Why is This Candy Impossible to Finish?

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Jamie offers everyone at Vat19 $300 to play a weird game of Food Pong. Can anyone handle the Sour Pickle Ball?
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Comments • 3 532

  • TommyBoi
    TommyBoi 44 minutes ago


    I guess she took the kids..

  • vy nguyen
    vy nguyen 4 hours ago


  • vy nguyen
    vy nguyen 4 hours ago

    But... it’s all just... asian food...

  • Michelle Gu
    Michelle Gu 7 hours ago

    Jamie your reaction to the sour pickle ball made my mouth feel when I eat sour things

  • bangtan_bois 777
    bangtan_bois 777 19 hours ago +1


  • rxseqvartz
    rxseqvartz 22 hours ago

    if I won that I would give the money to my mom for some reason

  • Mace Gaming
    Mace Gaming Day ago

    So many people weren’t taking risks 💀 just do it, it can’t hurt right?

  • Praphakorn Chuewchuphol

    I would eat sour pickle ball

  • Obi_wan Kanobi
    Obi_wan Kanobi Day ago +1

    They going to die

  • Dominic Rivera
    Dominic Rivera 2 days ago

    I eat those like nothing...

  • Dominic Rivera
    Dominic Rivera 2 days ago

    I eat those like nothing...

  • TinyBudgetFilms
    TinyBudgetFilms 2 days ago

    *they eat wasabi*
    Me* hehe im asian

  • Madison Beardsley
    Madison Beardsley 2 days ago

    Elbows >:(

  • Pigeon Suspicion
    Pigeon Suspicion 2 days ago

    I can taste this video

  • Kaustubh Pethkar
    Kaustubh Pethkar 2 days ago

    this thing actually cost less than dollar in India

  • Iets Anders
    Iets Anders 2 days ago

    Id probably eat everything except the century egg for 300$ tbh

  • Demented
    Demented 2 days ago

    Orange shirt girl looks like she gives amazing head, just sayin' :)

  • Steveoh Snapp
    Steveoh Snapp 3 days ago

    I eat these because they’re good

  • Dayanara Gonzales
    Dayanara Gonzales 3 days ago +1

    me eating veggies: 7:04

  • Shawn heath
    Shawn heath 3 days ago

    That black green screen or background is sooo annoying!! 👎

  • Mizo Book Club
    Mizo Book Club 4 days ago

    It's a bittergourd not a bittermelon

  • CarterAmazing
    CarterAmazing 4 days ago

    Jamie is such a jerk!

  • TheDaringPastry1313
    TheDaringPastry1313 4 days ago

    Anyone's mouth start watering up just thinking about sour candy? The bottom of my mouth under my tongue started making so much saliva ... LOL

  • ariana
    ariana 4 days ago

    i eat these a lot, they turn your poop green

  • AB Farrow
    AB Farrow 5 days ago +1

    I'd be fine with it if it was like lime not pickles

  • 美雪LunaLovesBTS J-hope my HUBBY

    I love pickles and sour things- especially war heads, I eat them like snacks. I eat damn lemon slices whole
    And I love Century eggs! They’re so good and considered a delicacy in my family/culture ^_^ they taste funny but it taste really good depending on what you eat it with

  • Hadi Abdel-Latif
    Hadi Abdel-Latif 5 days ago

    I thought it was putty

  • N0XX
    N0XX 5 days ago

    I want it

  • Daren Worley
    Daren Worley 5 days ago

    I love sour things, one of my favorite snacks are to eat lemons and drink lime juice

  • lastgunslinger3759
    lastgunslinger3759 5 days ago

    Pussies...... I would hate both of those pickleballs to stay in the game

  • lastgunslinger3759
    lastgunslinger3759 5 days ago

    Just do durian fruit.....game over

  • MarcyChancy
    MarcyChancy 5 days ago

    Pickled fucker?

  • Alex Q
    Alex Q 6 days ago

    $300 in $20 bills is not divisible by 2 so either there are 2 $10s or someone got a lil extra 🤨

  • Dash Wagner
    Dash Wagner 6 days ago

    Try the sour pickle with the mberry

  • Justin Yen
    Justin Yen 6 days ago

    Jamie: Goes to an Asian supermarket to get intense food.
    To Jamie: Next time, get Kimchi, or stinky tofu...

  • Sal-Niu
    Sal-Niu 6 days ago

    i get these all the time from like heb or walmart i love them they arent that sour

  • Cody K
    Cody K 6 days ago

    This channel makes genuinely good content

  • Flamez is legendary
    Flamez is legendary 6 days ago

    Just swallow it hole

  • Helenaplaysgames I am a bit Savage

    Joey's face looked berry red

  • G MAN
    G MAN 6 days ago

    3:24 i drank this strawberry shortcake thingy but in a GRASS version i got poisoned next day and got sick for couple days

  • 9maximuspondal0
    9maximuspondal0 7 days ago

    super stiff cheeks simulator

  • Luciel Thorn
    Luciel Thorn 7 days ago

    i LOVE pickles and salt. pass it my way

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade 7 days ago

    A ginger root of that size would season 2,398 people’s dishes I did the math

  • Scott Zink
    Scott Zink 7 days ago

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Tea kettles: 6:00

  • Matt F
    Matt F 7 days ago +1

    The takeaway from this vid is even with a bright green tongue, Joey is still hot AF

  • Jacob Cabrera
    Jacob Cabrera 7 days ago +16

    “I think you’re trying to trick me with your money”

    • Cheetah Fingers
      Cheetah Fingers 2 days ago

      Jacob Cabrera ya he is the best one on the show

  • Xx endel game xX
    Xx endel game xX 7 days ago +1

    *I meed some*

    Yes i *meed* some

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson 7 days ago

    bitter melon officially smells like a lawnmower now

  • manat ster
    manat ster 7 days ago

    Please for the love of god censor blood
    3:48 everybody watching please skip

  • Ta Toad
    Ta Toad 7 days ago

    1:04 I appreciate that guy for having the balls to say that to his boss

  • Sawyer Clark
    Sawyer Clark 7 days ago

    I can take it because I love sour stuff
    Edit: I beat my state in sourness

  • STW Stacks
    STW Stacks 7 days ago

    Why do people say no
    Like just play and have fun
    I hate peoples who deny playing with u

    • Masterjames6403
      Masterjames6403 6 days ago

      i dont think you get how absolutely terrible sour pickle balls are

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins 7 days ago

    don't take chances with citric (Ascorbic) acid; this stuff in any significant quantity causes enamel erosion, ulcers, micro-biome sterilization, cramping, gas, diarrhea, and damage to mucus membranes; it's only an ingredient, something to dilute by several factors: I'm saying taking a teaspoon is medically inadvisable.

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins 7 days ago +1

    "I think you're Evil; and I think you're trying to trick us: with your money" the one thing nobody ever said to the devil

  • Jack Scott
    Jack Scott 7 days ago

    White people

  • Segtendo PPCC42
    Segtendo PPCC42 7 days ago

    Why does joey look like a grandpa

  • Roblox, creative destruct And pubg

    Ooo I like sour candy ;-;

  • Ly Ching Vanna
    Ly Ching Vanna 7 days ago

    me me me

  • jay Parker
    jay Parker 8 days ago +1

    Easy, I used to get these extreme super sour things that no one could eat, I’d eat them untill my tongue started to bleed, I love sour stuff

  • J 。Rice
    J 。Rice 8 days ago

    Ur supposed to cook the bitter melon😂