get rid of Trump when there is real proof of misdeeds by democrats, but not a peep is heard.

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie Year ago +1

    michaels cute lil biddy mouth and
    eyes that wont open all the way

  • Nino Carrion
    Nino Carrion Year ago +1

    i hate the FBI

  • scooner001@yahoo.co.uk

    the man you are listening too knows nothing and the news reporter is making up his own narrative

  • scooner001@yahoo.co.uk

    word of mouth is not factual you have no memo you have no news . this is fake news people

  • Lookitup
    Lookitup Year ago

    we have not seen the memo? after everyone left room he said.....Fake News

  • Scarlett O'hara
    Scarlett O'hara Year ago

    Now Flynn pleads the Fifth. The truth is obvious! Hopefully, Comey will not suffer a sudden illness or accident before he can testify.


    COMEY WAS BEING VETTED BY TRUMPS TEAM AND THEY KNEW FOR ONE THING HE KNEW THE WHOLE HILLARY EMAILS THING WAS STRANGE. COMEY TARNISHED HIS REPUTATION BY DOING What he did how he did. The whole thing needs to be re-investigated. By trying to see if Comey could be brought over to Trump's side ie drain the swamp obviously Comey was sticking with the Clintons who had rewarded him protected him . Also he was being given another chance to do something about the Podesta case.why can't they make a deal? reduced charges and sentences if he co-operates.

  • Earthdyssey
    Earthdyssey Year ago

    There's a reason that newspaper articles are not admissible in any courtroom in the United States.

  • carol75150
    carol75150 Year ago

    You can't convict the President of the United States, from a headline in the news paper. NYT did not have the memo in their hands, it was read to them over the phone. (Trey Gowdy)

  • EarthOdyssey
    EarthOdyssey Year ago

    Trump asking the former FBI director to: "cut Michael Flynn some slack, because he's a good man", does not obstruction make.

  • Jessica
    Jessica Year ago

    Comey testified weeks ago that NO one asked him to stop any investigations. He either lied then or he's lying now. Regardless, Comey is a liar.

  • Jessica
    Jessica Year ago

    An anonymous source read to me a memo Podesta wrote claiming Hillary gave him the order to execute Seth Rich. NBC, call me.

  • Slim Shakespear
    Slim Shakespear Year ago

    what does the memo say verbatim? who has the memo? can I see a copy since it's not classified? who is the source of the leak?

  • Chris Boylan
    Chris Boylan Year ago

    LOL, more fake news. In an interview with msnbc's Brian Williams the other night, Michael Schmidt, the NYT reporter who authored the article, admitted that he never saw the Comey memo. As he told Williams “Someone that had seen [the memo] had recounted details to me.” So we have an anonymous source quoting hearsay from an anonymous source about an alleged memo. Got it.

  • buryitdeep
    buryitdeep Year ago

    Breaking news from MSNBC Hillary will win.

  • Jj Jones
    Jj Jones Year ago

    Jesus this guy is just an ugly and angry man.

  • Dextors Doom
    Dextors Doom Year ago

    That NY times fuker is lying through his teeth. FAKE FUKIN NEWS. The Dems are so much into lies that they can't see.

  • xXUr MommaXx
    xXUr MommaXx Year ago

    they have nothing and are the only channels (cnn msnbc)claiming to. we have no memo he said. we heard things from other people that may know something but we don't know. LoL. Your news is stupid LIES.

  • Paul Dailey
    Paul Dailey Year ago

    "The reporter that broke the story about the Comey 'memo' that he wrote...." Witness the wording of the jew.

  • Eric Willoughby
    Eric Willoughby Year ago

    So everyone is going off of word of mouth? No actual memo just he said she said?

  • RodWeb1
    RodWeb1 Year ago

    Total Lie, watch Comey on May 3rd testify that he has never been asked to stop an investigation.

    DRUNK EDITS Year ago

    comey to stop the commies

  • Cyphlix
    Cyphlix Year ago

    Too many salty Hillary supporters getting hard off on another fake prospect of impeachment lmao. Keep crying, hes your prez for another 8 years.

  • M ø r e T e å * 5 o 4 *

    151 people still have their blinders on. 😎😎😎

  • Jack Soxman
    Jack Soxman Year ago

    I'm going to have a great lol when this investigation goes the same way as Clintons. est 2 years of Democrat grand Standing. Then another 2 years of 😢

  • feeky11
    feeky11 Year ago

    mark dice has double the followers MSNBC has

  • awhiterabbit75
    awhiterabbit75 Year ago

    Snowflake faux news. Comey is and was obviously in the Clinton's pocket. What ever happened to Hillary's illegal e-mail

  • No time for Kids
    No time for Kids Year ago

    Trump is jealous on Kim Jong Un, he wants the army, the soldiers and generals to be loyal to him and the secret service and police on his hand, just like Kim, they must develop a North Korean spirit and commit kamikazi for Trump, Comey is lucky that this happens in the USA, a democracy, otherwise he would already have had his state burial after a shooting squad penalty for not being loyal to Trump ordered by Trump and the civilians and press may hope Trump didnt record them on tape, think twice.

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. Year ago

    This memo is fabricated. When Comey testified to congress, he said under oath, that nobody in the Trump administration interfered or tried to influence the FBI investigations.

  • Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    Besides, I consider Comey a poofter (homosexual)!!

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller Year ago +2

    It's is funny that Comey didn't say anything about a memo till After he was fired.

  • Michigan Wolverine in L.A.

    Hey trump supporters. How's that wall that Mr. Grab em by the pussy/I'm on my fourth marriage and have three baby momma's promised you coming along?

  • Zee Ter
    Zee Ter Year ago

    Fake News....

  • u2willcsoon
    u2willcsoon Year ago


  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs Year ago

    clear example of attempted obstruction of justice. at the very least coercion.

  • MD. ZIAUL KARIM Chowdhury

    Drump is winning....its huge.

  • StevenC32
    StevenC32 Year ago +1

    There is absolutely no way will the Republicans in Congress vote to impeach Donald Trump, even if he killed someone the Republicans wouldn't vote to impeach.

  • YouAreOneOfUs
    YouAreOneOfUs Year ago +1

    All the mentally ill posters here that say "Impeach Trump" or "Do you still support him" ect. I will prove just how mentally ill you are.
    1. What does the "memo" exactly say? Don't answer because you can't. They don't show you anything , no evidence and then tell you what to think. That makes you dumber than a bag of rocks.
    2. It's Comey's memo. He could 2a. Write fiction and make a memo to himself. 2b, He could have written it after he was fired and be the liar he is and say it was from before.
    3. Read the laws (codes) Hillary broke. They clearly state "Intent is NOT a factor". So for you mentally ill that means she HAS to be prosecuted. Comey admitted she broke the law and argued "intent" which any first year law student knows has NOTHING to do with the laws she broke, So clearly Comey knew. That makes him guilty after the fact and he should be in jail with Hillary. Nobody can claim gross incompetence to the degree that they didn't know the law he was investigating her under.
    4. You fanatics hate Trump so blindly that you attack him every time the media puts out fake news like this. Every story has been retracted later or proven an outright lie yet you rabid mentally ill fanatics keep taking the bait and publicly humiliating yourselves.

  • Val Speirs
    Val Speirs Year ago


  • Michigan Wolverine in L.A.

    This is exactly what happens when idiots vote a reality show guy in as president.

  • Michigan Wolverine in L.A.

    I smell an impeachment brewing. Mmmm. Smells great. How's that wall coming along that trump promised you racist republicans?

  • TheSinglePlayer
    TheSinglePlayer Year ago

    So... obstruction of justice?

  • itsSkippy641
    itsSkippy641 Year ago

    One day history will look back and remember " the comey memos" as the beginning of the end for Trump.

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross Year ago

    Ummm, has anyone in the media actually seen the memo?

  • ruirodtube
    ruirodtube Year ago

    Let me see whom I believe:
    Trump = no credibility left. Constantly lying.
    Comey = 100% credibility intact. Keeps telling the truth even when he could have concealed it (during elections).
    Can anyone help me figure this one out? Whom do I believe? Please help!

  • Axel Sharpshire
    Axel Sharpshire Year ago

    Breaking News: People swallow an amazing amount of crap from the New York times in record amounts!

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Year ago

    So you have not seen the memo yourself? How is this news? The man answering the questions keeps saying he,doesn't know and can't confirm anything. Do you seriously think people are that gullible to believe anything you say?

  • Sabrina Cuadra
    Sabrina Cuadra Year ago

    In his entire life he has never faced consequences. If his past is an indication of the future, then he won't have consequences for this either.

  • will Iam
    will Iam Year ago

    again another fake news, when is this going to stop, democrat will pay a big price on election day. how can we trust this fake news, when they told us hillary looser clinton will win.....fake fake fake.news

  • ✨aprilwearsgucci💕💋

    So Trump told the director of the FBI to stop the Flynn investigation. Isn't this obstructing a federal investigation? Time to sent in a independent special prosecutor.

  • Denise Sevier-Fries

    Trump says he is 6'2". If true, Comey is at least 6'7'?

  • Ian h
    Ian h Year ago

    Plot twist- wikileaks releases trump tapes?
    Forget this CIA stuff, give us the Trump Tapes!

  • Ian h
    Ian h Year ago

    It might sound fruity but IMPEACH ORANGE HITLER

  • Rain ee
    Rain ee Year ago

    wheres the proof?? or is this just more fakery?

  • Alexis Sepulveda
    Alexis Sepulveda Year ago


  • Chancer02
    Chancer02 Year ago

    The beginning of the END!

  • Bailey
    Bailey Year ago

    Who writes memos in 2017? I call fake news.

  • L Broderick
    L Broderick Year ago

    I knew it would be bad when Trump won the election (with help!) but it has been so so much worse than I ever imagined! The last couple of weeks have felt like the Twilight Zone! Repubs, do your job!

  • Shane McZane
    Shane McZane Year ago

    No mention of Seth Rich, MSNBC? Nothing at all? Oh wait, it destroys your "muh Russia" narrative; of course you wouldn't mention it.

  • grant long
    grant long Year ago

    The bar we set for Trump is so.... low no wonder people feel that white people get off easy than black or women. If this had happened to Obama or Hillary, there would be a civil war. Republicans are not Americans!!! They are Russians!!!

  • grant long
    grant long Year ago

    Republicans have so many Russians spies that I wouldn't be surprised that that is why Republicans didn't want to work with Democrats to make America great again.

  • tubularbill
    tubularbill Year ago

    "he did nothing wrong" and Comey interpreted...hmm ....and the Justice Department was not notified. There is nothing here. How can people believe this stuff?

  • Jason Graves
    Jason Graves Year ago

    impeach him

  • Lydell Sumner
    Lydell Sumner Year ago

    I guess pence is going to be our president now.... can we trust him? Idk

  • Mingtao Li
    Mingtao Li Year ago

    As much as I'd like trump to be impeached, it's... Not gonna happen. As long as the Republican elite have control of both houses of congress, impeachment would never happen for this miserable waste of oxygen. It's the same with Jackson and Clinton - as long as the ruling party has total control of the WH and the two houses of congress, then their representative president would never be impeached despite how great their crimes were.

  • Lydell Sumner
    Lydell Sumner Year ago

    I find the whole thing interesting. I thought trump was a joke as a candidate but never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be this awful. Wow.

  • Marshall Culver
    Marshall Culver Year ago +3

    trump supporters cant defend this without bringing up Hillary or "fake news"

    • Michigan Wolverine in L.A.
      Michigan Wolverine in L.A. Year ago

      Marshall Culver It's there scapegoat because they know that they have voted in the worst so-called president in the history of the world.

  • NY Cheesecake
    NY Cheesecake Year ago

    go bald man...it's a good look!

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother Year ago +1

    Hey, leave Trump alone. He is the most important orange buffoon the world has ever known........

  • Definitely not D Gribbz

    Lock Her Up! Ohhh how the Tables have Turned

  • Marshall Culver
    Marshall Culver Year ago

    trump supporters :) how does it feel to see your ideology in practice unfold?

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice Williams Year ago

    Trump can't defend this, just sending his staff outside to talk Comey alone is proof he ask him lol Smh.

  • 007Decky
    007Decky Year ago

    As it turns out, we don't need HRC's "resist, persist, insist, enlist" as Trump grumbles, fumbles, stumbles, crumbles!

  • DlPhia L
    DlPhia L Year ago


  • Skroot
    Skroot Year ago

    inb4 the Russian dislike bots arrive

  • 601salsa
    601salsa Year ago


  • shobha mohan
    shobha mohan Year ago +2

    great fake media
    stock market is going up
    illegal immigration down to 75%
    gang members are arrested
    unemployment all time low
    isis disappearing,,,,,etc
    nobama was muslum ,you enjoyed evil obama for 8years.
    all fake media and demonicRats are supported by the GREAT DEVIL GEORGE SOROS
    shut up you all Trump haters.

  • Tara Aliyeva
    Tara Aliyeva Year ago

    Babytrump is just a baby next to Comey.

  • Born Villain
    Born Villain Year ago

    I was betting he would get impeached half way through his term ... I keep underestimating this fool lol...

  • Jwxo Weeye
    Jwxo Weeye Year ago

    this might be the shortest term for a President

  • ShoNuff
    ShoNuff Year ago

    Have they released the actual memo yet? I want to see how juicy it is...

  • Nasty Women News
    Nasty Women News Year ago +1

    "The impeachment will be YUUUGGGEEE!"

  • Leopold
    Leopold Year ago

    Trump was just being sarcastic, the memo has nothing against sarcasm.

  • Giovanni L Betancourt


  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 Year ago

    Coming soon: Trump orders extrajudicial assassination of James Comey.
    I wish I could say it was impossible

  • B McD
    B McD Year ago

    Go get him!

  • Jose Garnica
    Jose Garnica Year ago

    The plot thickens...

  • Steven Torrey
    Steven Torrey Year ago +1

    Gee, the Trumpster caught in a lie?! Tell me that ain't so?! Didn't he become a saint on January 20th? The Patron Saint of Con Artists, Scam Artists, etc.?

  • Tim Hotchkiss
    Tim Hotchkiss Year ago

    It is time to start sending our old raincoats to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump and his “ditto heads” will need something to put over their heads as they led out of the White House, in handcuffs, by the FBI. Instead of draining the swamp, Trump has added a whole bunch of new invasive critters to the swamp. History is not going to be kind to this administration and the Republicans in the Legislature. Many of the Republicans are responsible for this embarrassment (and possible crimes) to go on and on.. It is not only immoral, but also un-American. Thank God we have the FBI and other law enforcement agencies investigating President Trump and many of the critters in his administration.

  • Dan Forster
    Dan Forster Year ago

    Sessions 'was lingering around' LOL. I made a number 2 that lingered around in the air even after a good flushing.

  • isreal reyes
    isreal reyes Year ago +1

    impeach trump and make america safe again

  • tes pac
    tes pac Year ago

    So this is what Trump's version of "draining the swamp" by taking out Americans and putting in Russians. Republicans are so proud.

  • Zoila Marte
    Zoila Marte Year ago

    Let me guess fake News??? LMAOO

  • Timothy Harris
    Timothy Harris Year ago

    He say she say. Then give detail even know I have not seen the memo. Waste of air time. Head line made me think you actually had something relevant.

  • Walter Myers
    Walter Myers Year ago

    Lol the reporter stated "we have not seen the memos ourselves" hahahahah .. the media is a piece of crap..this reporter along with this media outlet is reporting as if this is fact and they have no proof just he said she said and then trying to convince the American ppl that Trump is a savage.. MSNBC why are you reporting inaccurate information as if this is breaking news???? This is the dishonest media that we see everyday who lie and spread false accusations and report "breaking news" with inaccurate data and anonymous sources .. i don't believe nor do i trust anything coming out of their mouths!

  • Lbolting005
    Lbolting005 Year ago +1

    I hate trump. Now give me a million likes, you idiots. I need the "likes". Thumbs up 👍 this comment, morons. Do it, now!

  • Anthony Kirkwood
    Anthony Kirkwood Year ago +1

    and this is a low education lover LMAO. what a buffoon

  • Aritul
    Aritul Year ago

    If the White House says it's not true, then it's likely true.

  • Ron Tronimoes
    Ron Tronimoes Year ago

    Regardless the party you affiliate with, Americans should seek objective evidence before conviction. Whether you deleted thousands of incriminating emails, or gifted Russian spies with sensitive intel, if proven beyond a reasonable doubt, get them out of Office. Americans should't settle with not being the number one priority from their elected officials. As well, Americans become so intrenched in a single party, that even the POTUS elections became a "us versus them" bash fest. Why battle each other (which won't change anything), when you have a choice to elect an individual who truly cares for the people. Then again, I'm just jealous that they get a choice.